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January 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

There is a fierce global battle taking place right now in the spiritual world, and it is spilling over into the physical realm. The Devil is determined to use the coming millennium shift to usher in his kingdom on the earth, which the Bible calls a "Mystery Babylon". (Revelation 17:1-6) According to II Thessalonians, Chapter 2, God has been holding back the Devil and his hordes of demons for thousands of years, but one day God will stop the holding back, and allow the Devil to take physical control over the world.

And now you know what withholds that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity does already work: only he who now lets will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: II Thessalonians 2:6-8

Since we cannot see into the spirit world, we cannot with our physical eyes see what is being planned and executed in the demonic world. Neither can we see the wind when it blows. But we can see the effect the wind has on trees, bushes and the grass. Thus by observing physical objects, we can tell where the wind is coming from and in what direction it is blowing. So it is with the spirit world. We can see the effect it has on people and current events.

Neither has God told us that this is the time he will withdraw his hand, which has been holding back the Devil from coming on the world scene with his Antichrist kingdom. We as the Church of Jesus Christ are to resist the Devil and do all we can to hold him back, until Jesus tells us otherwise.

In this letter I want to point out several events which will greatly affect your life. The first one is the battle between the American Jews led by Edgar M. Bronfman and the Orthodox Jews led by the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. By now, you must understand that Bronfman is not openly fighting this war, instead he is using a puppet by the name of Bill Clinton.

On Monday December 14, 1998, President Clinton was in Israel, hammering out a deal with Netanyahu who was forced to retreat from his stand on the peace process. Then Clinton traveled to Gaza and helped to open Yasser Arafat's new international airport. In the meantime Congress was ready to open impeachment hearings on Thursday of that week. Clinton struck first by ordering a bombing attack on Iraq on Wednesday. The Democratic leadership then screamed that since the U.S. was at war, the debate in Congress should be postponed indefinitely. The American people at large were in shock. The Republicans retreated and the debate in Congress was set for Saturday that week. Here is what happened behind the scene:

Bronfman kicked in the TV networks and the press that he controls, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. As soon as Clinton's dirty little war started, American TV programming was interrupted and live TV coverage was broadcast from Iraq. At the same time TV crews working on the aircraft carriers showed the launching of missiles and planes, with ample interviews with pilots and support crews. The networks were doing polling every hour on Wednesday to pressure the Republicans to back off on the impeachment debate. Every TV anchor man was loudly telling people, over and over again, that the American people did not want to impeach the president and according to Bronfman's polls, Clinton's approval rating was somewhere in the high 60's.

Superior intelligence was not necessary for a person to know that if this was a top secret decision to surprise Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard troops, certainly the Pentagon would not first have notified the American TV Networks. It takes time and money to move TV crews to a location, especially if the location is a U.S. warship engaged in combat.

To further add insult to the intelligence of the American people, President Clinton made it public on TV that the bombing would be over in four days, since the Muslim world would enter a holy event, the annual Ramadan fasting. If this was a real war, no regular commander in chief would tell the enemy that the war will last four days and that bombing would only occur during the night time.

Sure enough, on the fourth night the bombing stopped, after the U.S. had launched 415 cruise missiles, each costing around 1.5 million dollars plus hundreds of tons of regular bombs. Very shortly after the bombing, it became clear that Saddam had moved his Republican troops out of harms way before the bombing started and that the whole bombing had failed. No targets of significant value had been destroyed.

The Israeli prime minister and the Orthodox Jews had only one TV network at their disposal, Rupert Murdock's Fox Network. But enough pressure was put on the Republicans so that by Thursday the decision was made in the back rooms that Congress would vote on impeachment by Saturday. Bronfman used all his networks to pressure the American people to stop the Congress. Democratic congressmen made statements that at a time of war we must not proceed.

To the people watching the proceedings on Saturday, it became clear that the whole thing was a "farce," all decisions had been made by someone in some "smoke filled room." Listening to the different commentators that Bronfman had working, they all told the people in advance what would happen. First the debate, which was a bad joke, then the Democrats used parliamentary procedure to make a motion for a censure. That, we were told, would fail, then all the Democrats would walk out of the house for a demonstration against the Republicans, talk to the TV crews, and then go back in again, for a final vote. The result, Clinton impeached on two counts.

All the Democrats agreed in their speeches, that what Bill Clinton had done was very bad, downright terrible, but it was not an impeachable offense. All Democrats agreed that Clinton had lied under oath, not once, but twice and that his conduct as a President was not acceptable. Yet, after the impeachment votes had been taken, Vice President Gore and some 100 democratic congressmen and congresswomen went to the White House, to show their support for the lying president.

Bronfman does not care what happens to the United States or that it might lose respect in the world. As soon as Clinton ended his war, Saddam made a statement that from now on, he would not allow any more U.N. weapon inspectors into Iraq. According to Clinton, the war was started to make sure that these inspections would continue. Now the "Come Back Kid" is standing with egg on his face, the war failed and the inspectors cannot go back in. Furthermore, Saddam has now declared that the "No Fly Zones" do not exist any more, and he is now challenging the U.S. on a daily basis.

Clinton has run out of options, more bombing will not do the job, he cannot start a ground war against Iraq. Bronfman used Clinton to humiliate the United States and make us a laughing stock in the world. Note how Bronfman's TV networks are now trying to ignore the whole issue.

It is important to understand that Saddam Hussein was installed as a dictator of Iraq by British and American Intelligence services, and that he has been managed by these services since that time. Saddam is only a puppet on a string, he does what he is told, and is paid handsomely for it.

It appears that the Bronfman group is currently on top of the heap. Netanyahu has lost his position as prime minister and he is currently just a caretaker waiting for new elections in Israel. The United States Senate does not have the votes to remove Clinton from his office as president. Since the Orthodox Jews have taken a bad beating, it will not be clear until after the election in Israel in May, 1999, whether the Jewish infighting will continue or if it will come to an end. In the meantime Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced that she plans to run for the senate in the next election. She plans to take up residency in New York. Does she know something that no one else knows?

The possibility of a disaster by the end of this year is looming on the horizon. Most Americans are not taking this seriously, thanks to the Bronfman media. But there are some disturbing facts that will not go away. 1

  1. President Bush signed an executive order in 1989, which authorized FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to build 43 primary camps having a capacity to hold between 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners each and authorized FEMA to build hundreds of secondary facilities. As of now, these internment camps are ready, and can be activated in a very short time. Each reader must ask a question or two. Why were these camps built and for whom? Millions of dollars are invested here.

  2. Bill Clinton has finished drafting executive orders, that in case there is a break down in the United States, he will declare a national emergency, dissolve the Senate and the Congress, suspend the Constitution and rule as a dictator as long a he deems necessary. Very few people know that all these executive orders exist and that they can be activated without consent of the Congress. If this were to take place, it would make Edgar M. Bronfman to be the most powerful man in the world.

  3. Why have the American Army and the Marine Corps during the last 10 years been practicing assaults and combats in American cities? Included in this is people control and the rounding up of civilians. Who is the enemy? Why does the American Government practice war against its own citizens?

Behavior Control
This is a subject that very few people are aware off. During the Nazi years in Germany and at the same time in the Soviet Union, their scientists discovered that if people in general were exposed to "ELECTRONIC LOW FREQUENCY WAVES," called ELF, it would cause them to go into depression and apathy. In order to combat this, people would increase their alcohol consumption and other drugs to help them get relief. Around 1953 the Soviet Union built three of the most powerful radio transmitter ever seen on the earth, with one located in Riga, Latvia. All three are beamed at the North American continent. Despite that the so called "Cold War" is over, these stations are still beaming ELF waves at the American people. The result is what you see on every American street today, people destroyed by drugs and alcohol.

Different methods are used on the daily TV and radio broadcasting, where subliminal messages are mixed in. When the World Government people take their polls, they seem to get the results that they want.

Biological Releases
Never before has the world population experienced so many new viruses, causing sickness around the year. Have you ever asked yourself this question: "How can the American Government Health Department announce in June the type of flu virus that will attack the American people in the fall?" Military biological warfare laboratories have during the last 50 years released hundreds of different viruses, causing all kind of flue epidemics. Only if a certain virus is to be released, can it be predicted. Millions of dollars are made in profit on the vaccines, and the side benefit for the World Government is that many of the sick and the elderly will die, which will save money for the government.

Chemical Releases
Nazi German and Soviet scientists discovered and perfected chemical releases in the drinking water supplies to people that they wanted to control. One of the most effective chemical to keep concentration camp inmates compliant and submissive was fluoride. All American people who use water from the tap are given this chemical all day long.

Sex, Filth and Violence
The American media spews out this garbage 24 hours per day. Most Americans, including many Christians, feed on this for hours every day. The results are broken marriages, abortions, spouse and child abuse and prisons filled to the brim with inmates.

Religious Perversion
Paul and Jan Crouch are using their network to seduce Christians with their false doctrine, along with Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe and many, many more. It is weakening the believers in Christ and getting them ready for the antichrist.

Absolutely! First of all, know this, that God is in control and there is no crisis in heaven. Secondly, you and I were born to face these attacks from the Devil. We were created by God in His image, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ to become warriors in the kingdom of God. The Bible tells us what the end times are going to be like. But at the same time, God has given us mighty spiritual weapons (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). We are to use them on a daily basis. Here is what God wants his army to do today:

  1. Read constantly the Word of God and obey what it says.

  2. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you again and again with fresh anointing.

  3. Share Jesus with all who will hear you.

  4. Have a regular prayer and fasting discipline in your life.

  5. Light up the world around you with God's truth.

  6. Link up and work with other strong Christians, in order to have a greater impact on the world.

1. If you are interested in knowing more about this, I spoke on this subject for about 90 minutes a very short time ago and it was recorded on audio cassette. We also have a package, that among many other things, lists every executive order, which, if implemented, will not only affect the United States, but the whole world. I have also been speaking on this subject on the radio. If you want this information package including the audio cassette, you may order it for $10.00. Ask for the Y2K update.

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