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December 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

I want to begin my newsletter by quoting from the Bible:

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there anything whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us." Ecclesiastes 1:9-10

Most of you who are receiving this newsletter should by now have received the latest edition of
The Dove 2002. In my lead article, I take you back to the time of the birth of the Marxist Communist movement and its sibling, the Zionist movement. Today these leaders are called "revolutionaries," but the governments and people at that time called them "terrorists and murderers."

The leaders and their followers in the 1890's were young people, men and women with a cause. They were determined to destroy all existent monarchies and replace them with a Marxist anarchist regime. The old leadership had been executed and the people brutally demoralized by savage killings. All Christian institutions had to be destroyed and slave labor camps were constructed where all resisters would be taken to extract their labor before being killed by starvation.

The anarchists were well financed by the American Jewish banker, Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild banks in London, Paris, Naples and Vienna, the Jewish banking house of the Warburgs from Hamburg, and other Jewish financial institutions.

The revolutionaries were protected and trained by the intelligence services in Germany, England, France, the United States etc. When the bloody war of terrorism was unleashed on Russia, and the Russian government tried to strike back, the newspaper media in Europe and the United States screamed "bloody murder" and accused the Russians of Anti-Semitism.

The Russian secret police, the Okhrana sent out its agents all over Europe to hunt down and kill the men and women they called "terrorists," which were called "freedom fighters" by the Jewish controlled world press. The wrath of the world was directed toward Russia, who dared to use deadly force in defending itself.

The revolutionaries set off bombs in factories, housing complexes, railroad stations, factories and schools, killing soldiers, robbing banks and killing tellers and customers. Trains and ships were hijacked, all in the name of revolution, Nothing was sacred to them. Kings, prime ministers, political leaders, policemen, teachers, priests and Christian ministers were prime targets and thousands upon thousands of them were ambushed, shot, hanged, decapitated or killed after being tortured. To cause fear among the civilian population was the purpose Ė the more gruesome, the better.

What if Lenin, Trotzky, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and other terrorists had been executed on the spot while they were still young and just getting started? Most likely World War I and II would have never taken place, there would have been no Russian revolution, no Korean war, no war in Vietnam and no cold war for more than 40 years. What a bitter sweet thought!

Instead of having the name Marxists or Zionists, they are now called Al-Qaida. Instead of being young Jews, they are now young Muslim men and women, recruited from all Islamic nations on the earth. Instead of quoting the writings of Karl Marx and Moses Hess, they are quoting the Koran and the current writings of Islamic mullahs. Instead of being financed by international Jewish bankers, they are financed by wealthy Arab monarchs, like in Saudi Arabia, or ruthless dictators from Iran, Iraq, Libya and other Islamic nations. Instead of having to rely upon the telegraph, telephones and written letters, they now have cell phones, faxes, computers linked via the Internet. They are lambasted by the Jewish world media as the scum of the world and rotten terrorists, which must be exterminated. They are defended by the Islamic media as "holy warriors" destroying the great Satan.

The new terrorists are trying to destroy the nation of Israel and drive the Israelis into the sea. They want to overthrow and establish an Islamic nation from the ruins of the United States and Europe. They want to impose their viewpoints and morals on all nations of the world, and no terror is too small or too big for the "new kids on the block," the Al-Qaida.

Just like the Russian Tzar realized that all terrorists must be killed as early as possible, so does the American President George W. Bush. The Zionist leaders know that any opponent to them must be found and neutralized. The Mossad and the Shin Beth have for years tracked and assassinated their opponents, no questions asked. Their slogan is, "Any time, any where in the world."

When the Marxist/Zionist terrorist struck Russia in 1916, more than 90,000 young Jewish men and women descended upon Russia from all over the world, and in one year they had overthrown the Tzar and later had the entire royal family slaughtered, including their small children. The World media called it "justice." Some 100,000 young Jewish men and women operated in Europe and North America trying to foment revolutions by organizing strikes, mass demonstrations, blowing up buildings and people and also killing people at random. Tens of thousands of political leaders, civic leaders, policemen, teachers, pastors etc. were murdered.

Today some 10,000 hard core Al-Qaida members are spread out into every nation in the world. They are able to hide and operate by blending in with people who have immigrated from Muslim nations, so have established footholds in every nation in Europe and North America. They do not need a large force in order to destabilize the nations, since technology has advanced since 1916. At that time all the terrorists had to work with were fire arms, explosives and poison. The infrastructure of the world in 1916 was also different. Each nation was able to produce most of what it needed at home, there were still large numbers of people living in the rural country side, and thus disrupting trade or utilities did not have that great of an impact.

Today there is no local economy. All nations are tied together in trade, travel, financial institutions, food production and distribution, oil production, generating energy and its distribution network, water resources for consumption and farming and global communication, including the Internet.

The current terrorists have, since the 1970's, focused on hijacking airplanes, using the passengers as bargaining chips. With increased security for the airline industry, it is now harder for terrorists to take over an airplane, except how they did it on September 11, 2001.

But the current terrorists have something that the Marxist/Zionists did not have. They have biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, which can be released any place by a few operators. Thus they have the option of threatening millions of people, using just a handful of operators, while in 1916 a large force was needed to bring down first Russia, then Germany, Italy and Spain.

In order for the reader to really understand the whole picture, let me paint this word picture for you. Think of the world as a chess board. There are two forces operating on the chess board. The World Government, which is trying to establish a total world control under Jewish leadership with Jerusalem as the capitol of the world and Israel as the supreme nation of the world. Opposing this first group are all the Islamic nations in the world, who are claiming the rights to Jerusalem and the entire land which they call Palestine. Neither group will compromise Ė its all or nothing.

The pawns in this chess game are all Gentiles who are not Jews or Muslims. The pawns have the military power and the production of weapons. The Jews control the banking system, including the stock markets and other financial institutions among the Gentiles. The Muslims have two commodities, oil and millions of fanatical people who are willing to die for the Islamic cause.

By controlling the financial system in the Gentile world, no Gentile politician can be elected or survive without doing what he is told to do by the Jewish leadership.

The chess game has come to a stalemate in the Middle East. Both Jews and Muslims are unable to break out from their positions. Every day Jews and Muslims are dying from some kind of violent act which neither side can stop. Jewish people are getting tired of their leaders and Palestinian people are getting tired of their leaders. Thus the leaders on both sides realize that unless they break the stalemate, they will lose control and momentum.

The Muslim high command decided back around 1992 to attack targets inside the United States to force an end to the stalemate in the Middle East. The World Trade Center was the target, but instead of coming down, it was just damaged. An Egyptian clergy (mullah) was the leader of this cell in New York and he and others were arrested and put in prison in the United States. A new plan was hatched and executed on September 11, 2001. But this new terrorist attack backfired for the Muslims, because the Jews benefited the most from this attack. Instead of caving in, President Bush decided to do what the Russian Tzar was not able to do 1905. He warned all nations harboring Al-Qaida that the US was going after them regardless in which nation they were hiding. Since Bin Laden and his group were in Afghanistan, this was the next move in the chess game, and Afghanistan was attacked and the Muslim high command lost that nation for the time being. In the meantime the Jews are reaping great benefits in the form of new money, more weapons and lots of sympathy from the American people. Just like the Japanese people were demonized during World war II and referred to as "dirty Japs," now we have "dirty little Arabs" who need to have their "rear ends kicked."

The Muslim high command has made new plans, and are in the process of trying to carry them out. Thus, President Bush and his handlers have decided that time is of the essence and they must strike again to keep the Muslims off balance.

Striking Iraq and taking out Saddam Hussein is a bold and decisive move in this chess game. It will definitely break the stalemate in the Middle East and position Israel in a much stronger military and political position. With American troops holding down Afghanistan and then occupying Iraq, it will put great pressure on Jordan and particularly Syria who will be cut off from land borders with other Islamic nations, except Lebanon. It will also put the squeeze on Iran, which will then have American troops on its east and west borders.

The Gentile political leaders in England and the United States have full understanding that this move on Iraq is going to give them really bad public relations problems world wide, but they also know that if they do not deal with the Islamic question, there are going to be some terrible wars in the future. President Bush and his cabinet do not want to have a repeat of what happened to Russia in 1916.

For some time, the CIA has had full authority to hunt down Al-Qaida leaders and members and if they cannot be captured, to kill them on the spot. The Islamic high command now understands that "the gloves are off" and they are in a deadly war with the United States and England.

As of this writing, the White House has released the news that the American build up in the Middle East is ready for war at the end of January 2003. All over the United States National Guard and reserve units are either already called up or in the process of being prepared for active duty. That things are speeding up can be seen in the preparation of 1,000 California National Guard soldiers who, during the week of December 16, 2002, were called to report to a military training camp near Paso Robles, California, to be pre-processed for "Soldier Readiness Processing." Once this process is completed, these soldiers can be mobilized in less than 24 hours and shipped out.

A National Guard spokesperson told the news media that the military command in the Pentagon has requested to have combat supply units ready for action by January 1, 2003. This corroborates news released from the White House. The Department of Defense has released the news that as many as 265,000 members of the 1.2 million National Guard and reserve units are expected to be called up for duty in the upcoming war with Iraq. All units are receiving training in the use of protective gear against chemical warfare, but to my knowledge American troops are not prepared to deal with biological warfare. This might cause great casualties among American soldiers. In order to counter this possibility, American officials have publicly stated, that if Saddam Hussein gives the order to use biological weapons, America will respond with a nuclear attack on Iraq and thus wipe out most of its population. This will put fear into the military leadership of the Iraqi armed forces. They could survive a war with the United States and be able to function in a post Saddam Iraq, but if they are nuked there will be no future for them on the earth.

On December 4, 2002, some 200 prominent Jewish American leaders met with President Bush at the White House. The group came to request that the American president release some $4 billion dollars in new aid to Israel and a guaranteed loan package of between 8 to 10 billion dollars in loan guarantees. The reason for this extra massive money request for the State of Israel is to cope with the growing economical downturn in Israel, some from the current war with the Palestinians and for predicted losses in the upcoming war with Iraq. According to the Jewish leaders, Bush indicated his support for this request.

After this meeting, Bush hosted a Hanukkah party for the 200 Jewish leaders, which was held in the White House. The hanukkia (seven armed candle holder) was lit by Daniella, age 12 and Alexandra age 15, who lost their father, Victor Wald, in the attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. When was the last time 200 strong Christian pastors were invited to meet with the American president and discuss Christian issues?

Shortly before The Dove 2002 was released in the mail, we sent out some samples to close friends of this ministry to get an early feed back. One of my dear friends, who I have known for some 12 years, wrote me a letter and had a number of questions. Reading his letter, I realized that if this man, who is well educated and well grounded in the Bible had questions like this, most likely there will be many more who will have the same questions. Instead of waiting for people to write to us and ask these questions, our ministry discussed it and prayed about it, and decided to publish my answer to my friend. Here are the questions he asked:

Correct me if I err, but you seem to be saying that the emergence of the political state of Israel is not part of the Lordís plan. I hope that I am wrong, for that would make the Word of God a lie. I cannot concur with you that the Antichrist will arise out of Judaism. Iím still unclear on what you mean by "Godís perfect will." It sounds too much like the heresy of Arminius for comfort.

My response follows:

Dear Friend, This letter is in response to your letter of December 3, 2002.

Let us first set some perimeters:

  1. Regardless of what we humans believe or do not believe, God is going to do what he is going to do. Thus, any interpretations by us will in no way affect Godís action. If we are wrong or right will have no bearing on the future, except when it comes to the mark of the Beast.

  2. All teachings and prophetic warnings in the Bible are given to us as warnings and admonition to walk in obedience before God.

  3. There are certain prophecies given in the Bible, which are foretold so that Godís people can be spared of upcoming judgments. Lot was taken out of Sodom, in Matthew 24:1-2; 15-20. Jesus warned of the coming destruction of Jerusalem. When the city fell to the Romans in AD 70 , there were no Christian Jews left in the city. They had all fled when they saw the Roman army arriving some two years prior.

    The greatest destruction to face human beings will be during the tribulation period, as Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:21-24, and more amplified in Revelation, Chapters 13 and 14, concerning the mark of the Beast. How these prophecies are interpreted will either save a person from eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire or send him there.

    The consuming fire that God has lit in my soul and spirit is to warn people about these upcoming events and give them all the facts possible, so that they will reject the mark of the Beast when it will come upon the earth.

  4. God has not provided a two-tier salvation plan, one for the Gentiles and one for the Jews. In the four Gospels, Jesus makes it crystal clear that the Gospel is first presented to Israel, the descendants of Abraham and all Gentiles who were grafted in before Jesus died on the cross. Once Jesus had become the final sacrifice, the first Covenant was made null and it rolled over automatically to the second covenant. Hebrews, chapters 7, 8 and 9. Jesus stated that He was the only way to the Father - John 14:6, and in the book of Acts, chapter 4:12 the apostles laid it down hard to the Jewish leadership that there is no other name under heaven by which one can be saved than by Jesus! Take it or leave it! It was the rejection of Judaism that moved the Jewish leadership to declare war on Jesus and his disciples and ultimately demand his crucifixion, and then foment the persecution of his followers until now.

  5. All Gentiles who have converted to Judaism after the death and resurrection of Jesus have no legal rights to the promises of God to Abraham. Thus the millions of Jews who are descendants from the Khazars and make up the majority of the Jewish population on the earth are without any legal rights to the land of Israel. Since the Khazar Jews came into being around 700 AD, they are just lost Gentiles playing Jews, as far as God sees it. I have written about this in much detail in previous issues of The Dove.

  6. All people who have lived on the earth and died without having received Christ as their Lord and Saviour are lost and in hell. There is no second chance! Man is given one chance to live on this earth, then he will be judged and either send to heaven or to hell. Hebrews 9:27. God is not a respecter of persons; all men are treated the same. Romans 2:11-29; Acts 10:24-42. This includes all Jewish people.

  7. God, for His own nameís sake is going to save a remnant of the twelve tribes. This is described in Romans 11:1-36, and in Isaiah 10:20-23. Here is my understanding of this prophecy: At the very end of time, before Jesus comes back, God will open the blinded eyes and deaf ears of Jewish people and they will hear the truth about Jesus, and in grief and sorrow turn to him for their salvation. Zechariah 12:1-14. But the Bible clearly tells us that this will only be a small remnant of the Jews living at that particular day. It is not a blanket amnesty to all Israel from Jacob up to that day. The scriptures do not tell us that he is doing this from a political state of Israel! Remember, at the time when Jesus walked on the earth, Rome was ruling the land of Israel and the Jewish people at that time were an occupied people. They were hoping that Jesus, as the Messiah, would kick the Romans out and establish his earthly kingdom, which he refused to do at that time.

Now, let me address your questions:

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that no government can come into being unless God allows it. Daniel 4:13-17

    This does not mean that every government in existence is in accordance with Godís perfect will. Please read Matthew 19:1-9. God never intended for marriages to end in divorce, but he allowed Moses to write a bill of divorce because of the hardness of the hearts of men and women. God does not have pleasure in rulers like Nero, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Pot Pol etc. Because of sin among people and wickedness among leaders, these rulers came into being.

    God did not create Lucifer to become the Devil! No! Lucifer became the Devil because he sinned and made the choice of turning against God. Did God know this before he created Lucifer? Yes, He did! Why then did God create Lucifer? That is a question that no man on earth can answer. We will find that out when we get to heaven.

    God has told us in His Word that there is going to come a world ruler one day, known in the Bible as the Antichrist. At his side he will have the false prophet. Is this Godís perfect will? As far as I understand the Bible, it is NOT! Godís perfect will is for all men to be saved!  I Timothy 2:1-6

    But Godís perfect will is not going to be done in this matter because all men are not going to be saved, because most men will reject the love of God! And God is allowing them to reject Him and send themselves to hell.

  2. Ezekiel, chapter 36, is not prophesying that God is building a political state in the land of Israel. He is simply stating that He is going to move people there, who he will cleanse from their sins. In chapter 37, I do not see that God is talking about Israelites who have died physically. Instead I see that He is talking about people who are spiritually dead and He is going to bring them out of their graves and give them spiritual life. As far as I understand verse 22 in this chapter, the king he is going to give them is Jesus and that verses 22-28 refer to the 1000 year kingdom on the earth, after the return of Christ and his armies from heaven, including the church. Revelation 19 and 20.

    The temple described in chapter 40 to my understanding is referring to the 1000 year kingdom. But regardless of what each one of us believes, our opinions will have no bearing upon the events; they will unfold as God has decreed.

    When it comes to Satan, my understanding is that he does have power in this world, and as stated in Matthew 4:8-10, Satan offered all the kingdoms of this world to Jesus if He would bow down and worship Satan. Jesus did not say that Satan was lying, he stated the fact that God is the only one that shall be worshiped. And in John 14:30, Jesus called him the prince of this world. And in Daniel 10:11-20, we are told that satanic princes (archons) are in charge of nations.

The purpose for my writings in The Dove for the last 10 years has been and is to show the Christians that the Antichrist system is the revival of Judaism on a grand world scale. The father of this movement is the Devil, as stated by Jesus himself in John 8:31-59. In Revelation, chapter 13, it is clearly stated that it is the Devil himself that is giving his power to this evil kingdom.

God is not taken by surprise, He has known this before He started the creation, but it is not well understood by the church of Jesus Christ.

The Devil is very clever, sly and subtle and he is using the Bible to hide his kingdom among the Jews and through deception have the Church of Jesus Christ protect it from being attacked by others. Satan is twisting prophecies to fit his purpose and mislead the church and its leaders.

If I am totally wrong in my understanding of this subject, there is one thing that I am not wrong in, and that is the Mark of the Beast. Regardless, who is in charge of giving out the mark of the Beast, I am warning people with all my power and might, DONíT TAKE THE MARK!

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