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June 28, 1998

These two demonic classes were born in the heart of Lucifer, when he decided that he no longer was satisfied with his life and the position that God had given him. It gave birth to rebellion - Isaiah 14:12-13

Violence - Ezekiel 28:14-18
Murder - John 8:44

Webster’s Definition: Murmur a mumbled or muttered complaint. Mutter usually suggests angry or discontented words
(to mutter curses)

Complain: To express pain, dissatisfaction, to find a fault declare annoyance.  To make an accusation, to bring a formal charge.

How does God respond to people when they murmur and complain? God responds with severe judgment!  Numbers 11:1; Numbers 14:26-37

Once the demons of murmur and complain had been able to get a foothold with the people, another spirit entered, the spirit of LUST. Numbers 11:4  

Instead of looking to God, they were looking back at Egypt! Verse 5. Then they despised the food that God had provided: verses 6-9

Now the splits of murmur and complain transferred themselves to Moses, after Moses HAD RECEIVED THE SPIRIT OF OFFENSE: verses 10-15

God intervened and gave Moses 70 men to help him govern the people, and at the same time God told Moses that he was going to supply the people with meat V. 16-20

Then the spirit of DOUBT overtook Moses - V. 21-22

God then had to rebuke Moses -V.23

God preformed the miracle. Verses, 31-34, but at the same time the judgment of God fell upon the people who had lusted.

We are warned over and over again not to murmur and complain - Psalms 106:21-27 God will not tolerate it!  IT IS A GROSS SIN! I Cor.10:10

Jesus himself encountered this sin, when he was here on this earth. John 6:41-66 

Toward the end times, the demonic forces of murmur and complain shall increase. Jude 10-19

Faith in God shall destroy this sin! Romans 8:28-31
Each believer in Christ must make a decision to reject this sin! Phil.2:14
And then turn back to the Holy Split and let the LOVE OF GOD WORK THROUGH US! Galatians 5:22-26

If we learn to rejoice in the Lord, there will be no room for the demons of murmur and complaint Phil. 4:4-8; 13; 19

Whom do you walk with on a daily basis? The demons of murmur and complain or with the Holy Ghost?




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