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August - September 2002 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Here in California we are in the "lazy dog days of summer" with an average temperature of around 100 degrees in the Sacramento area. You can tell that it is pretty "quiet and dull" in the world, for the time being, when the first pages of the local newspapers run headlines talking about the heat, the State Fair in California and different projects for either young people or senior citizens. Certainly, no screaming headlines! The World Government is like a cancer; it flares up for awhile and then seems to disappear, only to show up as a more severe form of cancer, like in the last stages of a personís life. Do not be fooled by the last days of summer, the cancer of the coming Antichrist system is growing more wicked and evil day by day. I will use this newsletter to point out some things for which we can pray hard and ask God, in his grace, to either destroy it or slow it down.

This continent has been brutally "raped" by the Devil. It has been a stronghold of demon princes for thousands of years. After the flood of Noah, it was once again repopulated, but the people succumbed to worshiping demon gods. Tribal wars, slavery, witchcraft, satanic worship and ritual murders kept the continent in darkness and civilization didnít progress much beyond the stone age, except in North Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and certain parts of West Africa.

The northern rim of Africa was populated by people of Caucasian origin, and Egypt was a mixture of white and black people. Phoenician ships started to use the northern rim of Africa as supply and trading posts as early as 1200 years before Christ, when the nation of Israel was still under the period of Judges. The Phoenician capitol was the city of Tyre (the seat of Satan at that time), and when King Solomon became king over Israel from 965-925 B.C, he made a league with King Hiram of Tyre. Eventually the many Phoenician outposts converged into a nation by itself and was known as Carthage and its capitol was named the same. The Phoenicians were cruel and used the local population as slaves and foot soldiers. They also imported mercenaries from Spain, Sicily and Greece and the different nationalities eventually blended together so the people in North Africa today are basically white.

The empire of Carthage waged war against the Roman Empire and the mighty general of Carthage, Hannibal (247-183 B.C.), went down in history as a great military leader, when he tried to march on Rome through the Alps using war elephants in his army. In the end, Rome won the war and in 146 B.C. the city of Carthage was destroyed and that region became part of the Roman Empire. In 429 A.D., Germanic armies known as "Vandals" fought their way south through France and Spain and defeated the Romans in North Africa. They ruled until 534 A.D., when Rome was able to once again take North Africa and hold it until the Islamic invasion.

When the apostles dispersed after the day of Pentecost, Christianity spread like wildfire into Egypt and to the north coast of Africa, and down south into Ethiopia. But this is as far as the Christian faith penetrated into Africa. When the murderous Arab armies stormed the area around 700 A.D., it took the Islamic armies about 200 years to fully consolidate their hold on North Africa. Christianity was virtually wiped out, surviving only in some pockets in Ethiopia.

Thus the people living in what today is Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia are a mixed people, whose ancestors were Phoenician, Greek, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic who had subdued and intermarried with the local tribes originally living in North Africa. Islam is the religion that was forced upon them by the sword including the loss of their own languages as they were forced to speak Arabic.

Once the satanic religion of Islam had solidified its grip on the people in the Middle East, a demand for slaves arose. There were two kinds of slaves needed, young girls and women to satisfy the beastly desires of Muslim men who were rich enough to be able to buy slaves and men and boys to work as slave labor. This slave trade is still going on today, most of the buyers of slaves coming from Saudi Arabia. The slave raiding parties would move through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and then fan out looking for suitable victims who were captured, chained and sold on the slave markets. As the slave traders moved into the heart of Africa, they also established their religion of Islam, always in the same way, with the sword. It was either death or conversion. Islamic leaders today do not want to acknowledge this, since they are trying to put a "spin" on their religion and tell the world how "peaceful" they are. The Islamic spirit of death and destruction is very strong in Central Africa and parts of West Africa in conjunction to North Africa. There were two kingdoms which developed in West Africa due to the Islamic slave traders, Kanem, which was located north of the lake Chad and "Ancient Ghana" further to the west. Thus Islam has had a stronghold in these regions since the 9th century A.D.

It was the slave traders from Europe who turned a whole continent into a house of tears and pain. Around 1470 Portuguese traders took possession of two islands on the west coast of Africa, Sao Tome and Principe, which are located just north of the equator and some 200 miles west of the mainland of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. As these two islands became a Portuguese colony, sugar plantations were planted and in order to have laborers for them, slaves were purchased from the mainland. Black rulers would hunt and capture men and women from other tribes and sell them to the Portuguese traders. The government of Portugal sent convicts and exiled Jews from Portugal to run the plantations and control the slaves. But as time went on, slave trade became more lucrative, and the white traders started dealing with a local black king in Congo, who supplied the traders with captured men and women, who were in turn brought to the islands and then sold to work in the gold mines on the Gold Coast of West Africa. Others were sold to work in Europe and the weakest ones ended up on the island sugar plantations.

Even the Roman Catholic priests sent to establish the Roman Catholic church on the islands, financed their work by participating in slave trade. By 1570 the small kingdom states of what is today Congo had been conquered by a combination of Portuguese and Spanish soldiers. Since Portugal had established Brazil as a colony in South America, slaves were needed by the hundreds of thousands, and black tribes were armed by the white Europeans and sent deep into the interior of Congo destroying the Mbundu tribe states and taking men and women in chains to be processed and sold and shipped to Brazil. The suffering, the tears, the agony, the destruction of families will one day be told at the Great White Throne Judgment. Young girls were ripped from their parents, raped and shipped like animals, never again to be seen by their families. Many died being transported down the coast, others suffocated in the ships, others died at the hands of cruel masters who whipped them to death if they did not work hard enough.

By the mid 1650's the nation of Holland entered Africa. In the beginning the Dutch settlers were mostly interested in trading with the local black people. But once the government of Holland had established colonies in America, the need for slaves arose. The Dutch colonial government sold rifles and trained black tribes on the coast of their colony, sending them inland to catch slaves. The inland tribes were devastated, unable to defend themselves against the powerful rifles.

By the beginning of the 18th century the word was out all over Africa that white men would pay premium prices for captured men and women brought to the coastal towns. This gave rise to the Luanda Empire, consisting of a powerful tribe living in central Africa, controlling vast areas all the way down to what is today known as Angola. This Lunda empire became known as the kingdom of Kasanje. Its entire economy was based on attacking other black tribes and herding people to costal towns where they were bought by whites and put in the slave ships. At this time the entire interior of Africa was criss-crossed with roads, where marauding armed black armies would roam seeking victims.

In the 18th century France made a military move into the north coast of Congo, and drove out the Dutch. Since France had made Haiti into a colony and started sugar plantations on the island, it needed slaves for its operations. In the years before the French revolution, French slave ships brought 10,000 black men , women and children to its colony, on board crowded disease- ridden sailing ships, with 500 slaves packed under deck on each ship. The French slave supervisors were extremely brutal against the men and women working the fields. They received no pay and the conditions were horrible.

Small pox, measles, pneumonia, malaria and sleeping sickness killed many black people before they even arrived in the Americas. Farm production went down because the best and youngest of the people were taken away so famine ravaged in Africa . In the 19th century, when the French pulled back after the revolution, the Portuguese came back in force, since there was a huge demand for slaves in Brazil, and their horrible slave trade continued until the late 1880's.

Spain also entered the slave trade, once they had established Cuba as their colony and brought in slaves by the thousands to the island. Once there was a demand for slaves in the American colonies, British slave traders, many of whom were Jewish, moved on the coast of Africa and with the help of the British navy took over much of the slave trade which picked up steam in the 18th century. 1

To help the reader understand the magnitude of the slave trade, let us look at these numbers: In 1620, 10,000 black slaves arrived in the Americas (those were the ones that survived the shipping). By 1675 these numbers had swelled to 25,000 slaves per year. Total import of slaves during the 17th century is estimated to be 1,494,000. During the 18th century some 5.2 million slaves were taken to North and South America. From 1815-1860's, 2.78 million black slaves were hunted down in Africa and loaded on ships and taken to North and South America. Fifteen percent of the slaves in the 19th century were shipped on American slave vessels, the rest were taken on British, French and Portuguese ships.

In 1652, the Dutch East India Company established a shipping station at Cape of Good Hope (at the tip of what is today South Africa) and by 1707 this colony had grown to 1,707 white settlers (Dutch, Germans and French Huguenots, French Protestants who had fled from France. These white settlers were also known as "Boers" and later they became known as "Afrikaners." At the end of year 2000 the population of white Afrikaners stood at 2.6 million in South Africa.

Due to the Napoleonic wars in Europe, the Dutch government was forced to cede its South Africa colony to the British Government in 1806. Many of the Boers did not like to have the British rule them, so thousands of them left the colony and went north, establishing Transvaal and the Orange Free State, which later were merged and became known as the South African Republic. From the beginning, the Boer government established an "apartheid policy," strictly separating whites from blacks.  When gold and diamonds were discovered in 1867 in the South African Republic, British traders and prospectors pressed themselves north into the Boer Republic, which caused tension between the Brits and the Boers. In 1899 England declared war on the Boer Republic and a bitter war was waged until the Boers surrendered in 1902. 2

King Leopold II of Belgium (born 1835- died 1909) used his nations military power to establish "The Congo Free State" in 1885, which in reality was run by Belgian corporations who savagely exploited the black population. In 1908 the Belgian government simply annexed the Congo Free State and it became a Belgian colony.

Timber, rubber, diamonds, mining for copper by the Belgians in what was later known as Katanga and gold in Western Central Africa were taken out by the European colonial companies. These enterprises were protected by troops from different European nations, white Europeans were in management and supervision, and the labor was supplied by the local black people. Their salaries for back breaking work was a pity, and in most cases they were paid in scripts, redeemable only in the colonial company stores. Thus, the black labor force was paid in commodities which increased the profit for the corporations. The white supervisors considered black Africans like horses or oxen, which could be worked to death and then killed. It was a ruthless suppression of the natives and if any black native refused to work in the plantations, the mines or going out and getting rubber from the forests, their hands would be cut off as a warning to the rest of the population. Justice and law did not exist for the black African population.

Germany in the meantime had, in the mid 19th century, militarily taken over what is now known as Rwanda and Burundi and established them as German colonies. The French "imported" Chinese laborers who were used to build railroads in their colonies.

Just as in South America and Mexico, the Roman Catholic church followed the military units of the Belgians, the Portuguese and the French and established mission stations where the black people were enticed to become "good Catholics."

In the areas controlled by the British government, English Baptists started to send out missionaries who began to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the black natives. The colonial corporations tolerated the missionaries as long as they did not interfere with the exploitations of black labor. It was the Roman Catholic Church and the English Baptists, who set up an infra structure of education, hospitals and churches for the black natives and gave them hope, treating them like human beings. The entire black political system in later years was built by men and women who had been trained in missionary run schools.

With the building of railroads and the introduction of steam ships to ply the rivers in the interior of Africa, the expansion by England, France, Germany and Portugal took off. The different African tribes and nations could not match the fire power of the white European military units using the latest military weapons on the African natives.

By the mid 1850's France, Portugal and England had territories in tropical Africa, located mainly in West Africa. France had moved inland along the Senegal River, and the rest of the French colonies were located on the Ivory Coast in Northwest Africa.

Portugal held land in Angola, Mozambique and Portugese Guinea. England had control over Zanzibar in East Africa, Gambia, the Gold Coast and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Between these occupied areas, were black Islamic African states, strong enough militarily to discourage the Europeans from taking them over. But this was to change, as the leading European nations needed raw material for their war machines on the European continent.

Before we look at the final crushing of black African self rule, we need to look at the MONEY TRAIL!

It is extremely important for the reader to understand, that all the financing by all European nations colonial expansion into Africa was financed by the Jewish Rothschild dynasty, which at this time had five banking centers in Europe: Frankfurt am Maine in Germany, Naples in Italy, Paris in France, Vienna in the Austrian Empire and London, England. Thus a large portion of the wealth taken out from Africa by the different European governments, ended up in the hands of the Rothshilds, which in turn was invested in other Jewish banks in different nations in order to get a monopoly in them. Once the black population had been subdued, and white Europeans had set up a new government in the different colonies, European Jews moved into just about every colony in Africa and set up banks and other institutions to further control the finances and make sure that a portion of the continuing plunder of Africa would also end up in Jewish hands.

To give just one example of how Jewish world banking and business prospered and is still prospering in Africa, look at the following: Diamonds were discovered in southern Africa in the mid-1860s on the farm of Nicolass and Diederick de Beer. Two diamond mines were developed on the farm and at that time these two mines were the most productive diamond mines in the world. In 1871 British born Cecil Rhodes, a son to a British Anglican minister (1853-1902), bought the claim to the De Beers mines. He then bought up most of the diamond mines in southern Africa. In 1888 he incorporated De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd. In order to keep prices high and the demand for diamonds steady, Rhodes moved to take control of the world distribution of diamonds. By the middle of the 1890s he had formed the Diamond Syndicate, which was a forerunner of the present "Central Selling Organization," a group of financial and marketing organizations which control most of the world diamond trade.

Rhodes, an Oxford University graduate, was able to pull this off through his close relationship to the Rothschild banking dynasty. In order to have political control, Rhodes founded an organization named after the British King Arthur, who had a group of political advisors called "The Round Table." This new "Round Table" was funded by the Rothschilds. Itís early purpose was to train young political activists and business leaders to be loyal to the British government and do the bidding of British policy. The Round Table was used pretty much like the Trilateral Commission to shape policies dictated by the World Government. In this case the immediate goal was to take control over the southern African colonies, and suppress the Dutch/German Boers making sure the fantastic riches of gold, diamonds and other minerals would flow into England and build up her war machine. At the same time a huge profit would be skimmed off and pocketed by the Jewish Rotchschilds. Currently the Round Table organization has its center in England and is now working on more global projects. Each year the organization selects young up-coming people in different nations, and gives them a "Rhodes" scholarship. They are brought to the Oxford University in England, where they are being "honed" into obedient servants. One such person was Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, who in his youth was given a Rhodesí scholarship, despite his poor academic record in the United States. History now tells us that he served his masters well.

The discovery of large diamond fields near Pretoria and along the coast of German South West Africa in 1902 and 1908 weakened the control of the De Beer corporation. Thanks to World War I, Germany was stripped of all its colonies in the entire world, It is ironic that the German born Jew, Ernest Oppenheimer (1880-1957), took over De Beers corporation in 1930. In 1917, one year before World War I ended, the British trained German Oppenheimer with the backing from the American financier and banker, J. P Morgan, formed the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Ltd., to exploit gold fields in South Africa. In 1919 he founded Consolidated Diamond Mines of South West Africa, Ltd. Oppenheimer became so powerful, that he took over De Beers and then founded another corporation, The Diamond Corporation, Ltd. One year earlier, 1929, he had founded the Rhodesian Anglo American Corporation to exploit the rich copper deposits in Northern Rhodesia.

The Central Selling Organization today (2002) controls 80% of the world diamond trade. Its center is in Israel, where diamonds are brought to be processed, cut and polished, before they are sold on the market. Most diamond trade in the United States is done in New York, where American and International Jews control the market. Billion of dollars are made on diamonds, and only a pitiful fraction ends up in the hands of black Africans who supply the land and the labor to get the diamonds from the earth.

In 1884, 15 nations convened a conference in the German capitol of Berlin. There were no representatives present from still existing black African states. At this conference there was no discussion of legal rights for the native people of Africa, the question was, how to carve up Africa into colonies and avoid war over the issue among the European states. Talking about peace and harmony, Africa was carved up into colonies on the back of the black people, who were to be exploited as a commodity of cheap labor.

Germany consolidated its holdings in West Africa of Togo Land and Cameroon. England concentrated on the Niger region, while France was given land to join its possessions north of Lake Chad, with the dream of carving out a French colony from Algeria to Congo.

Southern Africa was divided up between England, Portugal, Germany and France. Because of the tension between Germany and England, Portugal was able to hold on to Angola, and to also get Mozambique. Germany was given Tanganyika, Rwanda and Urundi. France picked up the island of Madagascar. The rest of Southern Africa and East Africa was given to England. Italy had also moved into Africa and established colonies on the north of Ethiopia, which is known as Eritrea and portions of Somalia. (In 1911, Italy invaded Libya and made it a colony, and in 1935 Italy attacked Ethiopia and defeated the Ethiopian army. Ethiopia was "liberated" by the British in 1941 and the rest of the Italian colonies were lost by Italy at the end of World War II.) Eastern Sudan was to be ruled jointly by England and Egypt, while France was to have the remaining Sudan from the Congo and Lake Chad to Darfur.

With the defeat of Germany, all German colonies were divided up, including the vast holdings of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in the Middle East. England picked up Iraq and Palestine, which they split at once into two parts, Jordan and Palestine. France was given Syria and Lebanon. Togo and Cameroon were divided between England and France. Tanganyika (which had thousands of German settlers) was given to England and Belgium was given Rwanda-Urundi while South Africa took over German South West Africa. Germany had been aced out of Africa, and the riches of Africa flowed to the winners of World War I, including the Rothschild bankers.

Morocco came under French rule in 1912, when England and France cut a deal. France could make Morocco a colony if they gave a northwest portion of it to Spain, and in return France withdrew all its claims on Egypt and gave England a free hand in that nation. Algeria was invaded by France in 1830, and after some bloody fights, France took 1847. During the 1878 Congress in Berlin, Germany, it had been decided that France would be given Tunisia, and in 1881 French troops invaded this tiny nation and made it into a French colony.

Through World War II the European colonial powers exploited Africa. Oil was taken from Libya, Angola and in a number of other places. Young black men were taken to serve as infantrymen during both World Wars. Timber, diamonds, gold, minerals, copper, fruit and farm products were taken from the land and used by the colonial masters.

After World War II, the Jewish Marxists/Socialists came to infiltrate Africa. The cold war was then in progress, and once again Africa became a battle ground where white men fought for control. As England, France, Belgium and Portugal struggled to keep their colonies, Russian and Chinese communists infiltrated the colonies and one by one, the colonies were lost to the European rulers. Morocco and Tunisia broke loose in 1956, a long war took place in Algeria before the French were kicked out in 1962, and Egypt broke loose from England in 1922.

Young black men and women were taken to the Soviet Union and given a free education and in return they became glowing communists. Once they were educated and trained in communist doctrine, they were sent back to their homelands where they started military operations against the colonial powers. Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961) was one of the most well known rebels who later became a prime minister of Belgian Congo, only to be murdered in Katanga by Belgian intelligence operators. The Soviets honored him and named a University in Russia after him.

The last 50 years have been more than bloody in Africa, with uprisings from Sudan to South Africa. For a number of years Ethiopia was a communist state, along with Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, and the list goes on. As the white people were driven out, chaos developed in the newly freed nations. When the white European nations pulled out, so did the Jewish bankers and the result was devastation, famine, war, and blood shed. We have all seen it on our TV screens. Somalia is a wasteland full of lawlessness and no government at all. The last white bastion to fall was South Africa, and from having been a prosperous nation, it is now declining; the food production is down and famine is coming. The hatred from black people in Africa is so deep, that they do not care if black people die by the thousands, as long as the hated white man is driven out of Africa.

In the former colony of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, the ruling black dictator has decreed that all white farmers must vacate their farms and leave the country. Dictator Robert Mugabe stated that he is "determined to undo the legacy of British colonialism that left a tiny white minority in control of more than half of Zimbabweís fertile land." This is happening right now in August 2002.

Satan could not be happier, neither the ruling World Government. Africa is still a rich continent and there is much yet to plunder. "Since the black people there are not happy to live in colonies, the next thing to do is to reduce their numbers." Famine has taken a great toll, but Aids is killing more than the famine.

It started so innocently and benign. The United Nationís agency, The World Health Organization (WHO) spoke about eradicating the disease of small pox. A number of black nations in Africa signed up for the program in the late 1970s, and millions of vaccine dosages were given free from the Western nations. What the black Africans did not know, was that batches of the vaccine were also tainted with the HIV virus. It did not take long until an explosion of AIDS started to break out in nation after nation on the African continent. All a researcher had to do was to find out when small pox vaccinations had been given out, and then wait for AIDS to break out. It does not help the poor African people to know that this virus is the result of research at military laboratories in the United States, paid for unbeknownst to the American people with their tax dollars.

Here are some statistics from year 2000. At that time 33.6 million people were infected by AIDS. Of these people,70% live in African nations, south of Sahara. By 1999 14 million Africans had died of AIDS. In 1999 more than 9,400 Africans were infected by AIDS every day. In 1999 half a million babies born in Africa were born with the disease. In the most southern African nations, one in five adults, aged between 15-49 was infected. It was estimated in 1999, that by year 2000, 10.7 million children will have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Due to poor economy in these nations, very little help from the medical industry in the West is coming to Africa. What the slave traders did not kill, and the colonial powers left, is now being eradicated VERY CHEAPLY, with the introduction of tainted vaccine some 23 years ago. 3

As long as black African people are in charge of their own nations, THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR A WHITE PERSON! Can we blame them? They were betrayed by the Europeans, the Communists from the Soviet Union, The Chinese Communists, the Arabs and the Jews!

When the Devil sends out a flood, God will raise up a standard against it. Over the years young dedicated men and women, washed and saved by the blood of Jesus, answered the call to take the Gospel to Africa. Thousands upon thousands have given all they had to move into every corner of Africa and preach Jesus Christ. They came from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, the United States, Canada, and Holland. Many times they had to bury their wives, children and husbands on the mission fields, as they succumbed to disease or they were murdered. They built schools, hospitals and orphanages, and the people back home gave of their hard earned salaries to keep the missionaries on the field. The Devil finances his work by the rich and wealthy, who invested billions of dollars. The average Christian man and woman, took of their meager earnings and gave to Godís work. In this life, there was no monetary payment coming back from the mission field, but there was a greater return Ė the blessing of God in their lives. Some of the missionaries became well known, like John G. Lake, Moffat, C. T. Studd, Osborn and the current world evangelist, German born Reinhardt Bonke, who has led millions of people to Christ in his African crusades. In my travels in Sweden and Finland I have seen the simple people, men and women who labored for years in remote villages in Africa, waiting for years for someone to come to Christ. In their old age some of them returned to their home lands, sick, worn out, but with a glowing spirit within them, that they had given it all for Jesus.

And God has poured out his Spirit of Grace upon Africa and they are still coming to Christ by the millions. Let us not give up, let us pray, fast, and keep supporting not only missionaries, but native Christian churches in Africa, as they are battling the forces of Antichrist, who are trying to clear the continent of black people.

If you are a black American reading this newsletter, donít just get angry, but cry out to God that he will use you to do something for your kinsmen in Africa. And remember this, I am a white Swedish-born man that wrote this, because God told me that it is time to let the truth come out while there is still time to act. I believe that God can supernaturally heal AIDS as easily as leprosy, blindness, cancer or any other disease. With God nothing is impossible (Matthew 19:26) and in Christ we are all one! (Galatians 3:26-29)

The big question for you is this: What are you going to do after you have read this newsletter? Is it going to change your prayer life? Are you going to fast and seek the Lord more and more? Or are you just going to say, "Oh, well, the coming of Jesus is soon, and since it is going to happen any way, why bother?"

When we send out these newsletters, around 7% of the readers will respond and help out with the cost of producing it. Can you imaging what we could do to make a greater impact in the world if 100% of the readers would respond?

Only people moved by the Holy Spirit will take some action in this world, the rest will just sit and watch it happen? To which group do you belong?

1. Note: John Newton, born in London 1725 and died in 1807, became a slave ship captain and brought slaves to the American colonies. He came under conviction of his sins, and was gloriously saved and went back to England where he wrote the timeless hymn, Amazing Grace. When you read the words in this hymn, you will understand how convicted he was over his sinful life and the mistreatment of black people from Africa.

2. For a detail of this very cruel war by the British, see The Dove, Spring 2001, page 100.

3. For a detailed reading on this mass murder project, read The Dove, Spring 1994, pages 2-28. If you do not have a copy and would like a reprint, please contact us.

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