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March 2004

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3



John S. Torell


It was the murder of the Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh that motivated me to write this series on the murder of prominent Swedes who had become well known in international circles. As I began this project, the facts began to mount up that all these murders were somehow connected to the State of Israel and Jewish world policies.

When I came to the life and the murder of Dag Hammarskjold, the documental material became overwhelming, his murder was a part of a ten year period which shaped the world policies as of today, 2004. The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that I was not to quickly scan the situation to show how Hammarskjold was murdered, but to detail the facts that shaped this man’s life and why the world leaders deemed it necessary to murder him in order to cover their actions and make it possible to force their policies upon the people in the world.

I have been extremely careful to not share what my sources are, since I am still writing on the subject and do not want to jeopardize my sources. However, since the information is so astonishing and radically different than what most people have heard or learned in their education, I will mention some of my sources so that the reader may check it out for himself and be able to know that what I am presenting is truth. This truth is damning to the people involved and explosive enough that certain elements in Satan’s network may be scared into taking some negative action in order to protect the truth from being known by the public.

The information about the Suez canal conflict was retrieved from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library archives at the United Nations and from interviews with people who were involved in the events during the Middle East conflict. It is very likely that in time these documents will be "sanitized" by the forces of the World Government and the information will simply disappear. Before we proceed with the Hammarskjold story, let us briefly look at the current events in Haiti.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

During the last few weeks the nation of Haiti suddenly filled our television screens again and without much excitement from the media, including the Democratic Party, the Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was forced out of office and taken by an American military aircraft to a nation in Africa, where he was "dumped." If you want to know the truth as to what has happened, let us compare the present scenes with knowledge from the past, and we will have the rest of the story.

Haiti is located on an island, originally known as "Hispaniola," which was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. In time the whole island became a Spanish colony. But France wanted a foothold in the Caribbean region, so in 1697 the island was divided into two parts, Santa Domingo in the eastern part of the island, and Haiti in the west. The Indians who originally lived on the island were wiped out by the white Europeans who made slaves of them and worked them excessively hard. Plagues and other diseases from the white oppressors eventually killed off the native Indians. They were replaced by black slaves from Africa. By 1789 the population in Haiti consisted of 37,000 white Europeans (mostly from France), 24,000 Mulattoes (mixed breed of white and black) and half a million black slaves. At this time "Voodoo" (a mixture of Roman Catholic doctrine and African witchcraft) became the main religion for most of the Mulattoes and the black slaves.

As the first white Spanish settlers came to the island, they ruled it with an iron fist. Murder and oppression of the natives and later of the slaves from Africa became a way of life. These demonic forces of death and violence are still ruling Haiti today.

Around 1800, British troops stationed in Jamaica were sent to Haiti to destabilize the French colonial regime and in 1803 a rebellion started which climaxed with the French military commander and his forces being defeated. France withdrew its forces and the entire island of Hispaniola came under the rule of the Haitian rebels. Spanish and British troops joined forces and in 1809 took back Santa Domingo from the Haitian regime. In 1821 there was a rebellion in the Santa Domingo colony and Spain was forced to retreat and give freedom to the people of Santa Domingo.

One year later, in 1822, the Haitian government invaded Santa Domingo and held it under occupation until 1844, when the Spanish speaking people of Santa Domingo drove out the French speaking Haitians. They had finally attained independence as the Dominican Republic.

From 1843 through 1915 there were 20 different rulers over Haiti, each trying to rule the nation as a dictator. Sixteen of these rulers were overthrown through revolutions or assassination. In the 1880's the United States decided to take control of Haiti and began by attempting to manage the military forces and commerce in Haiti. By 1905, the United States informed the Haitian government that it was taking the Haitian custom operation. In 1915, before the United States had entered World War I, the American President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) sent American marines to occupy Haiti. This occupation lasted until 1934. During the American occupation of Haiti the Mulatto population took control over government and business in Haiti and the black Haitians were severely oppressed and sank into poverty. Haiti, in 1915, posed no threat to the United States, but American business interests demanded that the nation be taken over and run by the U.S. military.

In 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the withdrawal of the U.S. Marines from Haiti, but the United States maintained fiscal (monetary) control until 1941, and then indirect control until 1947.

Despite American occupation, a massacre took place in 1937, when troops and police units from the Dominican Republic crossed over the border and in cold blood murdered thousands of black laborers living just inside the border of Haiti.

François "Papa Doc" Duvalier
Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier

There was great unrest in Haiti in 1946 with massive strikes. The Haitian army took control of the nation and supervised an election. But unrest continued and in 1950 the military took over and ruled the nation. People were not content with being ruled by the army, and in 1956 there was much unrest, which led to another election. The victor of this election was the Voodoo doctor, Francois Duvalier, also known as "Papa Doc." In 1964, he declared himself a dictator and ruled Haiti with cruelty and much oppression. When he died in 1971, his son, "Baby Doc," took over and proclaimed himself to be "president for life." During the time Haiti has existed, first as a colony and later as an independent nation, the ruling class has always lived in splendid lavish luxury and has been able to stay in power by having a middle class, known as "enforcers," mercilessly oppressing the bulk of the people by murder, torture and extortion. The same holds true today.

Ronald Reagan

In the mid 1980's, when Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) was President of the United States, there was great unrest in Haiti and thousands of Haitians fled to the United States. Haiti was a hub for the smuggling of drugs from South American nations to the United States and Western Europe. This operation was run by the following intelligence services: the CIA, British intelligence and the Mossad, and it became clear that President Duvalier had to go. The American government issued an ultimatum to Duvalier, "Get out of the country or we will come in and kill you." Note this carefully: DUVALIER RESIGNED AS PRESIDENT, AND THEN "PROTECTED BY AMERICAN SOLDIERS" BOARDED AN AMERICAN AIR FORCE TRANSPORT AND WAS FLOWN TO FRANCE, WHERE HE WAS GIVEN ASYLUM AND A PROMISE THAT THERE WOULD BE NO PROSECUTION OF HIM! 1

Since the swine flu had broken out in Haiti at that time, the United States Agriculture Department dispatched personnel to Haiti and under the protection of American guns made sure that the entire pig population in Haiti was exterminated. This had a devastating effect upon the Haitian economy since many poor farmers and other people had invested heavily in raising pigs. Also, the AIDS virus had exploded in Haiti and with the American media blowing this up to a great extent, the tourist industry in Haiti was destroyed. Haiti spiraled into a deep economic depression.

From 1987 until 1990 Haiti had three different regimes, each overthrown by "rebels." With American, British and Israeli intelligence operatives running loose in Haiti, arming different factions and using them for protecting drug operations, it was impossible for Haiti to become stable.

There were elections in Haiti again in 1990. This time the people were sick and tired of the meddling of other nations, and in a landslide they elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a Roman Catholic renegade priest, who was a radical left winger and also a champion of "Liberation Theology," a socialist/communist style of Christianity. President George Bush (1989-1993) and his handlers did not like this renegade priest so orders were given to the CIA to take him out as soon as possible. The CIA worked through the Haitian army and eight months after Aristide had taken office as President of Haiti, he was ousted in a military coup by Brigadier General Raul Cedras. Aristide left Haiti and went into exile.

Bill Clinton

The next American President was Bill Clinton, (1993-2001) a hardcore leftist socialist and a friend to all perverted people in the world. With a new boss at the helm, the CIA was ordered to again destabilize Haiti and force General Cedras out. More unrest in Haiti with people dying in the streets. President Clinton, in 1994, his second year in office, told General Cedras, "Resign or the United States will invade Haiti." The Haitian people were used to being invaded by American soldiers; the American people, not remembering history, are not used to this. The media is not going to give the American people a history lesson. Instead, they are going to write what the current leadership wants the people to hear. Cedras was not stupid, knowing if he would step down and go some other place, he would be given a nice retirement, compliments of the American taxpayers.

President Clinton sent 20,000 American soldiers in to take over Haiti and re-install Aristide as president. The American media dutifully reported that the Haitian Army was made up of thugs, rapists and lots of bad people, which gave Aristide the excuse to dissolve the Haitian Army at once and replace it with a so-called "police force." The United States sent in "trainers" who were to train this new security force together with United Nations police trainers. The Haitian army had been trained by the CIA and equipped with American armaments. Now a different group of "thugs, rapists and bad people in general" were going to become the police force of Haiti. All these activities during the years have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, courtesy of the American taxpayer. As soon as the police force was in place, President Clinton pulled out the U.S. troops.

Nelson Mandela

What the Haitian people discovered was that Aristide was just another bad person who put his cronies in power and then oppressed and killed his opponents. Aristide had a favorite way of getting rid of his opponents, and that was "necklacing." This was an art of killing people he had learned from Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress in South Africa. A person had a tire placed around his neck which was then dowsed with gasoline and ignited. This type of execution was extremely painful, as the victim slowly burned to death in agony.

René Preval

When elections were held in 1995, Aristide was defeated and René Preval was elected as president over Haiti. Bill Clinton and his cronies did not like this and again the U.S. used its agents to destabilize Haiti and cause civil unrest. Preval was able to hold on to power until 1999, when he dissolved the Haitian parliament and called for new elections. The election in 2000 was deemed to be a fraud, but Aristide with American backing proclaimed victory and again became President of Haiti.

With George W. Bush becoming President of the United States in 2001, Aristide lost his friends in Washington D.C. The CIA then received reverse orders, "Take Aristide out, but do not make a lot of noise."

The CIA then went back into Haiti and recruited former Haitian army officers. The economy was sinking to the bottom in Haiti due to heavy economic oppression from the United States. With people out of jobs and money, their lives were so miserable that it was easy to recruit people to join a rebel movement and oust Aristide. The rebels were equipped with American Arms, coming from supplies in Central America and left over from other actions in times past. As you may recall, suddenly in January the news media began to tell us of an uprising in Haiti, led by a former Haitian army officer. As the rebels were gaining power, suddenly there was a consensus between the American government and the French government, that Aristide must go. That he was the elected president of a sovereign nation meant nothing, the rebels were coming and the Haitian people had to be spared any more suffering. Pressure was put on Aristide, "Resign or else." Compare this with the following scenario:

Mexicans all over the United States are taking up arms and telling the world that they are going to march on Washington D.C. and take over the country. As the American president orders the army to confront the rebels and put down the revolt, the Russian and Mexican governments decide that it is time for President Bush to resign and flee the country and hand it over to the rebels. The president is told that if he does not obey, he will be killed!

The United States is a super power and no nation could dictate this to us. But in Haiti, international law means nothing. After all, the United States military has been going in and out of Haiti for the last 100 years.

President Bush ordered the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to blockade Haiti and make sure that no one from Haiti was able to flee by boat. This was a violation of international law.

Again U.S. marines were sent into the capital of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. Aristide was still the legal president of Haiti. Did the American government ask for permission to send in marines? The answer is, "No!" When the Watts riots took place in Los Angeles some 30 years ago, did Mexico send in troops to protect Mexican interests in Los Angeles? Of course not; the U.S. armed forces would have smashed them to pieces. The American people were told that these marines were going to protect the American embassy and American interests in Haiti. The American media reported that the rebels were taking town after town and coming closer and closer to the capital. The media told us how bad Aristide was and that it was the duty of the United States to take him out.

Suddenly, on February 29, 2004, we were shown by the media an airplane taking off from Port-Au-Prince and the television anchor man reporting with a voice of authority that the President of Haiti had resigned and was being taken out by an American military aircraft to fly him to exile in Africa.

A few days later, Aristide held a news conference in Africa in which he told the press that American soldiers came to his palace, told him to leave or he would be killed and that against his will, he was forced to sign a letter of resignation. He was then taken with his wife to the airport where he was flown away. My question to you, the Christian reader, is this: Who do you believe is telling the truth, the American government or Aristide?

On March 10, 2004, headlines in American newspapers had the following message: "U.S. BACKED PANEL CHOOSES PRIME MINISTER FOR HAITI And then it is written: "Haiti’s U.S. backed advisory council picked a former foreign minister, Gerard Latortue, as the new prime minister Tuesday, a step forward forming a transitional government. Latortue’s appointment came as U.S. Marines said they would help Haitian police disarm the general population." As of March 10, 2004 there are officially 1,600 American soldiers in Haiti and their orders are that they cannot stop looting, even of American companies, nor can they use force to halt Haitian-on-Haitian violence. Their mission is to protect key sites, like government buildings, the airport and to pave the way for the coming U.N. forces. If women are raped and children are killed, they are just to watch it, but take no action.

Here are the questions we as American citizens should ask: Have the Haitian people asked us as a nation to do this for them? If not, by whose authority are we doing this kind of work in Haiti?

John Kerry

It should be clear to the Christian reader now, that our current president is not really in charge of this program. For more than a hundred years America has had a heavy hand in Haiti, and Bush is more or less doing what he is told to do. If you really want to find out who the secret leadership is, follow the money trail!

Have you asked this question: Why are the Democrats silent? Why is Haiti not becoming a campaign issue? John Kerry could really give President Bush a hard time and embarrass him, but this has not been done. Who is powerful enough to pull off this latest coup in Haiti, control the two major candidates running for President of the United States and also keep the American media in check? To find the answer, all you have to do is to follow the money trail.


Monday, October 29, 1956
President Eisenhower was in his office by 7:35 A.M. preparing for his campaign trip. At 8 A.M. Allen Dulles telephoned the president saying there was nothing new on Israel’s mobilization. American Ambassador Edward Lawson had seen Ben Gurion earlier and felt that he was being lied to by the Israeli Prime Minister. Eisenhower replied to Dulles that things seemed better this morning and that no major war had broken out so far. Dulles replied that a 24 hour period had been gained. What both men did not know was that the final preparations for the war in the Middle East was underway. Looking back in time and having access to documents which have been made public, it shows the total breakdown of U.S. intelligence reporting to the president, just as it happened in 2003 for President Bush.

At the same hour, Dag Hammarskjold received a strictly confidential cable from U.N. General Burns, warning that "the Israeli partial mobilization given indicates a heightening of the danger of an all-out war. It is noteworthy that they mention renewal of Egyptian-directed fedayeen activity first among reasons for mobilization. As UNMO (U.N. Military Observers) investigation are refused there is nothing to stop Israel military forces from grossly exaggerating circumstances of any incident to provide occasion for retaliation."

At 3 P.M., middle eastern time, Monday afternoon, Israeli paratroopers were getting ready to board their airplanes for a deep strike into Egypt. A large part of the Israeli Army was massing on the border with Egypt. Israeli pilots and two squadrons of French combat pilots were making their last check before take off in a variety of aircraft: French Mystere fighters, American Super Sabre fighters, Ouragan and Meteor jets, propeller driven American Mustang fighters and British Mosquitos.

As President Eisenhower left Washington for his campaign trip, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan arrived at his underground command bunker in Tel Aviv, from where the war was going to be directed.

Reports arriving in Washington D.C. during the morning hours were alarming, but did not give any more information on what was happening in the Middle East. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles requested that the Israeli Ambassador Eban be called back to the State Department to explain the situation in Israel. At 3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time Abba Eban was sitting in an office at the State Department and explaining to the American officials that Israel was not going to attack any other nation, only defend itself. Suddenly the meeting was interrupted by Donald Bergus, head of the Palestine Desk, who handed a note to the Assistant Secretary for Near East, William Rountree, who read it aloud, "Israel is attacking Egypt." With sarcasm in his voice Rountree said to Eban, "I am certain, Mr. Ambassador, that you will wish to get back to your embassy to find out exactly what is happening in your country."

Israeli forces had started the war at 8:20 A.M. Eastern Standard time, and it took the U.S. Intelligence Services around seven hours to find out and then report it to the State Department.

Ariel Sharon
Rafael Eitan

At 3:20 P.M., Middle Eastern Time four Israeli Mustang fighters flew twelve feet over the ground in the Sinai desert cutting Egyptian telephone lines with their wings and propellers. This was followed by a ground force of 3,000 Israeli soldiers, led by the 202nd paratroop brigade commanded by Ariel Sharon (currently Prime Minister of Israel, 2004). In the air 16 American-made C-47's (known as DC-3's) flew 395 Israeli paratroopers at a height of 500 feet over the ground to be dropped as an ambush force, deep behind the Egyptian lines. This unit was commanded by Lt. Colonel Rafael Eitan.
2 At 9 P.M. six French Nordatlas cargo planes flying out of Cyprus dropped supplies to the Israeli paratroop unit deep in Egypt, including eight jeeps, four 106 mm recoilless rifles, two 120 mm mortars, ammunition, medicine, food and water. By 11 P.M., Israel’s Foreign Ministry made the announcement that Israel was engaged in a security operation in the Sinai Peninsula, to rout out Egyptian fedayeen (terrorist) bases.

Twenty minutes after Israel had announced its action, which was at 4.20 P.M. in Washington D.C., Dulles called the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Henry Cabot Lodge and requested that he call a Security Council meeting the next day. The US. government was humiliated for not having its intelligence operation working properly. The Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department were informed by an Associated Press news bulletin which was sent worldwide at 3 P.M., one hour before the public announcement by Israel.

When President Eisenhower arrived back in Washington D.C. at 7 P.M., he was enraged against the Israeli government because he had been double crossed. After meeting with his cabinet that evening, a group of prominent Republicans came to the White House and told the president, that they thought Eisenhower would lose the election if he would be too hard on the Jews. Since many American Jews on the East Coast were heavily involved or supporting Zionism, it would be damaging for the president to make them angry. In other words, Eisenhower was told to go easy on Israel or else he would face the wrath of the American Jewish voters.

The British and French governments were silent and did not communicate with the American government. Eisenhower arrived at his White House office around 8 A.M. and began his day by calling Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. Eisenhower noted that none of the American newspapers that morning paid much attention to the Suez Canal crisis.
3 It is also noteworthy that the Eisenhower administration did not have continuous U-2 flights over Israel and Egypt, neither did information come in as it should have from the large American Sixth Fleet, which was sailing off the coast of Egypt and Israel at that time. Instead, Eisenhower wrote a long personal letter to Prime Minister Eden of England, pleading with his old friend from World War II not to join the French in attacking Egypt.

At 11:36 A.M. Washington D.C. time, Dulles called the president and told him that Eden was informing the House of Commons (British Parliament) that British and French forces were invading Egypt. Despite that this was a false report, Eden had announced an ultimatum to Israel and Egypt to withdraw their troops from the canal or the British and French forces would take the canal by force to protect it.

When Eisenhower heard this report, he exploded in anger and began to curse and swear at the British for going behind his back. In the afternoon "damage control" was started by the White House when it released a press statement informing the American people that the president had no prior knowledge of the actions of the British Prime Minister, but that he had learned this from press reports. Eisenhower’s handlers were looking toward the election coming up in just a week and would rather have the administration look uninformed by U.S. intelligence than to risk that the American people would think Eisenhower was "in bed" with the British and French governments.

Analyzing the documents from the Eisenhower administration, it becomes clear that key information was withheld from the president so that he would not take actions which were contrary to Jewish interests. The American Jewish leadership did not fully trust Eisenhower and thus steered him in policies without him knowing that he was being deceived and manipulated.

The president also sent new stern messages to Eden and Mollet, urging them to stay on the peace process and not widen the war. Later in the afternoon Eden sent the official transcript of his speech to the House of Commons. Eisenhower commented that if he had been given the message a day prior, he could have stopped Eden from making his announcements. Looking at Eden’s official records, he had stated that he wanted to keep the American president in the dark as long as possible to hinder him from interfering.

Eisenhower and his cabinet then discussed the oil situation for Europe, knowing that if the war would widen, the Arabs would cut off the oil to Europe. Eisenhower made the following statement late in the afternoon: "The only thing I can see we can do is keep our hands off. After all, we will not fight Britain and France. They are our friends and allies and suddenly they put us in a hole and expect us to rescue them."

To the head of the Office of Defense Mobilization, Arthur Flemming, the president said the following: "I’m inclined to think that those who began this operation should be left to work out their own oil problems - to boil in their own oil, so to speak. They will be needing oil from Venezuela and around the Cape and before long they will be short of dollars to finance these operations and will be calling for help. They may be planning to present us with a fait accompli, then expect us to foot the bill. I am extremely angry with them."

Guy Mollet

Prime Minister Guy Mollet
and Foreign Minister Christian Pineau from France had flown to London in the morning, once the Israeli attack had begun, in order to play out the charade that had been agreed upon a week earlier in the meeting at Sevres with representatives from the Israeli government. An ultimatum would be sent to Israel and Egypt. The American ambassador Aldrich had tried all morning to have a meeting with the British Foreign Minister Selwyn Lloyd, but was refused. It was not until late in the afternoon, 4:45 P.M. London time, that Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick, permanent undersecretary of the Foreign Office called for the American ambassador and handed him a copy of the ultimatum which was then cabled to Washington .D.C. Aldrich was stunned, and it became clear to him that Lloyd had lied to him two days earlier when he had been told by Lloyd that England was not in a secret agreement with Israel. The ultimatum loud and clear showed that the deck had been stacked against Egypt.

England and France demanded that both Israel and Egypt must withdraw ten miles from the canal, which meant that the Egyptian troops would be 110 miles inside their own land, while the Israeli troops would be allowed

to set up a defense line 100 miles into Egyptian territory. The ultimatum was worded in such a way that Egypt could not accept it, and that would open the door for a British-French invasion of Egypt. Both sides were given 12 hours to withdraw. Israel at once agreed and Egypt refused.

At the United Nations in New York, the United States submitted a resolution ordering the Israelis to withdraw from Egyptian territory. Britain and France vetoed it. The Soviet Union then introduced a similar resolution, which again was vetoed by Britain and France. It was now clear to the whole world that it was only a matter of time before England and France would attack Egypt.

As the deadline for the ultimatum passed, there was no unusual activity in Cairo; Egyptian troops were fighting the Israelis, but the rest of Egypt was at rest. The only unusual activity in Egypt was a large number of buses taking American citizens to the airport to be flown out of Egypt. Orders had been given to the large British-French armada, and the ships were steaming toward Egypt on a trip that would take six days. The invasion had begun.

To be continued…

1. Remember the Iran/Contra affair with Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter, see The Dove – Autumn 1999, pages 42-45.

2. By 1960, Eitan had been transferred to the Mossad and held the position as "katsa", which means "intelligence case officer." In the 1960 abduction of Adolf Eichmann, another international crime by the Israeli government, Eitan was one of the katsas working illegally in Argentina where Eichmann was hunted down, drugged and smuggled out of Argentina, instead of requesting his arrest and extradition through the Argentinian legal system.

Jonathan Pollard

By 1981, Eitan had advanced to the rank of general and was the commander-in-chief of the Israeli Army. It was under his watch that Israel sent 24 U.S. built F-15's and F-16's to bomb and destroy the nuclear reactor plant in Iraq. According to International Law this was a crime, since Israel had not declared war on Iraq, and it violated the air space of both Syria and Jordan, the same as Israel’s chief of staff, General Eitan, leading the Israeli invasion of Lebanon on June 6, 1982.

In 1985 Rafael Eitan was the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Scientific Affairs Liaison Bureau, known under the Israeli acronym "LAKAM." LAKAM was a cover organization for the Mossad, and the American Jew, Jonathan Pollard, who was a spy for Israel, was controlled and run by Eitan. Pollard is still in federal prison after serving 20 years, and did so much damage to the American military establishment that not even President Clinton would pardon him.

3. Since the American news media is owned and operated by American Jews, it can now be understood in retrospect that the Israeli government had asked the American Jewish leadership to hide the invasion of Egypt as long as possible.

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