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February 21, 1999
This is a special class of demons who are able to turn men and women into slaves of alcohol, turning our young people into slaves of drugs and sex, and parking people in front of movie screens or TV sets where their brains are transformed into mush.

Webster's Dictionary defines paralysis as "a condition of helpless inactivity; a crippling of activities."

Jesus warned us that in the last days, the pressure of life shall increase! Luke 21:20-28

The Bible tells us, that when the supernatural power of God is introduced into the lives of men, the natural power of men is shut down. Daniel 10:1-12; Acts 9:1-9

The Devil and his fallen angels can also invade the physical world and expose people to their evil supernatural power. 1Kings 19:1-19

Many Christians are struck by the power of Satan, and they become paralyzed. The Christian knows what to do, but for some reason is not able to take any action. This happened to the prophet Jeremiah. 
Jeremiah. 20:1-18

Before the spirit of paralysis is able to get a grip on the soul of a person, a vanguard of demons is sent in to soften up the person.

These demons are 1) HOPELESSNESS, What's the use? Nothing is going to work anyway, Might as well just give up! 2) ANGER, 3) FEAR, 4) DEPRESSION, 5) DEFEAT, 8) CONFUSION, 7) DISGUST

There is only one thing for the Christian to do, REPENT OF HIS SINS AND THROUGH PRAYER AND FASTING BREAK THE HOLD OF SATAN! Daniel 9:1-23

Remember that Jesus loosed the woman who had been bound for 18 years. Luke 13:10-17

Jesus is still the same today - Hebrews 13:8

Men of God have faith in God and scorn (despise) the threats of the Devil.
Daniel 3:12-30, 6:1-28; Acts 4:18-31

To be victorious in our daily lives, let us pursue THE ANOINTING OF GOD!
2 Kings 2:1-18

The anointing of the Lord shall break every yoke - Isaiah 10:26-27



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