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RLJ-1410 -- SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

Deception in the End Times
Part 9: The World Before Adam


God has given progressive revelations throughout the Bible and it is with this knowledge that we can deduce there was a creation prior to Adam. We don't know how long it lasted but Lucifer was an angel who led a rebellion in heaven and started a war that affected the entire universe. The earth was his planet and he ruled from Eden, the same place where God would later put Adam and Eve. As Lucifer's last stand, the earth would have been damaged and looked much like Berlin did at the end of World War II. This would explain why the Bible speaks about a re-creation and God's call to replenish the earth. Adam and Eve were thrown into the conflict to prove that God is righteous to the angelic world. The rewards are potentially enormous: eternal life and being joint heirs with Jesus Christ. If there was indeed a pre-Adamic civilization with commerce and war, then you shouldn't be surprised when a new world order emerges in the future that calls for peace and offers membership to anyone who will take an oath of loyalty and receive an identification mark that will give you access to the new financial system. Remember, you have been warned!

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