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RLJ-1509 -- AUGUST 16, 2015

Part 4: Liars in the Church


Lying is a sin and not a popular topic but it needs to be addressed because it is prevalent even in churches today. The early church struggled with this issue as well when Ananias and Sapphira sold some property and conspired to lie to the apostles in order to receive public recognition. Satan blinded them the moment they discussed the deception. In carrying out their dishonesty, they blatantly violated the ninth commandment, and the Holy Spirit took the drastic action of ending their lives. This brought great fear to the church members when they realized that God would not tolerate such a transgression. God hates lying because there is no integrity when people lie; more importantly, demons have a legal right to move in and oppress you. Jesus paid for your sins on the cross but doesn't give you the right to habitually sin and claim the grace of God. Living with sin only brings a string of curses into your life and robs you of God's blessings. Lying is a sin and it is important to root it out if you want to have spiritual power and walk in the light with the Lord Jesus Christ!

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All Scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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