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Volume 7, 2008

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3



The Corner - The Lord recently impressed upon me the story of Joshua and the Israelites taking the city of Jericho with its impressive walls. God had given Joshua specific directions of how to go about taking the city. It involved a total reliance upon the Lord to show them that it wasn’t by their strength or ingenuity that they would take Jericho.
Reaping the Whirlwind? - There is great fear sweeping over the world; fear of an economic collapse and a possible war in the Middle East. There is a great storm gathering and coming at all of us which can be likened to hurricane Katrina as it slowly crept toward land and people were told to evacuate. But the storm we are facing is going to strike the whole earth and there is no escape in the physical realm. I believe we are about to enter what the Bible calls the tribulation period and something worse than WWII is just around the corner. This article not only presents alarming facts but gives you the solution on how to ride out this spiritual hurricane that is about to envelope us.
The Coming Catastrophe? - A possible scenario as to what might occur if one of the several contingency plans to attack Iran, with the participation of Israel and NATO, were to be carried out.
Child Abuse in the Jehovah's Witness Cult - Recently I was tipped off that there was a widespread child abuse activity among the Jehovah’s witnesses and that the leadership was protecting the abusers from being prosecuted. This information will help you to confront Jehovah’s Witnesses when they come to your door and force them to see the error of their organization in which they are trapped.
U.S. Government Condemns 'Unintentional' Anti-Semitism - Are you an unintentional anti-Semite? According to our government, criticisms of Israel which, though true, might be manipulated by others to Israel’s detriment. To avoid assisting Israel’s enemies, the state department recommends that every comment about Israel first be scrutinized for whether it could put Israel in a bad light. If so, it shouldn’t be said. Only then can we consider ourselves both consciously and unconsciously free from anti-Semitism.
Future Threat - We had an unusual experience in our ministry as some of our computers lost their Internet connection. After some troubleshooting, the problem was traced to an update released by Microsoft and downloaded by our computers.
The California Marriage Amendment - Marriage is under attack by radical homosexuals who think that their counterfeit relationships are the real thing. Californians have the opportunity to put this all to an end in November when we go to the polls and vote on Marriage Protection Act. This constitutional amendment will specify that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”
Turning Curses to Blessings - Do you ever wonder why the same old problems keep coming back into your life? Why some things just never seem to get resolved? Does it seem like the flow of God's blessing is just out of reach? While much of Christianity believes curses are non-existent for believers, God’s Word says differently.
Judgment Always Begins with God's People - For the last 2,000 years, there have been no prophets like those in the Old Testament who foretold future events. In today's day and age, how are Christians supposed to find out what is going to happen in advance, and how do we know if natural catastrophic disasters are the result of judgment from God?
Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse - Do you know any hurting Christians who are cut off from the body of Christ? The bastard curse shows up in significant ways to trouble the pursuit of intimacy with the Lord. The Bible says this curse lasts for ten generations and hides in generational bloodlines as a potent means for Satan to legally prevent believers from having an intimate relationship with God.
Resurrection Life of Jesus Church - If you are seeking answers, have a need, or if you are in the midst of a trial or circumstance of any kind that seems to have no answers, we want to assure you that Jesus is the answer. God will touch you; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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