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June 2001 Newsletter

John S. Torell

The Holy Spirit has prompted me to write about a great danger facing the United States at this time, which is also a call for strong prayer on behalf of our nation. A Christian who is not informed is not able to pray fervently, to fast and seek the Lord. Godís servant, Daniel, is one of the greatest intercessors recorded in the Bible, and when he read in the books about the prophecy given to Jeremiah in Jerusalem, and he realized that the time had come for their deliverance, yet nothing was happening, he fasted and bombarded heaven with prayer. (Daniel 9:1-23)

The danger facing our nation today is from all of our intelligence agencies which are out of control and in the hands of foreign nationals who are using these agencies to further the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Most Americans are decent law abiding citizens, do not have "a criminal mind," and thus cannot comprehend the rot and the treason which is everyday business in the FBI, NSA (National Security Agency), BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), the CIA, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and the different branches of intelligence from the Air Force, Navy and Army, to the Postal Inspection Service, plus many more.

The business of all these agencies is not to find the truth and use that in the protection of America, it is rather the obstruction of justice to make sure that the American people do not know the truth in matters that concern our national interest and security, and to cover up for World Government leaders. Then, if necessary, they assassinate anyone who is a threat to the establishment. Before we begin our study of Robert Hansen, the latest FBI agent who was caught as a spy for the Russians, I want to share my personal experience.

When I arrived as an immigrant to the United States in 1963 I was very naive. I believed that all Americans were God fearing people, honest, upright and that the United States government was an impeccable moral institution, dedicated to truth, freedom and peace. At that time as the Vietnam war was beginning to heat up, I supported the American policy 100% and was ready myself to join the army and "kill a bunch of commies," who I hated from years back. It was Godís grace that kept me out. I had registered with the Selective Service and was called up for induction and classified as 1-A. Only a few days before my departure date to basic training, the president exempted all married men. A few years later as 50,000 men per month were drafted, the law was changed; married men without children had to go, but the age limit was 27. I had just turned 28, and today I am more than thankful that I did not have to go. In the meantime I did not know that God was going to give me a hands-on education in understanding intelligence operations. Here is what happened.

A few months after my arrival to the United States, I started to work for the Utah State Road Commission as a designer in their Right-of-Way department. My supervisor was a retired army colonel with more than 20 years service. He was not a paper colonel, but had been a combat leader during World War II in the fight against the German's in France and Germany. After the war he was stationed in Germany for a number of years, holding various commands. Since he was stationed close to the Russian zone, he had to deal a lot with the communists. I am not going to disclose his real name, but will call him "Bob." Bob not only functioned as my supervisor, but he lived not far from where my wife and I lived. He would spend many evenings in our apartment and we would spend time in his house. He took us under his wing and our second summer in the USA he took us on a camping vacation to Yellowstone Park. He wanted to make sure that we would become well adjusted in our new nation. Bob was divorced and at times was a heavy drinker. Since I have always been interested in politics and military matters, I asked him many questions and he spent hours telling us about his life in the service. What he told me at that time I did not want to hear. Bob told me that the reason he left the army was because of the betrayal that was taking place all the time. He told me of things the Soviets had been doing in West Germany, and that he was told by his superior to look the other way and do nothing. Bob told me that things were not as they appeared. The Soviet Union could have been collapsed in 1945, the U. S. had the forces and the power, and they could have been in Moscow in a short time. But, the politicians had other
plans, they wanted a Cold War that was to last for 45 years. Bob also told me how General Douglas MacArthur was betrayed during the Korean war. Bobís supervisor was a slightly younger man who had been a major in the U. S. army and fought in the Korean war as a combat leader. During the time I worked with them, these two men told me many secrets and events that they themselves had witnessed or of which they had been forced to take part. At that time I did not know what to do with this knowledge, so I just filed it in my memory. 1

After my first year in seminary, a man some 15 years older than I came as a student to the seminary. He was married and had four children. I will not use his real name, but will call him "Larry." He had been born in an East European country and spoke Russian fluently, plus his native language. His parents had fled their homeland and gone to Germany during the Russian invasion of 1944. From here they moved on to Australia, and then Larry moved his wife and children to the United States. At that time and since then, I do not know if Larry worked for the Soviets or American intelligence, but he was definitely an agent with an agenda. He always had money, and was able to buy a home and cars, even as a student. Looking back now, I know that he was trying to recruit me to become an agent to work in intelligence. He would tell me different things about events in the world, and at the same time he wanted to find out as much as he could about me, my thoughts and intents in this life. At that time I did not know that the CIA was recruiting students in seminaries, who would later become missionaries but also double up as agents for the CIA. Larry and his wife went with us on a mission trip to Europe in 1971, and they returned home a couple of months before my wife and I. When we arrived at the seminary, he had very skillfully talked about us in such a manner that the faculty leadership almost threw me out of the school. I realized that it was time for me to withdraw fellowship from this man.

In 1975, we came to the city of Lodi, California, where I worked as a pastor. One of the members in the church was a Vietnam war veteran. I will not use his real name, but will call him "Joe." Joe was in his late 20's, married to a nice looking woman, and they had some small children. Their marriage was falling apart, and I began to talk with them and pray with them. Joe would have terrible nightmares, screaming, unable to sleep. He carried much anger inside of him, and was full of hate. As I began to dig into his life, this is what I found out. Joe, a nice mellow young man who had worked on farms around Lodi, was drafted and then sent to Vietnam. Since he was an excellent sharp shooter, he was selected to become a sniper, another word is "assassin." The men in his unit were trained to infiltrate deep into North Vietnam (the official American position was that no U. S. troops were operating in the North), and then draw close to villages and lay in wait for people to come by, and then shoot them dead. Since their weapons had scopes and silencers, people around would see and hear nothing, just witness the death and terror around them. Joe had been trained to become a murderer, and when his time in Vietnam was up, he was brought home and dumped back into the society he was taken from and told to forget all the men and women he murdered. But he could not get away from the faces and the screams of the people he had murdered; in his dreams they called out to him day and night. Joe told me many things about the operations in Vietnam, and when I later heard about Lt. Kelly and the massacre at Me Lai in Vietnam, I understood the truth.

I met a man around 1980, when I was a pastor in the Sacramento area. Here was the same situation Ė a Vietnam veteran who could not adjust to life in the United States. I will call this man Henry. He had a nice wife and great children, but this man was angry, terrifying his family and having screaming nightmares. When I sat down with Henry and tried to unravel what caused so much havoc in his life, I heard this story: When he served in Vietnam, one of his assignments was to interrogate captured Viet Cong soldiers and civilians accused of helping the communists. In order to make these people talk and reveal their secrets, they would take two prisoners into a helicopter and then fly to an elevation of a few thousand feet. The door on the chopper would be opened and without any mercy, Henry would then heave one of the prisoners out through the door and then watch him plunge to his death. He would then turn to the other prisoner and tell him that unless he talked, he also would be thrown out to his death. Henry could not get away from the faces of these men and women who in terror screamed and asked for mercy but received none. Night after night the memory of these prisoners would come back to him and remind him of the many murders he had committed. Henry told me more about Vietnam that we did not read in our papers at home or see on television.

When I recall this story, I cannot but remember the Sacramento County Jail. In 1985, I was ministering for about a year to an inmate who was waiting for his trial and sentencing. The man told me about the "elevator rides." During the night shift, guards would, at times, take out a prisoner from a cell, take him to the elevator and stop between floors. There would always be about four guards and one prisoner on the ride. Once they had stopped the elevator between floors, they would start beating the inmate with their fists in a way to leave no marks. When they were done, the inmate was in excruciating pain. The favorite targets of the guards were the kidneys. The inmate would then be told that if he reported this, the next beating would be worse. All inmates were intimidated in this way into great fear. One mistake, and the next night it would be his turn for a ride in the elevator.

Some time ago I met with a retired police official from a city in the eastern part of the United States. The man was a deeply committed Christian and he told me that part of his job as a supervisor was to protect the incarcerated inmates from his police officers.

A man, I will call Harold, lived in an upscale home in the suburbs of Roseville, California. A friend of his was a member in the church where I was the pastor and the year was around 1982. When we arrived at his house, he met us sitting in his wheel chair. He was frightened and told us that he really did not trust anyone, except the men who had served in his unit. He had been to Vietnam, but also to other places, and he and his men were trained "exterminators." The U. S. government hung many of the Nazi leaders for war crimes and extermination in 1945 at Nuremberg, Germany, but never told the people of America what American forces have done and are to this day doing the same. Harold told us that his unit was employed by the CIA and their orders were to move into an area in Vietnam and close off the village. Then every living being was killed without mercy, men, women and children, to create fear in the surrounding population and force them to work with the Americans. Harold was married to a beautiful wife, but he had no peace, I have never seen a man so tormented in his mind.

He told us a few things that he had done for the U. S. Government, but said that he had been told, if he ever let the truth out, he would be killed and so would his family. Shortly after this, Harold moved to another city, wanting to escape the memories of civilians trying to flee from merciless soldiers firing their guns, while little children, screaming and crying for help, got nothing but a bullet to forever silence them. Harold also told me that his unit operated in the United States and exterminated people who the CIA wanted to eliminate.

Around 1985 I became the pastor for another church in the Sacramento area. One day as I was teaching on the end times, a woman in the church, whom I will call Susan, came to me and said that she wanted to tell me about her father. Here is the story she told me. Her father had worked for the Government, but he never told his wife what kind of work he did. He was gone for long stretches of time, and then would suddenly show up at home for a while and then take off again. (This is typical for CIA operatives).

One day in 1964, some government officials came to their home and told Susanís mother that her husband had died during his work assignment and had been buried. There was nothing the family could do. They were told to keep quiet and just go on with their lives. For many years Susan believed her father was dead. Then some 20 years later she received a phone call from Australia. The caller was her father. Here is what he told his daughter: "I was part of the CIA operation in the assassination of President Kennedy, and afterwards I was given a choice, either to be executed or relocate to Australia under a new name and never again contact my family or come back to the United States."

For some 20 years he had lived in exile, longing to see his children and his wife, but knowing he could not. Now, having a terminal illness, he broke his silence in order to at least talk to his family again. Susan contacted a church close to where her dad lived in Australia. He went to the church and they led him to Christ before he died. Did Susan lie about this? I donít think so.

The Sacramento area was filled with military bases when I came here in 1976. Mather Air Force Base that had a wing of B-52's loaded with nuclear bombs and an alert pad ready to launch 24 hours per day. Then there was the McClellan Air Force Base, where some 20,000 people worked to keep aircraft repaired. In central Sacramento was the Army Depot, an hour away toward San Francisco was Travis Air Force base, and to the north was Beale Air Force base. The huge Aerojet complex was in the foothills where rocket engines were tested and built for the U. S. Air Force. The area was infested with intelligence agents from the Soviet Union, trailed by FBI and CIA counter intelligence agents.

Being a pastor in a region like this, it is obvious that men and women from the military would come to our church and become members. Many of these people had problems in their personal lives, and when I started to help them and talk to them, many of the problems stemmed from involvement in secret projects. It is one thing to be a member of a secret unit that is involved in defending our nation. But it is a totally different thing to be part of a group which is involved in illegal activities, often very harmful to the people targeted.

One of these many service people in our church was employed as a public relations officer and his job was to speak to the media when there was a problem. The man was in a mess, his marriage on the rocks and the children into drugs and rebellion. I will call this man "Barry." When I talked to Barry I realized that he was "a paid professional liar." His job was to have a press conference, and then lie and lie again to the media. Why was he asked to lie? Because the Air Force was doing things which were illegal and morally wrong, and this had to be protected so that the American people would not find out the real truth. Barry ended up divorcing his wife who had become a lesbian.

If I had not known of the operation modus of the KGB, I would have ended up in a heap of trouble over this man who I will call "Victor." One day, some 20 years ago, a woman in our ministry introduced me to a "preacher" from Sweden who was doing a lot of work behind the Iron Curtain. I started to converse with Victor in Swedish and found him to be very reserved. At this time he asked if he could store some personal belongings in our church building, since he needed a place to store them, and he wanted to save money. I told him that we probably could help him with this. A few weeks later, he called me up and told me that he was having a difficult time getting a telephone line installed in the place where he was living with his family. He wanted me to sign some papers which stated that I would certify that the telephone was for his son-in-law who at that time was on a "mission trip" to the Philippines. I became very upset and told him that there is one thing that I will not do, I will not lie. Needless to say, that ended our telephone conversation. After a while I received some complaints from people who had been supporting his work behind the Iron Curtain. I had two sources at my disposal for checking on Victor, one of which was my staff in Sweden. After an investigation, the report from Sweden stated that he had been a pastor in Southern Sweden, but he was "defrocked." He fled after his mishandling of funds was found out.

My other source, who had been a coordinator for work behind the Iron Curtain and stationed in Germany, told me that when Victor had visited an unregistered church, it did not take long for the KGB to come in and arrest the pastor and all leaders. Churches in the Soviet Union were afraid to have a visit from Victor.

Some people who had been with him on a recent trip told me that he had warehouse space in Western Europe, but very little was ever shipped over to the suffering church. In the meantime he was visiting American churches, showing slides and telling "dripping sentimental stories," which resulted in large offerings given to him.

Victor settled in Sacramento and opened a "Christian" bookstore, but he had no further contact with me.

In 1983, as the pressure on our ministry increased, due to my exposing Satanists, Witches, Freemasons and the World Government, it became very clear to us that there was an organized effort to destroy our ministry. Our work in Sweden and Finland was particularly under heavy pressure, so we went underground with our book supplies to protect them from being vandalized. A Swedish man, whom I will call "Stig," was a teacher at the college in my hometown from which I had graduated in 1963. At that time Stig was not teaching at this college. What we later found out was that Stig worked as an agent for the secret Swedish intelligence organization called "The Interior Bureau." (IB). This was a private operation by the Swedish Socialist Party which was exposed in the early 1990's. This organization was much larger than the Swedish Security Police (SAPO), having the same function as the American CIA. IB recruited people pretty much the same way the Mossad (Israeli intelligence) does, by employing local people in all areas of life and professions, so that when something is needed to be known, they use their vast network of agents to flush out the information.

Stig found out where my parents lived in Sweden and began to call them every day, speaking flattery about their son. He came by to drop off money and offered to help in any way he could. He wrote me letters and told me about his deep commitment to Christ. After this went on for about ten months, we started to believe the man. He had a very sweet wife and great children. (At that time we were not aware that even the family knew nothing about his involvement as an agent for the IB).

In 1984, my mother retired from her job. We had talked for a long time about having them come over and live with us in California. Stig and his wife said that they wanted to come also, and to make preparations, Stig and his wife and son came over in late 1983 to scout out the land. It was agreed that my parents along with Stig and his wife were to buy a duplex together, which was done in 1984 when my parents moved from Sweden. In 1985 Stig and his wife came over. Since I had become very trusting, Stig had access to our files and inner working of the ministry. The Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was murdered on a street in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986, and I will never forget when I brought this news to Stig. His face became white with fear, and the next day he informed me that he wanted to sell his part of the duplex at once and return to Sweden. From being sweet and polite, he became angry and demanding. In 24 hours our friendship was gone, and was replaced with anger and hate. My brother and I had to scramble to borrow enough money to cash him out of the duplex. The "dead give-away" was how quickly he moved out of the duplex and while waiting for a few weeks to ship all his belongings back to Sweden, he moved in with the KGB agent, Victor, to whom I had never introduced him or told him about.

In the meantime all "hell broke loose" around me, as the Swedish security police started to name me as a suspect in the murder of the prime minister, while releasing all kinds of information to the Swedish media. It did not take long for the FBI to come knocking on the door of our home, telling me that they had been ordered to investigate the murder for the Swedish government. That I was not in Sweden at the time of the murder made no difference! A picture of my Swedish book was on the first page of every major newspaper in Sweden, including pictures of audio cassettes that I had recorded in Swedish. We were not the only Christian group blamed for the murder; this was the golden opportunity for the socialists in Sweden to get rid of Christians, and the murder was blamed on organizations like Womenís Aglow, the Full Gospel Businessmenís International Fellowship, fundamental Swedish Pentecostal churches, and others. The result was that many Swede's believed this propaganda, and it took many months before hate calls and letters stopped coming in. (To this very day the murder is still unsolved).

But Stig was not yet done with me. When he went back to Sweden he settled once again in my old home town, and developed a really close friendship with my only uncle left in Sweden. He kept pumping my uncle for information on us, but since my uncle was not closely involved in our ministry, there was little he could tell.

Judgment from God fell on Stig some years later, when he had a massive stroke, and is now just waiting for the day he will die. Stig died sometime in mid 2003

There was a man whom I will call "Derek" who worked for the U.S. government and made attempts to recruit me. He infiltrated the ministry by getting close to every family and being extremely helpful in many areas of the ministry. However in the end, he probably did more damage than any of the others.

Due to strong animosity and death threats, we are not going to write the segment at this time. My wife, my brother and a staff member pointed out to me, after I had written this segment and shared it with them, that it was not worth taking the risk of my being killed. Knowing the mindset of Derek, I have no choice than to withhold this information for now. As my brother told me, "What can you do from the grave?" But I hope that you who are reading this newsletter will understand that the battle is real and that the Devil is ruthless. (John 10:10)

It took us a long time to recover from the emotional blow of being so deeply betrayed. But now I know that when a man or woman signs up to work for an intelligence service, they lose their souls and become ruthless and without any human feelings of mercy and grace.

Toward the end of the 1990's I needed some work done on our house, and I contacted a contractor to do the job. One of the men sent out to work was a former U. S. Marine, and I will call him "Donald." I always try to witness to people I come across, and as I started to talk to this man while we were alone one day, he told me that he had been in the Marine Corps for a number of years. I then asked him to tell me where he had been and what he had done as a Marine. Donald told me that he had been selected with other Marines to undergo special training, and that they had been trained with Green Berets and later they were shipped to England for more special training. He told me that he had been trained to become a violent killer with no regard for human life.

He lifted his hands and told me that with these I can do incredible destruction, and I know what kind of devastation I can do. One of the places that he told me his unit was sent was to Angola, in Africa. They worked with the then White African government and the pro-western Angolans (FLNA-UNITA) in fighting the communists (MPLA) in Angola. The role of his unit was not only to wage war against soldiers, but to waste and clear out civilian population in order to create fear and break the back of the Communist Government forces.

For years I have known that American soldiers had been fighting in many small wars all over the world, but every president of the United States would swear that the USA was not involved. We, the American people, were told that there were no U.S. ground troops fighting in Angola, we were only giving the UNITA forces weapons, ammunition and finances.

When I looked at Donald, who was in his late 40's, I saw a man who had been trained to be a professional murderer. He had been turned loose on men, women and children, and now he was back in the United States as a civilian, trying to live a normal life, but never getting away from the bloody faces, the screams, the moaning from people dying, and the intense screaming of little children as they were chased down and killed.

I have shared with you about 40% of the experiences I have had, as a pastor, with intelligence services and their agents. You might ask, "Why are you going public with this information?" Most of the precious people who read these newsletter do not really know what goes on behind the scenes and I wanted you to understand that when I write or speak about historical and current events in the world, I know more than just what I read in books and documents.

But God is faithful, despite all these attacks our ministry is still going strong, people are being saved, healed and delivered, marriages have been put back together and God is still on His throne and will be forever.

What has happened to me and our ministry is happening to many others. They just donít talk about it.

But the worst onslaught is against our own nation, and we need to pray and fast that the Devil and his crowd shall not be able to overcome America and bring us into captivity. Iím convinced that only prayer and fasting will stop the attacks.

Next month I will begin laying out some truths that will drive you to prayer, as you find out how bad it really is. All of the people I have talked with had the same thing in common, they were disillusioned, cynical and having no faith whatsoever in the American government and all the different law enforcement agencies, the military and the intelligence community. What a tragedy. Many of them were afraid that if they talked too much, they would be killed.

Please pray for me, because what I am now sharing is not well liked by the Devil and his workers. But most of all, pray and fast for our nation!

He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:15-19

1. Editorís Note: Towards the end of WWII, as a teenager, I remember being extremely upset when I read in the newspaper that our forces, ready to go into Berlin, were ordered to stop and wait so that the Russian troops could get there first. I asked, "Why are we allowing those communists to take Berlin when we are well able to do it?" Russia was brought into the allied forces at the very end of the war. They werenít even needed.

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