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November 29, 1998
Large numbers of Christians are "BONUS" Christians; you can never depend upon them and when they show up, it is a BONUS!

NO one Soldiering is involved with the affairs of life, in order that he may please the one having enlisted him. (2 Timothy 2:4)
The apostle Paul is comparing a Christian to a soldier. 2 Timothy 2:1-4

Let us superimpose Christian thinking and living to the time of Moses.

As Moses went to work one day, he encountered God, and was told to become a leader and set the people of Israel free. As a bonus man, he would have said:
"I have to check with my wife and children first." Exodus 3:10
Moses did offer an excuse: Who am I
verse 11. Once God had removed all the excuses, 
v. 12-22, Moses still was not willing to go.
I can’t speak! Exodus 4:1-17

Finally Moses decided that he was going to go to Egypt and deliver the people.
Verses 18-26

"If Aaron had been a bonus man, he would have said to the Lord:  'Not today, I am busy building my house, maybe next week or next month.'" V. 27-28

"Moses could go to see Pharaoh, but Aaron's oldest son was sick and his wife needed help, thus the trip to the palace had to be postponed for the time being - Ex. 5:1-4

"God had told Moses and Aaron to make another trip to the palace, but this time Moses could not go because a relative had a birthday which had to be celebrated. God was told that the rod could be thrown down some other time, when both Moses and Aaron could get together. Exodus 7:1-10

"God told Moses to get to the river the next morning and do the works of God, but that could not take place since Moses' wife had made a reservation for their wedding anniversary that day, and they had to leave early in the morning to drive to Goshen. Exodus 7:15-2

"Seven days later God was ready to send the frogs, but he had to hold that off since one of Moses' dogs had barked all night and Moses was too tired to go. Exodus 8:1-1

"Just as Aaron was going to stretch out the rod, the wives of Moses and Aaron came running and told them, enough is enough, get back to work, we need money. Let someone else do the work of God. 
Exodus 8:16-19

"When Moses was told by God to get up in the morning, his children came and told him that they had been in the house too long, time to take a vacation, tell God that you will do his work some other day.
Exodus 8:20-24

"Moses and Aaron were never able to get the Exodus going, between wives, children, relatives, work, animals, buying groceries and picking up diapers, vacations, colds, birthdays, anniversaries, building projects, broken cars, broken appliances, and some old fashioned husband/wife fights. 
God had to call off the project. The result: No nation of Israel, no Messiah could come, so everybody went to hell."

Jesus encountered bonus people: Matthew 22:1-14; Luke 14:16-24
There were no bonus people present on the day of Pentecost! Acts 2:1-14
Bonus people do not please Jesus at all! Revelation 3:14-16
Jesus has a remedy for bonus Christians, REPENT! Revelation 3:17-22
Are you willing to examine your life today, to see if you are a bonus Christian? If you find that you are, are you willing to REPENT, and ask God to help you to be changed? Hebrews 10:35-39

Be honest with yourself! You cannot fool God or yourself!



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