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September 1999 Newsletter

John S. Torell

I want to begin this newsletter by talking about salt and honey. It might seem totally out of order to discuss salt and honey in a Christian prophetic newsletter, but bear with me and you will be very astonished at what you are going to learn.

When Nimrod started to build the city of Babylon, his goal, like that of every dictator, regardless of title, was to control the masses of people. The more educated and informed people became, the harder it was to control them.

It did not take long for the ruthless leaders to figure out that "SALT" had a major impact upon the IQ of a person. Children born to parents living near the coastline of an ocean with free access to Sea Salt in their diet, became more intelligent than children raised with a limited diet of Sea Salt. Thus, part of the strategy planned by evil governments was to have an ample supply of Sea Salt for the upper leadership families, but deprive the general population of access to "real" Sea Salt. Wars have been fought over the access and control of Sea Salt.

The human body contains three internal fluids that closely resemble the ionic balance of ocean water. Each one of these complex solutions circulates through our body: blood plasma, lymphatic fluid and extracellular fluid. Comparative analysis shows that these fluids are very similar to sea water in their chemical composition.

Real Sea Salt, which has been harvested through evaporation of ocean water, is course and gray and therefore does not flow through a salt shaker. But it contains about 120 different minerals that are chemically bonded in such a way that the human body can easily absorb them, maintaining the chemical balance that God designed when he created man. Babies, who from the time of conception are fed this kind of salt, becomes superior in intelligence as they grow up and will develop fewer diseases.

Know this: It is illegal to sell real Sea Salt in stores in America! They can sell you alcohol, tobacco products and junk food but what you buy in the supermarket when you ask for salt is SODIUM CHLORIDE (NaCl), which is a refined product from real Sea Salt but with all trace minerals removed. In order to make this product flow in your salt shaker, sodium aluminosilicate and tricalcium phosphate have been added. Sometimes the tricalscium phosphate is replaced with magnesium silicate. But, you are saying, I do buy Sea Salt in my health food store. Wrong! You are still buying a product that has been refined, but not as radically as the regular salt sold in stores.

The people running the World Government have done their home work well. First of all, they are "dumbing down" the general population so that they will be easier to control and will be content with what the World Government gives them in the form of EDUCATION. This education is called "entertainment" by the media and consists of TV programming, movies, trash magazines, pornography and the fastest growing entertainment of them all, "PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING." This is not a sport; this is an organized deception, where the wrestlers are performing just like stunt men in the movies.  It is determined in advance who will win and who will lose. In this wrestling circus the contenders are both male and female, dressed sexually provocative and using vulgar language. Violence is glorified to the audience, many of whom are from middle class America. Another name for professional wrestling is "LIVE PORNOGRAPHY."

Last year the State of Minnesota elected as its governor the former professional wrestler, Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Most people living in Minnesota are descendants from Scandinavia and Germany and are supposed to be well educated. They might be well educated according to the standard of the world, but their intelligence and thinking ability has sunk to a level that is not even found in the poorest third world nation. And the rest of America is not far behind them. We must remember that Bill Clinton was voted into office twice.

In the Roman Empire the political slogan was "BREAD AND PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT." In America the slogan is "BEER, SPORTS, DRUGS, SEX AND PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT." The "dumbing down" of the American people has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the evil World Government leadership.

The second victory for the World Government is the sickness that the worthless salt (NaCl) is producing. High blood pressure is a bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry. Millions of Americans are suffering from high blood pressure, and once they are started on drug treatment for this ailment (which is mostly caused by eating the wrong kind of salt for years), the medication to reduce high blood pressure will cause at least four other diseases which will then be treated with other medical drugs. Money is flowing into the coffers of the drug industry, which is controlled and operated by the World Government.

Not only does the World Government rake in money, the people who are sick because they do not have the salt that God designed for them, are dying young, many just before they are to retire or shortly after they retire. This is what the diabolic World Government loves; use the people to the max and then kill them off so they can steal their retirement funds. It’s a win-win situation for the Satanic leadership and a lose-lose situation for the people.

For years my wife and I would go to the market and buy our honey. I always complained to my wife that the honey sold in America tasted more like syrup. But not knowing why, I took no action. One day, many years ago, when we were on a preaching tour in Sweden, we were invited to dinner with a family. During the course of the dinner, the husband told me that he was a bee keeper and he wanted us to taste some of the honey that his bees had produced. When I put a spoon to my mouth, I almost fell over! This is how I remembered honey tasting when I was a little boy. I asked the man how this honey could taste so rich and sweet. He told me, "This is the way God educated the bees to make it."

I then found out that much of the honey sold by stores is diluted with water so that the seller can make more money. The honey comb is heated to extract the honey so that the honey comb (beeswax) can be sold for candles.  Heating kills most of the enzymes in the honey. Then to sweeten this diluted product, white sugar is added.

White sugar is the culprit behind the epidemic of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Another win-win situation for the World Government -- people eating themselves sick and then paying a high price for the drugs which will not cure them but will hide the symptoms for a season.

When the beekeeper told me this, I first thought he was making it up. I decided to check it out. When I came back to the United States, I searched the telephone book yellow pages for beekeepers. I found a place in Sacramento, where we live, and my wife and I drove there to check it out. When we tasted their honey, it was just as heavenly tasting as what we had in Sweden. This bee keeper told me the same thing.  With this knowledge, we immediately stopped buying honey in stores, and stayed with the beekeepers.

God has used people to open my eyes to honey, but I was still "dumbing" myself with the regular store salt. Then toward the end of the 1980's the Lord laid it on my heart to schedule a healing seminar at our church. We had several speakers and one of them spoke on the subject of Sea Salt. With my mind dumbed down I thought this speaker was a little bit out in left field, but I decided to read his literature on the subject. When I read this well documented material, I did not know if I wanted to cry, laugh or scream. For many years I had been consuming products that were slowly but surely destroying my body. I decided to order some Sea Salt and taste it for myself. When I did, I was in for another shock.  What a difference in taste! The food tasted rich, but most of all, in a few days I began to feel much better and have more energy. After using real Sea Salt for some 10 years now, I have noticed that my mental capacity has increased and that my memory is steadily improving, despite the fact that I am getting older. 1

Suddenly, out of the blue, the FBI finds out that during their attack six years ago on the Davidian ministry complex in Waco, Texas, teargas canisters which could cause a fire were used.  All this time Attorney General Janet Reno and official FBI personnel have stated over and over that no such devises were used and that the fire was started by David Koresh and his followers. Janet Reno is furious; she claims that she has been lied to, and she sends federal marshals into the FBI building to seize a video where FBI agents are heard discussing the use of flammable teargas canisters. Then the Federal Attorney General in Texas, who prosecuted the poor people who survived the shooting and the fire, writes a letter to his boss, Janet Reno, and tells her that he is now convinced that there is a sinister plot by the FBI to mislead the American people, and that the attack on the Davidians was wrong. (You must remember that close to 80 people died in that fire and that 20 or more were children). Then the federal prosecutor, who is still employed by the Federal Government, goes on ABC’s Good Morning America news program, and gives an exclusive interview that is broadcast live on TV. The rest of the news media is acting with shock, and suddenly the entire American media, who up to this time has blasted David Koresh and his followers as "demons from hell" who had to be exterminated, now "sings a new song." From having scoffed at all reports that the FBI deliberately set the fire to kill the people inside the buildings, now the call is for another Congressional hearing and on all TV newscasts and programs like "Meet the Press" the "dignified" TV personalities cannot get enough of investigating this "horrible discovery."

In the meantime Janet Reno is suddenly having one press conference after another where she is telling the people that this was not her fault.  She was lied to by the FBI and she is going to get to the bottom of this sorry cover-up. From hating independent investigations (remember her disgust for Kenneth Starr), she and FBI director Louis Freeh have now agreed that this must be done by an independent investigator in order to get to the truth so that the American people will believe what they plan to release.

If you believe that this just happened by accident, that some poor clerk in the FBI building just stumbled onto this video which someone just happened to put in a filing cabinet some six years ago, you are a candidate to buy the Golden Gate Bridge from me. But let’s blame your innocent thoughts on this subject on the salt that you have eaten all these years. Let me now give you the real truth about what is happening.

This should not come as a surprise, but Bill Clinton and Janet Reno are not the best of friends. Reno was brought in as a pay back to all the female homosexuals and the "National Organization of Women" (NOW), who supported Clinton during his election campaign. Reno has had a hard time covering up all the crimes committed by the Clintons during Bill Clinton’s time in office, from the murder of Vincent Foster and some thirty other murders to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It is a well known fact that Reno has disgust for her boss, the president.  The current FBI director does not have much love for Clinton either. Clinton took a terrible legal beating in the impeachment proceedings, and Reno and the FBI allowed many things to be leaked out in order to hurt Bill Clinton.

Also remember this, Bill and Hillary Clinton are the "puppets" for the current president of the World Government, Edgar M. Bronfman. (Bronfman is the current president of the World Jewish Congress, and the Bronfman family owns and operates the biggest alcohol production in the world. They also have control over Disney corporation and about two years ago they purchased the American Broadcasting radio and television network (ABC). 2

The Bronfman family and the Kennedy family worked together during the time of prohibition in the United States to break the alcohol prohibition and repeal the sixteenth amendment to the American constitution. It was the older Bronfman and Kennedy who were the biggest smugglers of liquor during this time, but once the prohibition was lifted, they parted from being friends. As the Kennedy family tried to clean up its image and use its money to have their sons elected to high offices in the United States, the Bronfman family (Jewish), heavily involved in world affairs and running the World Government, became bitter enemies of the Kennedy’s. When President John F. Kennedy openly stated that he was going to take some strong measures, including printing new U.S. dollars which would be backed by the United States Government, rather than the Federal Reserve, he was quickly assassinated. A few years later his brother Bobby Kennedy was gunned down as he tried to finish what his brother had started. On July 18, 1969, Teddy Kennedy was neutralized. After attending a party staffed with young women in the same class as Monica Lewinsky, a very drunk Ted drove his car with "his girl," Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge, crashing the car in the water and killing Mary Jo.  Kennedy received help from the World Government in controlling  police, judges and others so that Kennedy was never prosecuted.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are elated. They are now allowed to get even with Janet Reno, disgrace her and the FBI director Louis Freeh (It is noteworthy to state, that Reno and Freeh do not have a close relationship either). Freeh has been forced to cover up and lie for Reno.  He does not have high regards for his boss, and she does not like men in general.

Why does Edgar Bronfman want to sack the Attorney General and the FBI director at this time? TO COVER UP ANOTHER MURDER BY THE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The information that I am going to share with you now has been published recently by two of my friends, who independently of each other have discovered another sinister plot by the World Government, resulting in the cold blooded murder of three people. If you want the printed material that these two men have produced, here are their names and telephone numbers: Lawrence Patterson, publisher of Criminal Politics, 1-800-543-0486 and Texe Marrs, publisher of Power of Prophecy, 1-800-234-9673

The World Government works on long term goals, which seems hard for the general public to understand. They have already decided that the next president of the United States is going to be George W. Bush, currently governor of Texas. George W. as a young man was sent to Yale University, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, who was initiated into the Order of Skull and Bones in 1917. Prescott’s son George also went to Yale, and became a member of Skull and Bones in 1948. Before graduating, grandson George W. also became a member of the Order of Skull and Bones.

The push is now on by the media to support George W. and to let the people know that as of September, 1999 more than 50 million dollars has been given to his campaign. Watch how the media is going to sacrifice Al Gore, and destroy the chances of all other candidates.

If George W. behaves himself wisely and does the bidding of Edgar Bronfman, they might give him a second term. But since there is no love or loyalty in World Government circles, they must prepare a viable threat to George W. in order to pressure him into compliance. That threat is Hillary Clinton.  As you might have seen, shortly after the impeachment process was over, the media announced that Hillary Clinton was going to move to the state of New York and run for the Senate on the democratic ticket. The Clintons are not well liked by New York democrats, but orders were given from above and the party lined up. The media in the meantime has showed us the "extravagant house hunting" by the Clintons and the sweet and lovely Hillary. Once elected senator, she would then be positioned to run for the presidency in the next presidential election.

There was only one problem that Edgar Bronfman encountered: another Kennedy was sticking up his head and not playing according to the direction of Edgar. This was the son of the murdered president, John F. Kennedy. According to Lawrence Patterson, if and when JFK Junior would have announced that he was running for the Senate Seat in New York, most democrats in New York would dump Hillary and run to Kennedy. According to Texe Marrs, JFK, Jr. had planned to announce his candidacy on Labor Day, 1999.

Then, there was another problem: Kennedy was the owner and editor of a political magazine called "George." Kennedy was in the process of working on an investigative article exposing the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitsak Rabin as the work of the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad. This murder had been discussed in Israel and it was a known fact that the killer of Rabin had been directed by a "Mossad handler." If this article had been published by Kennedy in America, it would have given bad publicity for Bronfman, since he is directing the Mossad, as the head of the World Government, and also for the Clinton administration, which had contributed money and people to make sure that Netanyahu was defeated in the election for prime minister. The winner in this election, Ehud Barak is a puppet for Edgar Bronfman and is carrying out World Government orders. It was James Carville, the democratic attack dog, who was sent to Israel to make sure that Netanyahu was defeated.

Once the World Government had discussed the situation at length and weighed all of the options, a decision was made to kill the young Kennedy. Having been successful in murdering former Texas senator John Towers in a plane crash, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and  Congressman Larry McDonald on flight 007, plus a number of other opponents, and then successfully using law enforcement agencies and the media to cover up all investigations and stonewall these murders, a plane crash was ordered.

In order to get away with this murder, a number of agencies had to first be controlled. To those of you who remember it, President Clinton set in motion the elaborate search and rescue effort, using the navy, the coast guard and all other available means. When the plane carrying Kennedy, his wife and her sister crashed in the sea at 9.40 p.m. on July 16, 1999, the cover up began. For a full week the media did its work, with all major networks preempting many of their regular programming and devoting it to the "Kennedy tragedy." Over and over the experts tried to tell the American people about the fog that "disoriented" Kennedy, how inexperienced he was as a pilot, etc. What the American people did not hear was the following: At 9:39 p.m. Kennedy was talking to flight controllers at Martha’s Vineyard, 60 seconds before the plane went down, and he did not tell them he had a problem seeing or knowing where he was. Flight controllers saw no strange behavior on their screens prior to the crash.

A Vineyard Gazette and Martha’s Vineyard Times reporter saw an airborne explosion in the sky at 9:39 p.m. in the vicinity of where the Kennedy airplane would have been. Victor Pribanic, an attorney from Pittsburg, PA. who has a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard heard a loud explosion in the air from the direction where the plane would have been. He contacted the police and the search was targeted to the area where he directed them.

Whatever hit the air plane, or if it was a bomb, made it fall out of the sky like a rock.

The most damning evidence comes in the search and rescue effort. Once the wreckage was located, a sophisticated navy recovery ship arrived and the bodies were extracted. Within 24 hours the three dead people were cremated and their ashes spread over the water. Senator Ted Kennedy was allowed to ride out to the navy ship and identify the bodies. Ted Kennedy looked very grim and did not say much.  My conclusion is that he saw the mangled bodies, knew what had happened, and became very frightened.  If he opened his mouth, he could be dead next. When the wreckage was taken up from the bottom of the sea, all media was kept away, and by the time the wreckage arrived on land it was covered by a tarpaulin and could not be seen. From that day, the wreckage disappeared and has not been seen or heard of since.

As I stated in my last newsletter, the World Government rules the world through the intelligence branches of the different nations. Are the American people able to see through the smoke screens that have been put up? I doubt it.  They have been so "dumbed down," that the only things that matter to them any more are comfort and entertainment, which too often includes pornography.

As Christians, do we have any hope? Absolutely! By preaching Jesus Christ to a perverted generation, people will be saved and become citizens in the Kingdom of God. The more evil that we see in the world, the more we must pray, fast and share the Good News.

1.  It is not legal for a store to sell real Sea Salt, but if you become a member of the Grain & Salt Society, you may buy it for your own use.  But you cannot resell it to others. For honey, find a beekeeper supplier in your area and buy directly from them.

2.  For a full and detailed discussion on Edgar Bronfman and his empire, order a copy of the Spring 1997 issue of The Dove.

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