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June 2003 Newsletter


John S. Torell

This is a question which need to be answered for the Christian community to understand current political events and how to pray and prepare for what is coming in the near future. It is obvious that something has gone wrong with the American involvement in Iraq. We are hearing on the news that almost every day another American soldier has been killed in Iraq? Where are the cheering Iraqis who were waiting to be liberated by the United States? Why is it taking forever for the American forces in Iraq to restore basic services like water, electricity and sewer? Using a number of different sources, let me share with you, from a Christian perspective, what is happening right now.

This newly established department of the American Government, under the leadership of former Governor Tom Ridge, is more frightening than Islamic terrorists. The American people know very little about this "monster" which was created in response to the September 11th attack in New York and Washington D.C.

There is now a total surveillance of all Americans, which is being handled by a sub-department called "TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS OFFICE." (TIA) This office is run by Admiral WILLIAM POINDEXTER. Regardless if you have or have not committed a crime, the goal is to create a personal file on every living American, including legal aliens. All financial institutions are required to release any information this agency may request.

The entire identification system is built on social security numbers. As you must have noticed in the last few years you may not open a checking or savings account unless you give them your social security number. The social security number is used by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), by all financial institutions loaning money, by all credit card companies and credit reporting agencies, and by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in all 50 states. A social security number is required if you purchase a vehicle or an RV, if you are purchasing property or a home, and the list goes on and on. Signing up for telephone service or any other utility service requires a social security number, and if you enter a hospital the same holds true. Neither can you be employed unless you give them your social security number. Nor can you rent a home or an apartment without the social security number. The promise made years ago by the United States Government that the social security number would never be used for identification has been void for a long time. This was just another lie from the American government.

There are private corporations who specialize in consumer data. They work together with the credit companies, which are issuing credit reports to anyone asking for them and they charge the user for each credit report. As you may have noticed, when you purchase an item that comes with a warranty, they are not only asking you for the purchase date and your address, but also a lot of personal questions.

All of this information, including medical records and records from insurance carriers of different kinds, is used to build a "profile" on you. This information is then sold to different companies, who will target consumers with a particular interest. For example, if it has been determined that you like to travel, you will receive offers concerning travel; if you are into home improvement, you will receive advertisement concerning fixing up your house. Your profile will also include how much education you have had and your annual income.

Supermarkets have now introduced what they call "savings cards." What they do not tell you is that every time you purchase groceries and your card is swiped to give you your discount, your entire purchase transaction is recorded in a computer, building a file on your eating habits, based upon what kinds of food and drinks you are purchasing. This information is used, for example, by health and life insurance companies in determining your premiums when you apply for insurance. They will know in advance if you smoke, use alcohol and if you eat junk food or healthy food. It will also be known if you have pets, and what kinds of pets you have, based on what kinds of products you purchase.

People who use cash for all of their purchases can avoid most of the profiling, however they still have you in the system through your employment, taxes, and purchases of big ticket items like homes and vehicles.

Add to this the registration of personal DNA files. Currently there is a process in all 50 states, in which all Federal and state prisoners must provide DNA samples, which are then stored in a national computer bank that can be accessed by the CIA, the FBI, and state and local law enforcement agencies. Hospitals are taking DNA samples on their patients, then this information is given to the national DNA computer bank. Expect that in the future it will be mandatory for all newborn babies to have their DNA registered, and that every person in the United States will be required to furnish a DNA sample.

All credit activities are automatically registered, and thus the people working in the TIA department will know most of your habits, what kinds of food you eat, what you drive, any motels or hotel’s you might use, what kinds of restaurants you prefer, what kinds of books you read, and the list goes on and on. Dictators in the past would have loved to have a system like this, instead of using card files.

Don’t forget the tracking system of automobiles, which are now being sold to the American people. By installing a transponder in the vehicle, the company running this system will know at all times where the vehicle is located and at what speed it is traveling. An advertisement ploy used is to tell the consumer that if they have a tracking system installed the operator sitting thousands of miles away, can unlock the vehicle with an electric signal, should the driver lock himself out.

The American government is now demanding that all cell phone companies have a system in which each cell phone can be tracked and through the global position system, a cell phone user can be located to within a few feet of his position. This is to augment the system as with regular phones, that any time you dial 911 on your regular phone in the house, your name and address will automatically show up on a computer screen facing the operator. The same will now be true for cell phones, but instead of an address a specific location will show up, and it will change as the person moves. The moment the cell phone is turned on, any law enforcement agency can track the person as he travels, even if he is not calling anyone.

Currently all telephone communication in the United States is being monitored. This includes domestic and international calls. Large super computers have been programmed with certain code words, and if these show up in a phone call, the computer will pull that call out and record it permanently. It will then be heard by an intelligence operator. The same holds true for all e-mail. All software companies who are selling cryptic software programs must give all keys to their programs to both the FBI and the CIA, before they can sell their products to the American people. All faxes are screened and mail can be opened and read at any time. It is impossible for an American taxpayer today to have a private communication. Nothing is secure since the attack of 9-11.

Before the police arrested Lacy Peterson’s husband, and without his knowledge, they confiscated his vehicle for a few days and installed a position transponder. Thus they did not need to follow him in order to track him, they could do this via a TV screen monitor.

A future government goal is that all vehicles in the United States will be equipped with transponders. Know this, all commercial trucking lines have installed transponders in their trucks, and this is also true for railroad cars and certain containers used for transporting goods on ships, trucks and railroad cars.

Let us not forget that the data corporations also collect information on what kinds of newspapers you read, books, music recordings and what kinds of videos you rent or purchase. And they know what political party you are registered with, or if you are a non-voter. If you borrow items from a public library, this is recorded in your personal file, as well as membership in churches, civic organizations, Masonic lodges and other secret fraternity organizations. All current or prior military service is also documented. Any intelligence officer, whether it is an FBI or a CIA agent can draw a lot of conclusions by going over your file and analyzing what you think, believe and like to do. If it is determined that you are a possible threat to the government of the United States, a request will be made to have you more closely monitored.

The Bible tells us that some day there will be a world dictator, which is called "the Antichrist." By having a system of total control over the people, it will not be difficult for this dictator to implement what the Lord has warned us about. 

Look at these verses: 

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Revelation 13:16-18

How close are we to that day? Only God knows!

Admiral Poindexter who is the head of "THE TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS OFFICE" (TIA) has hired two Russians, both former KGB officers, as consultants and advisors.
Yevgeni Maksimovich Primakov, was a high profile communist in the old Soviet Union. He held the post as the Director of the Institute of World Economics and International Relations, a Soviet cover organization for gathering intelligence and recruiting possible "moles" (spies) for the Soviets. During the Gorbachev years he was the leading foreign advisor for the Soviet dictator. KGB files identified Primakov as a general of the KGB which had given him the code name "Maksim." His primary area of operation as a KGB general had been in the United States and to the Middle East. During the regime of Boris Yeltsin, Primakov held the post as Foreign Minister in 1996 and as Prime Minister in 1998. The other Russian is the former KGB General Aleksandr V. Karpos.

Why would the United States allow two former KGB generals, with murder and torture as their credentials, former enemies of the United States, to play a leading role in establishing a highly sophisticated spy operation on the American people? Why did not the CIA director, George Tenet, warn President Bush about these two men? It is obvious that these two KGB generals have no regard for America, yet they have now been able to infiltrate the most sensitive department in the US, which gives them information access to any American citizen? Why has our Attorney General John Ashcroft, a lay Pentecostal minister, not voiced objection over these two Russians?

Is the American leadership of TIA so benign and friendly that they must be trained by two Communist butchers from the old Soviet Union?

And finally concerning the TIA, this department, within the Department of Homeland Security, was not created to watch out for FOREIGN TERRORISTS, it was created to spy on and control the American people! All I can say is, Christians, beware!

During the month of May, 2003, attempts have been made in the US Senate to change the CIA Charter and permit it to operate freely within the United States, using the American Armed Forces to supply personnel for these operations. According to the draft for this new legislation, it would give the CIA and the Defense Department authority to issue subpoenas, and do search and seizures without the requirement of the fourth amendment which prohibits search and seizure without a warrant from a court.

Currently, the Justice Department under John Ashcroft is using a "SECRET COURT" in Washington D.C. This court has existed for many years, originally set up for the purpose of catching foreign spies. The Justice Department could go to this court and obtain warrants, which they did not have to publicly file, and thus give the FBI a chance to work in secrecy to ferret out foreign spies. During the year of 2002, John Ashcroft went to this secret court 1,228 times to obtain secret warrants, which were up 30% from year 2001.

When Congress passed the Patriot Act to protect Americans from further terrorist attacks, a time limit was set for December 31, 2005. During the month of May, 2003, the Bush administration tried to extend the Antiterrorism Act, also known as the Patriot Act, but it was rejected in the Senate. Experience tells us, that once a government is able to establish a law, and it is set to expire, that government will do all it can to make it permanent. As the proverb states, it is the nature of the beast.

Before the war against Saddam Hussein began, President Bush proudly proclaimed that a number of nations had joined him in a coalition. What he did not tell us is that the United States purchased the allegiance of these nations. A not so nice word would be "bribed." Here, briefly, is what happened behind the scenes.

The nation of Poland was betrayed in 1939 by the Soviet Union, when the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany jointly attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 and divided it into a Soviet Zone and a German Zone. Then in 1945, the allies betrayed Poland and gave it over to the Soviet Union. It was finally set free when the Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, and the first true free elections were held in Poland.

The Polish government since 1991, regardless that it was full of former communists, has worked hard to have Poland join the European Union and NATO, which it did in 1999.

The United States offered Poland a loan of $3.8 billion to be used to purchase 48 F-16 fighter jets from Lockheed-Martin Corporation. These new air craft to be built are going to be more advanced than what the US Air Force is now using. Congress approved this loan, with a very low interest rate. During the first eight years Poland will only have to pay token interest, with repayment of the loan deferred to between 2011 and 2015. But that is not all! Lockheed and its contractors will invest $6 billion in "offset credits," including the pledge to buy Polish goods. In reality, here is how it works, the United States government (the taxpayers) are paying Lockheed $6 billion to supply Poland with 48 F-16 Falcons. Included in this will be spare engines, missiles, bombs and the training of Polish pilots.

The Poles are smart business men, and in order to accept this "fabulous" deal from the Bush administration, Poland insisted that some of the manufacturing must be moved to Poland. Thus, Pratt & Whitney are moving some of its engine production to Poland, including the engines for the American jet fighter F-100. Also certain parts for the landing gear of the F-16 have already been moved to Poland. What happens to the security of the United States, when placing production of highly sensitive military parts in a former communist nation bordering Russia?

This nation was offered several hundred million dollars in cash, so that the 4th Infantry Division could land in Turkey and attack Iraq from the north. The Turkish parliament rejected the deal, they wanted even more so the deal fell apart. As you might remember, the 4th Infantry Division had to be sent south with all of its equipment and was not used until the war was over. The following nations were enlisted, each getting a different type of monetary reward (grants, loans, commodities or military equipment): Spain, Italy, Portugal, Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, twelve of which are former Soviet occupied nations.

Before the war began, Saddam Hussein bragged that Iraq would be a cemetery for the American forces. In the beginning of the war, there was some heavy resistance, then it melted away. Saddam Hussein and his two sons disappeared and so far have not been found. Following is my understanding of the situation.

Saddam knew in advance that he could not win the war. Once the attack started, his forces would be defeated and it would only be a matter of time before the takeover. Thus he had planned for a long time to vanish, and wage a different kind of war. This type of strategy is not new. When the cold war began in 1945 between the Soviet Union and the United States, it became clear to the military planners in Washington D.C., that if the Soviet Union would attack across the board in Europe, Western Europe could not be held but would have to be given up. A plan was then drawn up, code named "GLADIATORS." The CIA and the British intelligence recruited young men and women to form small special units, which would pop up once the Soviets had taken Western Europe and wage a devastating guerilla warfare. Units were trained in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Italy, and supply depots were set up all over these nations. At these depots would be weapons, ammunition, explosives, and other equipment needed to wage this warfare, including cash. In order to safeguard these units, they were decentralized and were to have no contact with each other. The Soviets never came, so the men and women in these units joined hands with criminal elements in each nation and founded the backbone of drug smuggling, set up whorehouses and committed crimes in general. The American and British intelligence services looked the other way since they needed this organization for their own illegal activities. It took many years before the organization "Gladiators" disappeared into the dark mystery of history.

Saddam is now doing what never took place in Europe but happened in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – savage guerilla warfare. If you remember, think about this. When the Iraqi regime collapsed, all offices of the military and different ministries had been "sanitized." Files were gone and there were no records. Billions of dollars in cash vanished and the regime just melted away into darkness. Now units are popping up just about every day, and there are more and more American soldiers dying.

A military dictator would fight this by mass killing civilians. This is what Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and Saddam Hussein did. But president Bush cannot do this. We are a democracy and the American people would revolt, if we did this. The CIA tried it in Vietnam, but it backfired on us. Here is a terrible thought. President Bush won the war and occupied Iraq, but he might not be able to hold onto it. The US might have to retreat like it did in Vietnam. If that happened, Saddam would turn out to be the hero of all Islamic nations, who would be heralded as the greatest leader of the Islamic world.

Is it a coincidence that President Bush, in just weeks, fired the retired American general he had put in charge to set up a new Iraqi government, and replaced him with the manager of Kissinger Associates, L. PAUL BREMER III! In the nations of the world, Dr. Henry Kissinger was known as "Dr. Death." Once Bremer hit the ground in Iraq, the polite policies of the American military changed, and Bremer announced, at once, that there would be no consensus for an interim Iraqi government, but it would be appointed by Bremer. The occupation had begun, and it did not take long for the United States to have the UN lift sanctions against Iraq so that oil can be sold and American corporations now in Iraq can start making a handsome profit. As the proverb goes, business as usual.

In the meantime, no weapons of mass destruction have been found. President Bush is in deep political trouble and will most likely end up as a one term president.

The annual Bilderberger meeting for 2003 was held in France, in the city of Versailles. The entire historic Trianon Palace Hotel, where the Germans were handed the treaty drawn up for them after their defeat in World War I, was booked and all other guests were told to leave. The French government provided total security, using military units, including special forces, as well as regular police. Despite that the world elite was meeting so shortly after the war in Iraq, the established media in all nations gave it no coverage, as far as the world was concerned, the meeting never took place. The meetings started on May 15 and lasted to May 18. A perimeter was set up around the hotel allowing only people with security passes to get in or out.

Thanks to the American Free Press, a successor to "SPOTLIGHT," which was shut down and stolen through a court order about two years ago, the Bilderbergers could not completely keep their secrets. Jim Tucker, who has doggedly trailed the Bilderbergers for some 20 years (they were established in the early 1950's) managed again to get some information by talking to people working in the hotel. 1

In order for the reader to understand what the Bilderberger meetings are all about, let me give you the following information. This group, and the COUNCIL OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, and THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION are departments under the dominion of the World Government. At the annual meetings of these three groups, the orders are given to the participants as to what they are to do for the next twelve months. No decisions are made here; this is where the top management for the World Government receives its marching orders. 2

The policies to be covered in this year’s meeting in France were the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the rift between the United States and Europe, and the formation of the European Union Army which is to be independent of NATO.

The first day of this conference was opened by French President Jaques Chirac, who delivered a welcoming speech to the participants. During this speech he downplayed the rift between France and the United States, and talked about the old friendship between these two nations.

Around 120 world leaders attended this year’s annual meeting. Included in this group were international financial CEO’s, political leaders, including heads of state and high officials from the United States government. As usual, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were also attending the meetings.

Some of the most well known delegates attending the meetings, who Jim Tucker and his crew could identify were: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands; Ali Babacan, Minister of Finance, Turkey; King Juan Carlos and his wife Sophia of Spain; Jacques Chirac, President of France; Paul Gigot, Wall Street Journal; Severein Gjerem, CEO of the National Bank of Norway; Henry Kissinger; Richard Perle, Defense Policy Board; Andres Fogh-Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Denmark; David Rockefeller; Paavo Lipponen, former Prime Minister of Finland; and Anna Lindh, Foreign Minister of Sweden.

European delegates were not happy with the invasion of Iraq by the US, but their opinion does not carry any weight; they can sound off, but it will have no effect. Some of them are businessmen, and they were angry to have been cut off from the spoil of Iraq and from taking part in rebuilding it.

Here is a summary of the major marching orders given to the delegates which affect the United States:

Pressure is to be put on President Bush to put pressure on Ariel Sharon to start a peace process with the Palestinians. Bush is told to tell Sharon that unless he complies, American aid money for Israel will dry up.

Note: (It is more than interesting, that Bush was to meet with Sharon on May 20, 2003, but the meeting was postponed and Ariel Sharon was given the grim news for Israel, that there must be concession and that settlements in the occupied territories must be dismantled. This is in progress as I write this newsletter. Up to this point Sharon has refused to even discuss the settlements).

Bush is to let European corporations into Iraq to share in the rebuilding of the nation and to share in the profits.

The people working for the World Government are extremely busy and this report could easily fill hundreds of pages documenting what is happening right now. But I have selected what I feel are the most important topics for the Christian community to know. As I have stated for many years, the confrontation of all ages will be over Israel and the city of Jerusalem. It is here that Satan will make his last stand, before the Son of God, Jesus Christ, will once and for all deal with Lucifer, or as he is also known, the Devil, or Satan or that old Serpent. We are not going to be able to stop the prophetic events from happening, but we can expose them, confine them to a degree, but most of all, make sure that the believers in Christ are warned before the Mark of the Beast is made mandatory. We need to pray, fast and share the Gospel with as many as we can, until God calls us home.

As summer is now here in America, let us pray for those who lost their homes in the floods and tornadoes this spring. Count your blessings and thank God for every day we can still live somewhat free in this nation, and take nothing for granted. May the grace of God be upon us and let us share the love of God this summer, 2003.

Remember this, as believers in Christ, we are on the WINNING TEAM!

  1. Contact the American Free Press. https://www.americanfreepress.net

  2. If you want to have a complete current 2003 list of all the American members of these three groups, contact us and request "the 2003 chart." Include $2.00 to cover our cost, since we ourselves are purchasing these charts

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