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September - October 2006


John S. Torell



(continued from previous page)



Prior to the Civil War, life was very hard for black people in the South. They were sold and traded as cattle, and once a slave ended up on a farm, he had no personal rights. Slave owners pretty much treated them like cattle when it came to breeding, using the men as studs, and then in many cases, have the women raise the children separately. Young children in their teenage years were also sold on a slave market. Even though some slave owners treated their slaves better than others, they were still considered to be sub-human, and were treated like animals. If a slave owner got angry with a slave for any reason, he could beat him to death with no fear of punishment from the law; the lynching of Negroes who had fled or committed some crime was common. This mindset is totally repulsive to us in this day and age that human beings could treat another fellow human in this way.

There were some good hearted white slave owners, who treated their slaves well and encouraged family life, but they were a minority. White slave owners really believed they had done their black slaves a favor by bringing them from a primitive life in Africa to live a better life here, even if they were not free.

Many people in the current generation know that black slaves were imported to this country, but they don’t know how it took place, and this is something they should know. The business was financed by Jewish bankers from England who owned the slave ships. Black tribes living on the West Coast of Africa were employed by these British Jews to go inland, wage war and kidnap men and women from inland tribes. These prisoners were brought back to the trading post on the coast where they were inspected and the leaders of the coastal tribes were paid a price according to their condition. The men and women were then loaded on ships, shackled and brought over to America. Many did not survive the ocean voyage. Once they arrived in the South, they were sold in batches to American wholesale traders. These traders then took their slaves to auctions, where white farmers and factory owners came and inspected each slave like a horse is inspected at an auction. Healthy young black men and women brought a better price to a trader than weak and sick slaves. Once they were sold at an auction, they were led in shackles to the plantation or factory, where they were trained, intimidated and then put to work. Severe beatings were given to slaves who did not conform to the wishes of their owners. Prior to the beginning of the Civil War, there were 3.5 million Negro slaves in the South.


The Civil War was horrible and left its mark on our country for some time to come. Here are some statistics so that you can realize the cost in human life. The Union Army had a total strength of 1,556,000 men, of which 359,528 were killed and 275,175 were wounded. The Confederate Army mustered 800,000 men, of which 258,000 were killed and 225,000 wounded. Between the two armies, 617,528 American men lost their lives, and as a result, an equal number of families lost a father or son. Even worse, 500,175 families had to cope with a father or a son being maimed for life, never again able to carry on their duties as before the war.

Union Armies laid great waste to the infrastructure as they pushed into the South. Farms, plantations, factories and even cities were burned and laid to waste. General Sherman’s infamous march with his army through Georgia and later his march through the Carolinas was a deliberate attempt to destroy as much infrastructure as possible and break the resistance of the civilian population in the Southern States.

The damage to the slaves is still with us to this very day. During the slave days, men had no chance to live like a father and be the head of the household. The former slaves were trying to live like free people, but the men had no training as fathers, and to this day a large percentage of the black American community is a matriarchal society with the women running the households. In California alone, the death rate for young black men is very high, and a large portion of the prison population consists of black males.    


I want you to know that during these years of trouble, God had an army which was never defeated. It consisted of pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, Sunday school teachers and regular rank and file Christians who labored among the unsaved people. They were from all kinds of backgrounds; Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Mission Covenant churches, independent holiness churches, Salvation Army, etc. The Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago (founded in 1877) and others like it sprang up all over the United States. Despite false doctrine and the infiltration of Freemasons into the churches, the Holy Spirit raised up new believers in Christ who had a burning desire to live a holy life, lead people to Christ, start Sunday school classes and home Bible studies. Christian publishing houses sprang up, producing books, tracts and Bibles. D.L. Moody moved like a firebrand during these years as a mighty evangelist, closely followed in the early 1890’s by Billy Sunday (above right). It is interesting to note Sunday was bankrolled by John D. Rockefeller (left) of Standard Oil and John Wanamaker (right), a department store owner. I will explain more about Sunday’s funding later on.

Music came to play a large role in the worship services and Gospel music was more or less born in the United States. Ira Sankey, Moody’s solo singer, electrified the people with his anointed hymns and Gospel songs. Thus, we can say that the words of Jesus were true when He spoke them and will continue to be so until He comes back:

He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:15-18


One thing that most believers in Christ have in common is the fact that we learn historical data about people but very seldom do we know the background of the times in which they lived. When I read the biography of Moody (right) many years ago, I did not know what a difficult time period he lived in, and how he must have struggled with finances and the political corruption, not only in local government but on state and federal levels. I have been in the ministry since 1969, and I know firsthand what a struggle it is to preach the Gospel, and work independently from denominations. From 1975 until 2004, I was on several radio stations Monday through Friday. When I started out, a 15 minute program cost about $25, but in 2004, it had risen to around $150. Our donor base consisted of listeners, who over the years, made it their mission to help in paying for the programs. But after 29 years, our early supporters started to check out and go to be with Jesus. Sadly, the younger people tend to give very little to God’s work. I remember one day talking with a manager for a group of radio stations in North Carolina, who told me that the big radio and television broadcasters all had “secret” donors. These donors are responsible for donating millions of dollars to keep these broadcaster’s radio and television programs going. Without these hidden sources, regular people simply are not able to keep up with the high cost of broadcasting. I remember hearing what this man said but I did not understand the significance of his statement. As I researched this newsletter, I came to the understanding that it is the people with money who control what they want on radio and television. This gives them total control over all that the Christians hear and see in the world on radio and television. So even though they might be against the message of salvation, they will allow it when other information that fits their agenda is also presented.

William Randolph Hearst (right) used his newspaper empire to propel Billy Graham (left) into a world evangelist from having been a small Youth for Christ evangelist in 1949. Graham has paid off his handlers well by promoting the World Council of Churches, the NIV Bible, etc. Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, Jim Bakker, Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Jack van Impe, John Hagee, Jimmy Swaggart are just a few of the most well known “shakers and movers” in Christian circles. All these men have the following in common: They are all pro-Israel dispensationalists. They lead large tours to Israel, and in the midst of war in the Middle East, they all come out defending Israel as the servant of God. In return foundations, wealthy Jews, and other rich people from the Eastern Seaboard establishment are making sure that these men have the funds to keep their “empires” going.


During the early years of PTL with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s television ministry, I signed up to be a follow-up pastor for the Sacramento area. I had the privilege of ministering to people who had just accepted Christ or rededicated their lives. One day, a certain program irritated the American Jewish leaders, and headlines in newspapers across the nation screamed out, Jim Bakker was anti-Semitic! The storm did not die down and panic arose at the PTL organization as money was drying up. In a few weeks, it was announced on PTL programs and written up in the newspapers that Jim Bakker and his staff had met with leading American Jewish leaders and convinced them he was not anti-Semitic. In order to make sure that there would be no more slip ups, Jim Bakker agreed to place a Jewish rabbi on his Board of Directors to make sure that PTL was “kosher” and would remain so. I remember wondering why a strong evangelistic Pentecostal organization would put an unsaved rabbi on its Board of Directors. It was not until later that I understood that this is how it works at the top of Christian organizations. The Jews did not topple Jim, but it was his and Tammy’s adulterous relationships that destroyed the ministry.


In the book “The Incredible Scofield and His Book,” Joseph M. Canfield, shows that Cyrus Ingerson Scofield (1843-1921) became the American minister who would bring Darby’s teaching into the mainstream of Christianity in the United States. In his book, Canfield brings out the connection between Darby and Scofield, the finances of these men, and also the Jewish connection.

Whoever handled Darby made sure that the money transferred to him would be hard to trace. By looking at many different sources, this is the best picture I can present of Darby, his contemporaries and the people influencing him. We are going to look at the following people:


Theodosia Wingfield Powerscourt was a wealthy widow who had inherited her husband’s estates and wealth. As an aristocrat, it was unusual for someone of her status to mix with men who were not wealthy and into religious soul search. Prior to the formation of the Plymouth Brethren, she experienced a sense of the imminent return of Christ, and became the hostess for Darby and others, who used her mansion as a meeting place. At one point in time, Darby was engaged to her but he decided not to marry her and released her from the engagement. Darby’s reason for breaking off the engagement was that he knew that he would constantly travel and it would not be good to have a wife. Lady Powerscourt opened her mansion in Ireland for a series of Prophetic Truth Conferences, which continued for several years. Darby became the undisputed leader of these meetings. Attending were many clergymen as well as charismatic leaders from the Edward Irving movement.

In time, Powerscourt removed her membership from the established Church, and joined the Brethren. She established a Plymouth Brethren monastery with her wealth on the banks of Lough Bray, deep in the Dublin mountains. 

Her letters were gathered into a book by Bishop Robert Daly and published after her death. With the heavy teaching of “self sacrifice” and living a simple life, she ended up living as a recluse at the monastery she had built. She died at the age of 36.

EDWARD IRVING (1792-1834)

Edward Irving is a very important link in the development of the pre-millennium rapture teaching which was later adopted by Darby. He was born in Annan, Scotland, and educated at the University of Edinburgh. While he was waiting to be ordained into the Church of Scotland, he was busy working as a school teacher and learning foreign languages. He was ordained in 1819 and became assistant minister at St. John’s Church in Glasgow. Irving was a captivating speaker and overshadowed the senior minister of the church. As a result, he resigned and accepted a call to become the pastor of the Scottish Church in Hatton Garden and chaplain of the Caledonian Asylum (mental hospital). Hatton Garden is the center for gold, silver and diamond traders in London. In a short time, people from the upper society in London became regular attendees at his church. Among his friends was Thomas Carlyle, whom we will look into later.

Irving became a prophecy buff, and from 1826, he took part in prophecy conferences which were held on the estate of British banker Henry Drummond in Surrey. Edward also began to write for the journal, “The Morning Watch,” which was devoted to discuss unfulfilled biblical prophecies.

Since Edward drew large crowds, the church grew and moved into a larger building on Regent Square. But something was going to happen which would alter the thinking and doctrine of a large portion of the Christian Church in the world and has continued to do so even up until the present day. This brings us to the next person in this story.

EMMANUEL de LACUNZA (1731-1801)

Emmanuel de Lacunza was born in Santiago, Chile. He became a Jesuit priest, the most militant order in the Roman Catholic Church. When King Charles III issued the decree in 1767 that expelled all the Jesuits from Spain and its South American colonies, Lacunza ended up in Italy. Here he wrote a book entitled, “La venida del Mesias en Gloria y Majestad, observaciones de Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra” (The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty, observations by Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra). It is interesting to note that he had given himself a Jewish name. What the general public does not know is that the Jesuit Order was heavily infiltrated by “crypto Jews,” who are cabalistic Jews that have converted to different religions. These are followers of Sabbatai Sevi, the rabbi who proclaimed himself to be the Messiah in 1666. 5 The goal of these crypto Jews is to direct the development of different religions, particularly Islam, Roman Catholicism and evangelical churches. They have also infiltrated political parties in many nations and were able to direct the policies of different nations to line up with the Zionist dream to establish a political state of Israel in 1948 and continue to protect the agenda of Zionism.    

Lacunza died in Imola, Italy in June, 1801. Someone picked up his manuscript and published it as a book, in Spanish, ten years after his death. The teaching in the book about the imminent return of Christ and how believers should make themselves ready and not prepare to live out their lives on earth because Jesus was coming back shortly became a threat to the Roman Catholic Church and the book was banned by the Vatican in 1819.

Copies of the book ended up in England and somehow Edward Irving was given a copy, which he translated into English and published in 1827 under the title, “The Coming of the Messiah.” Because of Edward’s fame, the book began to spread, as the Irvingites (Edward’s followers) began to push this doctrine. Let’s pause now and think deeply about the ideas put forth by Lacunza:

Lacunza taught that Jesus is coming back imminently, prior to the coming of the Antichrist. All Christian denominations have failed; instead, believers are to gather together outside the churches. We should concentrate only on leading people to Christ and tell them that Jesus is coming very soon. We should do away with all ambition to work in society (i.e. politics and education) even though this would naturally create a leadership vacuum that would be filled by secular people, including Jews.

Furthermore, Lacunza wrote that the Church of Jesus Christ had not replaced Israel as the Bible states, but that the Jews still had a covenant with God, and that in the end, God would restore the land of Israel along with the temple to the Jews. He taught that God had a special relationship with Jews and it was not necessary for them to be born again as the Bible states. This doctrine is the foundation for the “two-tier salvation plan” of the fanatical Christian Zionists who believe that there is one plan of salvation for the gentiles and another “special” one just for the Jews. The fact that this teaching cannot be found anywhere in the Bible did not bother Lacunza or his disciples of today.

If this heretical doctrine would be accepted by the Christian community at large, it would be worth more than millions of soldiers, as Christians would voluntarily and happily vacate their positions without a fight, and give the Jewish leadership an open door to lead the world in the direction of their wishes. History proves that this is exactly what happened as cabbalistic Jews like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engle, and Moses Hess wrote out the doctrines which later were going to be known as Communism, Socialism, Zionism and Fascism. 6

Therefore, to the Jewish World Leadership, it was more than worthwhile to support and encourage Christians to spread this doctrine in the 1800’s. As I have laid it out in our magazine, “The Dove,” from 1995 and on, the Illuminati was at its peak in this century, and all banking in the world at that time was done or controlled by the Rothschild dynasty out of Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; Vienna, Austria; Naples, Italy and London, England. 

A man cannot decide to go fishing with no bait on the hook and expect to catch some fish. The fisherman is not interested in purchasing expensive bait to feed the fish, the bait just needs to be good enough that the fish will bite and get hooked. Likewise, the Cabalistic Jews could have cared less if people heard about Jesus whom they hated -- the end justified the means. If they could lead the Christian Church astray, they would live with it and invest money into Christian evangelism, as long as it contained the contaminated doctrine laid out by Lacunza.

At that time, Christians had no knowledge of the teachings of the Talmud which Martin Luther, a German monk had found out about centuries earlier and written a book exposing it called, “The Jews and Their Lies.” However, the Jewish spin-doctors were able to downplay the book and push it out of sight from the Christian community. Then there was the Cabala, the Jewish Messiah Sabbatai Sevi and his followers, and the Zionist’s intense amount of work of trying to establish the State of Israel. Thus, there were very few watchmen on the wall, and the Jewish leadership was able to sell a doctrine written by a crypto Jewish Jesuit priest, which became the cornerstone for denominations like The Brethren, The Seven Day Adventist Church, the Assemblies of God, a number of other Pentecostal denominations and many Baptist groups.


Once Edward Irving had bitten into the doctrine of Lacunza, his preaching changed. He began to teach that Jesus was not divine but had a fallen sin nature like all other men on earth. He also taught that salvation could only come with the regeneration through water baptism. Accordingly, we can see that some of these false doctrines now exist in, for example, the United Pentecostal Churches which teach that water baptism is part of salvation. Edward also taught that speaking in tongues and divine healing were for today.

As a result of his new doctrines, the Church of Scotland held a heresy trial where he was found guilty and defrocked in 1833. He moved back to Glasgow where he was a dominant leader in the new Catholic Apostolic Church (Catholic means universal, general). But leaders in this new church pushed him out and he died in 1834. In a short amount of time, Irving did much damage to the Christian Church and was instrumental in lighting a fire that would transform masses of Christians into slaves of Judaism. With Irving gone, the Jewish leadership focused their effort on the next torchbearer to further their cause, John Nelson Darby.

To be continued…


Some of you are now overwhelmed with all the details I have presented in this newsletter and you are asking, “How come I don’t know these facts?” Let me try and put you at ease. I graduated from high school in Sweden and took mandatory classes in Christianity. The teaching was slanted to fit the State Lutheran Church (which does not exist any more) and we were never told that Martin Luther had exposed Judaism. My college degree was in Mechanical Engineering and I took no classes in religion. When I entered seminary in 1969, I was taught Southern Baptist doctrine, which included an assault on the Bible with a heavy emphasis on German liberal theologians. Doing studies on my own, I ran afoul of Hal Lindsey and his book, “The Late Great Planet Earth,” and bought into the dispensationalist doctrine. It was not until 1979, when I met Pastor Gordon Ginn in Sacramento, that he began to challenge my theology on eschatology (future prophecies). We became good friends and have fellowshipped now for some 27 years. He forced me to research our subjects of conversation, so I could defend the positions I took, but I found that I could not defend dispensationalism. During my studies, I ran into the Talmud, the Cabala and the working of a World Government. God protected me from Scofield in that I never used his Bible, and so when someone sent me the book, “The Incredible Scofield and His Book,” by Joseph Canfield, I was given another piece of the puzzle. In this book I found a reference to Lacunza, but in all my studies over the years, I had never come across this name. All my reference books, and even Encyclopaedia Britannica came up blank, so I went on the internet and found a number of articles. As I began writing this newsletter, I looked up Edward Irving in “The New International Dictionary of Pentecostal Charismatic Movements” and found Lacunza mentioned, but there were no details. The book, “Who’s Who in Christian History” didn’t give any details but just referred to him as a Spanish Jesuit. The information I found on the internet agreed with the facts I have found from this time period. So, the story of Lacunza has been deeply hidden, and will continue to remain so unless you are looking for him. Prior to this newsletter, I never looked for Lacunza because I did not know he existed. After all, how can you find anything if you don’t know what you are looking for in the first place? This is why these Bible verses are absolutely true:

Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another: for thy people are as they that strive with the priest. Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. Hosea 4:1-6


To be continued…

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[5] For further reading on this subject, order a copy of The Dove, Winter 1995.
[6] For detailed information, order a copy of The Dove 2002


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