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July 18,1999

I am sure that you have heard this saying: "Having a little knowledge is more dangerous than not having any knowledge at all." Many accidents occur, when someone knows a little about a subject, or is somewhat skilled in some activity, and they try to work out a project. Death or severe bodily injury can occur. This is the same when it comes to our Christian faith and our daily walk with Jesus. Many Christians have never taken the time to study the Bible, nor to be able to understand it. There are many customs and word expressions in the Bible, that are foreign to us today, and unless we find out what they mean, we will receive the wrong message from the Bible. A prime example is what Jesus said in Matt,19:16-26.

Jesus did not teach his disciples that the Word of God was to be destroyed. Matt.5:17-19
Jesus spoke about good works. Matt.5:13-16
Jesus spoke about good fruit. Luke 6:39-49

When Jesus spoke of the "TRADITION OF THE ELDERS" he is referring to theJewish writings called the Talmud (some 600 books) and the Cabala (some 550 books), not the Old Testament. Since most Christians do not understand this or have knowledge in this matter, they have believed the FALSE TEACHING that the "TRADITION OF THE ELDERS" Is the same as the Old Testament. This is exactly what the Devil and Jewish rabbis want Christians to believe, Matt.15:1-20

The passage in Matt.5:20 can only be understood when it is connected with John 3:1-18 and Romans 3:1-31

Do you have an ear to hear?

To be continued...



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