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August 2001 Newsletter

John S. Torell

I have previously laid a foundation as to my knowledge of the workings of different intelligence services, not only in the United States, but also in other nations. In this issue I will continue to share with you the danger and deception that all intelligence organizations pose to people living in the different nations. Many Americans are asking why the former FBI agent betrayed his nation to the Soviet Union? In this issue, I will try to address this question. Most people who have been working in intelligence for awhile become very disillusioned, hard and cynical. When they discover what really goes on behind the scenes, they either quit, start drinking heavily, or as Hansen and so many others have done, use their knowledge to make money on the side.

There were three prominent American intelligence directors who were not allowed to live out their lives because they had become a threat to the secret World Government. The first one was J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI. Hoover had survived a number of presidents and had established himself as a power broker in Washington D.C. No one was immune to his vast network of spies. Presidents, senators and congressmen were controlled by the damaging files he had collected on them. No one dared to cross him. Instead, even if a politician hated Hoover, in public he would heap praise on him. There are no documents to prove that he was assassinated, but the few reports which have been leaked over the years indicate that he was given some kind of drug which induced his death. He died on May 2, 1972 and was conveniently gone by the time president Nixon’s five CIA "plumbers" were arrested in June, 1972 for their break-in at the democratic headquarters in the Watergate apartment complex.

Hoover had presided over the cover-up of the assassination of President Kennedy, which was a joint project between the CIA and the FBI. The murder of Kennedy was ordered by the World Government, since Kennedy had publicly stated that the United States was strangled by foreign forces and that he was going to go public with the information. Thus one of the last key players in this assassination was gone and he took all his secrets with him to the grave.

The second one to be killed was CIA director William J. Casey, who was given a lethal dose of a drug that induced seizures and he was taken to a hospital on December 15, 1986, the day he was supposed to testify before a Senate panel about the Iran/Contra scandal. Three days later he underwent brain surgery to remove a "malignant tumor." With his wife at his side in the hospital, he began to improve, and was kept in the hospital for some time. Twenty four hours after the congressional hearings in Congress concerning the Iran/Contra scandal began, he suddenly took a turn for the worse and died quickly on May 6, 1987. There is no doubt in my mind that someone on the payroll of either the CIA or the FBI made sure that he received a lethal dosage into his bloodstream. Casey knew too much, his handlers no longer trusted that he would be silent and those of you that lived through the period of the Iran/Contra scandal remember the intensity of the Congressional hearings and the possible impeachment of President Reagan. The third one to be murdered was William Colby, who had been the CIA director in the early 1970's under President Nixon. As more and more details started to come out about American atrocities in Vietnam, it was obvious that the leadership of the CIA was told that Colby had to be eliminated. Colby was born in 1920 in St. Paul, Minnesota and joined the U.S. Army in 1940 after finishing college. He was trained as a paratrooper and then assigned to the OSS (forerunner to the CIA). After the war he went back to college and earned a law degree, worked as a lawyer until 1950, then went back into intelligence work by joining the CIA. He worked as a CIA operator in Stockholm, Sweden from 1951-53 and was part of the team that was secretly working with the Swedish government (Social Democrats) doing signal spying on the Soviets, using Swedish Air Force DC-3 aircraft. These planes would leave Sweden and fly as close as possible to the coast beginning from East Germany all the way up to Finland. Because of the penetration of the CIA by Soviet spies, they knew exactly what was going on and that the so called "neutral" Swedish government was deeply involved with the CIA. One DC-3 was shot down by the Soviets. When Swedish rescue aircraft tried to locate the shot down plane and rescue the crew, a Catalina aircraft was shot down. This time the Swedish navy was out in force and rebuffed some Soviet subs and rescued the second crew. The official "lie" told to the Swedish people was that the evil Communists had shot down a DC-3 air craft returning from Gotland with Air Force personnel heading back to the mainland for vacation. 1

Colby was moved from Stockholm to Rome, Italy and served as a CIA operative there from 1953-58. This was a time when the last Nazis were moved from Europe to a safe haven in South America and, for some, to the US. This operation had been going on for some time, code named "Operation Paper Clip," and involved were the CIA, the British MI6, the KGB, the Mossad and the Roman Catholic Church. Knowing the inside rottenness of intelligence work, Colby at this time must have lost all feelings of loyalty to the United States, and particularly to the office of the President of the United States of America. 2

In the late 1950's the United States was gearing up for war in Vietnam, and the CIA needed a ruthless CIA chief in Saigon, who would build up the nastiest killing machine seen since World War II. Colby was picked for the job and served in Saigon as station chief of the CIA from 1959 to 1962, when he was promoted to head all CIA actions in the entire Asian theater of war. Colby oversaw the formation of secret CIA armed units, which later were used to "pacify the countryside" of Vietnam. For an outsider this does not sound too bad, but in reality it was CIA units and regular US army units closing off villages, and then killing all of the people they found (men, women and children).

William Colby was no better or worse than Adolf Eichman, (German SS officer in charge of exterminating Jews during World War II) who was hanged in Israel in the early 1960's. The only difference was that Eichman was given a public trial while Colby was sentenced to death by his superiors, not for his war crimes, but for having too much knowledge.

Colby was brought back to the US in 1971 and became the director of the CIA. When Nixon resigned and Gerald Ford became president, Colby was forced to resign. He let some of the secrets out in 1975 when he testified before Congress about secret covert activities by the CIA, spying on US citizens at home, plotting coups and assassinations in other nations, conducting experiments on unknowing American citizens (like spraying entire cities with biological agents, including subways and bus terminals, giving out LSD, etc.), the pacification projects in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal. (The five men that broke into the democratic party headquarters were all CIA agents).

Colby was a very healthy man who enjoyed the outdoors and was an excellent swimmer and skilled boater. Toward the end in April he told his wife that he was going to spend a few days at their beach home at Rock Point, Maryland, and make sure that all things were ready for their upcoming summer vacation. What she did not know was that the CIA had summoned him to a secret meeting at his own summer residence. At this meeting he was told that this was the end of the line for him, he was taken far enough out on his own boat that no one could see or hear. CIA merciless operatives (just like he had been for years) stuck his head in the water and drowned him, then tossed him overboard. His boat was then turned over and left to drift, while the assassination squad made it back in their own boat.

The official "lie" released by the US government was that Colby had become very depressed and had taken his own life. Anyone working in intelligence knew that this was another dastardly lie upon the mountain of lies made over the years, but the warning sent a chill through the intelligence community, "SHUT UP, OR DIE!" Colby died at the hands of CIA men on April 27, 1996.

Every intelligence service has a department of "profilers." Their job is to get inside the head of an enemy agent, or a human target, and try to figure out how the person thinks, acts and plans his life. This will be a brief profile on Robert Hansen.

Hansen, a devout Roman Catholic, joined the FBI in 1976. If he was a patriotic American, he must have had a rude awakening. Learning about the rumors of the murder of J. Edgar Hoover, and then learning about the drug running scam by the CIA, must have made him sick. During the Carter years there were severe restrictions on all American intelligence services, and each group had their own "super secret black operations" hidden from the president of the United States. The CIA developed its huge operation at Mena, Arkansas, where it was running an airport in that city. The leadership in Arkansas was well aware of the project and received cuts from it. When Bill Clinton, in the next decade, became governor of Arkansas, he worked well with the CIA and Vice President George Bush. Weapons, ammunition and money would be loaded on the CIA transport air crafts, then flown down to Guatemala or El Salvador where they would be unloaded, then handed over to the Contras fighting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Then the planes would fly further south, picking up heroin and other drugs, which were flown to Mena. Here it would be put out on the American market, where American youth were destroyed and the profit would flow back to the CIA.

Later, when the CIA got involved in the war in Afghanistan between the Soviets and the so called "freedom fighters," more dirty drugs were moved. The CIA recruited a young rich man from Saudi Arabia by the name of OSAMA BIN LADEN. His job was to develop a vast network of "freedom fighters," today renamed, "terrorists," to fight the Russians. Bin Laden was trained to mastermind the funneling of huge amounts of money from the CIA and Arab nations to finance the little war the CIA was fighting in Afghanistan. The American people are not told today that America’s worst enemy, as painted by the media and the Pentagon, Osama Bin Laden, is a former well trained CIA agent, who simply took over the network he built with the help of American intelligence operatives. (Neither were the American people told that Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader of North Vietnam, was a former OSS agent, trained ,financed and equipped by the United States of America) The truth about Afghanistan today is that the ruling Taliban regime is protecting Bin Laden, who in turn is selling the opium grown in that nation on the international market, and this is the cash crop keeping the Taliban in power. 3

After a few years in the FBI, Robert Hansen was given a super secret assignment, to be part of building up a new illegal spy network, which was to operate in the United States and spy on American citizens deemed "dangerous" by the World Government. It was a step back to the old days of J. Edgar Hoover. Congress had passed laws against it, but that means nothing to intelligence services. I believe at this time something snapped in Hansen, when he realized that the FBI and the CIA were not loyal at all to the nation or to the constitution, instead they had become a state within a state, and that agents were rewarded on the merit of lying, cheating and covering up the truth.

I do not think it helped Hansen, when he found out that both the FBI and the CIA had developed ties to people in Witchcraft and Satanism. The most well known Satanist in the 1970's was Anton LaVey, who had founded the Church of Satan and established his headquarters in a building in San Francisco painted totally black. The CIA had recruited a number of people from the US Army, who were Satanists to form a special "Psychological Operation Unit," which was to continue the mind control programs, inherited from Nazi Germany and pre-World War II Japan. The most visible officer in this special operations unit was Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who was stationed at the Army Base Presidio, San Francisco (the base is now closed and turned into a park). Aquino and his wife (a high priestess) became members of LaVey’s Satanic church, but after some time Aquino ousted LaVey and renamed the organization "the Temple of Set." Aquino was also working on a project called "MK Ultra," which was a mind control program used by the CIA. In order to facilitate victims to work on, the Aquinos set up five day care centers in the county of Sonoma, California. At these centers children were abused and molested in order to split their personalities and make them suitable for mind control. When this blew up and the day care centers were investigated by local police, the FBI and the CIA interfered and the whole thing was hushed up. 4

Add to this "remote viewing," where the FBI and the CIA will use a Satanist or a Witch, who either will astral project or conjure up spirits, and then be able to travel to any point on this earth and find out what people are doing and saying. What I shared with you here is just the tip of the iceberg, but enough for you to understand how devastating this must have been for Robert Hansen, and all other new FBI agents.

I am not excusing Hansen for snapping and turning into a spy for the Soviets, I am just telling you what I believe as to why he did what he did. Add to this the bickering among FBI agents, the drinking, sexual debauchery and the kickbacks, and you will understand why the FBI and the CIA have a great moral dilemma with agents. It is like a cesspool in which the agents are swimming, trying to get what they can.

The FBI tried to put a "spin" on the stripper that Hansen supported for a number of years, stating that he had no sexual contact with her, that he was trying to help her to get out of her lifestyle, and that he was doing this as a good Catholic. Why they tried to put this spin out, is not known, but here is my take on it: Hansen had outsmarted the FBI for more than 20 years and the Government wanted to know what he had sold. Hansen was "angry" and would not talk. So the Government floated the death sentence and the removal of all retirement benefits for his wife and children, whom he loved. Hansen was faced with this ultimatum, cooperate and spill it all, and you will "only" be sentenced to life without possibility of parole, and your wife and children will receive around $60,000.00 per year in retirement for the rest of the life of the wife. Hansen took the deal, and the FBI was spared a public trial where a lot of dirt would have come out. And like all the fairy tale stories end, "and they all lived a happily ever after."

This was the headline in the prestigious Jewish magazine, THE JERUSALEM REPORT, in their August 13, 2001 issue, with the cover picture showing a cache of ecstasy pills and the subtitle, "The Israelis Dominate the Worldwide Ecstasy Trade." The equally prestigious Jewish magazine, MOMENT, in its August 2001 issue has a cover page showing five tablets of ecstasy stamped with the Star of David and the following head lines: "THE AVARICE AND THE ECSTASY, THE WORLD’S LEADING DISTRIBUTORS OF THE ‘ LOVE DRUG’ ARE ISRAELIS."

This is a nightmare for local police departments across the United States. No local police chief, sheriff or locally elected official dare to let the word out, that Jews are more and more taking over drug trafficking in the world. You will not read about this in your local paper, neither will your local TV and radio newscasts discuss this. It would be financial suicide for anyone to break this news to the American people. After all, Anti-Semitism is a crime in the United States and in most nations in the West. The media can identify the Mafia as those bad people from Sicily and no one will raise an eyebrow when we hear about the Mexican drug smugglers, or the Columbian drug lords. For some reason Jews have been elevated above some kind of "gods" and above what the Bible teaches about God’s chosen people. They must be left alone or the wrath of God will come down and strike a Gentile who dares to ask questions.

Why are leading Jewish magazines now beginning to speak about this problem and tell the truth as it is? Because the use of ecstasy is now reaching epidemic numbers among young Jewish people, and the Jewish leadership is now trying, through education in their media, to stop the usage among young Jews. These magazines are not produced to be read by Gentile Americans, they are produced exclusively for Jewish people living in the United States.

The masses of Americans will not believe a person like me, when I start telling them. First of all many do not know that American Jews have their own daily newspapers, and monthly magazines and their own publishing houses for Jewish books. When I read these articles, it became clear that the drug problem is now affecting Jewish young people, and the  leadership is now trying to protect its own people. Thus they are sounding the alarm. 5

What makes this a nightmare worse than hell itself is that the drug smugglers from Israel are not just regular criminals, they are controlled agents of the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad. This organization is just as bad, if not worse than, the FBI, the CIA or the old Soviet KGB. Drugs are the life-line for all intelligence organizations, without them they would not have the cash to operate and live a life apart from the nation that they are supposed to serve. The Mossad has a very small full-time staff, but relies upon Jewish people living all over the world to do their dirty work for them whenever they are called upon. Just as American government officials invoke "National Security" without defining what it is, so does the Mossad, and their slogan is "We must do this to make sure that the State of Israel is secure and that Jews never again experience a holocaust."

So Jews in all nations buckle down and become drug runners, without knowing what they are doing, and when they are caught, it is they, not the Mossad handlers, who go to prison,. And if they talk to much, they are killed by a hit squad. Thus the Mossad has access to hundreds of thousands of law abiding Jewish-Americans, who will run drugs and do their bidding, all in the name of "Saving Israel." Since the police are afraid to be labeled anti-Semitic, not a whole lot is done and the drugs come in by the ton.

Here is a headline inside The Jerusalem Report: "A new type of ‘hevre’ (crooked groups of Israelis with kingpins at their head), have blasted onto the Ecstasy scene, dominating the trade with global connections and networks. And their dubious reputation is only growing." In a typical protection of Jews in the media, Sammy the Bull (Salvatore Gravano), the one time under boss in the Gambino family who turned federal witness against his former Mafia bosses, was relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Here, he and some of his children were arrested for running a huge ecstasy ring. In the month of May, 2001, he pleaded guilty and is now waiting for his sentence. What the media did not tell the public was that his supplier was a Jew, Ilan Zarger, based in Brooklyn, New York, who has ties to the Israeli mob.

Ecstasy is a synthetic drug (MDMA) a member of the amphetamine drug family. It was first synthesized in the laboratory of a German drug company in 1912 and first used to suppress overeating. In the 1970's the drug was being prescribed by psychiatrists for married couples who were having problems in their sexual relationships. The drug will suppress feelings to eat, drink or sleep up to six hours, and create strong sexual feelings, with a relaxing of a person’s morals, thus opening the person to uninhibited sexual activity.

The dark side of the drug is that the drug will induce a hyperactivity, that in some instances can lead to the collapse of the heart. After several hours the user will feel dehydrated and need to drink huge amounts of liquid. But the drug also blocks the kidney function, and instead of the fluids being urinated out, the fluids are stored all over the body causing increased stress on the kidneys and heart.

The drug also attacks brain cells, and leads to learning problems and memory loss. Ecstasy also causes depression. When the user comes off the drug, he can at times feel awful, which in many cases leads the person to use other illegal drugs to offset the side effects. It will also affect a user if he or she is trying to drive while under the influence.

Most of the ecstasy pills are produced in laboratories in Holland and Belgium, and from there they are smuggled all over the world. The labs vary in seize from large industrial plants to small "mom and pop" labs hidden in barges or basements underneath factories or farms.

In order to understand the large quantities produced, look at these numbers: In April 2000, US federal agents seized 80 lbs of pills, shipped via FedEx to wholesalers in Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts. Just a few months later, US Customs seized a shipment of 650,000 pills and then a second shipment of 2.1 million pills in Los Angeles. At about the same time, 100,000 pills were caught being smuggled in from Canada. In 1995, the US government seized a total of a few hundred thousands pills; in year 2000, that number had increased to 11.1 million tablets.

The numbers of users are staggering. Just looking at two nations we can see why this is a billion dollar industry. In year 2000, the Israeli government estimated that there were 300,000 casual drug users in Israel and 20,000 hard core junkies. In the United States the numbers are staggering; 15 million hard core junkies, and millions upon millions of casual users.

The production price per tablet is between 15 to 25 cents. The wholesaler will sell a tablet for two dollars to the distributor, who in turn will sell if to a drug dealer for $10-15 per tablet. The drug dealer will move onto the college campus, the high school and into the neighborhood of every community in America and he will sell each tablet to the youngsters for between $25 to $40 dollars. A $100,000 investment by a wholesaler will turn into a profit of five million dollars in just a few short weeks. The chain that is staffed by Jews is from the wholesale to the distribution. By controlling the center of the operation, the Jews are in reality in total control. A lab can produce 100,000 tablets in a few days, but without a distribution system there is nothing the people at the lab can do. And the street drug dealers depend entirely upon their suppliers, since they cannot order it directly from the lab.

There are three major Israeli movers in the smuggling: Jacob Koki Orgad, Oded Tuito and Sean Erez.

Orgad was arrested in 2000 for running a distribution center in Los Angeles, where, in three years he moved nine million ecstasy tablets. Orgad’s mode of operation was to hire young beautiful women who would be placed on the same airplane as his recruited "mules" of ordinary looking Jewish young men (20-35). As the custom agents focused their attention on these women, many of them strippers, the mule would slip through without being caught. Tuito operated out of New York, where he recruited Jewish couriers paying them up to $10,000 per trip to Israel or Europe. When American lawmen were closing in on him, he fled to France. When he visited Spain he was arrested and is now being extradited back to the US. Tuito had a vast cocaine and marijuana smuggling operation before he got into ecstasy. Sean Erez is a Canadian Jew holding citizenship in both Canada and Israel. His style of operation was to recruit young ultra-Orthodox teens and older from Brooklyn and Monsey, New York, to bring in his drugs. He paid his young Hasidim "mules" only $1,500 plus a free trip to Israel, and in return each mule would carry half a million dollars in cash to be deposited with his organization in Israel, then they would bring back between 30 to 40,000 ecstasy tablets. In about seven months Erez moved some one million tablets, before he was arrested in Amsterdam in June 1999.

Across the United States every week "the rave parties" go on and our young people are purchasing their pills, then they dance themselves into a frenzy, ending up having sexual intercourse with one or more strangers, and the next day they wake up burned out and sick. This is the Devil at work, destroying the youth of America and making another generation of drug addicts who will clog our jails, prisons, hospitals, and worst of all, our cemeteries. If there ever was a time to pray THIS IS THE DAY!

The Jews are not the only drug lords in the Middle East. In the nation of Lebanon lies a fertile valley, called "the Beka’a Valley." The crops grown here are poppies – fields of them, which produce the raw material for heroin. Lebanon was the main supplier for the heroin production in Sicily, Italy and Marseilles, France. This is the explanation of why the Syrian dictator Hafiz Assad had his troops march into Lebanon and take over the Beka’a Valley, and the Syrians are still holding on to this territory which is giving them the biggest cash inflow in US dollars. Twenty percent (20 %) of all heroin used in the United States by American drug addicts comes from Syria. From 1996, Syria has been the main transit point for hashish grown in Lebanon, opium and morphine coming in from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey and then shipped on to Europe and the United States.

The Israeli drug lords are working with the strong Russian Jewish Mafia that has established itself in the United States and has strongholds in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. By having a number of former professional intelligence agents from both the KGB and the Mossad, the American Italian mafia is intimidated and does not have the fire power or the organization to match this strong combination of criminals.

Another reason for the success of the Israeli drug lords is, that for many years Israelis have had a vast smuggling network of stolen diamonds, which were taken from nations all over the world, particular African nations, and brought to Amsterdam and Brussels and then shipped to dealers all over the world. Since most of the legal distribution and sale of diamonds is in the hands of Jews, a smuggling network was already in place, and all they had to do was to add one more product to their line.

I believe that most Christians have very little knowledge in this area. It was not until I started to research it myself, that I found out what a huge operation this was, and that most of our drug related problems come from intelligence services run wild.

If there ever was a time to pray and fast, this is the time. Also, that we take time with young people to educate them and guide them before they are swallowed up by this drug demon. It is time for us to stop looking at our small pesky problems, which seem so big to us, and instead bombard heaven with our prayers, soaking them in fasting. You can make a difference in your family, in your church and in your community. All it takes is for one informed person to stand up and begin to share the truth. May God help us all is my prayer and for the salvation of our children who must face this drug monster every day they go to public school or meet ("hang out") with their friends in the evenings.

When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:25-26

1. For a complete write up on the Iran/Contra scandal, order the Autumn 1999 issue of The Dove, pages 41-44

2. For more details on Operation Paper Clip, see The Dove, Summer 1994, page 21

3. Documentation from the World Government Periodical "World Policy Journal," Volume 18,No.1, Spring 2001, page 14

4. When the United States invaded Panama in 1989, Lt. Col. Aquino’s unit was sent down to Panama to deal with the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who had been on the payroll of the CIA for years and was a kingpin for the CIA drug smuggling units. Noriega was taken from a Roman Catholic enclave on January 3, 1990, and flown to the US where he was tried in court and sentenced to a long federal prison term for cocain trafficking, money laundering and racketeering. Noriega traded his life and his family by promising to be silent and not reveal that he in reality was a CIA agent, who happened to become a dictator.

5. We will make photo copies of these articles and send them to anyone requesting them, so that you will be able to see THE TRUTH with your own eyes.

The Jerusalem Report August 13, 2001

Moment August 2001

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