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February 2004

European American Evangelistic Crusades


The Flaming Sword
Contending For The Faith – Jude 3



John S. Torell


As Polish and Hungarian men and women rose up against the Soviet butchers in Poland and Hungary, the leaders of Israel completed the final details for the war with Egypt. The whole free world was watching the fighting in Eastern Europe, and it gave Ben Gurion and his military planners the cover for the war they had worked so hard to start.

In order to understand what kind of weapons and technology was available to the different nations at this time (1956), let us look at these facts: There were no satellites available as we know it today - The Soviet Union put the first satellite into orbit on October 4, 1957 when they were able to launch the first "Sputnik." It was a 184 pound capsule which circled the earth every 96 minutes. It stayed in orbit until 1958 when it fell back into the atmosphere and burned up.

U2 Spy Plane

The United States had developed a special spy plane, known as the U-2 in the month of May, 1956, and the CIA (in charge of this program) had a squadron of four U-2 aircrafts employed at the U.S. Base in Wiesbaden, West Germany, with a crew of six pilots and 200 Air Force support personnel. The U-2 flew at an altitude of 80,000 feet, cruising at 494 miles per hour and the Soviets had no capable anti-aircraft missiles at that time to shoot the plane down. On July 4, 1956 the U-2's began flying over the Soviet Union, taking very detailed pictures of military installations. In the beginning, the flight path was from Wiesbaden to Norway, and later some U-2's would be based in Turkey and Pakistan and fly over the eastern part of the Soviet Union and then land in Germany. The Soviets protested strongly but could do nothing about it. Despite the fact that President Eisenhower had personally ordered these flights, officially he lied and stated that there was no such plane as a U-2. Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet dictator, was furious but could do nothing about it.

Flight Path

Khrushchev was able to get his revenge in May, 1960, when the Soviets used their highly placed double agents to sabotage a U-2 flying out of Pakistan. The U-2, with its pilot, Francis Gary Powers, (1929-1977) on loan from the USAF and flying with no identification or uniform, took off from Peshawar, Pakistan, to cover Sverdlovsk, Kirov, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and then land at Bodo, Norway, a Nato base. The Soviets had sabotaged the fuel system on the U-2, which forced Powers to drop altitude after reaching the Soviet Union, and once he was within range of Soviet missiles, the plane was shot down. Powers survived by parachute and was taken captive. An embarrassed President Eisenhower had to publicly admit that the U-2 existed and that the U.S. was guilty of violating Soviet air space.

Francis Gary Powers

Powers was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was exchanged on February 10, 1962 for the Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (1903-1971). Abel had been arrested and convicted of spying for the Soviets in 1957. The exchange took place on a bridge between West Berlin and East Germany, and included in the deal was another CIA agent, the American student Frederic L. Pryor, who had been arrested by East German police in 1961. Two American spies for one Soviet spy.

In 1956, the United States was the only nation which had the capability to fly over enemy territory and not risk being shot down; all other nations had to rely upon spies on the ground.

Gamal Nasser

In a speech on July 26, 1956, the Egyptian dictator Gamal Nasser declared that the Suez canal was being nationalized by the Egyptian government and that all revenues from then on were going to Egypt, not a local government. Nasser made this move in response to the double cross of the Dulles brothers who a few days earlier had withdrawn the promised aid coming from the United States to build the massive Aswan High Dam. The Dulles brothers were no friends of Nasser, instead they were using the CIA to not only contain Nasser, but were also plotting to force him from office.

Anthony Eden

The evening that Nasser decreed that the Suez canal be taken over, Prime Minister Anthony Eden (1897-1977) was hosting a royal dinner at his place, 10 Downing Street in London. His guests were King Faisal of Iraq and his Prime Minister Nuri es-Said. Nuri es-Said made the following statement, when he heard the news, "Hit him (Nasser), hit him hard, and hit him now." Eden broke off the dinner, and summoned his senior ministers and they went into an all night meeting. The prime minister informed his cabinet that "this is the end. We can’t put up with any more of this." Despite advise from one of his attorneys that Egypt had the legal right to do this according the agreement hammered out between England and Egypt. Eden said that he did not care if this was legal or not, it was time for war and taking the canal zone back. War hysteria spread in England as the daily newspapers fanned the flames and cried out for war (The media at that time in England was in the hands of British Jews, loyal to the State of Israel). Even in the house of Commons, the opposition party agreed that this act by Nasser warranted war. Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965), who led England as prime minister during World War II made this statement: "We can’t have that malicious swine sitting across our communications."

Dwight Eisenhower

President Eisenhower was not physically well, having become ill again on June 7, 1956 and was taken to Walter Reed Hospital where he was later operated on for an intestinal obstruction. After a three week stay at the hospital, he returned to work as president. As stated in previous newsletters, Eisenhower had recovered from a heart attack a year before, and was preparing for the fall election. Prime Minister Eden wanted the United States to join Britain and France for a joint attack on Egypt.

Instead Eisenhower was taking a relaxed attitude toward the canal crisis, since it did not involve too many Americans and only 2.7% of the ships using the canal were American ships. The U.S. at this time was getting its oil from two sources, the American oil company, ARAMCO, which was operating in Saudi Arabia, and the Kuwait Oil Company which was a 50 % American owned corporation. In order for the reader to understand the importance of the canal to the British, look at these numbers: In 1955, 14,666 ships passed through the canal, one third were British and the rest belonged to the Nato nations in Europe. Two thirds of the ships were oil tankers. Two million barrels of oil per day were coming out of the Middle East, with 1.3 million barrels of oil coming through the canal, and the rest through pipe lines. Annually, 60,000 British troops passed through the canal to and from bases in Aden and beyond.

Behind the handlers of the president and the Dulles brothers, stood another group of men known in the United States as "the Jewish Lobby." In this international chess game, the Zionist leaders never for a moment lost their goals and vision, the enlargement of Israel. The uprising in Poland and Hungary was going to paralyze the United States long enough for Israel to wage war against Egypt and take what it wanted before the United States and the Soviet Union would demand a cease fire.

The Jewish Lobby activated the Democratic Senator, Mike Mansfield (1903-2001), who in a telephone conversation with John Dulles stated, "I hope we don’t give in to Nasser as he has all the attributes of an unstable dictator.... We should act closely with the British and the French and take determined action." Dulles made the reply, "I don’t know that we want to plunge into a war." Mansfield’s answer was, "We can’t let him get away with it."

Around July 30, 1956, Eden sent a secret message to Eisenhower that the French and the British had made a decision to neutralize Nasser and that war was going to break out in less than six weeks. Eisenhower did not like being pushed and insisted that an international meeting was to be held, in which all nations involved in the signing of the canal treaty of 1888 should be convened and that a peaceful solution should be sought. Officially, the United States had broken rank with England and France.

The Army of Egypt was at this time better armed than the British Army. The Egyptian soldiers were armed with Czech semiautomatic assault rifles, while the British soldiers were still using WWII breech loading rifles. Egypt had acquired Soviet MIG fighters, Ilyushin bombers and medium tanks. The British basically had left over equipment from WWII.

British and French military planning for the war began July 28. The French would put in two divisions, the 10th Parachute and the 7th Light Mechanized. England was sending three aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean. The British Army mobilized an extra 25,000 men and prolonged the service for its drafted soldiers. The French Navy assembled two aircraft carriers, one battleship, a heavy cruiser, two light cruisers, four heavy destroyers, seven frigates, six submarines and other small navy vessels at Toulon. Both the British and the French Governments told its citizens to get out of Egypt. The official version that the French and British Government issued was that this was going to be a joint venture between France and England; no other nation was to be involved.

To the people living in the world at this time, the politicians took a different stand in public than in private, in order to deceive the people living in the different nations and the Egyptian Government. John Foster Dulles and a number of high ranking American officials traveled back and forth to London, trying all kind of "PEACE PROPOSALS." A large conference was held in London on August 16, 1956, where British Prime Minister Eden welcomed the delegates to the 22 nation Suez Canal Conference.

But behind the scenes the planning for war progressed, and during the month of October, 1956, military planners from England, France and Israel met at Villa Bonnier de la Chapelle in Sevres, just outside Paris. The political spin to the common people was that Israel was out of the picture. The truth is, that the Jewish State was going to spearhead the attack and then England and France would intervene militarily to SAVE THE CANAL FROM DESTRUCTION AND STOP THE ISRAELIS FROM CONQUERING EGYPT.

The "new little war" was being written as a script, just like a Hollywood war movie. The only difference was going to be, that in a movie all the soldiers go home after the film is finished, but in a real war many men die on the battlefield, including many civilians and their children; not to forget all the people who will be maimed for life.

Dag Hammarskjold

Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold had devoted most of his time since his visit in Israel during the month of April, 1956, in trying to preserve the peace and find a solution for all nations. During the month of October, violent incidents were again breaking out along the frontiers of Israel, with UN soldiers standing by and watching the carnage. Hammarskjold, who had access to his own intelligence operation from the UN, was well aware of the charade played by the leaders in the Western nations and by Israel. He became impatient and disillusioned. His attitude toward Ben Gurion became very negative, since Ben Gurion in public spoke about the need for peace, but behind the scenes fomented the violence toward the Palestinians and the Egyptians. Israel still occupied the land they had taken from the United Nations and they prevented UN observers from moving and doing their jobs.

Hammarskjold had returned to the Middle East in July, arriving on the same day that John Foster Dulles told Nasser the U.S. would not help build the Aswan High Dam, and he was not able to get any peace proposals going. After spending a fruitless week in the Middle East, Hammarskjold returned to New York, extremely disappointed. It was now clear to him that war was coming and that all peace talks from the Western powers and Israel were lies and propaganda. The UN and Hammarskjold were played like fools, as a charade for people to see, and once war broke out, the UN would be out of the picture.

Ben Gurion

In a cable to UN General Burns on August 7, Dag complained about continued Israeli construction of fortifications in demilitarized zones. Here is an excerpt from this cable: "I further would like to check with you my impression of a degeneration of Israeli discipline along the Gaza Strip. The number of cases where Israelis violate cease-fire in the region seems to be mounting and shows increased frequency. The Israelis must understand that such a policy will eliminate all possibilities fo us to discipline the other parties and will finally put them to blame." In a letter to Ben Gurion, Hammarskjold warned that if Israel did not soon halt its aggressive policies he would have to issue a public report. Ben Gurion did not respond to this letter. Hammarskjold became very frustrated as he watched the region disintegrate. On August 17, 1956, Israelis raided inside Egypt and killed nine Egyptians. Hammarskjold again wrote to Ben Gurion: "If you blame us for the inability of the UN organs to assist, you should not, on the other hand, stall on such cooperation as would increase our possibilities to be of help. We have not been able, in the last few months, to register much of a cooperative attitude from your side in relation to our efforts."

The United Nation’s Intelligence Service did not inform Hammarskjold, that Ben Gurion and the French and British governments had agreed to wage war and that Hammarskjold was wasting his time. But they needed Hammarskjold as a cover screen for their evil deeds behind the scenes, so that the world’s population would be held in the dark as long as possible, until war had broken out. IN AMERICAN POLITICS TODAY, THIS IS KNOWN AS "SPIN CONTROL."

It is of the most uttermost importance that the Christian reader understand, that most political leaders in all nations are morally corrupt. They are wined and dined by different interest groups, which includes the services of young beautiful girls for the whoremongers and young boys and men for the perverted homosexuals. Alcohol, drugs and immoral filth in a luxury setting is standard for political leaders, except a few who are born again and are trying to serve Christ.

In order to sabotage all possible peace proposals over the Suez Canal, the French Prime Minister Guy Mollet (1905-1975) and the British Prime Minister Anthony Eden came up with a simple, but diabolical plan to agitate Nasser, disrupt the canal service and have an excuse for war. In a secret order to the Old Suez Canal Company, they issued an order that all non-Egyptian pilots (a canal pilot was a skilled captain who would take over a ship and steer it through the canal) should be dismissed from the contracts, thus leaving the canal without skilled pilots and causing havoc. To make sure that the foreign canal operators would cooperate, the Canal Company issued an order that any foreign nationals remaining in Egypt after September 15, 1956, would lose all retirement benefits they had accumulated with the old Canal Company. Six hundred foreign canal employees departed. The big international shipping insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, raised its insurance rate for cargo going through the Suez Canal by 250%.

Mollet and Eden also decided to take the canal issue to the United Nations, where they knew that the Soviet Union would veto any solutions to bring the canal back to British/French control, thus opening the door for war. However, six weeks after Nasser took over the Suez canal, the Egyptian administration and its personnel were able to operate the canal with no problems, and shipping continued without a hitch. The population in England and France began to have second thoughts about going to war and demonstrations against going to war became more common. Time was running out for the politicians; people were no longer fooled. Thus the "ace in the hole" for Mollet and Eden was Israel; let Israel hit Egypt first, and then have France and England go in to save the canal from destruction.

John Foster Dulles

The World Media was reporting the tireless exhausting diplomatic work of John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State of the United States, doing what has become known as "shuttle diplomacy," seeking for a peaceful solution to the Suez Canal crisis that was gripping the world in fear of a new world war. But all of this was just a window dressing to fool the people. Here is what was really happening:

England and France were rapidly building up a military force for war with Egypt. But the British intelligence service was at the same time working on another project, and that was to weaken Nasser through inside sabotage by imbedded British agents. Included in this project was a plan to topple the regime in Syria. France had become deeply involved with Israel and was secretly selling weapons to the Jewish state. The United States had the CIA busy trying to weaken Nasser by its own spy network, and was, at the same time, competing with the British in staging a coup in Syria to install a friendly Western "puppet government."

Add to this the "Red Scare" propagated by the Western Powers, that the Soviets must be kept out of the Middle East at any cost. Pushed to the side was Dag Hammarskjold and the United Nations. At this time in the game, there was no room for the UN. 2 By this time the American administration was not blind to what was happening in the Middle East, thanks to the U-2 planes, which now were flying over the Mediterranean area and photographing the buildup by the different nations. The U-2 operation was managed by Richard Bissell, a CIA Department Manager. Bissell took his high altitude and highly detailed pictures and showed them to different policy makers in the CIA and the Pentagon, where they could see a huge British and French naval fleet being assembled in the Mediterranean Sea, the British at Cyprus and Malta and the French loading its ships at the harbors of Marseilles and Toulon.

What the American Christian now must understand is that policy decisions in other nations are always tied to a cycle of four years, which are tied in to the presidential elections in the United States. The last year in office for a president of the United States is viewed as a golden opportunity to start a war or a crisis, since the incumbent American president will do anything to get re-elected and is thus very vulnerable. What held true in 1956 is true for 2004. The Republican President Eisenhower was fighting the Democrats, just like George Bush is today. Any mistake in foreign policy will be exploited by the Democrats. No democrat in 1956 wanted to see a financial upturn in the American economy, which holds true for 2004. Israel, France and England watched the election campaign very closely, and made its moves accordingly. The Communists in Vietnam were very skilled in inflicting large casualties at the end of President Lyndon Johnson’s term in the White House, in order to influence the election in the U.S. Saddam Hussein’s spy network in the United States is still intact, and they watch American television day and night to gauge the mood of the American people. They know very well that a "bloody suicide bombing" in Iraq will make the news the next day in the U.S. and that the democratic candidates running for the White House will exploit it and blame President Bush. This will put pressure on the American president to do something about it since, after all, he wants to be re-elected. This is why the push is now on to transfer power as soon as possible to the Iraqis, not because it is the right time for it, but in order to get George Bush re-elected.

What this action does is to destroy America’s ability to lead in the world. Every fourth year there is chaos in American politics, 1956 being no exception. Eisenhower knew that ,in order to be re-elected, he must be in the good graces of the American Jews. Thus, he had to go easy on Israel. Ben Gurion and his government knew this and played the Jewish card to the max.

Moshe Dayan

Moshe Dayan (1915-1981), the Israeli Army Chief of Staff worked hard to conceal to the world that Israel was preparing for war. On October 25, 1956 he ordered the mobilization of 100,000 reservists. In order to mislead the Americans, he ordered the Mossad to "leak" information to the American intelligence community and to the world press, that Israel was very upset with Jordan and ready to invade that nation. Rumors were then planted that Iraq was sending in troops to Jordan for a joint attack on Israel, and thus Israel had to prepare itself to defend its borders. Israeli troops were moved openly toward the borders with Jordan and Syria as a diversionary operation, while crack combat units were moved secretly toward the border with Egypt.

In order for people living in 2004 to understand the deception and lies to the people who lived in the 1956 world, I will detail the last few days before the war broke out.

The Hungarian Communist Party Central Committee named Imre Nagy, age 60, as Prime Minister of Hungary. Nagy had a year earlier been ousted on order of the Soviet Union. As soon as this news reached the people in Hungary, an uprising began with tens of thousands of ordinary citizens, students and defecting Hungarian military units attacking Soviet troops and government buildings. The world media descended on Hungary and began reporting the revolt.

With most of the Hungarian army joining the uprising, Budapest and much of western Hungary was in the control of the Hungarian freedom fighters. However, Soviet tanks were brought into the city of Budapest and thousands of people were massacred under the intense firing from the tanks after which they were crushed as the tanks drove over wounded people laying on the streets.

In Israel Moshe Dayan was working hard to conceal the intention of Israel. As he had returned that day from military planning in Paris for the joint attack on Egypt, he now gave orders to immediately mobilize 100,000 Israeli soldiers (conscripts). He also gave orders to the Mossad to intensify rumors that Iraqi troops had entered Jordan and to leak information to the world media services that Israel was in the final stages for an invasion of Jordan. This information was mainly for the United States Government which had a treaty (1950 Tripartite Declaration, signed by England, France and the U.S.) to defend Egypt, if that nation was attacked. 3

Allen W. Dulles

President Eisenhower called a National Security Council and the main discussion was the uprising in Hungary. President Eisenhower did not know in advance that the uprising in Hungary was led by CIA agents who had worked for a long time to start an uprising and promised the Hungarian freedom fighters that if they would rise up, the United States would intervene with military help and roll back the Soviets. CIA Director Allen Dulles tried to brief the president, without letting him know that this was an American operation. Eisenhower had sympathy for the freedom fighters, but he had no intention of sending in U.S. troops to help them. Thus the CIA operators had fomented an uprising, knowing well that they had no backing from the U.S. Army and the White House. (This type of behavior has created a deep hatred for America around the world).

Later in the day, CIA agents in Tel Aviv, Israel, reported to Dulles that Moshe Dayan had been out of the country for a few hours, visiting Paris. When the CIA tried to contact the British intelligence services for information on the Middle East, they refused to respond. The usual friendly relation between London and Washington D.C. had suddenly become very cold. The CIA also reported that there was increased radio communication between Tel Aviv and Paris. The U.S. Ambassador in Paris had sent in a report that France, Britain and Israel planned to attack Egypt after the American presidential election.

James Angleton

Robert Amory, a CIA analyst, tried to convince Allen Dulles that Israel was ready to go to war and that it was just a matter of days. He was vigorously opposed by CIA Agent James Angleton, who was the agency's expert on Israel. 4 What Dulles did not know was that Angleton was a double agent working for the Mossad and that his job was to make sure that the CIA was misled and did not know the truth about Israel. 5

In the CIA briefing, Angleton made the following remark: "Amory’s remark may sound alarming but I think I can discount it. I spent last evening and most of the early hours with my friends (Jews), and I can assure you that it’s all part of maneuvers to impress the Jordanians. It certainly is not meant for any serious attack. There is nothing in it. I do not believe there is going to be an attack by the Israelis."

John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State informed President Eisenhower that the Hungarian revolt was spreading and that by now large sections of the Hungarian armed forces had joined the freedom fighters and that Soviet troops were on the run. Hugh demonstrations were taking place in Italy, Spain and France in support of the uprising.

By now the American military command had the knowledge that no Iraqi troops had entered Jordan and this information was passed on to the president. President Eisenhower then sent a direct telegram to Ben Gurion, telling him that there was no need for Israel to mobilize, no attack was forthcoming. Ben Gurion chose not to respond. At 2 P.M. the president went to Walter Reed Hospital for a 24 hour period of rest and a complete medical check-out to prove that he was fit to run for a second term in office.

John Foster Dulles requested that the Israeli Ambassador, Abba Eban (1915-2002), come to the State Department at once to give some explanation. Eban noticed that Dulles and his staff were looking at maps showing Israel and Jordan, but nothing about Egypt. Eban was informed about the coming attack on Egypt and reported back that the U.S. Government was still in the dark. When Dulles scolded Israel for not behaving properly, Eban expressed regrets that the U.S. did not have faith in the Israeli leadership.

In Israel, Moshe Dayan ordered all United Nations observers to vacate their positions between the Israeli lines and the Egyptian lines. He made a comment that it was better to have Hammarskjold complaining than for the UN observers to tip off the world to the coming war. Two hundred French military transportation trucks arrived in Israel during the day, which were direly needed because Israel did not have enough of its own.

British Ambassador Sir John Nicholls called on Ben Gurion and warned him, that if Israel attacked Jordan, England would intervene militarily and defend Jordan.

John Foster Dulles spent the evening in Dallas, Texas, at a fund raising event for the Republican Party.

Reports kept coming in to the Pentagon in Washington D.C. that Israel was mobilizing its entire armed forces. Abba Eban lied to the State Department and assured them it was only a precaution, nothing to worry about. At 5:38 P.M. John Foster Dulles called the president and told him that he should order all Americans, 6,500 in all to immediately be evacuated from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria.

Hours earlier, the president had sent a second urgent cable to Ben Gurion, but received no reply. While in the hospital, Eisenhower had been told by his military advisors, that Israel was now 100% mobilized.

In Israel, Ben Gurion was so confident that he had been able to mislead the American government that in the regular Sunday meeting with his Cabinet in Jerusalem, he formally asked for permission to attack Egypt the next day. His request was granted. Military equipment had been flowing in around the clock for the last few days from France, and this day two squadrons of French fighter jets, Mystere and Super Sabre jets, landed in Israel with French Air Force pilots. They were to provide air cover over Israel, while Israeli aircraft were attacking Egypt. The Israeli equivalent to the Red Cross, the Red Mogen David, issued a strong plea for blood donors since war was coming and people were going to die and others would be wounded.

Sunday afternoon President Eisenhower was sitting in his office discussing the coming election campaign with his political speech writer, Emmet John Hughes.The president made the following comment: "I just can’t figure out what the Israelis think they’re up to. Maybe they are thinking they just can’t survive without more land. But I don’t see how they can survive without coming to some honorable and peaceful terms with the whole Arab world that surrounds them."

Eisenhower’s statement was prophetic and today, 48 years later, we hear daily of the killings between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. Today’s political and military leaders are no different; they are all lying and conniving in order to gain their goals.

Israel attacked Egypt on a wide front. . . .

To be continued…

1. The Aswan High Dam was finally built with the help of a $554 million loan from the Soviet Union, the work of 35,000 Egyptian laborers and 2,000 Soviet engineers and technicians and it was dedicated in 1971, one year after Nasser died. This gigantic dam created a lake in Egypt , called Lake Nasser, 200 miles long, extending 100 miles into the Sudan, 14 miles wide and the lake averaged a depth of 300 feet.

2. Compare this with what lead up to the war in Iraq in 2003. The U.S. worked hard to get some kind of resolution to go to war against Saddam Hussein, and President Bush was rejected by England, France and Russia. Is it possible that this was payback from England and France, for what the U.S. did to them 48 years ago?

3. The policy of Israel during a number of its wars with its neighbors, has been to attack as hard as possible and grab as much land as they can before the United States imposes a cease fire followed by negotiations.

4. Angleton was an old hand in intelligence, having begun in the OSS, and then transferred over to the CIA. He had received advanced training by the MI-6 British Intelligence Agent, Kim Philby, who from the beginning had been a double agent for the Soviet Union, a homosexual and a secret operative for the Mossad. Philby was relieved from intelligence work in 1951, fired from the MI-6 in 1955, settled in Beirut and defected to the Soviet Union in 1963, then worked openly as a KGB agent and died in 1988 with the rank of KGB Colonel.

5. Compare this intelligence flop with the one President Bush had prior to going to war in Iraq in 2003. The Mossad, the CIA and the British MI-6 all convinced President Bush that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. One year later we know that this was not the truth, and this flop might cost President Bush dearly; he might not be able to get re-elected. As I’ve stated in previous newsletters, “It was a great advantage for Israel to have Saddam Hussein removed.”

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