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RLJ-1413 -- OCTOBER 13, 2013

No Church This Sunday


When the time of the Antichrist begins, it will become unlawful to be a professing Christian and church buildings will be closed. Pastors and church leaders who preach the true Gospel will be arrested and sent to labor camps or simply executed. If you think that can't happen, this is the life of Christians in China today. Furthermore, you will lose access to the Internet, which will be purged of all websites that include Christian content or opposes the new world government and Bibles will only be available on the black market. It is possible to prepare for a natural disaster but it takes careful planning. In much the same way, Christians need to take stock and get ready as we see the end times approaching. It is naive to think that public churches will continue undisturbed when the Antichrist comes on the scene. They will be closed and you still need to carry on the work of Christ under a ruthless dictatorship. The early church survived in a hostile environment and you can too. Now is the time to get ready.

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