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October 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

This is going to be a rather unique newsletter in that some of you receiving it have not been aware of its existence. The newsletter came about as an outgrowth of a letter sent to only our radio broadcast supporters. As requests for it grew, I began expanding it to include many of the serious issues of the day. Also Since we have only had the capacity to produce The Dove once a year, we want to let all of The Dove readers know that there is a monthly newsletter from our ministry. Let us know if you want to have a copy sent to you in the mail. You can read archived issues of The Flaming Sword. The good news is that a new issue of The Dove is in the final editing stage and our production schedule is that we shall have it printed and sent out before this year is out. The only issue for this year will be The Dove, 2002.

I will devote this newsletter to one subject, that of Iraq, which is being discussed daily.

In a speech by President George W. Bush on October 7, 2002, which was broadcast by the major TV networks in the United States, the president laid out how evil Saddam Hussein is and that he has access to weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological and possible nuclear weapons. Also, that Saddam is supporting terrorism and working with the al’Qaida. Why then was not Iraq attacked at the same time Afghanistan was attacked? Let me give you "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey would say.

There are five intelligence services which have operated and are operating in Iraq. Since the British were given Iraq as a "mandate" to rule after World War I, the different British secret services, MI5 and MI6 established a beachhead in Iraq, with active and sleeper agents. The French secret service, SDECE also established a foothold in Iraq, since France was given a mandate to rule Syria and Lebanon after world War I. Because the Middle East is made up of small nations, all super powers want to make sure that they have agents in each of them since, after all, this is the center for the world’s oil production. The Soviet Union has infiltrated every nation in the Middle East with both KGB and the military spy organization GRU (now known under new acronyms). And we must not forget  that the Israeli Mossad, the most deadly of all intelligence services in the world, has agents inside Iraq. Last, but not the least, add the American CIA.

Despite all the rhetoric, each of the above mentioned nations wants control of Iraq! And the controlling is done by recruiting Iraqis to be willing pawns in the hands of a foreign power, and then put them in control of the country. This is done through coups and assassinations.

Saddam (born 1937) as a young man joined the Ba’th Socialist Party in 1957, and became part of its assassination team. In 1959 he participated in a failed attempt by the Ba’th party to assassinate the Iraqi Prime Minister Abd al-Karim Qasim. Saddam was wounded and escaped via Syria to Egypt, where he attended Cairo Law School (1962-63) and continued his studies at Baghdad Law College, after the Ba’th party took power in Iraq in 1963.

A military coup took place in 1958, and the king and the crown prince were brutally executed. General Qasim took control, and aligned himself with the Soviet Union. This placed the KGB and the GRU  on top in Iraq. In 1963 other intelligence services enlisted another group of Iraqi military officers, a coup took place and general Qasim was overthrown and executed. This new military junta gave the power to form a government to the Ba’th party, and the post of prime minister was given to Colonel Hassan, a Ba’th party member. But the country was not at rest, and on November 18, 1963, President Arif with the help of the Iraqi army arrested all Ba’th leaders. In 1964 the Ba’th party tried to strike back in a coup which failed. The top Ba’th leaders were sent to prison; Hassan al-Bakr and Saddam Hussein. Hassan al-Bakr was released from prison due to illness in 1965 and in 1966 Saddam Hussein escaped from prison.

All foreign intelligence services continued to work behind the scenes, more unrest ensued and in April 1966 intelligence operators staged a helicopter crash which killed President Arif. Arif’s older brother was made the new president.

On July 17, 1968, the Arif government was overthrown by the Iraqi army. The official reason given for the coup was that the government had become corrupt, the Kurds were fighting in the north and not controlled, and the Iraqi failure to do more in 1967 with Israel when the Arabs were routed. But the real reason was the plotting of Saddam Hussein and the Ba’th party, who had been able to enlist four army colonels to stage the coup. The president’s palace was stormed during the night, Arif was awakened and told that the army had revolted. Knowing the fate of his brother, he immediately surrendered and agreed to leave Iraq. He went first to London, and then retired in Istanbul, Turkey, compliments of British taxpayers. In 1987 he was allowed to come back to Baghdad and live there.

A Revolutionary Command Council was formed, which took charge of the nation. Colonel al-Bakr was appointed president and Colonel an-Nayif was given the task to form the cabinet. Al-Bakr was not in good health and had made Saddam Hussein his personal assistant. On July 30, 1968, an-Nayif was invited to lunch at the presidential palace. After the meal Saddam entered the room and told an-Nayif that he was under arrest. He was given a choice, leave the country or be executed. He took the chance to live, and was sent to Morocco as the Iraqi ambassador. The fourth remaining colonel of the coup, ad-Da’ud, was on a mission to Jordan and was told to stay in Jordan and not come back to Iraq.

Hassan al-Bakr continued to be the president of Iraq until his resignation in 1979, but the real power behind the scene was held by Saddam Hussein. On April 9, 1972, Iraq and the Soviet Union signed a treaty of friendship, and the two nations agreed to cooperate in political, economic and military affairs. Again the KGB and the GRU were on top in Iran. A  peace was signed between the Ba’th party and the Communist party of Iraq.

The reason for Saddam to invite the Soviets into Iraq, was to make sure that he was not invaded by the French, British and American governments, as he nationalized the Iraqi oil industry and kicked out the American and the British oil companies.

At this time the Shah of Iran (controlled by the American CIA) put pressure on Iraq and the Shah made an alliance with the Iraqi Kurdish leader who then moved south to wage war against the Ba’th regime. Intelligence operators arranged for the Shah and Saddam to meet in Algiers in March 1975, and the border dispute was settled between Iraq and Iran. The Shah in turn withdrew support of the Iraqi Kurds. (The Kurds in the north have been used for the last 80 years by different intelligence services, and then double crossed. They were supported by the CIA during the Gulf war, and then dropped, and now the CIA is back for another round of support by the Kurds, if they promise to attack Saddam Hussein).

By 1975 Saddam Hussein was tired of the Communists and by 1979 most communist leaders were arrested or had fled the country. The power of the KGB and the GRU began to fade away. Saddam believed that the danger of an invasion from the Western powers was over.

Once Saddam Hussein made himself president of Iraq in 1979, he held the post as president, chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council, prime minister and a number of other positions. By using different western intelligence services, pitting them against each other, he received help to build up his own, extremely brutal, secret police organization who’s agents traveled all over the world to kill Iraqi leaders opposed to Saddam. He forced the Iraqi people to begin to worship him as some kind of a god, and he set out to rebuild the old city of Babylon. His goal was to become the leader of the Islamic world.

His plans to build a socialistic society was scaled back so that he could attract western business to build up his war machine. German, French, British, American and covert Israeli Mossad businesses started to bloom all over Iraq.

In 1980, Saddam Hussein felt himself strong enough to attack Iran. The Shah had been taken out by the CIA and brought to an American military resort area in Panama (Later to be killed by cancer, compliments of the CIA). Khomeini had been put in power in Iran by the French intelligence service, and because of the soured relations between the US and Iran over the embassy hostage abduction on November 4, 1979, Hussein felt he could roll over Iran. 1

But the World Government did not want Saddam to become that powerful, so through intelligence operations the Iraqis were stopped. Iran, the former client state of the United States, was armed with American military equipment and could no longer buy spare parts for its air force, army and navy. It was the Mossad (Israel) that worked out a deal, securing spare parts and ammunition from the United States and having them flown in to Iran on Soviet military transport planes. Soon the power tipped and the Iranians began to push back the Iraqis, who had Russian military equipment, but because of what Saddam had done to the Communist party, the Soviet Union would not sell him spare parts for his military. This was worked out by intelligence services who purchased spare parts from North Korea (a Soviet client state) and flew them to Iraq via western military air craft. The CIA moved in and established a military office in Iraq where Saddam Hussein was given surveillance photographs, taken by American spy satellites on a daily basis . It was a "nasty little war" lasting for eight years and killing the youth of Iran and Iraq. German corporations had moved into Iraq and built facilities which were used to produce nerve gases and other chemical agents. The American command center in Baghdad knew very well that Saddam was gassing the Iranians and the Kurds in the north, but said nothing about it. One American officer stated, "What’s the big fuss? If they die by gas or being blown up by a bomb, what’s the difference?" In the mean time, lot’s of money was made by everyone on the backs of the Iranian and Iraqi people. Israel, the Soviet Union selling spare parts to North Korea, the United States selling spare parts to the Israeli government which turned around and sold them for a profit to the Iranians.

In 1988, the Iranian government and Saddam Hussein agreed to a cease fire, each side extremely bitter, knowing how the different world powers had double crossed them and bled them almost to death. Saddam Hussein, himself a brutal murderer who has killed thousands of Iraqis without hesitation, including beheading some of his own children and their spouses when they tried to flee the country, hates the Russians, the French, the Germans, the Jews and most of all the Americans. All political leaders in the world know that the issue in the Middle East is control, not human rights.

Since American companies under the guidance of the CIA were building and selling biological weapons to Iraq, the North Koreans selling missiles and West Germany (before the unification) selling and building chemical plants for chemical weapons, the French government wanted a piece of the action, and made a deal with Saddam to build him a nuclear reactor which would be used later to create enriched uranium for atomic bombs. By 1974, French companies had received millions upon millions of dollars in contracts to build a commercial atomic reactor and a smaller research reactor. Saddam Hussein named this project "TAMMUZ," after the son of Semiramis, the major god of old Babylon. The Iraqi calendar also has a month named after Tammuz, and this was the month that Saddam’s party took over Iraq.

What Saddam Hussein did not know was that there was a CIA agent by the name of George Weisz (born in Hungary in 1918 to Jewish parents) who was also working as a mole from the Soviet KGB and the Israeli Mossad. The CIA had placed Weisz in Vienna, Austria, to work undercover as a diplomat at the American Embassy in Vienna. The CIA wanted Weisz to penetrate the International Atomic Energy Agency, located in Vienna. The task given to Weisz was to find out how the French export of atomic know-how and material had bypassed the IAEA inspectors.

George Weisz was able to secure all the plans, time tables etc. for the project, and it was given to the CIA, the Mossad and the KGB. To the Soviets it only confirmed what they already knew, because by 1981 both the French and the Soviets were working hard to get the nuclear program running for Saddam, with the reactor located at Osirak, ten miles from Baghdad. The Soviets wanted to come back into Iran and were pouring millions of dollars in loans into this project. As the reactor was about to be loaded with some 26.4 kilos of weapons-grade uranium-235, the Israeli government decided to act. The reactor must be destroyed. On a Sunday morning, June 8, 1981, the Israeli air force flew its longest combat mission and reduced the reactor in Iraq to rubble. But when the Israeli’s checked satellite photos for radiation detection, they found none. Israel had been double crossed. Through Weisz the Russians knew the raid was coming and had removed the uranium. The Jewish leadership was furious with the Americans and the Soviets.

For the next two years Saddam played out the various nations against each other and was able to build up his armed forces after the grinding war with Iran. In August, 1990, Saddam ordered the attack on the nation of Kuwait which prior to the carving up of the region after World War I had been part of Iraq. It did not take him long to take that small country and he had now enriched himself with massive new oil fields.

But this time, the World Government decided it was time to clip his wings. What the Iraqi intelligence had failed to tell Saddam Hussein was that the Soviet Union was beginning to fall apart beginning in 1989 and that it was going to be dissolved by December 1991. Suddenly, Saddam could not play the Soviets against the Americans, and on January 16, 1991 American lead coalition forces drove out the Iraqi army from Kuwait and established no fly zones in the north and south of Iraq.

It is important to know and understand that the American president at that time, George H. Bush, had full knowledge of Saddam’s nuclear program, his chemical warfare program and his biological warfare program. SADDAM WAS AS DANGEROUS THEN AS HE IS NOW! WHY WAIT FOR 11 YEARS, AND THEN TALK ABOUT TAKING OUT SADDAM HUSSEIN, THE EVIL DICTATOR? THE ANSWER IS, ITS ALL ABOUT POLITICS!

The leadership in the United States, England, France, Israel and Russia should come out and tell the people in the world THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT SADDAM! They put him in power, they gave him the weapons, they kept him going! Why should thousands of American soldiers have to die, when it was Western businessmen who made billions of dollars creating the evil man, Saddam?

At this time Saddam is 65 years old and has killed or outlived most of the people he fought over the years. He knows that when he is gone, his memory and legacy will be wiped out in Iraq. He knows that he is just another small ruthless dictator, who clawed his way to power on the dead corpses of Iraqis and others. He has no future, he is just like Adolf Hitler was in January 1945, knowing it is only a matter of time before he is killed. Saddam is like a big old rat which is cornered and knows that it is going to die. So why not do as much damage as possible?

And we cannot forget that Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network originally was part of the American CIA war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The group then had a different name, "MUJAHEDEEN" (holy warriors) and some of their leaders made visits to the White House and met president Reagan, and on the TV news shows in the United States they were treated as heroes. The CIA gave them hand held Stinger missiles to shoot down Soviet aircraft, small arms and ammunition, medical supplies, and help to create vast underground bunker systems in the mountains, like the Tora Bora complex which was bombed and destroyed by the United States in 2001.

The Soviets called them terrorists, since they blew up Russian vehicles, ambushed convoys and ruthlessly killed any Russian they could get their hands on. They were placing bombs in barracks blowing up Russian troops, and executing any civilians aiding the Soviets.

Now, we call them terrorists, while they now call themselves "Al Qaida". They are involved in a "JIHAD," which means "holy war," an Islamic term of a war against non-Muslims.

The answer to that question takes only one word to answer: "BETRAYAL!" During World War I, the Ottoman empire had aligned themselves with the Germans. The British government sent forces to the Middle East. Its most famous officer in the region was a man that became known as Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence was able to encourage a number of Arab tribes to rise up against the Ottoman government and fight along side British troops. The British government promised the young people in Arabia who were willing to face death for the British, that once the war was over, freedom would be given to all the people living in the Middle East. It did not happen. After the War, the Middle East was carved up and ruled by England, France and the United States.

During World War II, a young man from Vietnam was enlisted by the American intelligence (OSS) to fight the Japanese in Vietnam, and in return when the war was over, Vietnam would be turned over to its own people. It did not happen, instead Vietnam was given back to France, which had held it as a colony for many years. The young man and his American trained guerilla forces fled to the jungle and started fighting the French army. His name was Ho Chi Minh. Prior to this, he was not a communist, but the betrayal made him a communist. When the French were defeated, the Americans came in and fought their old friend until he defeated the Americans.

When Palestinians  gathered in Jordan to put pressure on Israel, the king of Jordan ordered an attack on the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLO). Muslim Pakistani troops were flown in to Jordan in 1970 on American transport planes and used to crush the PLO. Few Americans know about this, but the young people in the Middle East know it. They are angry and filled with hate.

In human terms, there is no solution to this terrible situation. Since the world leaders do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, they are not going to turn to him for help. Just as the Japanese Kamikaze (suicide) pilots slammed their aircrafts into American warships during World War II, believing that they would receive great spiritual rewards, so the Islamic suicide bombers will keep coming.

Men like Saddam Hussein are going to exploit the pent up anger and hate that exists in young people in Islamic nations for their own purposes. Mixing hate with the militant teaching of Islam, is making this the worst nightmare man can think of.  Thus, President George W. Bush has only one option, EXTERMINATE the people who are rising up against the United States. WAR IS UNAVOIDABLE!

If we dig deeper into the situation, the current conflict is just a continuation of the war that Mohammad started in the 7th Century A.D., when his forces set out to conquer the world by the sword. As far as the Bible is concerned, there will be no peace on earth until Jesus comes back once and for all.

It is also very important that we as Christians understand that the different governments in the world are run by non-Christians. Thus, the conflict is between unsaved people, or, in other terms, Satan has divided his own people into two camps and is causing them to make war on one another.

President Bush could make the situation better, if he would release the truth of all the deals and betrayals which have gone on for the last 200 years, and then call people to repentance and a reconciliation. Most likely that would cost the president his life.

The good news is that there are born again Christians in a number of nations: Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Israel etc. Some of these Christians are Baptists, others are Pentecostals or of other evangelical backgrounds. Most of these churches are small, but powerful and vibrant. As Christians in the West, we should pray day and night for God to move upon these churches and make them as powerful as the early churches in the book of Acts. If hundreds of thousands of people were to be saved in the Middle East nations, it would change the political equation. This is the will of God, that all men should be saved, and this is a worthy cause for which to pray and fast.

The bottom line is this, the situation is out of control and only the intervention of God himself will make a difference. Are you praying and fasting?

And He (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believes and is baptized shall be saved: but he that believes not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, He was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with signs following.  Amen. Mark 16:15-20 

1. A mob of Iranian students led by Iranian secret intelligence agents took over the American embassy and held some 50 American diplomats hostage for 444 days, including the CIA station chief and his staff in Iran.

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