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February 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

During the month of January, I devoted most of the radio programs to the pending Y2K problem. I methodically covered the problems that could occur with the electric grid system in the United States, and what can happen if it should fail, causing large parts of the United States to be without power for a period of time which could be short or last weeks or months.

Without electricity, life in the United States would come to a stand still: no heat, no lights, no telephones, no TV or radio communications, no work, no food, no water and the list goes on and on. Cars would become useless since all gasoline is pumped with electrical pumps and there are no service stations that have hand pumps.

There are more than 110,000 electrical substations in the United States, each run by embedded microchips, and no one knows which ones contain a date flaw that could cause it to malfunction and shut a substation down. There is a real possibility that the grid system is not secure. If there is going to be a problem with the electrical grid system, the president, without a doubt, would invoke Martial Law in order to protect the nation. That would then activate all presidential Executive Orders.

On January 11, 1999 the international news bureau, Reuters, released a news report entitled "Y2K NOT A NATIONAL THREAT TO POWER GRID." The report, presented to U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson by the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) detailed the second of four quarterly updates by the council on how the continent’s more than 3,000 power distributors are coping with the computer bug known as Y2K. Michael Gent, president of NERC, stated, "... there is a lot of work still to be done, but progress is being made." Nevertheless, when looking at the report, it does not look that good.

At the end of November 1998 "mission-critical" power systems were free to 44% from possible Y2K problems. At the end of December 1998, they had only been able to gain another 6%, which means that as of January 11, 1999, 50% of the "mission-critical" power systems are not in compliance and could fail, dragging the whole electrical grid with them. The Energy Department has set June 30, 1999 as the day when the entire system must be in compliance. With the present progress, it is very unlikely that it will be done. NERC will file two more quarterly reports this year, and conduct drills in April and September as rehearsals ahead of the December 31, 1999 millennium rollover.

However, the words used in this report are "likely" and "possible," but no power industry official or, for that matter, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson, promises that there will be no breakdown of the electric power grid. Instead the report states that a few facilities were expected to miss the deadline and fail. No one is willing to say if these failed facilities could drag the electrical grid down. Being currently at only 50% compliance, the odds are not very good. During my radio programs I also began to address the problems with the Executive Orders which had been written and recorded in the Federal Register since the days of President Nixon. Just reading these Executive Orders will send chills up and down the spine of the reader. If these are ever invoked, the Constitution will be suspended and Marshall Law will govern the United States. With the Supreme Court and the Congress out of the way, whoever happens to be the president at that time will, in effect, become a dictator with absolute powers.

Bill Clinton is acutely aware of the possibility of these events. It would make him an absolute dictator with powers that could not be questioned. It would make Hillary Rodham Clinton the "Iron Lady," who, without opposition, could carry out her hidden agenda of total socialism. It would also explain why this woman is willing to defend and stand by this man, who, if he had been a regular citizen, would be in prison registered as a sex offender.

Bill Clinton is one of the most immoral men living on the planet today with a huge appetite for cocaine, pornography and kinky sex, including a continuous seduction of young women. For some reason he was able to publicly conceal his appetite for cocaine once he became the president, but his life in Arkansas as a Governor was a nightmare for his handlers. His sexual appetite has led this man to the brink of destruction, and the current events in the US Congress are due to his escapades. But with friends in high places and an unlimited amount of cash, he has outdone O. J. Simpson and hired a team of lawyers, that make Simpson’s "dream team" look like "bumbling idiots." The message given to young people in America is this, "if you are going to commit a crime and live a slimy life style, you must have lots of money, friends in high places and the ability to lie at all times." 1

Remember this, some of the real truth behind the scenes will only be published in the American Jewish media, which is almost never quoted by the media produced for the Gentiles.

Bill Clinton is fighting hard to survive as the president and have the chance to become the last president of the United States, and the first Dictator of the former great United States of America. Helping Bill Clinton lie is the entire Democratic Party and the media controlled by Edgar Bronfman. Everyday spin doctors are doing damage control, while the hired pollsters are making sure that the American people are told that 68 % or more are standing solidly behind this lying adulterer. Edgar Bronfman needs Clinton as a hatchet man to destroy the rabbinical system in Israel, and this is a well-known fact discussed in the Jewish media. Here is something that you have not read in the American media for non-Jews:

Political consultant James Carville and his staff have been hired by the Israeli labor party (Edgar Bronfman is the unofficial power broker and controller behind the scenes) to be "the handlers" for Ehud Barak, who is running on the Labor ticket against Netanyahu for the office of Prime Minister of Israel. Carville is known in political circles in the United States as a man who is able to "CRAFT THE MESSAGE."

James Carville spent a week in Israel during the month of December working with the Israeli Labor Party to lay down a strategy. Working with Carville will be former Clinton pollster Stan Greenberg, former Clinton media adviser Robert Shrum and former Clinton political adviser Rahm Emmanuel. Netanyahu’s supporters say that this proves that Clinton is backing Labor just as he did in 1996.

This information was released in the prestigious Jewish magazine "The Jerusalem Report" in their January 18, 1999 issue. To further show the thinking of men like James Carville who brought Clinton into power and are protecting him, let me quote the following from page 17 in this issue of the Jerusalem Report.

"Ironically, says Carville, in a campaign where peace is the central issue, it is Barak’s reputation as a military hero - and as a coldly efficient killer of Palestinian terrorists during a 1973 raid on Beirut - that provides perhaps the strongest argument for his suitability to lead Israel. ‘I really do like this guy, and I like my chances,’ Carville says. ‘Every time I’m in a meeting, I can’t take my eyes off his hands, thinking how many people he shot to death. This is a guy who went into Beirut dressed as a woman, knocked the door down and killed four terrorists. Then he gunned down two jeeps full of Palestinian soldiers, got back on the mother ship and went back to Israel (Curse word)! For somebody who looks like my daughter’s uncle, he’s one tough ‘mother.’"

If this is the first time that you have read my newsletter, you might not understand what I am trying to tell you. In previous newsletters I have documented that the battle over Bill Clinton is fought by two Jewish groups, each trying to gain the upper hand. Since I do not have the time to repeat this again, please read old issues of the newsletter.

In a rare news release to the Gentile press, it was reported that Edgar M. Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress, together with Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz (one of the lawyers for O. J. Simpson) on January 12, 1999 contacted President Clinton and asked for a meeting to discuss the freeing of Jonathan Pollard from federal prison, where he is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel. During the last peace conference between Israel, the Palestinians and the U.S. as the peace broker, Israel demanded the release of Pollard as part of the deal for Netanyahu to sign the peace agreement.

This was not an unusual request from Bronfman, who has met with Clinton on a number of occasions in the White House. These meetings have been publicly disclosed in the Jewish media, including photos. As pointed out before, Bronfman is "the handler" of Clinton and whatever Bronfman wants, he has always received. This time Bronfman and his Jewish companions were snubbed by Clinton, and they were told that they would be able to meet with Attorney General Janet Reno instead, or some high Justice Department officials who normally process information about clemency cases, before they go to the president. It was reported that Clinton’s advisers (most of them Jewish) have been leaning heavily against granting clemency to Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard was arrested in 1985, and has been in federal prison since that time. Pollard did not only spy for the Israelis, he was also a spy for the former Soviet Union and has probably done more damage to the military establishment in the United States than any other spy. Normally, after having been in prison for more than 13 years a spy would be of no more value, since the information he had would now be old. But the information and knowledge that Pollard has is still very damaging to the U.S. The current CIA director is so opposed to releasing Pollard that he told Clinton if Pollard is set free, he would resign and so would many other top officials in the U.S. intelligence community. Among the documents that Pollard handed over to the Israelis and the Soviets was the complete ten volume directory of the frequencies and bandwidth of signals intercepted worldwide by the National Security Agency. That set of data would afford a foreign intelligence service deep insights into American techniques for spying on the world.

This is the type of knowledge and capability that a future World Government must have if they are to rule the whole world. Edgar M. Bronfman as President of the World Jewish Congress, which in reality is controlling national governments, must have access to this kind of technology if they are going to succeed in developing an openly operating World Government. Already Israel has granted citizenship to the American born Pollard, who is an American Jew and in the media in Israel is treated as a national hero. But, in America, he is known as a traitor of his native nation. If Bronfman does not get his will in this matter, he could do serious damage to Clinton. Most likely Clinton will in the end cave in, and his spin doctors will do damage control and once again lie to the American people.

The American Intelligence community has, on several occasions since the 1950's, experimented with biological warfare by releasing germs and viruses in cities in America. Numerous reports are coming into my office that there is some kind of spraying going on in the United States at the present time. It is to be noted that hospitals in many areas are so full of people sick with the flue, special centers have been set up to direct the ambulances bringing in more cases for treatment.

As far as I am concerned, I am not surprised. Government agencies are probably doing a dress rehearsal for the coming Y2K problem. If they are planning to use this occasion in which to instigate marshal law and integrate the United States into a World Federation, most likely they would incapacitate large portions of the American people with sickness. While they are sick, they cannot fight.

As a pastor, I spoke in my home church on January 24, 1999 on the following message: ‘‘PREPARING FOR THE Y2K PROBLEM." I pointed out that the reason we are facing these kinds of problems now is a result of the sins that we have committed as a nation. This is a partial judgment from God upon our nation. We cannot get away from this with physical preparations; it is a spiritual problem.

Our first step is to repent and seek the Lord with all our hearts. Most people will never repent until the last moment when they are just about to be killed. What a tragedy. If you want to know how the Lord has led me to prepare the people in the church where I am the pastor, the best you can do is to order the audio cassette from that Sunday. Then respond to the Lord with a repentant heart.

We have also teamed up with David Wegener and "‘Hope For America Ministries." David and his group have produced some outstanding videos and printed material that they are making available to our ministry at their cost. I am passing this on to all people connected with our ministry, without trying to make a profit on it. We will only add postage. My recommendation is that you order the following videos from us at once. 2

During the last week of January, the Federal Reserve Board released the data, that for the first time savings among the American people is down to almost zero. Here is what that means for you. Most Americans have taken out most of their savings in cash and closed their savings accounts. This means that cash is taken out of circulation.

If you have not yet taken the cash out of your savings account to prepare for the Y2K, don’t wait too long, since laws might be changed and you will not be able to take your money out. Once you take it out, do not spend it, this might be the only food money you will have come January 1, 2000.

1. For a complete update on Clinton and his criminal activities, including pictures and photos from the American Jewish press, order a copy of the December issue of "Criminal Politics." You may order this copy by calling 1-800-543-0486. Criminal Politics is a commercial Religious publication exposing the World Government.  There are also two other books written about Clinton and his dealings. Compromised & Clinton Chronicles are both available in our bookstore.

2. Y2K Preparedness (2 videos plus manual) your cost $12.00;

The Shocker (2 videos) exposing current preparation for a marshal law America. The best documented material on the market is my assessment. Your price $10.00

The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, Evans-Pritchard, Regnery Publishing Inc., 1997, Page 289

In the last issue of Criminal Politics there was a full page ad on the secrets of the computerized Bible Code based upon research done by an atheistic Jew, Michael Dorsnin. Our ministry exposed this fraud in The Dove, Spring 1998. We want to make the readers aware that this computerized Bible Code is a hoax.

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