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A Piece of Paper

Mayflower Compact Dedicated to Jesus Christ!

by Darl Dinger


Some men got together
They said we have a plan
We will use a piece of paper
We will create a new land.

This is an experiment
This is something new
It is a declaration of independence
To see what the people will do.

Give them a bill of rights
To guide them on their way
We will see if it will stand
Or will it perish and decay.

Now this piece of paper
It has stood for many years,
Many wars were fought
Thru blood, sweat, and tears.

However; this piece of paper
Has weathered many a storm
But, when they removed Jesus as their God
They opened their selves to harm.

The people that started this experiment
Men wearied of their plan,
Said there is something we must do
To remove this Jesus from their land.

They said let us destroy
Their churches and their God.
We will hire our own men
To help us to do the job.

Now these men were Khazar's
And this should not be news
We of the Christian Faith
Know them as the worldly Jews.

There are many Christians,
Lay people and Pastors too.
Who will not like this truth?
For they are afraid of the Jew.

But for me a Christian
For the truth I will stand.
It was Jesus Christ who birthed America.
And gave us freedom throughout the land.

And with this one lone voice
I will shout it to one and all
You must stand for Jesus Christ,
Or America will surely fall.

So listen all you people
Who live on freedoms shore.
Choose Jesus Christ as your Lord
Before He closes Heavens door.

This will be the final battle,
It will be fought on American land.
Mahy professing Christians will be judged
Because they neglected to take a stand.

Now listen all you Ministers
You don't have time to lose.
You had better tell God's people
The truth about the Khazar Jews.

Now our Jesus is faithful
And to many He is kind.
He will have nothing from Satan
So keep that in mind.

It is your very soul
That Jesus wants to save.
You better tell the truth
Or you will fill an early grave.

Now as a Christian soldier
Who has fought this struggle and strife
I can say honestly to my King
Jesus you are my life!!!

As in my very soul
I can hear my spirit shout
Come quickly Lord Jesus
And throw our enemy out.

In the third book of Revelation
Verse nine and verse ten
Tells what He will do to the Jew
But we don't know when.

So be a good soldier
And fight silently through the night
And He Jesus your commander
Will be your guiding light.

Now all of my people
Who will trust in my name.
I will bring you through the fire
You will not feel the flame.

Many of my people
I have chosen you before your birth
For me you will do exploits
While you live upon this earth.

Trust in me my people
And you will not be the same.
Because I have chosen you
To bring glory to my name.


Volume 17, 2010




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