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December 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

This is my last newsletter for this year and there are so many things I could report on, but for the last few weeks the Holy Spirit has been urging me to give you the gift of health. I have been preaching the Gospel since 1967 and started to pray for the sick around 1971. When I understood the words in the Bible, "By his stripes we have been healed," I began to boldly proclaim that there is healing in the name of Jesus. (Isaiah 53:1-6; Matthew 8:1-17; I Peter 2:24)

The result has been that thousands of people over the years have been miraculously healed from all kind of diseases and injuries. But once people had been healed, their livestyles did not change so in a few years many of them became sick again. When I asked the Lord about this, He told me that if people did not take proper care of their physical bodies, when they had the physical means to do it, neither would he. (I Corinthians 3:16-17)

When I turned 40, in 1979, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me on this issue at a personal level. I heard the Holy Spirit telling me that now was the time for me to make a decision how I would end my life, healthy or in a wheel chair. This shocked me and I began to pray for wisdom in this matter. In this letter I will share what I have done with my lifestyle.

Just recently when I shared some teaching on health with a Ukrainian Christian friend, the man astonished me with this statement: "SO YOU WANT TO DIE HEALTHY." After thinking about it for a few seconds, I perceived the deep truth in this statement and told him, "That is exactly the way I want to leave this earth -- HEALTHY! (Deuteronomy 34:7)

But before I get into that subject, I want to clear up a question that has been put to me: "Who is Gordon Ginn and is he part of the Identity Movement?"

Gordon is about ten years older than I. We met in person for the first time back in 1978. Both of us lived in Sacramento at that time and someone had told Gordon about me and my writings on the World Government. When he contacted me, I was, at first, very skeptical and wondered if he worked for some kind of intelligence service.

I would not tell him where I lived, but agreed to meet him in his home so that I could check him out. When I found out where he lived, it was only a few blocks from my home. It turned out that it was a mutual friend, Reginald Shinn, a retired Air Force major and an attorney working for the IRS who had brought us together. After meeting with Gordon and his wife Doris several times, I realized that Gordon was a man who loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all of his heart and mind.

At that time Gordon pastored a small Baptist church as well as doing research work and publishing his magazine, Smyrna. Gordon accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour while he was in the U.S. Navy in the late 1940's. After he was out of the navy he married Doris (my wife and I attended their 50th wedding anniversary). He later studied at Berkeley, where he witnessed the communist onslaught on this California university. For a time he did some undercover work for the FBI, and also joined the John Birch society, rising to the rank of Coordinator for northern California.

When Gordon learned that Mr. Welch, the founder of the John Birch society, was a high ranking Free Mason and that some of the teachings by Albert Pike, as written in "MORALS AND DOGMA," had been incorporated into "the blue book" of the Birch society, Gordon resigned. He would not compromise his deep faith in Christ with this occult teaching from the Free Masons.

Later on, Gordon and Doris moved to Sacramento where God blessed them with three children, all of whom are now married. Their spouses are also saved, including grandchildren, and they are all serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gordon’s extensive library contained many books dealing with the conspiracy of the World Government, some of the books dating back into the early part of this century. Not only did he open his library to me, but he gave me several hundred out of print books of which he had duplicates. This gave me a tremendous boost in my understanding of the inner workings of the World Government. Gordon and I worked together on a book which I later published under the name "THE RISE OF ANTICHRIST, PART ONE." (Currently this book is sold out).

Gordon had great insight into the workings of the World Government in the United States and its Jewish connection, while I had information from Europe. We continue to share our knowledge. Gordon had understood the Talmud and its impact on the Jewish people, and through the Swedish Pentecostal pastor, Kjell Sjoberg (now deceased), I received information about the Cabala, (Kabbalah) which pastor Sjoberg had researched in Jerusalem and then shared with me.

There are very few Christian pastors and researchers who have understood the Jewish involvement in the World Government and not drifted into the "Identity Movement." To my knowledge there are only three men today who have accurate understanding in this area, Gordon Ginn, Texe Marrs and myself.

In order to set the record straight, I devoted an entire issue of The Dove (Spring/Summer 1996) to expose the Identity Movement and their terrible false theology. Gordon Ginn shares the same belief system as I do in this area, and he abhors the false teaching of the Serpent Seed and the exaltation of the lost ten northern tribes of Israel.

I respect Gordon Ginn as a scholar. He is also well educated in Hebrew and Greek, and holds a doctor’s degree in theology. But I mostly respect him for his deep faith in God and the tender love that he shows toward God, his wife, his family and people.

About ten years ago when our mutual friend, Reginald Shinn, was struck down with a virus infection which put him into a coma, it was Gordon, as a loving pastor, who went into the hospital isolation area and prayed Reginald back to life. The doctors had told Reginald’s family that he would not survive, but if he did his brain would be gone. But God raised him up, totally healed, and today Reginald is still working as an attorney for the IRS and also as the prime mover of the American Rifle and Pistol Association.

Five years ago Gordon suffered a massive heart attack from which he should not have survived, but through prayer he came through triple by-pass surgery and is working full time today. Gordon now lives in the Eureka area with his wife where he has his office and publishes his magazine, Smyrna.

Gordon Ginn is a Baptist and I am a Pentecostal preacher. For years we have discussed the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues. Gordon has never spoken in tongues, but I have told him that there are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and not everyone might get the gift of speaking in tongues. (I Corinthians 12:29-31)

As far as I am concerned, Gordon is as much baptized in the Holy Spirit as I am, and I base that upon the agape love that flows from this man. When he speaks of God and his salvation in Jesus Christ, many times tears flow down his cheeks and he does not have words to express his love for his Saviour. Gordon does not hate any person, including Jews. He wants to see all people saved and washed in the blood of Jesus.

My wife and I have developed a deep friendship with Gordon and his wife, Doris. We know their children and we have seen the fruit of their labor. At times, when Gordon still lived in Sacramento, he preached in my church when I was gone on vacation.

People from the Identity Movement try to infiltrate us, claiming us for their cause, but let me state this once and for all, neither Gordon Ginn nor myself have anything to do with the Identity Movement. On the contrary, we are STRONGLY OPPOSED TO IT.

For years I tried to talk Gordon and his wife into changing their eating habits and to develop a healthier life style. Despite the fact that both of them have always been slim, (which does not matter) Gordon told me that first, he did not have the time to exercise and secondly, he believed the Lord blessed all the things he ate so he did not have to worry about anything. As you might guess, after his close encounter with death, Gordon came back with a new attitude, and his life style has changed dramatically. Now he understands what I was talking about, and the slogan that God has given me, "NO BODY – NO MINISTRY."

The first step toward having health and happiness is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Remember this, God is your Creator and without him there is nothing. People will be allowed to prosper for a short season without God, but then the Lord will pull the plug. (Luke 16:24-26)

The second step is to live in obedience to what God has told us. You can find this in Deuteronomy, Chapter 28. Jesus confirmed this in Matthew 5:17-19.

My wife and I have very little money to live on. But this did not stop us from attaining a healthy life style. There are certain steps you can take which will improve your life dramatically, and in the long run is cheaper than paying medical bills. Let us now look upon the human body.

Each human being is "loaned" a vehicle (body) at the time of conception. You will receive only one vehicle on this earth, and the lease is good for 120 years (Genesis 6:3). The vehicle is designed by God to be free from all diseases, provided the person living in the vehicle does the correct maintenance and is using the right kind of fuel.

All internal functions of the vehicle are handled by an "on board computer," but the person leasing the vehicle must add fuel and water, and regularly empty out the waste tanks (bowels and bladder).

In order to make sure that people are using the correct fuel, God listed the proper fuels, that he created specifically for the human body. Just like gasoline has different octane ratings and lubricating oils different values, so it is with food for the human body. A diesel engine cannot run on gasoline, a gasoline engine cannot run on jet fuel or diesel. If the wrong fuel is used in an engine, it will cause the engine to be destroyed (death.) God’s correct listing of fuel for the human body is found in Leviticus, Chapter 11.

The argument used by people, that since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ man may eat anything he can put into his mouth is not only stupid, but it shows a great lack of understanding of the Bible.

Just like an automobile, water is a must. If you put regular tap water into the radiator it will cause the radiator to corrode inside, and in time you will need a new radiator, if you want to drive your car. The same goes for a car battery. Put in regular tap water, and the chemicals in the water will react with the acid in the battery and slowly a pile of corrosion will build up on the bottom of the battery casing and when it begins to touch the lead plates in the battery, it will short out the battery (heart attack) and your battery is dead. Wash your car in regular tap water and if you do not dry it off, you will have water spots all over your car. Why? Among other things, regular tap water is contaminated with chlorine and in many places with fluoride. Whatever kind of water you drink, distilled, filtered, or oxygenated, be sure it is free from chlorine and fluoride.

The first thing my wife and I eliminated from our diet was white sugar, brown sugar and chemical sugar substitutes. We began using raw honey instead. Do not buy honey in regular stores. Most of that honey has been processed, diluted with water and sweetened with white sugar. Buy your honey from a local bee keeper supply store or from the Sea Salt Society. If you do not believe me, buy some raw unprocessed honey, taste it, and then taste the honey bought in a regular store.

Secondly, we have eliminated using processed salt. We do not even buy the so- called "Sea Salt" in the health food stores. They cannot sell you real Sea Salt, because it is against the law in America. The only place that I know of in America where you can buy raw undiluted Sea Salt is from the Sea Salt Society. (See my October and November newsletters)

When it comes to milk, butter and eggs, we try to use only raw organic milk and butter. We are blessed by having people furnish us with eggs from their own chickens. White bread and white rice is deadly for the human body. It tastes and smells good, but it can get stuck in your intestines and could some day cause cancer. Eat bread made only from whole grains (it is dark and more sturdy) and consume only brown rice.

We do not eat TV dinners or canned food and we no longer use a microwave oven. Neither do we eat at any fast food outlets like McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr. etc. We limit our eating out to a minimum. Remember this, fast food places are cheaper because they buy their ingredients in bulk and their hamburger meat contains the worst parts of the beef that cannot be sold to anyone else. It contains ground up eye balls, tongues, ears, feet, fat and all other scrap meat from the cow. It is fried in cheap oils which will cause your arteries to become clogged. My wife and I use only "cold pressed" Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook with.

Since we no longer use any white sugar, we have eliminated all carbonated drinks (sodas, cokes) and all desserts. The ice cream that is sold in the store is made of chemicals and should be sold as a plastic. My wife occasionally buys ice cream, made of organic cream, from the health food store.

This is the final piece of the processing plant in our vehicle (body). If the colon is full of toxins, it is going to make the whole body sick. Most cancers begin in the colon. You should have a colon that is not clogged and is free of toxins. From an engineering point of view, we want the following to happen: 1. Keep processed food in the intestines as short a time as possible. 2. Make sure that the waste products from the processed food and the toxins which have been dropped into the colon from the liver will be moved out as quickly as possible. A shorter the stay ensures that fewer toxins seep back into the blood stream.

At the time that Christ was on the earth, this was not a problem. No food was processed and it contained enough fiber to handle this problem. Today, we do not consume enough fiber. An inexpensive way to add fiber to your diet is with bran. The least expensive is wheat bran (around 40 cents per lb.). You can also use oat bran. Purchase it in bulk rather than packaged.

One way to use it is to add a full cup of bran to your oatmeal, rye or whatever grain you are going to use as a breakfast cereal. Do not buy cereal in boxes. It is useless because it has no nutritional value. Cook it in good water, then add raisins, honey or fruit to sweeten it, and eat it with raw organic milk. If you cannot drink milk, use rice milk, oat milk, soy milk etc. You can mix bran into other foods or juices, but if it is cooked, it produces less or no gas.

During the day eat raw fruit, drink at least ten six ounce glasses of non-tap water and with your evening meal eat a grated raw organic carrot. In a few weeks you will notice that you have to empty your colon more often, and more waste will come forth. You will feel better and have more energy. The fewer toxins you have in your body, the greater you will feel.

My wife and I use no alcohol in any shape or form, we do not smoke or chew, we do not drink anything that has caffeine in it, and we do not use any chemicals to stimulate our bodies. We drink herbal teas, fruit juices and lots of good water.

What I have given you is a low budget no-nonsense diet, that anyone can follow, unless you sit in prison or in jail. I will now give you some possible up-grades.

The human body is an electrical chemical machine, driven by a master computer, the brain. The brain is using the endocrine system to keep the vehicle (body) in good shape, including a strong immune system. The endocrine system is driven by a hormone called DHEA (abreviated). This is produced by the two adrenal glands, one situated on top of each kidney. Once a person reaches the age of around 35 years, the DHEA output slowly decreases until at age 50 the level drops very rapidly. This causes the entire body to slow down and the aging process speeds up.

  1. It is now possible to purchase ready made DHEA in health food stores, but when you put a finished hormone into the body, it will not work as well as if your body had produced it. Through a friend I found a product on the market that stimulates the body to step up its production of DHEA. To our sorrow, this product is sold in a pyramid scheme and in order to make it available to the people in our ministry here in Sacramento, we buy it in bulk and sell it to our people wholesale.

I have been on this product for about eight years and it helps me to keep a 12 hour work day without getting tired. Before, I used to have to take a nap in the afternoon to keep going, since many evenings I am up until 11 p.m. or so, and then I will rise around 6 a.m. My memory is sharp, my thinking is sharp and I pretty much work the same way today as when I was 30 years old. If your DHEA level is low, you will not absorb food and vitamins as well. Since I am on a limited budget, I opted to drop some vitamins and go for the DHEA producing product.

  1. If you can afford it, take vitamins with your food but do not use synthetic vitamins.

  2. You must exercise. Your bones receive nourishment only when a muscle is used. If you cannot afford a fitness center, walk at least three miles a day, and do some static exercises in your home. Running up and down stairs is very good. Also, park you car as far away from the store as you can and walk.

  3. If you can afford it, you may want to hire a personal trainer or a nutritional expert and do all kinds of things. But if you are like me, a low budget no-nonsense program keeps me in shape. My mother is 80 years old. She is on this program and works in our church office 10 to 15 hours per week. She exercises and swims twice a week at a fitness center, walks about three miles every morning and is in good shape.

If you think and talk old, you will become old – fast. If you moan and complain all the time, the Holy Spirit will lift the anointing from you and it will not matter how well you eat or what kind of supplements you take, it will be to no avail. The joy of the Lord is our strength and we must learn to rejoice in the midst of trials and tribulations. Proverbs 17:22

Stress is something that surrounds us all the time. But we must learn how to deal with it. This newsletter was written under much stress. I was scheduled today to lead a crew in mailing out The Dove magazines. There are financial obligations that must be handled today and people are calling me who need help right now. How did I handle it? First, I asked God in what order to do things. He told me to do the letter first. That meant that I had to drop three other pressing projects I should have done today. But since God has given us each 24 hours per day, including time for our beauty sleep, the Holy Spirit will give us the priority. Once I decided to drop the other duties, I had peace and I finished the letter. Remember this, God is always on His throne, there is no crisis in heaven and God has a solution for every problem, as long as we stop screaming and moaning and listen to our heavenly Father. Praise the Lord!

If you want more information, write to me. Our ministry has been teaching health for many years, and we have charts available on how to do colon, kidney and liver cleansing, with ingredients you can buy in your home area. As a pastor I can sit down with you in person or call you on the phone and help you with a personal plan that will fit your need and your budget. I am not a doctor or a licensed nutritionist, but as a minister of the Gospel I will share with you the wisdom God has given us through the Bible.

There is no charge for this kind of ministry, this is part of the healing ministry which Jesus started when He walked on the earth some 1,970 years ago.

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