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November 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

America can currently be compared to life on a farm, where the rooster stands proud on the dung hill, crowing about how great he is and that his accomplishments are fabulous. America is the dung hill, the rooster is Bill Clinton who is now gloating over the results of the national election. He does not understand that in the eyes of God he is a lying, cheating adulterer living a perverted life.

The American people knew all this about Clinton, but they love this man because perverted people do not want to have righteous men to rule over them; they want rulers with reprobate minds who are as vile and filthy as they are themselves.

I do not imply that God is a Republican; he does not take on any role like that; God is a righteous God who demands holiness from people. But men who are not saved and washed in the blood of Jesus cannot be holy. The Bible tells us that man’s righteousness is as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6) But that does not give man the license to sin and mock God.

The Democratic party in the United States is a coalition of a number of groups which have this in common: they have rejected God, rejoice in sin and all possible vices and are determined that the murdering of babies shall be protected by the law, that homosexuals shall be treated the same as a minority group with all its legal rights, that pornography shall be able to flourish and that "Bible-believing born again Christians" shall be labeled as "neo Nazi militants," who must be neutralized at any cost. In order for the Christian to understand what is driving Clinton and the Democratic party, I am going to quote the following article written by national syndicated columnist Linda Bowles and published on September 23, 1998, in the Washington Times.

"The base of this party consists of a number of special interest groups, including the sky-is-falling environmentalists, abortion industry workers, bilingualists, illegal immigrants, ideologically homeless ex-communists, communists, convicted felons, pornographers posing as artists, propagandists posing as journalists, network ancors, food stamp junkies, anti-American multi-culturalists, hard-core feminists, abused and abusable women, the venereally diseased, anti-tobacco fascists, anti-religious bigots, latent anti-religious clerics, pro-gay clergy, gay clergy, government employees, union bosses, government contractors, the sexually disoriented, educrats, trial lawyers, the willing poor, drug addicts, old sin New Age atheists, race hustlers, members of the black caucus, professional victims, punk musicians, condom manufacturers, proud and practicing members of the North American Man-Boy Love Association and dead people buried near Chicago."

Before you explode in anger and call me names, think about the agenda of the Democratic party. The party protects a sitting President who has lied to the American people, committed perjury under oath and while in office had sexual relationships with a young female intern at the White House. The party is responsible for legalizing abortion upon demand, hindering parents to find out if their underage daughters are given an abortion during school hours, instituting sexual education to children in public schools beginning at age eight and handing out free condoms to children in the public schools. The ACLU, a militant Jewish arm of the Democratic party is responsible for taking the Bible out of public schools, forbidding any Biblical teaching in public schools, forbidding prayer by students, demanding that evolution be taught as a fact, not as a theory, and that the Biblical account of creation cannot be taught in American public schools.

It was the Democratic party that over the years pushed for legislation which took away the laws that our forefathers had passed outlawing homosexuality and making homosexuality a felony. Once the penal laws had been removed, the Democratic party pushed for legislation to protec homosexuals and give them a very privileged status. The Democratic party gave the legal rights to homosexual couples to adopt children, and thus pervert them. The Democratic party is now pushing legislation to permit homosexuals to be able to marry and receive the same status as a normal married family, consisting of a man and his wife.

The Democratic party has opened the doors for pornography, calling it "free speech."

The Department of Education has been a tool to "dumb down" American children and educate them to become perverted, godless, drug addicts, not being able to read, who as grown ups will respond to the propaganda of the Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates. The job is now finished, the remaining Americans who have Biblical morals are now in a minority, and just like king Ahab and his queen Jezebel reigned in Israel some 2,800 years ago and destroyed that nation with their sins and perversion, so Bill and Hillary Clinton are now free to do the same in America, having received a mandate from the American people.

David Wilkerson, a man of God and also a prophet sent by God, shared in his October newsletter about the homosexual play currently playing in the city of New York called "Corpus Christi," and in it Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is depicted as a homosexual, and heavily involved in homosexual acts with the apostles and with Judas Iscariot as his favorite sexual partner. This play is partly subsidized with taxpayers money, compliments of the Democratic party. I cannot understand the people who make up the Democratic party. Why do they have to promote all that is sin and why do they hate God so much, that in their blasphemy, they have to mock God’s only begotten son?

Here is what Wilkerson says:

"I asked the Lord how our church could fight back. The Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to my heart, saying -- ‘Do not fight. This is my battle! This is now out of your hands -- out of everybody’s hands! Today God signs the death warrant -- this is the day America dies! It dies as the world’s leading power!’"

When I read this, I went to prayer myself and asked the Lord, why he could not just punish the people doing this evil, why does the whole nation have to suffer? Here is what I heard the Lord tell me.

"The Christian church in America is deeply into sin. Most Christians in America are deeply into idolatry and they do not even know it. This sin is worse than the sins of ungodly, unsaved people."

Here is the terrible truth. Yes, the Democrats are more than bad, but the blame for the moral decay of the American people can only be laid in one place, and that is at the feet of all the pastors and evangelists and other Christian leaders, who for the last 70 years have destroyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, cheapened it, and proclaimed loose moral living from the pulpits, saying that since we are under grace and saved by grace, it does not matter how we live, as long as we have love.

In reality, the American pastors and evangelists are joining Bill Clinton on the dung hill and proudly proclaiming that there is a current revival in the land. This is true, but the revival they are talking about is not from God, it is a selfish heal-me-now-Lord and make-me-filthy-rich revival that is sweeping the land. There is very little preaching on repentance, holiness and that those who reject Christ will go to hell when they die.

The pack of Christian leaders who are today leading the Christian church astray are first of all the so-called TV evangelists, with men like Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Sr. and Junior, plus scores of others. They are raising millions of dollars, building their networks and allowing false doctrine to be preached over their stations. If you want to know in detail how bad it is and what is really spoken, write me and ask for a free copy of "The Confused World of Paul and Jan Crouch." Hosea 4:1-14

It is also very important that you understand that all Republicans are not Christians. But because of the Christian influence, the Republican values are closer to what the Bible teaches.

Living in California is going to be worse than the rest of the nation. With the election of Gray Davis, nominally a Roman Catholic, but a practicing "no faith at all in God," and with the rest of the State leadership in democratic hands, expect a tidal wave of the homosexuals flooding into all areas of leadership with new laws being passed that will open up the doors for sin not seen since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Expect the pedofiles to come out of the closet and demand their day in the land. It is going to be a free for all, all hell breaking loose, no restraints, no hold backs, in the biggest sinner party seen on this planet. And as they have said for years, what happens in California will eventually be passed on to the rest of the nation, and then to the rest of the world. The Devil is more than happy; his perverts will now occupy many offices and do his bidding.

Being a pastor in Sacramento, the very center of the hell hole with Gray Davis as governor in California, it is going to be rough. We now have no one to whom to appeal. There will be no one in charge who will hold up morality. Our only solution is to believe in God, to begin to pray and fast like we have never done before, asking God to intervene in his mercy. We must triple our effort in preaching the Gospel and leading people to Christ. We do have the power to pray for the salvation of even the most vilest political leader. And if they will not accept Christ, we have the power to pray that God will remove them from office. Remember, the angel of the Lord smote king Herod and he died on the spot. Acts 12:19-24 God is not mocked, his judgment is now upon our nation and there will be much pain for the sinners, but this judgment will begin at the house of God. I Peter 4:14-18

If I could paint you a picture, our situation now is like the American soldiers experienced in Korea in the early part of that war in the 1950's. The communists broke through their lines and began to drive south until they had almost driven the Americans into the sea. The cry was heard, "Breakthrough, breakthrough, the lines are crumbling." Battle hardened American soldiers were able to stabilize the lines far to the south, and then led by general Douglas McArthur, American marines landed at Inchon and pushed inland and cut off the communists who where later mopped up and destroyed.

This is where we are today; the sinners have broken down the lines of the Christians and we now need to rally. We rally by seeking the Lord, repenting of our sins, asking God to send a holiness revival into our lives, and then expect God to move. It has been done before, and it could happen again. But it will depend upon what you and I do. If we do not take this seriously and seek the Lord, the battle will be lost. What are you going to do?

This revival is not going to begin from the top, it is going to come from the simple Christian soldier who in agony cries out to God for mercy and help. Will you become that Christian solder?

As a pastor I am preaching holiness and seeking the Lord. If you want to be part of this, tell us that you want to subscribe to my weekly sermons so that you can hear in your home what the people hear at Resurrection Life of Jesus Church in Sacramento. Many are now subscribing, but the numbers need to be increased.

Here are the radio programs that we broadcast last month, there are four programs per cassette. Please Use the Code Numbers to Identify What You Are Ordering.

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