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February 2000 Newsletter

John S. Torell

The Old Soviet Union (Russia) is back in the news again. Boris Yeltsin has gone into the archives of history and a new man is leading the Russian nation, Vladimir Putin. This new acting president is 47 years old, has a pleasant looking wife by the name of Lyudmila, and the couple have two daughters. He is a graduate of Saint Petersburg University with a degree in law.

But there is a more sinister side to this man. Before the so called collapse of Communism, he was working as an agent for the ill reputed KGB and stationed in East Germany for some ten years. When East Germany collapsed, he moved back to Saint Petersburg where he got a job working for the "liberal" mayor Anatoly Sobchak. Also working for this mayor was the "reformer" Anatoly Chubais. Both men were noticed by Boris Yeltsin and requested to come to Moscow and work for the Russian government, Chubais as a minister in the Yeltsin government and Putin as HEAD OF THE NEW KGB, RENAMED FEDERAL SECURITY SERVICE. (FSB)

It is extremely important to understand, that the old Communist intelligence service has not changed. When the Communists took power in Russia after a bloody civil war that lasted from 1917 through 1922, they immediately created a TERRORIST organization to be used against the people of Russia. First they called it "CHEKA" (1917-1922), Russian acronym meaning All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter Revolution and Sabotage; then the name was changed to "GPU," Russian acronym for State Political Administration. From 1922-1934 it became "OGPU," Russian acronym for Unified State Political Administration, after which it was changed to "NKVD," Russian acronym for People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, which lasted until 1960. In 1960 there was another name change, which most people living today remember, "KGB", Russian acronym for Committee for State Security.

Since the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945, the people in the world have been educated through books, movies and teaching lectures in the schools as to the horrible conditions existing in Germany during the Hitler regime, and how people were brutally arrested, some murdered after torture, others sent to labor camps, and then on to death camps. There is no question in my mind that things were horrible for many people, including the German civilian population, who suffered under the oppression of the German Nazis,

But, what the educators in the West have omitted is how the atrocities committed by the Communist rulers in the Soviet Union were many times worse. If rivers of blood flowed under the Nazis, there was an ocean of blood spilled by the Communist butchers.

In order for a Christian living in the west to understand the brutality of the Cheka, let me give you the following illustration: picture any city in America surrounded by heavily armed forces with all roads leading out of the city sealed off. Then the forces would enter the city, rounding up all people working for the city, county and federal agencies. Without any trial they would be brought to shopping centers where they would be killed in front of horrified shoppers. Included in this group would be all law enforcement officers, postal workers, social service workers etc. The attention would then be turned to the public schools. All teachers and the best educated and brightest looking students would be rounded up and shot without a trial. Now comes the turn of the churches, all pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers and all leadership people would be rounded up and killed without a trial. Then all professional people like doctors, nurses, engineers, newspaper editors and all other writers, business owners would be rounded up and shot in public parking lots. Then all people who could be classified as middle or upper class people would be rounded up and shot.

The town would then be without leadership and the Cheka would station a garrison in the town, emptying out local jails and prisons, and appointing the released convicts to leadership positions to make sure the remaining population obeyed the new leaders.

Picture this happening to every state of the United States and that not one city or the smallest community would be spared. The nation would be like a person who has been beheaded, just the corpse laying on the ground. This is what the International Communists did to Russia. This was one of the worst genocides in the history of man. The Russian people, including the people of the Ukraine, were raped and murdered and the living brought under the worse slave conditions seen by men.

As soon as the Cheka was established in December 1917, the Communist leadership issued a list of its enemies who should be eliminated, or in plain words killed. On top of this list were all members of the Russian nobility (including women and children), business men, all teachers, police officers, all people belonging to the old judicial system, all elected or appointed civic leaders, officers in the old Russian armed forces, all clergy, including Russian Orthodox priests and Christian pastors (Baptists and Pentecostals). Sunday School teachers were considered a terrible threat to the Communists.

Also targeted for destruction were young people who were doing well in school and could possibly become leaders in an anti-Communist uprising. When the hell bent and murdering bands of the Cheka arrived in cities and villages, children were rounded up and the educated and beautiful children would be herded out of town, brutally slaughtered and buried in mass graves, many still alive as dirt was thrown on top of them.

The Cheka units consisted of Communist leaders and former convicts from Russian prisons who did the killing. (All Russian prisons were emptied out as the Bolsheviks gained more territory). The brutality of this genocide of the very best and brightest of the Russian people will be known one day at the Great White Throne judgment, when all the truth shall be brought out and justice will be meted out by the King of kings, and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. (Revelation 20:10-15)

I am sure that most of you reading this will have a hard time comprehending such brutality, since you do not have a "criminal mind." But the ruthless Communist leaders had a purpose – to crush the Russian people forever and destroy any type of organized leadership against the invading Communists. What you have not learned in your public school education is that the Communist revolution was a foreign invasion of mostly Russian Jews, who had been trained in Germany, Switzerland, England and the United States.

Karl Marx and Joseph Engels were two German Jews, born and raised in Cabalistic families. Both became worshipers of Satan. They settled in London, England, where they wrote the theology of Communism, "The Communist Manifesto," published in 1848 and "Das Kapital," published for the first time in Berlin in 1867.

At this time some of my readers will become nervous and think that what I am writing is Anti-Semitic. What I am presenting to you is truth which has been suppressed for more than a hundred years and hidden under the cover of "FEAR." If you make the effort to check the real historic facts, you shall discover that what I am telling you is the truth. I could quote sources from Jewish material, but since many of you do not have access to them, it would mean nothing to you. So let me quote from a source which cannot be refuted – the Romanian pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered greatly for his faith under the evil Communist regime in Romania (Wurmbrand was born a Jew, but became a born again Christian).

I will quote the following excerpts from a small booklet printed in the Swedish language, entitled, "WHO WAS KARL MARX?" published in Sweden, 1980, by "Evangeliipress" Publishing House, Orebro, Sweden, pages 32 and 33:


"In order to make the picture clear I shall add a few words about Moses Hess, the man who converted Marx and Engels to socialism. There is a gravestone in Israel, where it is written Moses Hess, founder of the German Social Democratic Party. Hess is presenting his ideas in Red Catechism for the German people. What is black? Black are the priests. . . The theologians are the worst aristocrats . . . The priest is teaching the nobility that in the name of God oppress the people. The priest is teaching the people how they themselves will learn to submit to become oppressed and exploited in the name of God."

"Thirdly, and the most important, the priest is creating with God’s help a very comfortable life on earth, while the people are told to wait until they get to heaven . . . .

"The founder of modern socialism, a socialism with the purpose to drive out God from His kingdom, now founded a devilish Zionism, which should destroy the correct Zionism of love, understanding and peace.

"The man who had taught Marx the necessity of pitching class against class in society, wrote in 1862 these astonishing words ‘Racial war is primary, class war is secondary.’

"Hess is presenting a twisted Zionism, a Zionism that is built upon war against all people who are not of the Jewish race. Just like we are rejecting the Satanic Marxism, every responsible Jew or Christian must also reject this diabolic perverted kind of Zionism.

"Hess is demanding Jerusalem for the Jews, but without Jesus, the king of the Jews. What kind of need does Hess have for Jesus? He writes :’ Every Jew can become a Messiah himself, every Jewish woman a Mater Dolorosa.’ Why did not then Hess make Marx the Lord’s anointed , instead of filling him with hate toward God. To Hess Jesus was a Jew that the Gentiles made to their Saviour. According to Hess, neither the Jews or Hess himself had any need for Jesus . .

"It can also be added that Hess was also the source for ‘The Revolutionary Liberal Theology’ which is the foundation theology of the World Council of Churches, and the Renewal Movement in the Roman Catholic Church, all of them advocating that salvation is only for this earth life.

"The same, almost unknown man, was the tool used to create three Satanic movements, Communism, Racism and the Revolutionary Liberal Theology..."

On page 6 of this booklet, Pastor Wurmbrandt is quoting a portion of a poem written by Karl Marx which is entitled ‘the Fiddle Player:’

‘The diabolic steam is rising and fills my brain,
Until I become insane and my heart’s foundation is changed.
Do you see this sword?
The prince of darkness sold it to me.’

Short Biography of Moses Hess
His full name was Moritz Moses Hess, born in 1812 in Bonn, Germany to a rich Jewish industrialists. Moses died in Paris in 1875 and was buried in Israel. He was a Cabalist and follower of Jacob Frank. In "Judisches Lexicon) Berlin 1928, pages 1577-78, he is listed as a Communist rabbi and the father of modern socialism. In 1841 Hess started the newspaper "Rheinische Zeitung" and a year later he made Karl Marx (then 24 years old) its chief editor. Hess brought Marx into a Free Masonic order and converted him to socialism and later communism. In 1844, Hess introduced Friedrich Engels to Karl Marx. Engels was two years younger than Marx. Moses Hess was also a member of the Illuminati, and in 1847 he introduced both Marx and Engels into this Luciferian order. The branch of the Illuminati that they joined was called "THE COVENANT OF THE RIGHTEOUS."
When Karl Marx later moved to London with his family, he was supported until the time of his death by Nathan Rothschild.

NOTE: If someone would have prophesied in 1850 that the work of these three German Jews would someday lead to the formation of the Soviet Union and the spread of Communism to more than half the world’s population at its zenith, no one would have believed them. The same can be said of Mohammad who founded Islam and all other evil men who through their evil writings and plottings have caused so much death and pain in the world. Christians living today cannot understand that what evil men and women are writing and speaking on today, will someday bring the Antichrist into the world.

Hess died in 1875, Marx died eight years later in 1883 and Engels outlived Marx by 12 years and died in 1895. But they had made powerful disciples which were to become household names after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, 23 years after the death of Engels. Vladimir Lenin, who’s mother was Jewish, led a group of International Communists from Switzerland via Germany, Sweden and Finland to St. Petersburg in Russia. With him was his Jewish wife Krupsakaya, who was to play a major role in the revolution. From New York came the Russian born Jew, Lev Trotzky, with 300 well trained Russian Jews who had been training in New York to become officers of the coming new Red Army. Add to this some 90,000 other young Russian Jews who had been exiled to Siberia or had fled Russia and lived in different European nations, training and waiting for the moment to seize power in Russia. In Russia they met up with young Joseph Stalin, who was married to a Jewish wife.

I do not have the space to name all of the Jewish leadership under Lenin and later under Stalin. But here are the most important leaders: Lenin formed a "troika" with Zinoview and Kamenev, both Jewish. The politburo in 1922 consisted of Lenin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotzky, Bukharin, Tomsky and Stalin. When Lenin died in 1924, Stalin outsmarted all the others who were eventually killed by Stalin’s agents.

But, in this letter, I want to focus on the communist intelligence operations. The leader for the Cheka in 1918, when the great terror was begun, were the following men and women, all Jewish: Chairman was Felix Dzerzjinskij (Rufin) with the nick name "The Iron strong Felix." The following deputy directors, Jakov Peters, Sjklovskij, Kneifis, Zeistin, Krenberg, Maria Chaikina, Sachs, Leontevitj, Delafabr, Blumkin, Alexandrovitj, Zitkin, Zahlman, Ryvkin, Reintenberg, Fines, Goldin, Gelperstein, Knigessen, Deibkin, Schillenckus, E. Rozmirovithj, G. Sverdlov, Karlson, Deibol, Zakis, Janson, Sjaumjan, Seizjan, Fogel, Antonov, Jakov Sorenseon.

In just one year 320,000 Russian priests were murdered by this killing machine. According to KGB records made public after 1991, the Cheka killing machine exterminated 10,180 000 persons between 1918-1920. The brutal civil war that Lenin fought to subdue all of Russia caused another 15 million people to die. During the man-made starvation period (1921-1922) another 5,053,000 Russians died. During Lenin’s first four years in power he exterminated over 30 million Russians.

When Joseph Stalin took power in Russia , Lazar Kaganovitj became his right hand. Lazar was born in 1893 and at the young age of 21 he graduated from the Jewish High Talmud Academy and the following year was appointed "Chief Rabbi" of Russia. Kaganovitj had Stalin’s full trust and used the intelligence killing machine to further eliminate Russian people.

It was Kaganovitj that led the great starvation campaign between 1932-33, which hit the hardest in the Ukraine and northern Caucasia. All independent farmers were forced off their farms, and some of them were forced to join so called "kibbutz", which in Russian were known as "Kolchos." Stalin had given orders that the Russian population had to be reduced, so that he could boast that there were no unemployed persons in the Soviet Union, which was advertised as "Workers’ Paradise" in the West. In 1933 six million men, women and children died of starvation. During the spring of 1933, 25,000 persons died every day in the Ukraine. The Soviets put the total death toll at around 15 million persons. Stalin had put three Communist Jews in charge of this extermination: Lazar Kaganovitj, Jakov Jakovlev (Epstein) and G. Kaminskij. These three men decided how many farmers were to be left in the Soviet Union while the rest were to be either starved to death or moved to the Gulag system (slave labor camps).

The situation was so severe in the Ukraine, that in 1934 cannibalism became widespread and children who had lost their parents were taken to special slaughter houses where they were killed and the meat cut and sold to the population.

It is also important to bring out that Lev Trotsky led a drive in the rest of Russia in 1929-1931 to take the farms from the farmers and force them to work in collective farms. Just to let readers understand the damage done to the Russian people, look at these numbers. The Communist killer gangs slaughtered 17.7 million horses, 29.8 million cattle (10 million of them milk cows), 14.4 million pigs and 93.9 million sheep and goats.

The result of this wholesale destruction of the Russian farms, meat and dairy products was that around 15 million Russians starved to death. (Figures were taken from official archives of the KGB released after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991).

As I write this newsletter, my soul is weeping inside as I come to understand the suffering and destruction of a whole nation of people who lost all they had, and then their lives, at the hands of "human devils."

The Gulags were prison labor camps, which were equal to, if not worse than, what the Nazis had. There were close to 3000 camps spread from Murmansk in the West to Siberia. According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the Gulags held between 40 to 50 million people during the years 1928-1953. Despite the fact that the old Soviet Union ended in 1991, there are still Gulags left. Each camp held between 2,000 to 10,000 prisoners.

But not all prisoners made it to the camps. Many times the trains would stop during the winter time and all prisoners forced to get off. They were forced to take off their clothes, then be hosed down with ice cold water, while the guards laughed and screamed in mockery "what wonderful warm steam." Needless to say, if you were given this kind of treatment, you did not survive.

During the year of 1937, the Communist Central Committee decided that the Russian population had to be further reduced. NKVD was ordered to exterminate 268,950 persons. But then the leadership decided that the killing tempo was too slow, so the quota was increased by another 48,000 persons with another 9,200 imprisoned.

During the years 1937-38 the NKVD arrested seven million persons as political prisoners, while the number of killed prisoners at the height grew to 40,000 per month.

The people arrested had not committed any crimes. The NKVD units would just surround neighborhoods or villages and then, at random, cart people off like cattle. In order to speed up the killing, the trucks transporting the newly arrested prisoners would be gassed to death in the covered trucks, long before the Nazis began their gassing.

In July 1938 Lavrentii Beria, born to a Jewish family in Georgia in 1899, was appointed chief of the NKVD. He was to become one of the worst mass murderers in history and, as a person, he was extremely sadistic with horrible sexual perversions. Beria hated children, and for this reason he wanted to send as many as possible to death labor camps. During the month of October, 1940 the NKVD arrested around one million children, age 14-17. NKVD units would descend upon cities and villages and just kidnap children at random, and haul them off. By 1943 some two million children had been kidnaped and shipped off to the Gulags. According to official records released in Moscow after the fall of Communism some 20 million Russians were murdered during the war years by Beria’s forces. Russian soldiers and civilians who had been captured by the Germans and, after 1945, forced back to Russia by American soldiers, were treated as enemies and either shot or taken to labor camps.

On a personal note, Beria used his power to send out police cruisers to kidnap young beautiful women who were then taken to Beria’s priviate quarters where they were raped. After Beria had satisfied his sexual perversion, the girl was shot and buried in his back yard. Joseph Stalin officially bragged that "Beria is to me what Heinrich Himmler is to Adolf Hitler."

In 1949 Stalin became uneasy with the many Russian Jews who were in leadership positions in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Jewish leadership had actively participated in the formation of the nation of Israel, funneling arms and smuggling Jews into Palestine. In the UN debate in 1948, it was the Soviet Union and the United States that stood together against the British and the French and forced the vote for the Jews to have their own state, Israel. Stalin used his power to order the arrest and execution of hundreds of prominent Russian Jews. Leading Communist Jews were able to muster enough power to remove Stalin from his position as General Secretary of the Communist power in 1952. Stalin responded and arrested a group of Jewish medical doctors charging them with murdering Communist officials. He then tried to attack all Russian Jews in the Polit bureau, as well as all members who had Jewish wives, to have them arrested. It was Beria who then moved and had his agents replace Stalin’s medication, and on March 1, 1953 Stalin was given a lethal doze of poison, that caused a massive stroke. Stalin lost all speaking ability and three days later he died.

Then something strange happened. Beria became the ruling leader of the Soviet Union and on the 23rd of March 1953 he ordered that around one million political prisoners from the Gulags were to be set free. On May 27, 1953, he suggested that the Soviets abandon East Germany and allow a unification of Germany. Also, he wanted to sell the Baltic states to the West, and restore local authority in the Soviet Union. At the same time Beria began to make public reports about the terrible mass murders ordered by Stalin and to reveal the truth about the "Stalin Cult."

It was at this time that Bulganin, Khrushchev and Malenkov, through a coup, took power over the Soviet Union and arrested Beria and six of his closest associates. A mock trial was held in December 1953, and they were all sentenced to death and shot. The power broker behind Khrushchev was Lazar Kaganovitj, but just a few years later he was ousted from power and sent into exile to the Ural area. In 1964 Khrushchev was forced into retirement.

This Russian born Jew symbolizes all the evil that a man is capable of doing. It is ironic that on May 31, 1962, the German Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann was executed through hanging in an Israeli prison, after he had been found hiding in Argentina after World War II. Israeli Mossad agents had gone to Argentina, where they kidnaped and took Eichmann out of Argentina and brought him to Israel to stand trial for the mass murder of Jews during World War II. Eichmann admitted that he had been an administrator for the German plan of arresting Jews in Germany and German occupied nations, having them taken to labor camps where most of them died either of sickness, starvation due to the grueling work, or were simply killed and then the bodies burned. But he defended himself that he was only carrying out orders, he was only a cog in the chain of command, he was not personally responsible. Rightfully, he was convicted of crimes against humanity and hung until he was dead. But why have not the leaders in the nations cried out against Ivan Serov, and particularly, why does the Jewish community not speak out on the heinous crimes of Serov. Here is a condensed version of what this man has done in his life time:

At the age of 17 young Ivan wanted to become an officer in the Red Army, but since he was a short man, only 1.60 meters tall, he was moved to the Soviet Interior Forces where he became involved in intelligence work. Through his cunning nature he was able to become the Director of the Ukraine secret police, and was working directly under Nikita Khrushchev, who at that time was party secretary of the Ukraine Communist party. Ivan Serov was in charge of arresting, deporting or killing Ukrainian farmers during the terrible years of famine.

When Stalin intervened in the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), Serov was sent to work intelligence and extermination. He worked with others who became famous Communists, Goumulka from Poland and Tito from Yugoslavia.

In 1939, when Germany and the Soviet Union jointly attacked Poland, Serov was sent to take care of deportation and executions. His name was temporarily changed to "General Malinov." One and a half million Polish people were either deported or killed. There was mass murder in the Katyn forest outside the city of Minsk, where 4,000 Polish officers were murdered and buried in mass graves. The purpose was to destroy the Polish military. This mass murder was first blamed on the Nazis, but eventually the truth came out that this was the work of the Russian NKVD.

In 1940 when the Baltic states had been overrun by the Soviet army, Serov was put in charge of deporting or executing one million Baltic people. In his infamous order (001223) which has now been released from the archives in Moscow, he wrote the following directives: "All arrests should be made at sunrise. The family should be gathered in one room, get dressed and pack a bare minimum. At the railroad station separate the husbands from the wives (they will never see each other again) and give the reason that there will be medical examinations in different locations. All trains shall be heavily guarded." After moving out these Baltic people, Serov was awarded with the Lenin order.

At the collapse of Germany, Serov was sent back to Poland, where he ,through deception, was able to register 200,000 of the freedom fighters who had fought the Germans. They were then either shot or deported to the Gulags. Sixteen members of the Exiled Polish government in London, who had flown to Warsaw, were arrested and sent to Moscow, never to be seen again. Then he was sent to the Crimean and Caucasian regions, where he put down uprisings and oversaw more deportation and killings. Then he was assigned to East Berlin, where his department worked on kidnaping German scientists along with the regular rounding up of people to be sent to the Gulags. After the death of Stalin, the leadership used Serov in the killing of Beria and his associates.

At this time all Soviet intelligence operations except the GRU were merged into one. Its first director was Serov. Some 64,000 employees of the old Beria NKVD were either killed or deported.

Ivan Alexandrovitj Serov was the perfect bureaucrat, with no regard for the sanctity of human life. The only reason he was never brought to justice is that the regime he served is still in power and protected him.

The man in power in Russia today is a protégé’ of the horrible evil intelligence community in Russia. The mild mannered smiling Putin is just another Beria, Serov or Eichmann. In the bloody mountains and ruined cities of Chechnya, he proved to his masters that he will serve them well and that he has no regard for human life. The mutilation of captured soldiers, the raping of the women, the deportation and the killing only show us one thing, Russia has not changed and is not likely to change until Jesus comes back.

But behind Putin and his handlers is another much more sinister force. God tells us in Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39 and in Revelation 20:8, that there is a demon archon (prince) by the name of Gog. Gog and his demon rulers are among the most blood thirsty and cruel demons existing, and they control the region which was known as the Soviet Union and part of Eastern Europe. Christians need to unite in prayer and fasting to bind up this demon prince for the time being and to hold back his evil work until the day he will be allowed to lead the masses of his people to the land of Israel.

At the same time, we need to expose the humans who are working for Gog and hold them responsible for their terrible acts.


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