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RLJ-1306 -- SEPTEMBER 4, 2011



Come and join us as we praise the Lord through music, testimonies and lift up those who need help in prayer. Songs this week include:
  • 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

  • With The High Praises Of God

  • Father, I Adore You

  • Silver And Gold Have I None

  • Let's Move On

  • I've Been Redeemed

  • Jesus Is Coming Again

  • Wonderful Words of Life

  • I Can Feel The Presence Of Jesus



Walking in Faith
Part 4: Life Before The Flood


Noah built the legendary ark but he also lived six hundred years prior to the Great Flood and we can find a great deal of information about this time period from Enoch, who was Noah's great-great-grandfather. Moses, Peter, Paul and Jude all quoted the Book of Enoch and therein we find that salvation was in the name of God, not in good works, and that the Son of Man is the Messiah, and it was through this name that salvation is found. Noah was a preacher of righteousness, and this was the Gospel he preached, that salvation was through the name of the Messiah and exactly what Jesus taught and the New Testament is all about. God gave Enoch a revelation about the coming worldwide flood and this warning was spoken to the people before Noah was even born. He then commissioned Noah to build an enormous boat that was the size of a World War II aircraft carrier with multiple decks and a door that could only be supernaturally closed. The Book of Enoch sheds light on this tumultuous time gives insight on how the ark was constructed. Thousands of years later Jesus said that "as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

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