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March 2001 Newsletter

John S. Torell

It is now official! The iron fist of the Antichrist system is now out of its velvet glove. On March 6, 2001, the Supreme Court of the European Union (EU, and formerly known as the Common Market) ruled that it is a crime to speak or write any criticism of government institutions and their leaders in the Union.

The British economist, Bernard Connolly had been fired from his employment with the government of the EU, after he had written a book "The Rotten Heart of Europe," in which he wrote a blasting report about the European monetary integration.

The legal ruling stated that the EU commission could restrict dissent in order to protect the rights of others and punish individuals who damaged the institution’s image and reputation. The Court called Connolly’s book aggressive, derogatory and insulting, taking particular umbrage at the author’s suggestion that Economic and Monetary Union was a threat to democracy, freedom and ultimately peace.

It is important for readers outside Europe to understand, that the current Union is different from the old Common Market. Each membership state has surrendered its sovereignty to the Federal Government in Brussels, Belgium and nations like England, France, Germany etc. still have national laws, but if a national law is in conflict with federal law, the national law is voided. Thus the European Union is almost the same as the United States, where state laws are subject to federal laws.

Despite a recent landmark ruling in England concerning free speech, the prosecutor in the case against Connolly stated that it had no value, federal law is above state law. Connolly has been ordered to pay the European Commission’s legal cost.

Since the Antichrist will have his power base in Europe, this is a chilling reminder that his power base is being built and has progressed far beyond what is comfortable for Christians. His legal power as described in Revelation, Chapter 13, is now being put in place by World Government agents, who are eagerly waiting for their coming "messiah," which the Bible calls "The Son of Perdition."

There are two nations in Europe who have fought the idea of a United Europe, one is Norway and the other is England. The Norwegian people voted against joining the EU a few years ago, and today they are very happy. The British people in general did not want to join the EU, but with millions of foreigners living in England, they lost the battle. Sweden had a referendum in which the vote was approximately 50.5% in favor of joining. Today the people who were born in Sweden to Swedish parents are grieving over the fact, that they no longer have a free nation, but now are a province in the EU. It was the votes of more than one million foreigners in Sweden that tipped the scale.

The British Government has not fully cooperated with the federal government of EU, which has created great anger toward the British. Let me share with you my personal belief in a very frightening situation:  

During the last couple of years the farmers in England have been hit very hard. The first disaster for the British farmers was the Mad Cow Disease. A number of people in England came down with this dreadful disease. Some have died while the rest of them are in a dying condition. There is no cure for this disease which is caused by some kind of a virus, similar to what is found in Aids. The virus attacks cells in the brain and literally eats holes in the brain, thus disabling the animal or the human being, leading to death after a long and painful process.

As soon as the epidemic broke out in England, EU moved fast and stopped all export of British beef and dairy products to the rest of the nations on the continent. British farmers were forced to slaughter and burn their entire stock of cows. It has put a great strain on the British economy, since the entire food production chain is affected.

When the British government officials started to investigate from where this disease could possible have started, the blame was laid on the feed sold to the farmers. Instead of giving the cows hay and other grains to eat, parts of slaughtered animals were ground up and mixed into the feed in order to speed up the growth in the calves and increase the milk production in the adult cows.

Once the British farmers thought that the worst was over, in came the next disaster. Foot and Mouth Disease has been sweeping over the English country side, affecting cloven-hoofed animals like cows, bulls, steers, sheep and pigs. As of this writing 80,000 animals have been killed and burned in order to stop the disease from spreading. Once again there is no export of meat and dairy products from England, the farmers lose their entire livestock once a farm has been declared infected. These farmers do not have the money to start over so it is changing the entire farming industry in England. The British people are being brought to their knees and will be at the mercy of EU to bail them out.   

I suspect that the World Government has waged a biological war against the British people. After all, some 20 years ago, Aids was spread via hepatitis vaccine in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to reduce the homosexual population. Then it was infused into small pox vaccine and given out to millions of people in Africa which became and is a grave yard. People are dying of Aids in nation after nation where the vaccine was given out by the World Health Organization. 1

EU cannot be what the World Government wants it to be without England. Since the British people are not cooperating, they must be conquered. Today, new wars are not fought with bullets and bombs, but with germs, viruses and deadly gases. I strongly suspect that biological combat units were dispatched to England and without mercy carried out their deadly assignment. At this point I do not have documentation for this, but knowing much about biological warfare, and then seeing this double outbreak in just one nation, causes me to come to this conclusion.

For awhile the American media gave some attention to this project that has the entire European continent in an uproar, with wide coverage on TV and in the press. But as usual, the World Government does not want the American people to know about this, this is a dirty little job on the Brits, and why should America care? In the beginning the American media brought out the news, that the American Red Cross had issued a ruling, that all American military personnel, their dependents and all others who have lived in Europe for the last four years, cannot give blood at the Red Cross collection centers. They know that many Americans who have eaten British meat are infected, and since the incubation period is five years or more, they do not want the American blood supply to be contaminated. The Mad Cow Disease will eventually start killing Americans and then the media will talk about it, but it will be too late to stop the spread of this disease. However, this is the way the World Government wants it. They decreed many years ago that there are too many people living on the earth, so there must be a population reduction.

Over the years I have seen on TV and read in the media how Jesse Jackson always seems to show up when there is a problem in the black American community or if there is an election and the Democratic party needs to rally black people for their cause. Since I was born and raised in Sweden I did not have any racial prejudice when I arrived in the United States in 1963 and I don’t have any now. Since I have at times preached in black churches and have black Americans in the congregation where I pastor, I did not pay a lot of attention to Jesse Jackson, except I felt he was a "far on the left" Democrat. But I always wondered about three things:

  1. Who pays this man’s salary?
  2. Where is his church?
  3. How can he afford to fly all over the United States and, in some instances, to other nations?

When Bill Clinton was caught committing adultery with Monica Lewinsky, then lying about it, and when finally cornered, confessed to it, Jesse Jackson was one of the so called "ministers" that the Clinton family called upon in their hour of distress. I felt that this was another typical Bill Clinton special, he was not going to call in a Bible believing, washed in the blood of Jesus preacher, he wanted some liberal minister, who did not preach the Word of God, but was rather "a social engineer." At the "photo op" Jackson was seen holding hands with and comforting "the hurting Clinton family."

Then on January 17, 2001, the National Enquirer published the news that Jesse Jackson (now 60 years old) had been committing adultery on an ongoing basis with former college professor, Karin Stanford (39 years old), as she had been employed with the Rainbow Coalition office in Washington D.C. Stanford became pregnant by Jackson in August 1998 (a DNA test later confirmed that Jesse was the father of this girl, now 20 months old), which was the time when Jesse Jackson on public television asked the American people to forgive Bill Clinton for his adultery with Monica Lewinsky.

In December 1998, Jesse Jackson took four-months-pregnant Karin Stanford to the White House, together with other Rainbow Coalition staffers to meet President Clinton, and he stood next to her during a photo op session. Shortly after this event Mrs. Jackie Jackson (wife of Jesse for 38 years) found out about the adultery, and went to the office in Washington D.C. and confronted Stanford. While Stanford was sexually involved with Jesse Jackson, she was also sexually involved with an attorney.

It was not until the DNA test, that all three of them knew that Jesse was the father. In order to keep this scandal under wraps, Stanford was asked to move back to Los Angeles, California, from where she had come. She was given $40,000.00 to enable her to move back and find a dwelling place. An agreement was drawn up between Jesse and Karin Stanford, that for her silence she would receive support to the tune of $3,000.00 per month. In order to justify the $40,000 payment, Stanford was hired as a consultant for the Rainbow Coalition in Los Angeles. This raises another question: How can a "poor" Baptist preacher pay out $3,000 per month in child support and at the same time take care of his own family? Here is the shocking news that Jesse Jackson and his handlers do not want you to know. 

Karin Stanford was paid a total of $120,000.00 during the year of 1999, after which she resigned from the Rainbow Coalition. This is a very large salary to be paid by so called "charitable organizations," which are set up to help poor black Americans, not to get involved in voter registration.

Jesse Jackson has set up a conglomerate of eight nonprofit and public organizations, the most well known are "PUSH," (People United to Serve Humanity) "CEF," (Citizens Education Fund) and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, formed in 1996 as a for profit corporation. Four of the non-profit organizations took in $17 million during year 2000.

In a financial report released by Jesse Jackson’s accountant, Billy R. Owens for year 2000, the following salaries and expenses were reported: Jesse was paid an annual salary of $120,000.00, plus undisclosed speaking fees, and $5,000.00 per week for hosting a cable television show. Jackson’s travel expenses for the year totaled $614,419.00, which was paid on top of all his other compensations. The national Democratic party kicked in $450,000.00 on the travel expenses, since they had Jesse involved in voter registration drives across the nation.

Billy R. Owens, vice president and chief financial officer of Jackson’s four interlocking organizations had an annual salary of 137,500.00 for year 2000. The 102 employees of these four organizations had an average annual salary of $42,145.00.

This is a very sore subject for Jackson to talk about, but here is how it works. Playing the race card has made Jesse a wealthy man. American corporations are approached by his organizations and asked for donations. These are well known corporations like SBC, Ameritech, AT&T, Viacom, GTE, Bell Atlantic, etc. Over the years Jackson has led in a number of boycotts and lawsuits involving race discrimination. When someone from Jackson’s groups visits a business, they instill fear in the businesses’ leaders. No one wants to be boycotted, and lawsuits are expensive. Thus it is cheaper to give a donation to Jesse Jackson’s enterprises than to fight them in court, or be boycotted. (This is how the Mafia has been operating for years, asking for protection money or giving face trouble).

When the news broke on January 17, 2001, about Jesse having fathered a child out of wedlock, a very remorseful looking Jesse had a press conference wherein he told the media that he was withdrawing from public life until he had straightened out his personal life. He had just been scheduled to lead a large protest march in Florida while President Bush was being sworn in as the new president.

It took Jackson only six days to straighten out his life, and on January 23 he held a news conference and told the media that he was back to a normal work schedule. The only reason he could do this, was that the World Government had given orders to the American media to stop talking about Jesse Jackson’s adultery. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, talk show hosts and the so called "comedians" on the late night shows all toed the line and the story of adultery disappeared.

Compare this to the treatment the media gave to Jim Bakker and PTL in the 1980s. The American media hounded Jim Bakker until they had destroyed his ministry and saw him sent off to prison. Not to forget the destruction of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, when he was caught in sexual misconduct. The American media has been ruthless in the past toward Christian ministers like Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Jerry Falwell and many others. Why the difference?

The black people in America have been victimized since they were brought here as slaves. It was wealthy British Jewish business men who owned and operated the lucrative trade of bringing slaves to America. It was white American Jews who helped out and set up the NAACP organization, and brought in the majority of blacks to the Democratic party. For the last 100 years there has been a strong relationship between the Jewish community and the black community in America. Instead of helping black Americans become educated and break out from poverty, the welfare system snared them and kept them stuck in the big cities. Alcohol, sex and drugs have devastated generation after generation of blacks in America. American prisons are full of young black men, who have become losers. With the fathers looked up in prison, their children will run the same trail of drugs, violence, sex, and children out of wedlock while another generation will fill the prisons.

Planned Parenthood is an organization working for the World Government. Their goal is to kill off so-called undesireable people. Where did they set up the majority of their abortion (murder) clinics? In the black communities, in the slums of the inner city. The Democratic party is using all minorities for their own purposes, while at the same time they are destroying them morally and physically. The only hope for black Americans is the same as that of all other races, and His name is JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD!

Thus the goal of Satan and his people is to destroy faith in God, and give the black Americans a new religion which will strip them of all power.

Islam has taken off like wild fire in the black communities. Why has it been so successful? Because Satan has been able to discredit black pastors and through corruption and perverse living, the young black people are turned off on Christianity, and when they encounter the highly disciplined Muslims, they buy into it because they are looking for stability, truth and morality. Thus, Satan has been able to lure millions of black Americans into his false church, keeping them locked up to be sure they will not hear about Jesus and be saved.

When young black people see the corruption in men like Jesse Jackson and his leaders, they become disgusted and angry. They will reject Christ because corrupt "so-called Christian" ministers are fleecing the flock.

The blame is going to fall on the preachers of America. When the scandal broke with Jesse Jackson, who stood up in the pulpits, on the radio, television and through the printed media? How many national pastors, of all races, demanded a resignation by Jesse Jackson and that he should enter into a recovery program? Black ministers are intimidated while white pastors are afraid they will be called "racists."

Many black ministers have been courted by the Freemasons. They were enticed and joined a brotherhood of death, themselves taking an oath of death. What a shame!

Yes, indeed, there is a solution! Born again believers of all races must come together in the name of Jesus Christ and proclaim FASTING AND PRAYER! It must be proclaimed that Jesus died for all men and women on the earth, and it does not matter what is the color of their skin. Genuine, born again, washed in the blood of Jesus pastors must come together and take our communities back. It should not matter if a person is black, Hispanic, white, American Indian, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. By destroying the RACE CARD that the Devil is using, the believers in Christ can form a strong Christian base which can be used to take back our inner cities, empty out the prisons and set the captives free from all vices.

It does not begin with masses of people, it begins in the heart of one person at a time, letting Jesus come in and do a mighty work. Joel 2:1-19; Revelation 3:14-22. Are you willing to join me in this battle for souls, before it is too late?

As you may already know, I am the pastor of a small independent Pentecostal church in Sacramento. Last summer we ran into some financial difficulties and had to leave the facilities we had leased for our church services. It was located in an area that was partially industrial and partially run-down apartment buildings, which made it difficult to draw new people. We have now paid off all past due rent bills and have started a building fund so that we can move out from the private home we are using as a church building and rent some suitable facilities. Could I please ask you to pray for us, and if possible, invest some money in our ministry so that we can very quickly move out from this private home.

Spiritually, we have seen much growth in our ministry, while there are reports of miracles and evidence of God moving among our families and children. New people have come in and we need more space to accommodate them. Our congregation is giving sacrificially over their tithes but the need to move is urgent. Any amount with which you can help us will be greatly appreciated.

Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, Execute true judgment, and shew mercy and compassions every man to his brother and oppress not the widow, nor the fatherless, the stranger, nor the poor; and let none of you imagine evil against his brother in your heart. Zechariah 7:9-10

1. See our well documented articles on this subject on our website or request back issues of The Dove, where we wrote about this.

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