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RLJ-1439 -- APRIL 13, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 10: The Dawn of the Antichrist


One day Satan is going to use the Antichrist to control the world's population through basic necessities such as food and lodging. This scenario could not have occurred 1,900 years ago when the apostle John received the revelation because the world was fragmented into small local economies and the tools and technology needed by the Antichrist were not yet in existence. The Antichrist system described in the Book of Revelation needs a global economy, computers and a personal identification number. Unseen powers from Satan are putting together the final pieces for a World Federation and the ramifications are staggering. The world's religions will be merged into one. Nations will give up their sovereignty and all business will take place through a microchip implanted under the skin. The Antichrist is not going to come to power in one day. It will be a gradual process that involves economic collapse, food shortage and civil unrest. The Bible doesn't tell us to surrender to the Antichrist; instead, we are to fight with spiritual weapons in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be an unparalleled time to minister to the hurting and to offer them the hope of the Gospel!

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