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September 2001 Newsletter

John S. Torell

The stream of information coming into my office on a daily basis is overwhelming. There seems to be no end of activity, both in the kingdom of God and in the demonic world. There are thousands of believers around the world who are putting out newsletters or hosting web sites where Christians can learn the latest happenings in the world. About a year ago the Lord directed me to shift gears and change my monthly newsletter into a power packed letter where current news would be discussed. The Dove is like the big artillery, whereas here I am dealing with events that will have long term impact, but will not necessarily take place tomorrow.

God has instructed me to limit this newsletter to the events that will eventually lead up to the second coming of Christ, to be preceded by the coming of the Antichrist. I will also deal with apostasy, deception and breaking news which will have an immediate effect upon the Church of Jesus Christ.


The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? It hath been already of old time, which was before us. Ecclesiastes 1:9-10

I believe that these Bible verses are the most fitting for this month’s newsletter. Since my last newsletter, the New York Times reported another member of the United States intelligence community (former Air Force Sergeant, Brian P. Regan) has been arrested for spying, this time for selling secrets to the nation of Libya. 1

Carl Sanders has set up shop in Arkansas where he has leased or rented an old theater located in a tourist center. His bold faced lies about meeting with World leaders, traveling with Henry Kissinger and his involvement with the development of the microchip are back in full force. A number of websites are featuring Carl and he is finding new victims to support his operation. I do not know any more fitting place for Carl to put on his "shows," but in an old theater where people came to be amused by make-believe productions.

Johnny Todd, the former Satanist who stormed Baptists churches as an evangelist warning people about the occult in the 1970's is dead. Todd was caught a few years after his "conversion to Christ" preaching to Christians in the evenings and in the day time holding seminars for people in the occult, all taking place in the same towns. Some years ago he was charged with raping a teen-age girl and sent to prison for a long sentence. According to pastor Gary A. Frye, Todd was murdered by another inmate one day prior to his release from prison. Since Todd’s tapes are still being circulated, we have an expose of Johnny Todd available.

Some very sad news has recently been released about Mother Teresa, the late Roman Catholic nun who was known for her great work among the poor in Calcutta, India. This Roman Catholic woman born in Macedonia prior to 1910, to an Albanian business man when Macedonia was a province of the Ottoman Empire, spent her entire life caring for and helping the most down trodden people in Calcutta. In letters written in the 1950's and 1960's to her spiritual superiors in the Roman Catholic church, she reveals that she had trouble with her faith in God. She stated, "I am told God lives in me – yet the reality of darkness and coldness and emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul." Church officials in Calcutta admit that church officials performed an exorcism on Teresa at a hospital later in her life. Some of her letters reveal a bereft Teresa, struggling to maintain her belief. In another letter she wrote: "When I try to raise my thoughts to heaven, there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives and hurt my very soul. Love – the word – it brings nothing." Another time she wrote this: "In my soul, I can’t tell you how dark it is, how painful, how terrible – I feel like refusing God."

Teresa sounds like a Roman Catholic monk, who lived some five hundred years ago. This man describes his agony of not finding peace regardless how much good he did and how much he afflicted his own body. It was not until he had read the book of Romans over and over again, that one day he saw the light and received Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. By the way, the monk’s name was Martin Luther and his salvation experience gave birth to the Reformation. Reading the words from Teresa reveals that she must never have been born again. She was a slave of the Roman Catholic church, trying to work herself into heaven and finding nothing but emptiness. What a tragedy? If Teresa died without knowing Christ, she will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. I am sure that at the Great White Throne Judgment she might confront various American evangelists who she met on several occasions, and ask them why they did not tell her about being born again? Matthew 7:21-27; Revelation 20:10-15.


In the meantime church officials in Rome are preparing to declare Teresa a saint. The same church officials explain that the letters Teresa wrote strengthen her case to become a saint; that her struggles with her own spirituality and purpose show her humanity. Talk about "spin doctors!" The Vatican has better spin doctors than what Bill Clinton had.

Osama Bin Laden, the former CIA agent, now labeled a Saudi terrorist is staying busy in Afghanistan, where he has now become a leading member of the Ruling Taliban party. Osama is now doing what the French governments have done for a long time, he has built an "ARAB FOREIGN LEGION." Young fanatical Muslims are being recruited in other Muslim nations, who are told that if they die in the service of Allah (the god of Mohammed), they will go straight to "heaven." There they will do nothing but have a good time, drinking as much alcohol as they want (on earth this is forbidden) and having all the sex they want with young good looking women, furnished them by Allah. Before being sent out of Afghanistan, the legion was deployed in January-February, 2001, in communities in Hazarajat, Central Afghanistan, where they waged war on Shia Muslims (they are not accepted as clean by the Taliban). These well trained fighters (murderers) practiced their skill on the civilian population, murdering men, women and children, all in the name of Allah. Bin Laden and the Taliban leadership are trying to build an "Islamic Super State," Khilafah, the ultimate Sharia law government for the Islamic world.

Presently this foreign legion has around 12,000 soldiers, which makes up 25% of the Taliban military forces. Military training camps are run, where young Checken men from Russia are being trained to fight the Russian army. There are also Pakistanis and young men from Uzbekistan, who will later be sent back to their homelands to fight as guerillas. Currently a group of Christian aid workers in Afghanistan have been arrested, accused of the terrible crime of telling natives about Jesus. If found guilty, they could be hanged after they have been savagely beaten.

As I have stated in previous newsletters, Bin Laden built his international financial network while he worked full time for the CIA, and then simply took it over, with the good memory of his CIA superiors. Bin Laden has lots of money, which is funneled in to him via Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Muslim states. "The American people" is the cash cow, that is milked every day at the gasoline pumps, and if you wonder why gasoline prices are so high, now you know why. Bin Laden needs more money so every middle man in the chain of command can have his cut. After all, it is not cheap to run a war machine.

If you live in the United States, you must have noticed that the American media has not reported too much from Israel during the last few months. Some time ago a Palestinian father and his son were caught in a fire fight between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen, and we literally saw the little boy die, on our TV screens. Then suddenly, the media dried up most reporting from the Middle East. Only when a grizzly car bombing, a terrible suicide bomber, blows himself up along with a group of Jews, will it make the evening news in the United States; otherwise it is blanked out. Why?

The World Jewish government knows it has a big problem on its hands. There are too many Palestinians and they refuse to be controlled and be quiet. As it is now, Prime Minister Sharon cannot order the extermination of the Palestinians; the world would explode in rage. The next best thing for them to do, is to execute Palestinian leaders to destroy the leadership among them. Having a secret network of spies in all the Palestinian areas, set up years ago by the Shin Beth (Israel’s secret service in charge of interior security), they are able to pin point where Palestinian leaders are, if they are in an office, driving a car or at home. Even if the Palestinian leadership publicly state that they are not going to be intimidated, there is no question that this is infusing fear to the greatest degree among them. There is no safe place, the Shin Beth has spies everywhere, and no leader knows when it is his turn to be killed. Notice that Yasser Arafat has never been targeted. Several of his top leaders have been taken out, some in Libya years ago. The naked truth is this, Yasser has been a Mossad agent for many years and as long as he is useful to the Israelis, they will not kill him.

Documents smuggled out from Mossad sources, have revealed that both the PLO and the Hamas groups were started, financed and run by Mossad Agents. Thus the Israelis could register and index every Palestinian willing to fight against them. This has been the biggest double cross in the history of mankind.

At the same time Israel is waging financial war against the Palestinian population. Most of this year the West Bank and the Gaza strip have been clamped down in a tight security grip and daily life is destroyed, including business, manufacturing, farming, and the education of children. Basically, the West Bank and the Gaza strip are nothing but two giant prisons, where the prisoners are being squeezed harder and harder. The American press is not there to record it, so the secret war goes on day after day. The leadership of Israel is hoping that the Palestinians will break before the Jewish people in Israel start to cry out for peace negotiations.

But there is another ticking bomb ready to explode in the Middle East. Iran has been building up its nuclear industry for a number of years, helped by unemployed Russian nuclear scientists. Israel has warned the United States that it will not sit by and watch the Iranians finish building nuclear bombs, but that it will strike and take these industrial complexes. And if you remember, Israel has done that before. In 1981 Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin ordered air strikes against Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facilities.

Since Iran is farther away than Iraq, and Iran has a better air defense, the only option Israel will have is to use its own missiles and arm them with nuclear bombs. Sending a force of Israeli fighter bombers will be hard to do, without being detected. They would have to fly over Jordan, then Irak and by that time the Iranians would know that they were coming and be prepared to fight them. Since Israel does not have the suppression power that the United States has, they would suffer heavy losses. When the Israeli defense minister General Amos Yaron visited the Pentagon during the last week of August, he more or less informed the American military leadership that a strike was forthcoming, it was just a question of timing. Since there are Iranian backed missile units operating in Lebanon, the Israeli air force would most likely also take these out.

Iran is not an innocent bystander just trying to take care of its own people. Iran has been actively preparing for war with Israel for many years and they have placed their soldiers in Lebanon, armed with some 8,000 Katyusha rockets. Some missiles have the capacity to hit as far south as Tel Aviv.

Unless God intervenes, it is only a matter of time before another war breaks out in the Middle East. We have been warned by God in Ezekiel 38:1-6.

The greatest tragedy of eternity is this: Jewish people living in Israel fight and hate the Palestinians who in turn fight and hate the Jews. What they have not understood is this, the land of Palestine does not belong to either group; it is the property of God. And when Jews and Palestinians die, they will be together for ever and ever. Those who have accepted Christ will be in heaven with the Lord through eternity, and those who died without Christ will spend eternity together in the Lake of Fire, where they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

Since Richard Nixon, while President of the United States, opened the door for Communist China, the American government has transferred sensitive technology to China and given them a blank check to send their intelligence agents to the US to infiltrate our most advanced weapon laboratories and enrolled thousands of Chinese students at our best universities. When these young Chinese return to China, with masters degrees and doctorates in various subjects, they will enhance the military capacity of China. For young people reading this letter, it might be of interest to you, that in the 1920's and 30's the United States had opened its doors to young Japanese students to come and learn in the US. During World War II many of the top leaders in the Japanese military complex were American trained, and the atrocities Japanese troops committed against American solders and captured civilians are beyond description. China would not have an advanced missile production, inter-ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, well capable of being launched in China to hit targets in the United States, a space industry with satellites in orbit, top of the line jet fighters (copies of American F-16 and 18's and powerful cruise missiles, unless American presidents had not opened America for these ruthless rulers of China. The Tiananmen Square massacre June 3-4th, 1989 when hundreds of young Chinese students were crushed to death by Army tanks and recorded live and broadcast around the world is now forgotten. Young people have never heard of it, and the older people don’t remember. The Communist butchers who ordered that massacre are still in power and they are still bent on having a war with the United States to do what Japan failed to do in 1941-45.

Our most advanced computer technology is flowing freely into China, but some day that technology will be used in a deadly war in which hundreds of thousands of American service men and women will die. Here is just a sample of what the Communist regime is planning:

Recent Chinese naval exercises, using new anti-ship cruise missiles, focused on attacking and sinking U.S. aircraft carriers. Since a war with China would draw American carrier task forces to the battle areas, the Chinese military is now gauging how to neutralize the American navy. The Japanese sank American carriers in World War II and many died. A current U.S. carrier has a crew of around 5000 sailors. Most of China’s advanced weapons took part in the exercise, including SU-27 and J-8 aircrafts, Sovremenny class destroyers and Kilo submarines.

On August 23, 2001, the Russian government announced that Russia is currently in the production of a new cruise missile, X-22M, which at this time cannot be stopped by any US defense weapons. The missile has a range of 250 miles and shortly will be sold to China to replace their SSN-22 anti-ship missiles.

If you were born after 1960 and you cannot understand the threat that China poses to the United States, seek out an American veteran that fought the Chinese in Korea, 1950-53. He will tell you what it was like when the Chinese military leaders unleashed half a million of their soldiers, coming like a pack of wolves against the American lines. Our soldiers could not fire enough rounds to stop them, after they had killed around 100,000 Chinese soldiers, 400,000 communist soldiers overran the American defense positions and slashed and killed young American GI’s in a blood bath.

What the Chinese are not able to steal from the United States, they will buy from Israel, which has either received it from the American government or stolen it, since their intelligence service "The Mossad" has totally penetrated all American military and technical departments.

In turn, the Chinese are supplying missile technology and hardware to Pakistan, North Korea, Libya and other third world dictatorships. Russia and North Korea are the major exporters of nuclear, chemical and biological weapon related equipment and missile systems to many third world client states. China has undertaken to sell and help to develop nuclear weapons programs to Iran which will eventually be destroyed by Israel. Iran is also receiving Chinese assistance for its chemical weapons programs. China is also selling advanced conventional arms to Pakistan, Iran, Sudan and a number of other poor third world nations.

Russia, North Korea and China supplied crucial ballistic missile related equipment, technology and technical support to Iran for the last 30 years. Russia is continuing even after the so called "fall of Communism" to supply ballistic missile related goods and technical know-how to Iran, India, China and Libya. The Indian government has been negotiating with Russia to lease nuclear-powered attack submarines from the Russian navy. Libya is building missiles with help from Yugoslavia, India, North Korea and China, and will most likely have a medium range missile in the future which could hit any target in Western Europe.

A simple answer is this, the world is a "mad house." The Devil is now about 80% finished in building his One World Government with a One World Religion. As I have written in previous newsletters and The Dove magazine, all intelligence services in the world are under the control of the powerful WORLD GOVERNMENT. Satan will not be able to take over the world unless he can first create such chaos that people will cry out in desperation for relief which he will give them for a season. Just like Adolf Hitler gave peace and stability to Germany for a short six years before he plunged them into World War II, and when it was over, Germany was reduced to a heap of rubble.

Arms dealers and business corporations are making huge profits at selling arms to poor nations. They cannot even feed their own people but they are buying top of the line weapons of mass destruction. American tax payers are footing the bill for this, since the third world nations are using their aid money from the US to buy weapons instead of building up the infra structure and providing food, shelter and education for their people.

If you want to hear of something preposterous, look at this: Sweden has been in the grip of Social Democrats for the last 80 years. A fantastic welfare state was created, wherein a person was taken care of from birth to death. To build this, huge loans were made from the 1940's and on from International bankers. (Most of the Jewish owned banks and institutions operating in the United States). With high wages and a high living standard, and one million foreigners living on Swedish welfare rolls, their economy has more or less crumbled. Swedish industry and business cannot compete with cheap products from nations like China and other third world nations. In a desperate bid to save what they can, the Social Democratic Party of Sweden has more or less abolished the Swedish army, navy and air force. The Swedish army is down to almost nothing, and probably the best it can muster today is the army unit in charge of the king’s palace in Stockholm. The navy has been told that they can operate only during business hours as there is no money for overtime. Thus the few Swedish navy ships left cannot leave their harbors since that would cause overtime for the crew. In my estimation, the best defense Sweden has left are Swedish meatballs – the best in the world. By throwing meat balls at an invading enemy, the Swedes might be able to stop them and ask them to go home. (Being born in Sweden, [I left for the United States in 1963], I have up to this day not being able to understand the expression: "Just a dumb Swede." Now, however, I can understand and it makes me ashamed of the country where I was born. Now I am concerned about America; we are producing and selling weapons all over the world, while cutting back our own military forces. Is the United States being "Swedenized?")

January 1, 2002, (only three and a half months to go) Western Europe will have a common currency. Gone will be the German mark, the French francs, the Italian lira and the Greek drachma. Twelve nations will allow their currency to cease to exist and convert over to the new European currency, the EURO. The people in these twelve nations will have from January 1 to February 28 to go to their banks, and turn in all cash and convert it to Euros. There will be no grace period. After February 28, the old currencies will become worthless, on a world wide scale. No bank in any nation after February 28, 2002 will convert these currencies to dollars or euros. Rates have been set years ago, and people will find that suddenly their hard earned savings are going to be worth much less than before. Only three nations have, at this time, decided to refuse surrendering their currency despite the fact that they belong to the European Union. These nations are England, Denmark and Sweden. Already the International Jewish banking industry has been putting pressure on these currencies, and you can expect these three nations’ economies to crumble. Then they will be forced to convert in order to survive. Ten years ago the Swedish "krona" was worth around five US dollars. Today it takes 10.5 kronor to buy one dollar. Swedish exports are cheaper but the cost of importing goods has risen 50%. Sweden imports all of its oil usage, plus food and other needed commodities.

What we are seeing here is another step toward the visible kingdom of Satan. We know that the Bible has warned us about this subject (Revelation 13:1-18). Understand this, once the euro is in place, the world will then only have two world currencies, the dollar and the euro. It will only be a matter of time before these two currencies are merged into one. God has told us that in his Word.

Just a few days before I finished this newsletter, I received a phone call from a friend of mine, Lawrence T. Patterson, (publisher of Criminal Politics) who I have known since around 1989. We met in Los Angeles at one of his seminars and during the years we have exchanged material and talked with each other from time to time. Lawrence asked me what I thought about the idea of a "CHRISTIAN HOME STATE." We discussed the subject for some time, and then he asked me to pray about it and let him know what I would like to do. The next day I received a letter from a friend of our ministry who has been reading Criminal Politics, and he asked me my opinion on this subject. Let me share with you what has come to my mind after praying and thinking about the subject.

Each Christian (born again and washed in the blood of Jesus) has but one authority and that is God. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave on the third day. Through his death and resurrection we can be saved if we repent and receive Christ as our Lord and Saviour. John 3:1-16; Romans 10:1-17.

When Jesus set up his church in Jerusalem, he started with a core group of 120 persons (Acts 1:15). They were told to stay in Jerusalem until they had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, which took place on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:4-8; 2:1-4). At the first service that day, 3000 men repented of their sins and were born again (Acts 2:36-47). But they had a commandment that Jesus had given, go out into the whole world and make disciples - Matthew 28:18-20.

For awhile the apostles ignored this. They were comfortable in Jerusalem and in a short time the church had grown to some 25,000 members, which would be a large portion of the population of Jerusalem. But now, something strange happened, God allowed persecution to break out and the entire membership was driven out from Jerusalem and spread all over the Roman Empire where they preached the Gospel. (Acts 8:1-4). The Christians were persecuted. Some were arrested, tortured and killed in the arenas by wild animals, but the power of God prevailed and in less than 200 years Christianity had been strongly planted not only in the Roman Empire, but also in Ethiopia, Babylon, Persia, Saudi Arabia, what is today Pakistan, India all the way to the southern tip of India, where there still is a remnant of the apostolic church. But once compromise, which is a sin, was allowed into the church, the power was lost, the light and the glory faded away, and the Devil and his crowd took over. But the Great Commission commandment still stands for us today!

During the end of the 16th century, God began to move upon a group of Christians in England. They were known as "the Pilgrims," and their pastor was a man by the name of Robinson. He and his followers received "a mandate from God" to leave England, and thousands of them left England with their families and moved to Leyden in Holland. But, despite their large numbers, they felt that this was not the place that God wanted them to stay, instead they were given the mandate from God to move to North America and there start a community built upon Christian principles. Some time after the Pilgrims started to move, another Christian group in England, "The Puritans," followed suit and moved en mass to the new world. The result was the beginning of the United States of America. But we have lost our inheritance because sin has corrupted the churches in America. No one can deny that the hand of God was placed upon the Pilgrims and the Puritans and the nation that was birthed from them.

A Christian home state can be seen as a retreat or a rallying point. If we move in the flesh and in seeing how bad things are around us, look for some place to which to flee, it will not work out. However, if the Lord is rallying His people to a certain state to build them up and then move out in force from there, it will be a time of victory. At this time I do not know the will of God in this matter, and thus I cannot take one position or the other. I believe that through prayer and fasting God will reveal to me what he wants me to do and what the will of God is for our nation. Let us all pray, fast and seek the will of God in this matter, before we make a move!

When I started this newsletter a few years ago, it was basically a simple church bulletin that was sent out to our church members and friends supporting our radio broadcasts. About a year ago God spoke to me to put more effort into it and expand it to eight pages. Well, it has been very successful and from having been sent to around 60 persons, we are now up in the hundreds. The success is hurting us financially, since only around 30% of the people receiving the newsletter support it. Many people are reading it via the Internet, but few of these will support us financially. Here is what I’d like to know from you. Since we do not send you a copy of this letter unless you asked for it, my assumption is that you read it. If you read it, are you willing to help us out with the production cost of it? If everyone reading this newsletter would send two to five dollars per month, all of our costs will be covered. If you are on a fixed income, or your finances are so meager that you barely can pay for food and shelter, I want you to have this newsletter free of charge. If you say, "I used to read the newsletter, but not any more," would you please be so kind as to write me and let me know, and we will take you off our mailing list. Thank you for being honest with me, as I have tried to be honest with you.

Editor's Note:  It is interesting to note that this Newsletter was given to me on September 10, 2001, yet is so pertinent to the events of the following day.

1. Appeared in Sacramento Bee on August 25, 2001 -- A10, written by James Risen of the New York Times.

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