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Volume 6, 2008

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3



The Corner - What will people say about you when you die? More importantly, how will Jesus greet when you get to heaven?
The Wrecking Crew is coming to Sacramento, CA - I received an invitation this month from Capital Christian Center (CCC), the largest Assembly of God church in the Sacramento area, to attend their Dream It Leadership Conference in June. I have no doubt that thousands of pastors and church leaders will be lured to the conference. They will come because they are spiritually malnourished, believing that new methods will make their church grow and impact their communities. Instead of getting help, they will be given a lethal dose of a devilish spiritual counterfeit which will cause their faith to be shipwrecked and destroy their church members, who will lose heart and leave the churches. This is a must-read for every Bible believing Christian!
It's No Longer The Ugly American - People in foreign nations have for many years called us “ugly Americans,” because they did not like America and her people. The late night shows picked up on the theme and joke after joke was produced about the ugly American. But that is all in the past as we now have to admit that we are pretty dumb. As you read the following story, laugh or get angry over this satire. When are we going to wake up?
Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse - Do you know any hurting Christians who are cut off from the body of Christ? The bastard curse shows up in significant ways to trouble the pursuit of intimacy with the Lord. Deuteronomy chapter 23 and Hebrews chapter 12 show that this curse lasts for ten generations and hides in generational bloodlines as a potent means for Satan to legally prevent believers from having an intimate relationship with God. This book explains how offenses continue to plague churches, how goats arise in the church and affect the sheep and how God’s children can be delivered from the effects of this curse in their bloodline.
The A-sun-ists Headquarters - The clever asunists have all kinds of "intelligent" reasons for denying the sun's existence. Please share this humorous list with an atheist.
It Will Take More Than An Old Book - Many people don't want to believe the Gospel message and argue that it is circular reasoning to cite the Bible as proof of the Gospel's authenticity.
The Truth Continues to Come Out - Our civilization is based upon oil. No oil and our civilization will crumble with no electricity, transportation, food or water. Without oil we will go back to the Stone Age. Find out why the price of oil is rising so rapidly and why this is not a national problem but a global problem. There can only be a global solution that will come from a man whom the Bible calls the Anti-Christ.



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