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August 2, 1998

For the last 4,000 years God's people have suffered, been beaten up, sold as slaves, received unfair treatment, and they are just surviving and hanging on. The prophet Jeremiah some 2,600 years ago spoke on the subject: Jeremiah 12:1-4

How long Lord shall evil prosper, has been the cry from generation to generation. Does God have a plan, or is it just "helter skelter?"

Instead of saying, poor Jeremiah, let me give you some rest, God answered harshly: Jeremiah 12:5

What is the plan of God? Can we know it? Yes, we can! God’s plan is laid out in the book of Judges, which is the time Israel had entered into the PROMISED LAND! Chapter one tells us what the people did once they arrived in the land. But it is in Chapter 2 that we find out the response from God:

1. God sent his angel, who laid down the law - Judges 2:1-3

2. There was a partial repentance, which lasted for awhile - v. 4-9

3. Once the second generation had died, the third generation lost it - v.10-13

4. God responded with a severe judgment - v. 14-15, hoping that the people would repent and turn from their evil ways - v.16-18

Instead of sending judges to America, God has been sending mighty preachers, who for a short time were able to reach a generation, but as soon as that generation died out, the nation sank into moral decay again.

1734 was the beginning of the Great Awakening under Jonathan Edwards
1740 the flaming evangelist George Whitefield began his preaching
1754 a Baptist preacher by the name of Shubal Steams began his revival ministry. The Great Awakening came to a close with the outbreak of the American Revolution.

It was not until around 1825 that the next national preacher came, Charles G. Finney. The Civil War destroyed much of the Christian work, but it was revived again after the war by D. L. Moody, who was a national preacher from the 1870's through 1890's. followed by Billy Sunday, who preached into the 1920's.

As soon as a judge was dead in Israel, the people corrupted themselves again - Verse 19 and the cycle started over again with the judgment of God - v.20

A DREADFUL TRUTH: God leaves the wicked people around us to prove us!
Verses 21-23; 3:1-4

The people of Israel were as blind bats: verses 5-7 
The cycle of sins, judgment, followed by peace and joy, then sin, judgment ...
Judges 3:8-11; 8 years of judgment followed by 40 years of rest
Judges 3:12-30; l8 years of judgment followed by 80 years of rest
Judges 4:1-23; 20 years of judgment

What does God expect from us?
1. To repent of our sins and be saved. Isaiah 1:18-20; John 3:3-7
2. To establish a personal relationship with Jesus - John 15:1-7
3. To tell sinners about God, Jesus and salvation - Matt. 28:18-20 

The great men of God in America who lived before us, did not attend pitty parties, THEY ROSE ABOVE THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES AND CHANGED A NATION. 




Listen to God's Plan of Salvation  

An intimate Love Letter from Father God to you.

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