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RLJ-1492 -- APRIL 19, 2015

Part 5: Early Life of Jesus


Did Jesus know He was the Son of God? Absolutely! Satan would have you believe Jesus doubted himself because it weakens the Christian faith and reduces it to just another religion. However, the New Testament unequivocally proves that Jesus knew from the age of 12 that He was the Son of God who was sent from God the Father and that He had full knowledge of His eternal existence, including His role as the Creator. This is important because there are unsaved people who believe that Jesus was skeptical of His own divinity and make movies portraying Him so. Even worse are the seminary professors who relegate Him to only being a great teacher. The apostle John stated that anyone who denies that Jesus is God has the spirit of the Antichrist. Is it any wonder the secular world portrays Jesus in the way that they do? Here are the facts: Jesus knew that He was the Son of God in human form. He had full remembrance of His life as the Son of God. He knew that He was the Creator and He knew that He would return to heaven and resume His position as the Son of God. The only thing that He left behind when He came to earth was His glory, which He reassumed after the ascension. Jesus undeniably knew He was God and man, who had come to live on the earth and die for our sins. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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