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July 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

This newsletter is being written on July 4, 2002, and as the nation is pausing to reflect and celebrate its creation as an independent nation under God, I have chosen to use this day to write to my friends around the world. Few people will call me today, and it will give me the time and the stillness needed to write to you from my heart.

During the last few months I have written about current events in the Middle East and how fast the World Government is increasing its grip on the world’s population. But over and over again, I am disturbed about the condition of the believers in Christ. Many Christians are struggling with sin, which is causing their bodies to become sick. And sick Christians cannot fight the Devil and his evil servants.

In my newsletters from November and December, 2000, I wrote about Pastor Henry Wright and his book "A More Excellent Way." Many of our friends reading this newsletter wrote to us and ordered the book, and once they had read it, they became so excited over healings in their own lives, they ordered more and more books which they sent to their family and friends. I believe that hundreds upon hundreds of people have been set free from sin and disease after reading this book. But in this newsletter I am going to tell you "the rest of the story."

When I introduced Pastor Henry Wright to all of my friends two years ago, I knew that Henry had not written the book, but that it was transcribed from his teaching tapes. I did not pay attention to who had done this work, and to me it made no difference, since we were looking for the truth and it finally had come out in book form. But some time ago I was contacted by a ministry in Alaska, "Wellspring Ministries of Alaska," and a pastor on their staff asked us to send them our information on "Arrested Development Spirits," which we did. Some time later, I was sent a book from them entitled, "Biblical Foundations of Freedom," written by Art Mathias. Because of the enormous amount of material that I am constantly receiving, the book was placed on a stack for future reading, when I could get to it. After sitting on this stack for a few weeks, the Holy Spirit strongly moved upon me one Sunday night to take a look at it. Once I started to read it, I was shocked, filled with joy, surprised, that this was a follow up on the book by Henry. A More Excellent Way is a text book telling you what your problem is and how to get out from under it, but this book went much deeper into detail, and particularly spells out how the different demons work and how they support each other. When I read it I found out that I myself was manipulated by demons without even knowing it. Suddenly, this book became "must reading" for me.

Art Mathias is a Christian business man living in Anchorage, Alaska. He had been a Christian for many years, having graduated from a Christian College with a degree in Bible and psychology. In 1977 he was injured in an accident, which caused three discs to rupture in his neck. His right arm and shoulder atrophied to the point where he had little strength or use of them. The doctors told him that he would never regain the former strength, or full use of his arm. In 1998 he had surgery to fuse four vertebrae in his neck, and after the surgery the severe cramping in his arm and shoulder was gone, but he found that almost everything he touched or ate caused him to hurt. The tips of his fingers and toes were numb, and the numbness was progressing up his arms and legs. His nerves were dying in his toes and fingers and he was now allergic to almost all foods and clothing.

The man was miserable and could not enjoy life, regardless how much money he had. He was diagnosed as having Environmental Illness (EI). The Mayo Clinic diagnosed him with "small fiber neuropathy" and predicted that it would progress up his arms and legs until it reached a vital organ and then he would die.

It was at this low point in his life (1999), that his sister sent him 15 audio cassettes from a week long seminar that Pastor Henry Wright had conducted. As he listened to the tapes and had them transcribed, he began to apply the principles taught by Henry which resulted in his healing.

Prior to listening to the tapes, two different pastors had laid hands on him and prayed for him, but he was not healed. Art came to understand that because of unrepentant sin in his life God could not heal him without violating his own holy nature. Art learned through the teaching of Pastor Wright that there is a connection between sin in the life of a human and disease attacking the body.

Here is what Art said about this issue:

"In my resentment and unforgiveness, my body had produced too much adrenalin which had weakened my immune system – thus allowing the allergies. The allergies were causing my nerve endings to die, to the point that the doctors believed the process would cause my death within a few years. After I forgave others and myself, God healed my nerve damage, restored my right arm and shoulder completely, and healed all my allergies. My health was restored!"

The literal transcription of the audio cassettes was barely readable and hard to understand. In January, 1999 Art called his long time friend, Linda Follett, and told her what had happen to him. Linda herself had been dealing with Environmental Illness, plus Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), Fibromylagia, and other chronic illnesses for about ten years. Art asked Linda to transcribe and edit Pastor Wright’s seminar tapes and as she worked on them she too was completely healed of her illnesses. Linda now enjoys good health. When Henry came to Anchorage in June and July, 1999, to hold healing seminars, the initial edition of a More Excellent Way was available to the public for the first time.

Now you know the exciting story of how this book came into being. As Art and Linda worked on this project, they applied the teaching to their lives and God healed them.

When people saw the dramatic changes in the lives of Art and Linda, they asked, "How did this happen?" Art began to share his story and this was the beginning of his ministry called "WELLSPRING MINISTRIES OF ALASKA."

In March 2000 a new book was birthed, "BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS OF FREEDOM." As Art, and the team God gave him, began to minister in Alaska and other places, they saw the need to write down in more detail the different understandings and steps to prepare the sick person spiritually to repent and have different kinds of evil spirits cast out. If you have purchased and read the book "A More Excellent Way," there is no doubt in my mind that you should purchase this new book by Art Mathias to make your understanding and ministry more complete. If you have not seen any of the books, you owe it to your health to purchase Pastor Wright’s book first and prepare yourself to be healed and set free from all ailments.

In his book, Art is dealing with "ACCUSING SPIRITS, PRINCIPALITY OF BITTERNESS, UNLOVING SPIRITS AND THE SPIRIT OF FEAR." As I read the sections on these spirits, I realized that unknown to me, these spirits had continued to operate in my life, even after my deliverance. Satan had sent these demonic beings to attack me from the outside, and worked with such subtlety that I did not even know that these emotions of anger, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness and rejection were present in my life. I believed that I was clean, when in reality I was "spiritually dirty." The result has been that my joy has not been what it should have been. I have been tired and worn out and just dragging for the last few years.

As I read these pages the Holy Spirit shined his light in my life, and very quickly I drove out these spirits from around me and immediately I received relief and I realized that for a long time the Devil had been stealing my joy and power.

The Holy Spirit told me to share this with my church, and so far I have preached three sermons on the subject. Here is my sermon outline of the third message in this series that I did on June 30, 2002: RLJ-827 1

As we all know the coming of the Antichrist kingdom is just around the corner. In order to fight the enemy, we must be saved (born again), filled with the Holy Spirit, free from demons and have a healthy body! What happened in Art’s and Linda’s lives is that they dealt with their sins, and their bodies were healed. But here is a very important thing to understand:


This is what Jesus promised his followers some 1900 years ago and that promise is still good:

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. Mark 16:15-20.

Most of you who are reading this newsletter have been born again, you love the Lord with all your heart, and you hate sin. Despite this, many of you are battling disease, depression and other difficulties in your lives and it is stealing your joy, power and health. This does not have to continue! GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE IN HEAVEN, THERE IS NO CRISIS IN HEAVEN, AND GOD HAS A SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM YOU MIGHT BE FACING! The difficulty is that first of all we do not always know what to do, and secondly you might not want to change the habits in your life.

Get educated, because the Bible tells us that people are perishing for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) If you have not seen Pastor Wright’s book, "A More Excellent Way," this is where you should start.

Once you have read this book and applied the principals it teaches to your life, order the book by Art Mathias "Biblical Foundations of Freedom." This book will help you to take step after step to maintain your freedom and to guard yourself from any future attacks that the enemy will send against you.

If you need to talk with someone to get help over the telephone, both books list telephone numbers, and you may also contact our ministry for help.

In our ministry we have developed some practical teaching on healthy eating, what kind of water to drink and maintaining a healthy life style. People in our church are benefiting from this. If you are interested, you may contact us and ask for our "PREVENTIVE VICTORY LIST."

It is important for you to know that some understanding of doctrine will vary from one author to the other. I am not in agreement with Pastor Wright when it comes to eating all kinds of things sold today in the stores. I do not agree with Art on his understanding of Job, nor his division of the three heavens. But these disagreements do not take away from the fact that the main theme of these books and the teaching in our ministry is that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Bible is the Word of God, the blood of Jesus washes away our sins, that demons exist and must be cast out and that it is important to live a holy life. In these areas, Pastor Wright, Art Mathias and myself are in total agreement and these are the doctrinal issues that cannot be altered as there is only one understanding.

My wife and I were introduced to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1969. We began casting out demons in 1970. We learned about God’s food laws in 1985. We met Pastor Wright in 1997 and invited him to conduct two meetings in our church. Every year we have learned a little bit more and we are still in the process of learning until the day we go to be with Jesus. Know this: NO PERSON ON THIS EARTH WILL HAVE ALL KNOWLEDGE AND COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING, WE ALL KNOW IN PART! (II Corinthians13:9) But when the body of Christ comes together and we share what we know and understand, there is more truth revealed which ministers to the body of Christ. There is no room for jealousy in the kingdom of God.

I have had the privilege of talking with Henry in person and over the telephone, and once I started to read and work out of the book Art wrote, we have talked over the telephone and shared many things.

There has been much discussion and speculation over the subject of chemtrails, and I think that it is more than fitting to discuss this subject in a newsletter. This will not be an in-depth discussion, just a brief overview.

A number of years ago the American Congress approved funding for a program called "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program," known under the acronym "HAARP." It is the most powerful short wave radio transmitter ever built on the earth, and it is located in the State of Alaska. Its signal will be sent to the top of our atmosphere, where it is intended to heat a portion of the sky, much like a microwave oven heats objects placed in the way of the microwave burst. It consists of hundreds of antennas, built on 58 acres. It is also producing "Extremely Low Frequency waves," acronym "ELF," used to communicate with submarines and also penetrate deep into the earth.

The United States has for years been working on systems to control the atmosphere and use it as a weapon against other nations. Included in this is weather modification, where the weather can be modified and cause drought or flood conditions in a nation. The problem is that when the US started to manipulate the weather, it has backfired causing floods and droughts in our own nation as well.

In the year 1974, NASA obtained a patent for using barium (an alkaline metal) to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere. Barium is extremely toxic for human beings, including animals. In 1991 Hughes Aircraft Company obtained a patent for seeding the greenhouse gas layer in the atmosphere with tiny particles, and one of the ingredients is aluminum oxide. The latter purpose is to "cloud" the air and lower the intake of sunlight from one to two percent, in order to offset global warming. The problem is that aluminum is also very toxic to human beings.

Just like some "bright" scientists added "MTBA" to the gasoline sold in California to make it burn cleaner and save the air. They did not think about this chemical component falling back to the earth and polluting the drinking water in California.

Similar "bright idiots" added barium and other particles like aluminum to the fuel burned in our jet liners, so that they could fill up the sky with these particles. Since this was not enough to make a big difference, U.S. Air Force planes are out in force spraying particles into the atmosphere to pollute it. It has been proven that synthetically manufactured chemical clouds desiccate the air and effectively block the sun.

The World Government does not care that this manipulation of the air we breathe is going to make people sick and cause cancer and other diseases. Barium was used as a weapon against Iraq in the Gulf war. U.S. air craft sprayed the Iraqi people with Barium, which is known to cause breathing difficulties, increased blood pressure, changes in the heart rhythm, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, swelling of the brain, as well as damage to the liver, kidney, heart and spleen.

Aluminum is toxic to the nervous system and deleterious to the brain. It will also cause neck pain, breathing problems, headaches, burning eyes and dry coughs.

While president Bush is protecting us from "terrorists," the American military, under orders from the World Government, is spewing out pollution in the air and affecting the entire world. While we are protected from being blown up by "clean and dirty bombs," we are killed by chemicals for which we as tax payers have to pay. It is a win – win situation for the World Government: they are reducing the world population, tax payers are paying for it, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry are raking in billions of dollars.

As people on this earth, we have no place to go or hide. Our only refuge will be in the Lord. I believe that we must apply the principles of God to this situation and stand on Mark, Chapter 16. Regardless how much poison is released, through Christ we can stand and not get sick. But you cannot play with the Devil, watch his TV programming, view his movies and videos and eat and drink at his establishments. It is time to be holy and walk with God in Spirit and in Truth.

Never before has Psalm 23 seemed more beautiful to me than in these last days.

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul: he leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies: you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

1. In sermon RLJ-827 that I preached on June 30, 2002 in my home church, Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, I went into great detail on how the chain of command is working in the demon world and the necessity to root out the spirits that first got a foot hold in our lives. This message was recorded on audio cassette and is available to purchase.

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