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January 2000 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Before we get too excited about the New Millenium, let me remind you that this is not really the year 2000, but we are actually somewhere between year 2007 through 2009. When the Roman Catholic Church and the Empire of Rome decided some 400 years after the birth of Jesus to change the calendar and set the year that Jesus was born to zero, it was later discovered that a seven to nine year mistake had been made, but it was never corrected. For centuries this has been known by the scholars, but politically, to make it known, would upset the infallibility teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. If you want to check it out, look up the word calendar in any major encyclopedia and you can read it for yourself.

Most of the so-called "prophecy teachers" are well aware of this fact, but they made millions of dollars selling their "prophetic books," riding on the hype of year 2000. No wonder that the Bible tells us that when the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing that God is laughing in heaven. (Psalm 2:1-4)

This was the title of the sermon that I preached in my home church, Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, on January 2, 2000. Our church had made some preparation for a possible melt down of our society, and when that didn’t occur, the reaction among the members ranged from thankful relief to anger. A few were either so upset or embarrassed that they refused to attend church. Here is what God showed me:

For the last 19 centuries the Devil has been working on his program for a World Government, to take control of this planet. We know this when we read the Bible (II Thessalonians 2:1-7) and I have also read this in the written material published by Satanists, witches, freemasons and from Illuminati documents (Some of this written material has been given to me from people coming out of the occult and some from research done by other Christian writers).

Former president George Bush was the most outspoken leader on the subject, and in his many speeches as president, he spoke of "one thousand lights" and "the New World Order," that he worked hard to usher in. Bush publicly stated that he and a number of other dignitaries would celebrate New Year 2000 at the great pyramid in Egypt. This should not come as a surprise, since Bush is a member of the secret society of "Skull and Bones."

The slogan of the Illuminati and above them, the World Government, is "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS." The Devil knows very well that he can only take over the world if there is such chaos and disorder that people do not care who rules them as long as he gives them stability, food and work. During the last few centuries the Devil and his followers created terrible chaos in some nations and tried to jumpstart the road to their dominion over the world. It happened in 1789 with the French Revolution, which failed to spread to the rest of the world. Then came the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, whch did far more damage, spawning the Communist revolution in China in 1948 and in Cuba, 1959. A number of nations in Africa were absorbed by the evil forces of Communism: Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Mozambique and others.

World War II was a battle between two evil empires, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia. Both were ruled by Satan and when Nazi Germany was crushed, all of Eastern Europe fell under the red Army’s rule. In 1945, North Korea was given to the Communists by the United States and in 1950 war broke out and 50,000 young American soldiers died defending South Korea. War erupted in Indochina in 1946 between the French Colonial Rulers and the inhabitants of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia which led to the terrible Vietnam war, that would cost millions of lives, including some 55,000 American soldiers. In the midst of the 1960's it looked as though the evil empire of Communism could not be stopped. Nation after nation succumbed to the evil forces of the Devil. At that time it appeared that it would be just a matter of time before the whole world would be united under the Cabalistic system of Karl Marx.

During these 200 years, the blood of people gushed like a water fountain, and life indeed was cheap in all the nations embroiled in this rape by Satan against the human race. But God was also at work and the end time was not yet. As the apostle Paul states in II Thessalonians 2:8, there is a restrainer holding back the full onslaught of the evil forces. But hundreds of millions of people were killed; most of them were unsaved and went straight to hell. The Devil was having a good time destroying the earth and sending people, made in the image of God, to hell.

The Church of Jesus Christ made up of believers in all nations preached the Gospel, missionaries were sent out and much prayer was spoken to God to hold back the evil forces and bring one more revival to the earth. Christians under the Communist rule suffered, but the church grew despite persecution. God was at work.

People in Africa have suffered more than any other group of people in the world. The Devil took total control over them by leading them into the darkest kind of idolatry. For centuries the legions of Satan ‘s demons roamed freely over the whole continent.

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch took place when Deacon Philip was told to go toward the road that leads south to Gaza from Jerusalem. This Ethiopian ruler became the first Christian to establish the Christian faith deep into the heart of Africa, and the first branch of an African church was born, which is still in existence today, although in a decayed form.

But in the 7th century A.D. the cruel forces of Islam made their way into Africa and destroyed the church of Christ along the whole northern part of Africa, pushing Islam deep down through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and what is now Mozambique.

When western Europe became a power base toward the 18th century, Africa was brutally divided up by England, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Spain. England took the land from Egypt and down through East Africa, making war with Holland and driving the Dutch out of South Africa. France took hold of the middle of North Africa and extending its power into central Africa and part of Congo. Portugal lay hold of Mozambique and Angola, with Belgium grabbing the rest of Congo. All German colonies in Africa were taken over by England after World War I. Spain controlled part of the Northwest part of Africa.

At this time, two developments began side by side. Evangelical churches in Europe moved into all parts of Africa with the Gospel, setting up churches and establishing a Christian educational system. Almost all of the national leaders who rose to power in the mid 1900's were educated by missionaries.

But at the same time, a ruthless coalition between European Jewish bankers and merchants with Muslim Arab traders, started to hunt and capture men and women in Africa who were then chained and brought in slave ships to North and South America, where they were sold to the highest bidder, just like cattle. Thousands upon thousands died on the ships, others succumbed to the horrible working conditions they were exposed to as slaves.

For the last 300 years, Africa has been a continent where the World Government picked up slaves, built flourishing colonies staffed by white people from Europe, producing everything from gold, silver, and diamonds to food products. The Jewish bankers and merchants barely tolerated the Christian missionaries, but many times made life very difficult for them.

After World War II, the educated African people began to demand their freedom, but the European Colonial powers did not give it up that easily. Horrible wars were fought, and even if all of Africa today is self governing, the continent is in a total mess. Here are some examples:

A French colony south of Libya. In the mid 1960's a grueling guerilla war was raging. The local people were supported in this uprising by the Soviet Union via Libya.

taken over by a Marxist-Leninists group in 1974, called the Provisional Military Administrative Council, ruled the country with an iron hand supported by the Soviet Union. At the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991, the Communists lost power in Ethiopia. During these 17 years, a cruel civil war was fought with the people in the province Eritrea and war was ongoing in Somalia.

Became independent in 1960, a nation that has been devastated by war and drugs. It has no government; the nation is in total anarchy. As you might remember, the United Nations pulled out in mid 1990, leaving it to sink on its own. This nation today is a death trap for the people living there; they have no laws, no mercy, no strong Christian witness. Somalia is a "suburb" of hell.

There has been constant civil war since 1964. People in the north are militant Muslims, people in the south are Christians. The Soviet Union moved in via Libya and established a brutal regime of Muslims, who calls themselves "the Muslim Brotherhood." The government raids villages in the south, capturing men, women and children and bringing them north as slaves. Some of the women are sold to be prostitutes in the Arab nations. Christian relief organizations are collecting money and buying some of the slaves back. Famine is terrible in the south. Civil war is raging and with the Soviets now gone, oil money from Libya is keeping the Muslims going. Until the collapse of White South Africa, the American CIA used South African troops to fight the communists.

Became independent in 1962. In 1971 an Uganda army officer staged a coup and took over the nation. His name, Idi Amin, who was also a strong Muslim. Idi Amin had been in the employ of the British army since 1943 and fought in Burma against the Japanese during World War II and in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion against the British between 1952-56. Idi Amin became compared with Adolf Hitler, since he instituted mass murder on his opponents in Uganda, especially slaughtering Christians. Amin was supported by the PLO and Libya, which were fronts for the Soviet Union. When Amin led his army in an attack on Tanzania in 1978, the Uganda army was defeated and Amin forced to flee. He was taken first to Libya, and then he retired permanently in Saudi Arabia, living a life of luxury.

In 1964 the natives in this nation had been organized into a fighting force by Communist instigators, and became known as "Frelimo." Eventually the Portugese Army was defeated and this Marxist-Leninist group took over the nation. Other natives supported by South Africa then fought a brutal civil war, that ended in 1992.

Very strange events have taken place in this nation. When the white minority took over power after World War II and introduced "Apartheid," it did not take long for the Soviet Union to begin supporting the blacks who opposed it. Its leader became Nelson Mandela, who headed up the African National Congress (ANC). A brutal civil war began that took the lives of many whites and blacks. In the beginning, the United States supported the White Government in South Africa, until the pressure built high enough in the United States and the United States joined all other Western nations in a boycott of South Africa. However, the nation of Israel refused to join the boycott and became the trade broker for South Africa. Weapons, oil and other supplies flowed into South Africa from Israel, which in return sold gold and diamonds from South Africa.

A secret military pact was signed between Israel and South Africa, and the two nations jointly developed and tested nuclear weapons. Israel could not do any testing of its nuclear bombs in Israel, since the country is so small. At the same time the American CIA used South Africa as a staging area in its support of the "UNITA" rebels in their fight in Angola against the Soviet controlled regime. Toward the end of this war, regular South African troops were used to push deep into Angola. In 1994 the rule of Apartheid ended in South Africa, and Nelson Mandela became the first black president, with the ANC in power. A settlement was reached in Angola, but has since broken down and the fighting continues.

This was a colony owned and ruled by Portugal. In the 1960's the Soviets had organized black dissidents into a rebel movement (MPLA) and a war began to drive out the Portugese rulers. They were defeated and driven out in 1975. When the Soviet dominated MPLA took power, a civil war broke out. In order to secure the Communist regime, the Soviets flew in thousands of Cuban soldiers, which made up the back bone of the Communist army and air force. The Soviets made a pact with Standard Oil, which is known in the United States as Chevron, who were given sole rights to the oil rich fields in Angola. Thus American dollars supported both sides during this very cruel war.

Congo had been divided between France and Belgium. Belgium gave up its part in 1960 and it became known as "ZAIRE." Patrice Lumumba became its first prime minister. Western bankers and mining industry leaders became very unhappy and organized a revolt and the province of Katanga broke lose. A civil war broke out between the different factions. Katanga received support from Belgium and Belgian military support flowed in to Katanga to "protect" the vital mines from being destroyed. Lumumba appealed to the United Nations, and UN troops were flown in to stem the fighting and force Katanga into submission.

Dag Hammarskjold, the UN secretary general at that time, flew into the area in 1961 to check the situation out and meet with the different leaders. His unarmed UN plane was intercepted by Soviet fighter planes stationed in Angola and was shot down, resulting in the death of all the people on the civilian airliner. At this time Prime Minister Lumumba appealed for help from the Soviet Union to crush the rebellion, since the UN was not able to do the job. This did not sit well with the Western intelligence services running the disturbance, and Lumumba was driven out of power, kidnaped and taken to Katanga, where he was brutally murdered. Eventually the forces of Katanga were defeated and the province united with the rest of Congo. The nation has never come out of its despair and is to this day a poor backward nation. The French part of Congo broke lose from France in 1963 and has since been ruled by various Marxist groups. This nation has also remained a basket case until this day.

(Note: The Soviet Union founded the "PARTICE LUMUMBA PEOPLE’S FRIENDSHIP UNIVERSITY" in 1960 in Moscow, and tens of thousands of young people from Africa and other third world nations have been brought to this school to be educated in the hell teaching of cabalistic communism, and then shipped back to their nations, where they lead in rebellious uprising against governments.)

As I have stated in previous newsletters and in the 1999 issue of The Dove, the World Government controls and directs all intelligence services. Wars and internal uprisings in different nations will always lead to destabilization, which is what the World Government needs in order to proceed with its plans. In Africa the CIA, the KGB, the British MI5, the Israeli Mossad and the French Intelligence services were able to create chaos on a whole continent. In South America the CIA and the KGB did the dirty work, in Central

America the mix was the CIA, the KGB and the Mossad, and in the Middle East everyone was working.

A right-wing military junta taking power in 1969, a second coup in 1975. Civil war from that time, Neo-Mauist Shining Path Geurillas and the CIA backed drug traffickers, Tupac-Amaru Revolutionary Movement.

A Marxist president, Salvadore Allende, was elected in 1970. A CIA backed coup in 1973 put army general Augusto Pinochet, a right wing dictator, which brought a brutal murderous oppression not only on the communists, but against anyone opposing the dictator. In 1989 Pinochet was voted out in an election forced by international pressure. Pinochet is currently fighting extradition to Spain where he is facing charges of human rights abuse.

Unstable for years and currently fighting a brutal war against CIA backed drug traffickers.

In 1954 the United States led an invasion and toppled the government setting up a right wing dictatorship. A brutal civil was began, ending in 1986.

The CIA and the KGB fought a brutal proxy war that lasted until 1982.

The right wing dictator Somoza was put in power by the US army and kept in power for years. In 1962 the CIA and the KGB jointly set up the Sandanistas, who ousted the Somoza regime in 1979. In 1982 the CIA switched sides, and created the Contras, bringing in the Mossad to furnish mercenaries. A bloody civil war raged until 1990, when election under international supervision forced the Sandinistas out of power.

A communist led coalition seized power in 1973. Civil war began, and when the Communists were about to be wiped out, Soviet troops invaded the country and fought a savaged war against a coalition of rebels, financed and armed by the CIA, training provided by the Pakistani Army and the Israeli Mossad. The Soviets took terrible losses, and began a withdrawal in May 1988, which was completed in February 1989. Eventually the Communist regime was defeated, a terrible blood bath took place as the Talibans took power. Currently the World Government is using Afghanistan as a training base for international terrorists.

Add the wars between India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, the uprising in Sri Lanka, the war in the Philippines between the Government and the Communists, still going on, the raging war in North Ireland and many other wars.

Take a world map and mark all the nations that I have just written about. Look at the time all the chaos was happening. There was enough fire and unrest to ignite a World War and total chaos on every continent. But it did not happen! Why? God was and is expanding his kingdom, and despite all the persecution and the murder of Christians, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST IS STRONGER IN POWER AND NUMBERS ON THIS EARTH THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN! The Devil was held back and all his evil plans were destroyed for the time being.

As the World Government was relentlessly working to expand Marxist Cabalistic Communism to as many nations as possible, and releasing pressure by taking over the educational system particularly in the United States, England and Germany, something was holding them back. People living through the rough years of the sixties remember the riots on the university and college campuses, when the American president could not travel openly, but had to fly to military bases and travel from there to points of speaking engagements, all under heavy military escort. For a while it looked as if the whole world was embroiled in chaos. BUT GOD WAS AT WORK, the Gospel being preached all over the world with people coming to Christ by the millions. Despite the hard work of the Devil and his followers, the Evil Empire of Communism started to crumble.

The first set-back for the World Government came in Egypt. In 1952 an Egyptian Army officer, Gamal Abdel Nasser, through a coup, became the new president (dictator) over Egypt. In 1955 he established ties with the Soviet Union via Czechoslovakia, which became a major arms supplier. Eventually thousands of Soviet military advisors arrived in Egypt and it looked like Egypt was going to become another part of the Communist dominated empire. But in 1967 war broke out between Egypt and Israel, the Egyptian armed forces were mauled badly, and the entire Egyptian air force was destroyed before they could get off the ground. Nasser was forced to resign, and Anwar el-Sadat became the new dictator in Egypt. The Soviets were pushed out and lost their bases in Egypt, which had been used to take over Ethiopia and support the uprisings in Algeria and Libya. In a few years the Soviets lost their grip on most of the African nations they had been trying to conquer.

In the meantime, Communism in the Soviet Union and in all its satellite slave states was decaying financially. The hemorrhaging finally came to the point where there was not enough food, and the entire infrastructure simply collapsed. Eastern Europe was a financial basket case. In the late 1980's, the people in Poland, Hungary and East Germany began to flex their muscles and cried for freedom. The Soviet Union was broke, it could not fight a war and win. Then came the break-up of the Soviet Union and the release of all the captive Eastern European nations. What people thought could not happened had happened, and on top of it all, East and West Germany became once again one nation, a unified Germany.

The World Government people had once again failed to subdue the earth and take control. It was at this point that the World Government leaders began to put their hope on a possible melt down in year 2000, due to the problems with the two digit limit on the old computers. Since the old programs only carried two digits, they would be unable to accept the four digit "2000," and instead would revert back to 00, which the computer would read as 1900.

In the early 1990's the media did not talk a lot about this problem, but people in the computer industry were aware of the problem and it was discussed among themselves. As I look back now, it is obvious that the World Government was elated to have a situation which could plunge the whole world into a financial and political turmoil that could only be solved through Martial Law. As reports were coming into my office, I began to take notice of the preparation that was being done by the World Government. The first thing to disturb me was the build up of detention camps in the United States. A year ago when I was introduced to David Wegener and saw his videos, for the first time I saw solid documentation of the camp systems. Then I discussed the situation with a man, whose identity I cannot tell you in order to protect him from the government. This man was working in the computer industry and traveled on behalf of his company all over the United States. Instead I will call this man "Doug," which is not his real name. Doug came back to Sacramento and showed me pictures taken of underground command centers, which were located in cities all over the US. They were being stocked and ready to take county and city government officials underground, in order to protect them from disturbances. Doug also told me and showed me documentation of how local and federal government agencies were getting huge diesel generators ready to power essential needs. At the same time, during the last two years, we all witnessed the sudden urban training of the US Marines and Rangers in key cities all over the US. Questions were raised, who are they being trained to fight? Senators Bennett and Dodd held hearings and issued reports about the electric grid system. Then I received copies of all existing and new executive orders that would have made Bill Clinton a dictator, had he declared a national emergency. Then the news leaked out that the National Guard in all states was going to be called up and on alert just a few days before January 1, 2000. Not to forget the emergency law that was passed by the Congress and ratified by the Senate and quickly signed by president Clinton sometime in May 1999, which would limit law suits stemming from computer failure of the Y2K bug.

When I prayed about the situation, I received a message from the Lord that there was danger ahead, and that preparations must be made. The public must be warned and prayer and fasting begun, and that God would intervene and help us out. I believe that due to the massive exposure that was made by a segment of the Christians, people in leadership were forced to start addressing the problem and fix their computer systems. Around $500 billion was spent around the world to correct the problem. But what tipped the scale against the World Government was God himself. Once again, the Devil and his followers were dealt a severe blow and their plans for taking over the world in year 2000 did not happen. For this we should greatly be praising the Lord.

Some people are laughing at the Christian community that sounded the alarm, instead of being thankful for what was done. The facts that I have brought out in this newsletter cannot be refuted. Truth is truth. Just as God did to Nineveh, he has spared us one more time so that we may use this time to expand his kingdom to the maximum of our abilities. As pastor of Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, I will lead our people to evangelize like we have never done before. Will you join us?

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