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RLJ-1208 -- OCTOBER 18, 2009

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Come and join us as we praise the Lord through music, testimonies and pray for one another.


What About the Swine Flu?


We are now facing the greatest danger since the Cold War with its nuclear threat as the Swine Flu is being hyped in the media and the government is trying to make its vaccination mandatory. Why would they do this and why would they use an untested vaccine with poisonous preservatives on the public? Pastor John presents two reports from Germany in which the high command of the German Army has decided to use a swine flu vaccine without any preservatives and adjuvants; this is causing uproar among the people because the German health ministry is forcing the population to receive the vaccine with mercury and adjuvants. The Swine Flu vaccination program is in reality a biological weapon used to attack the people and cause great harm in the years to come. So what are you going to do? Pastor John brings out a biblical response and very convincingly proves that every Christian has a legal right not to be sick because they have been healed by the stripes laid upon Jesus. He lays out six points that will guarantee you health and victory by following Jesus’ instructions. This is a “must hear” sermon as the world situation is sinking into chaos.

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