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October 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

There is a conspiracy between President Clinton and the Congress to fool the American people into thinking that the American economy is in an unstoppable growth pattern, despite the fact that the economy is in shambles in Asia and Russia has no economy at all. On September 30,1998, President Clinton went on public TV and gloated over the $70 billion budget surplus for which he was taking credit. Just a few days earlier, the Republicans legislated new tax cuts to spend the budget surplus. My question is this, Is there a budget surplus? The answer is no!

If I ran my personal finances the way the American Government runs the nation, I would eventually end up in total bankruptcy. If I, as an individual, would neglect my debts and simply stop paying them, while continuing to borrow more money without paying it off, I would also show a surplus at the end of each month.

This is how Clinton and the Congress are running the American economy. The current national debt is around $17 trillion and is increasing at the rate of $150 billion per year. A huge chunk of the tax payers money is spent on paying interest on this large debt, but no attempts are made to lower it by paying on the principal. Instead the current surplus is going to be spent on something else. It should not come as a surprise to you that Bill Clinton is lying again. The man is false from the beginning to the end. All of the senators and congressmen are part of this lie when they will not tell the American people that there is NO BUDGET SURPLUS. There is a technical surplus, because the government is not paying off its debt. In reality the surplus is a mirage, it does not exist, except on paper. There is another word for handling finances in this manner, "VOODOO ECONOMY," a phrase coined by George Bush when he was running against Ronald Reagan in the presidential primary of the late 1970's.

In reality, personal bankruptcies in the United States are now at a record high, and when people are paying up to 21% interest on their department store accounts, you do not need to have a doctor's degree in economics to understand that this trend cannot continue for ever.

Several times a week, I personally receive invitations from credit card companies offering me a guaranteed credit line, with a very low interest rate for six months. From time to time I receive offers to refinance my home, taking out 125% of the value of the home. How many Americans are buying into this craze of voodoo economics. It reminds me of Jacob, buying the birthright from Esau for a pottage of lentils and some bread. (Genesis 25:27-34)

People are asking this, "What keeps the American economy going?" Here is the answer: First of all, the Federal Reserve Bank system (privately owned and operated) is printing new money at an accelerated speed, flooding the world with new dollar bills, which are not backed by gold or anything else. As long as people have faith in them and keep using them, the bubble will hold. Banks and other credit lending institutions are increasing their loans to the maximum, since the federal Reserve Bank no longer requires that they hold more than five percent of their assets in reserve. Thus, banks and other lending institutions are able to loan out up to 95% of their assets. Since the financial markets have collapsed in Asia and in other nations, the rich who fleeced their own people before the financial crash, have moved their assets over to the United States, which they consider to be safer for now. Thus we have an enormous flow of cash into the United States itself, which is then loaned out to the American government and to the American people.

So people are buying new cars, homes, furniture and taking expensive vacations, not paying cash for them, but charging it on credit cards or taking out loans. Sooner or later, more and more Americans are going to come to the point, where they no longer can service their debts on a monthly basis. They are maxed out on their credit cards and loans and the only solution for them is to file for bankruptcy. When the number of bankruptcies reach a certain level (since the banks carry only five percent assets), the banks will no longer be able to pay the interest to their investors, and the banks will fail. At the end of September a huge investment bank in New York became insolvent, and very quietly the Federal Reserve Bank bailed them out with a loan in the billions of dollars.

Some day the American economy is going to crash, and when it does, it will make the 1930's look like "Golden Days." Remember this, the American people have mortgaged themselves and are living on borrowed money, which someday must be paid back. That is the day when the Lenders will take possession of all the properties, homes, and other items people have, and people will be out in the streets looking for bread and a place to sleep. Payday is coming.

As a Christian I have been working hard to make sure that my personal debts are paid off and that we do not buy any new products, unless we have the money in cash. We only borrow in absolute emergencies. (Amos 6:1-7)

It is very interesting that President Clinton is pushing hard for the American Congress to come up with $80 billion dollars to dump into the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is ten billion dollars more than the surplus. As the seven richest nations finance ministers are meeting in Washington D.C. to come up with a solution to the world wide slow down, they are crying out for America to help out.

Here is what is happening behind the scenes. American bankers and manufacturers have either loaned money to other nations or invested in factories. As the economy is greatly slowing down, it is clear that the people and businesses who have received these loans, will not be able to pay them back. The American bankers and manufacturers, who have moved jobs from the U.S. to other nations, are about to lose their money. That is a horrible thought for these megabankers, like the Rockefellers', the Rothschild's, American Oil companies, etc. So they put pressure on the national governments to bail them out. They can't; like Russia, they are broke. The next step is to call for the IMF to give money to the national governments, who in turn will pay the American investors off. Does Congress have any money? No, but Congress will take American taxpayers money to pay off rich speculators who are crying hard while they lose their investments. When you hear president Clinton say that America must help these nations to come out of their economic slump, HE IS LYING AGAIN! Of all the billions of dollars that the IMF pumped into Russia the last few months, none has gone to help the Russian economy. It was only used to pay off the foreign investors.

Here is a Democratic president, who is not supporting American workers, but is instead allowing jobs to be shipped overseas and when the overseas markets crash, he then takes tax dollars from the American workers to pay off the people who ripped off the American workers to begin with. Do you now understand why they call Bill Clinton, The Come back kid?" He is a liar and a cheat, and is running with the crooks of this world. With friends like that, no wonder he has come back so many times.

If there is one thing that the Clinton scandal is telling us, it is this: The current generation of Americans have changed drastically since the generation that ruled America during the 1940's. Most Americans under the age of 50 now have a Samaritan heart, with no fixed Biblical values; instead they have become hedonistic in their moral outlook on life.

This is a greater threat to America than the financial crisis, the Y2K problem, or the threat from China and Russia. This was brought home to me on a personal level during the month of September, when my wife and I took a short time of rest after the passing away of my dad. One day we walked into a store in northern California to purchase some items. As we came close to the cash register, I heard this young woman in her mid-twenties lamenting with a loud voice how angry she was over the Kenneth Starr investigation of President Clinton. This woman was not a hippie-style woman, neither was she a decadent woman, but a typical young woman who was either married or ready to be married. She did not care that customers were coming to her stand, she was venting her anger, and flatly told us that it was nobody's business that Clinton had lied and was an adulterer. "Everybody today has sex outside of marriage; what is the big deal," she cried. "There is not a politician who is clean; they are all dirty. Let's get on with our lives and leave the President alone. He is doing a great job as President. His personal life does not matter." Then she added, "They should take million of dollars and investigate Kenneth Starr instead. He is at fault; he has caused all the problems."

This woman is not alone. She represents a majority of the American people. She does not understand that a morally corrupt leader cannot lead a nation into righteousness, but will lead the nation into deeper sin. (Proverbs 14:34)

But since more than 50% of the American people are divorced and remarried, some of them going on their third and fourth marriage, millions have been enslaved by alcohol and other drugs. Adultery, fornication, pornography and sexual perversion are common among most people. They are dirty so they will accept dirty leaders.

The ungodly education in the public schools aided by the filthy sewage coming out of Hollywood has done its job. The current American generation is morally destroyed, spiritually bankrupt, rejecting Jesus Christ and heading for hell. They are angry, vicious and without repentance, blaming all problems on some "right wing Christian fanatics," who, according to their thinking, should be harshly dealt with by the government.

In the public schools they have been brainwashed to believe in evolution. The ungodly educators took away the Bible from the class room and prayer to God was banned. They were given sex education even before they became teenagers and the teachers handed out free condoms so they could have safe sex. These people are now holding political offices; they have become judges, prosecutors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, policemen and ministers. They sit on juries, they guard our prisons, they are in charge of health services, and worst of all, they are the American voters.

ABSOLUTELY! America has been in low valleys before. For 75 years (1700-1775) America was in a dark age, where immorality was rife and corruption in State governments and among the clergy was alarming. It was during this period of filthy darkness, that Jonathan Edwards began his revival preaching in 1734, which in time ushered in a great revival move of God, known as "THE GREAT AWAKENING." After Edwards had started his hard core preaching against sin, George Whitefield, the Methodist evangelist from England, came in like a tornado and fanned the revival flames. Soon hundreds upon hundreds of unknown men and women were called by God into the ministry and the fire of God destroyed the works of Satan. People were saved and washed in the blood of Jesus. It was during this period that the Baptist movement gained momentum, and also the buildup of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

After the war of independence, many church buildings were destroyed by the British soldiers, and most Bible training schools were closed. At the turn of the century (1800) America again began to sink into sin and general immorality. This time God used the grandson of Jonathan Edwards, Timothy Dwight. The latter had served as a chaplain in the army of Washington, and in 1795 he was chosen as president of Yale university. It resulted in a revival among the students, which spread to many other colleges.

By the 1830's the Christians in the United States became fragmented, and the fires of revival died out. But during these dark years, God raised up a flaming evangelist that kept the faith going. His name was Charles Finney (a lawyer and freemason). He renounced the freemasons, left his profession and became a mighty evangelist who was active into the mid 1870's. Finney was followed by Dwight L. Moody (1837-1899), who crisscrossed America and changed the land for God. Moody was followed by the fire-ball Billy Sunday (1862-1935), who preached such a message and had so many people converted to Christ, that the outlawing of alcohol in the United States (Prohibition 1919-1933) was passed as a national law. It took the forces of hell 14 years to destroy this work of God.

Instead of lamenting how bad things are, we must now turn to God and cry out for a new revival in the church and an awakening among the sinners. This is the goal of this ministry, to bring Christ to a decadent and hell bent generation. Through prayer and fasting and seeking the Lord Almighty God, it can be done. It has been done before and the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Are you willing to join me in this effort as the ministry that I am heading up will use all of its resources to bring God back into the lives of the American people?

May the Lord Jesus Christ stir your heart and flame the fire of God in your life, and give you strength to begin to proclaim Jesus Christ where you live and work.

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