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The Corner


Dear Friends,

This was the year that God’s patience ran out and the great financial judgment on the world began. I repeatedly warned that all the natural catastrophic events taking place in the United States were warnings from God. But very few people heeded the warning. The response was, “Federal aid is on the way; we will rebuild, because the American people are strong.” Well now there is no more money to throw around when more national disasters occur in 2009.

We have been broadcasting our Sunday morning service live on the Internet for a full month and many bugs have been worked out. We have had people watching the webcast in New York, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and in Hawaii; the reports of picture and audio quality are good. The big problem we are now facing is the work to be done following the webcast. We are now including the music service in addition to the sermon and it takes two days to prepare the entire service and post on the website.

Charles Thorell is currently the only one trained to handle this and we are backlogged in servicing the website with new articles for our English, Norwegian and Swedish sites. Add to this the preparation for the upcoming worship service, where the lyrics and scriptures are loaded on computers for the next webcast. Please pray that God will send in a person who can relieve the heavy workload.

The last week in December, I told the staff to drop all work and concentrate on getting the newsletter out for December. Praise the Lord; in the four remaining days we had in December, we managed to get the newsletter done!

I finished the sermon series, “What Is the Future for Our Ministry,” and I urge every one of you to listen to these messages. God has clearly spoken to me and we have a challenging task of being leaders for the Christian church in the end times. First, to lead people to Christ, and secondly, to educate them and build up their faith. There will be a great falling away during the Tribulation period during which the Mark of the Beast will be introduced and the majority of the Christians will take the Mark because many pastors will assure their members there is no danger in taking it. There is also a great need to uphold the Bible as the Word of God. In the English speaking nations, only the King James Bible is true to the Hebrew and Greek original text. This ministry will continue to uphold the King James Bible as our source. That is part of the end time commission that God has given to me. Please take the time and listen to these messages.

Yours in Christ,

John S. Torell

Volume 11, 2008




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