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March 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Without realizing how fast time is moving, we have now used up two months of 1999 and there are only ten more months left until January 1, 2000. Reports that there will be problems on that day are fast coming in from all over the world. In February, the state of Oregon officially declared that the Oregon National Guard is going to be called up and ready for action on January 1, 2000 and other states have similar plans.

The CIA released a report to Congress On February 24, in which it was assessed by the CIA, that Russia would be facing grave problems at the end of this year. Particular concern was raised with regard to the nuclear industry in Russia and its nuclear weapon system. The CIA also predicted chaos in other nations, including food shortages and the shut down of electrical power.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced on February 27 that all nuclear power plants who cannot guarantee they are Y2K compliant by June 1, 1999 will be shut down on that date. It takes six months to cool the core down so they want to be sure any plant not compliant will not be running on June 1. A large percentage of power for the United States comes from nuclear power.

On February 24, after almost a year of systematic investigation, a special Senate committee, in a report to be released within days, warns that all segments of the U.S. economy - from hospitals to electric power plants - remain "at risk" from the year 2000 computer problem. In a statement from this report we read this: "The committee has no data to suggest that the United States will experience nationwide social or economic collapse, but we believe that disruptions will occur which in some cases will be significant. The international situation will be more disturbing. Those who suggest that it will be nothing more than a ‘bump in the road’ are simply misinformed."

All over the United States there are town meetings sponsored by cities or counties concerning what will happen to each community at the end of the year. A congressional report released in February, raised grave concerns when it comes to the readiness of the American military establishment.

I have been checking with chain stores as to how supplies are flowing, and one chain, Home Depot, entered into an agreement to buy up all electric generators produced by the American company "Generac." Generac is planning to produce 90,000 units this year, and they are all purchased ahead of time by Home Depot.

Checking with different stores like Costco and other smaller companies, I found out that during the month of February these stores could not keep generators in stock. As soon as an order came in, it was sold out. The same holds true with equipment for water wells (hand pumps); there is a current three week backorder on all items. The informed American people are now preparing for troubled times but the people who have been procrastinating are going to panic when they try to buy something that they need. Expect the buying spree to pick up, and the intervention from the Government which will most likely enact "Anti-Hoarding Laws."

In a series of meetings held in the San Francisco area, the biggest supplier of electricity in California, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, refused to give a guarantee that they could furnish electric power on January 1, 2000. At this point, no one knows for sure how severe the problems are going to be, but all leading politicians, military and civic leaders agree, that there will be problems.

There are two things that will fuel the world economy: the consumer market and wars. Currently the world economy is thriving on both, with a number of small wars going on in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. For the World Government these small wars are gold mines, they are contained but yet much war material is needed to sustain these wars and the profit from the manufacturing and distribution of it is great.

At the same time the large consumer market in Western Europe is in great shape and people are constantly buying. The great consumer market of the United States and Canada is very hot, and this is what is driving the economy in the United States. Since the people in Europe and North America do not buy cash, but use credit, it is ' built upon a bubble that will last as long as people can make payments and keep it going. Investors who used to have their money in the Asian, African and South American markets, have pulled their investments out and poured them into these two markets. This has caused wide spread unemployment and a recession in the rest of the world. It has also destroyed the consumer market in these regions to a degree, since people do not have money to buy, and there is no credit for them. Eventually the economies in Europe and North America are going to be dragged down. People can only buy so much before the market is saturated. We must also remember that oil is coming to a large degree from the Middle East and metals and raw material are mostly mined in third world nations.

Add Russia to these problems, with an economy that is totally crashed and its military in disarray. There are some 300 million people living in Russia and they will starve and suffer only so long before they will rise in an explosion which will make the revolution of 1917 look like a Sunday School picnic. When they see and hear about the prosperity in the Scandinavian countries and in Europe, they will do what nations have done in the past -- go to war to get a piece of the pie.

Through a divine appointment by the Lord, I was introduced to David Wegener, who is heading up "Hope For America Ministries." In order to find out if this was just another "hype-ministry" trying to make a "buck" on the Y2K problem, I ordered two of his videos, "Y2K PREPAREDNESS" prepared and presented by Kerry P. Schuster and "THE SHOCKER," prepared and presented by David Wegener. After viewing these videos all kinds of emotions went through my being; anger, frustration, hopelessness and a deep realization that our current life style might not last much longer.

Since 1971, God has used me to research and write. God has used David to record on video many of the things that I have known and written about. But it is one thing to see it in writing and another thing to see it with your own eyes: the federal prison camps, the barbed wire, the railroad tracks, the holding buildings, the colored signs and lettering indicating different groups of people being herded in different directions, I wanted to scream "THIS CANNOT BE IN AMERICA." But it is in America! David showed us foreign troops in our land, the black helicopters and who has them. Then I saw the interviews with heads of state, politicians, military and religious leaders speaking and revealing facts that I have known and written about, but have never seen spoken by people currently in charge. I became physically and spiritually sick for several days.

Yes, I know that what I have researched over the years and written down is true, but in my mind I always pushed it forward in time, thinking that when it comes I will be gone from this earth. Now I was faced with cold naked facts. I will not be gone, but must face it in my lifetime. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I was able to pray myself out of this state of shock and hopelessness, realizing that God was not surprised, but that he had created me to be alive at this time of trouble and that I was "A SOLDIER IN THE ARMY OF GOD."

I called David Wegener and talked with him for a long time. This man is not really selling anything. He quit his regular job and went into the ministry full time to warn America. I was touched by his statement when he spoke to an audience, "If you are here tonight to learn how to save your skin and life style, you are in the wrong place. We are to learn to know what God’s will is for our lives."

David was selling his videos for a donation of $18 plus shipping. I asked him if he was willing to sell them to me for his cost and I would offer them to our radio listeners for that price, plus my shipping cost. Without hesitation, he said, "Yes." During the month of February I have been speaking on the subject and we have not been able to keep videos in stock for all of the people calling us with their orders. But, praise the Lord, the message is getting out and people are responding to Jesus Christ.

I was introduced to David by a friend who I have known since he was a teenager. He told me to bring David to Sacramento and he would help with some of the financial expenses. After praying, the Lord said that this was His will. David is going to fly up to us on March 1, to make a series of radio programs with me, then on the weekend of the 20-21 he will be speaking at our church. Also speaking will be our Bible teacher and computer consultant, Michael Blair.

This letter is sent out, not only in the United States, but also to other nations, including our website. Thus, many of you reading this are living far away from us. But I believe that between David Wegener and Michael Blair you will be given information that you will not receive any other place. You will also be able to attend a morning worship service in which I will preach. This weekend will be packed with action, knowledge of world events, how to prepare practically for the Y2K problem (we will address what you can do, who has to stay in the cities, living in apartments, who has no money to buy a lot of supplies) and most of all, how you can prepare yourself spiritually and use this time to win people to Christ We are not going to sell anything except videos and some books. This is not a sales pitch but a REVIVAL EFFORT wherein we are saying that hard times are coming and the judgment of the Lord is upon the world. But just like in Jerusalem some 2,500 years ago, when the prophet Jeremiah stood and cried outside the temple, God had a plan for the people who repented and changed their life style. God has a plan today for those who will listen to His word and seek His face.

We do not have the finances to go out and rent a large building so we will use our church facilities. There is no registration cost to attend. We will take up love offerings to cover our expenses. You, who are living outside the Sacramento area, plan to come in on Friday night, check into one of the four motels just five minutes away from our church building, and spend that weekend with us. If you are flying in and you notify us in advance, we will make arrangements to have someone drive out to the Sacramento airport and pick you up and take you back for your return flight. If you come by rail, it will be easy for you to take a cab to the motel.

To those of you planning to attend, call us and make a reservation for a seat. THIS IS A MUST FOR THOSE TRAVELING INTO SACRAMENTO AND STAYING IN A MOTEL. We are not booking any motel rooms -- you have to call them yourself -- but we will reserve seats in the church building for those who call us and make reservations. Once the doors open, those without reservations can only be seated if there is still room.

During these two days, we will pray for the people who have needs. God is using our church when it comes to healing and deliverance from oppression. Our church people will be on hand to minister on a person to person basis to those in need. (Acts 10:38)

Here is a letter that came to my office:

"Pastor John, I would like to inform you of how much I appreciate all the hard work you and your staff put into bringing the light of God’s word to his children! I found your Y2K package to be very complete, and not only informative, but it seems to go beyond what any other organization/ministry is putting together. I realize how much research it takes to put such packages together and how hard reliable sources are to come by. All the information I have reviewed always gets verified through other sources, but usually at much later times. GREAT JOB!" I’m sending you a contribution towards your ministry. Also, could you please order the tape series The Shocker for me. God bless you Pastor John."

Every year we mail out material with thousands of dollars in postage fees, and our cost for paper, research, copy machines, printing press and maintenance for our cassette duplicators is very high. But when people are reached for Christ and able to minister to those around them, it makes it worth every dollar spent and all the hours of labor that go into it. In all of this there is a tragedy. Out of ten people who respond to my radio programs and ask for material, only one will send us a love gift to cover the cost of production and postage. For some reason most Christians do not believe in investing in their own leadership. They expect people to produce material but they are not willing to back it financially. In the world there are investors who will get businesses going and build new factories. In the Christian world there are few "investors" and mostly "takers." And this is the way the Devil likes it. He is choking off the believers in Christ who are trying to do something in the kingdom of God by keeping finances away from them.

Currently we are running a debt of close to $20,000.00. There has not been enough money coming in to pay my salary and I am now receiving partial payments on my October 1998 salary. My wife and I had to make a choice, either shut down the ministry or borrow money to keep us going. I prayed over this - agonized over it. With such a great crisis coming this year, I could not shut down the ministry and take a regular job. You might ask, should not God be very concerned? Yes, but God uses people to finance His work on the earth and when people reject the voice of God, the work of God suffers. That's the way it has been for the last 2000 years.

For those of you who have been faithful and sacrificial supporters, we thank you with all of our hearts. May the Lord open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you can hardly contain. Amen.

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