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May 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we edge closer and closer to the year 2000, with some 600 days left to go, it has become more and more clear to me that there will be drastic changes in the United States and also in the rest of the world.

At first I did not take the computer date problem too seriously, I simply believed that with the tremendous technology that we have today, someone could write a program that would fix the problem. Then our Bible teacher and computer expert Michael Blair, educated me and showed me why it was impossible to write such a program and that it would take years to bring all major computer systems to the level where they would be able to accept four digits to correctly indicate a designated year. Currently, the old programs are designed to take only two digits, which will make a difference when we roll over from year 1999 to 2000.

We then held a seminar in our church, in which the entire scenario was laid out. More and more reports have come in to me, showing that the problem is more serious even than what we had presented at this seminar. During the seminar we laid out all of the functions and possible events that we knew could take place, but later more detailed information came in showing that it will be the worst disaster to hit America and the world since World War II.

Briefly, this is why it is going to be such a tremendous problem: All banking, including the stock market and the commodities market are tied together with a global computer system . As January 1, 2000 comes into existence, this entire computer system will break down. The internal clock within the computers will tell the system that we have entered year 00, which the programs will interpret to read 1900. This will force the computers to cease to function, since the system is now telling itself that the years from 1901 to 1999 never existed. The computers can no longer process transactions, since the time is incorrect, and according to the programs no records exist. Thus, no financial activity or business, depending upon the computer system, will function and the banks, the stock market, the commodities market, including all transportation systems from railroads to air lines, will shut down. Until new programs can be created and the old data transferred with corrected dates, the system will be down.

The only way to operate at this point, is to go back to the old system before computers existed, people manually handling all transactions. This will create a nightmare, since hundreds of thousands of people will be needed to handle this job load. The cost in wages will be sky high.

Since all American banks are required to have only 1.2% cash in reserve, there will not be enough cash for people to use instead of checkbooks and credit cards. If you have a hard time believing this, just call your local bank and ask them if you can come in later today and withdraw $5,000.00 in cash from your account. Unless your bank is a mega branch in a large city, you will be told that they will have to order in the cash and that it might take a day or two before it will be on hand. Furthermore, you will be forced to sign a form, which will be passed an to several government agencies, notifying them that you have taken out this much cash from your own account.

Already it is a known fact that the major players in the stock market are selling their shares and moving their money into other investments, such as rare gold and silver coins or real estate holdings. You might argue and state that the stock market is just going up and up. This is true, but the rich and the powerful political leaders in the world are no longer there; they have been replaced by speculators and Mutual Funds.

It is also a known fact, that most people working in the computer field, no longer hold savings accounts or are in any paper investments of any kind. As we got closer and closer to the year 2000, these facts will become known to more and more people, and the banks and credit unions will lose their savings account customers and people will take out their cash. This is going to put more strain on the system which is about to fail.

Thus, by mid 1999, it will become clear to the politicians running the United States that a panic situation is at hand and they are powerless to correct it. That will leave them with only one option, to have the President of the United States declare a National Emergency and suspend the Constitution for the time being. The President will then have 60 days to fix the problem or ask Congress for an unlimited extension. just like Franklin D. Roosevelt did in 1933. That would most likely mean that Clinton would suspend the election for year 2000, thus extending himself indefinitely as President.

The only option the President will have, is to declare all Federal Reserve Notes of the United States invalid, and ask the Government to introduce an emergency debit card to every legal resident in the United States. Using a new backup system, that has no connection to the old banking system, people will be issued electronic monetary units, which they can use to pay rent, mortgage, food and other things they need. All salaries and pensions will be paid with this electronic fund transfer system. Most likely it will mean a total financial loss of all savings and stocks and bonds in the old system for the average American.

You might now ask this question, "HOW CAN THEY DO THAT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?" Ask that question to any Russian. When the Soviet Union ceased to exist on December 25, 1991, the whole financial system went with it and the Russian people lost all their savings. Whatever they had was wiped out, as the old currency was recalled and they were issued new money, with a reduction in rate.

We are now seeing large banks merging with other large banks, to create "NATIONAL MEGA BANKS," and this is not happening by chance. The political/financial leadership already know what they are going to do, and it can only be done if there are just a few Mega Banks left in the United States. You will not read too much about this in your local newspapers or hear it from the "three stooges" on the TV networks. This will be kept a secret until the day the ax falls, and then the American people won't be able to do anything about it. And that's how the World Government likes it.

I now want to make this particular report available to all the people who are finding this newsletter on our website. Since the report is lengthy and very detailed, we are asking for a donation of $5.00 or more. Not only will we send you a copy of the report, but also an audio cassette of the message I preached in our church, Resurrection Life of Jesus, on May 3, 1998. (RLJ-610) I devoted the entire message to how we as believers in Christ can cope with this catastrophic event that is just about to hit our nation and the world.

I have also recorded eight radio programs which are now airing on our daily radio broadcast during the month of May, in which Michael Blair and I are discussing this issue. If you want to order these radio programs, they come on two audio cassettes, numbers KCBC 1312-1315 and KCBC 1316-1319.

Remember this, life as you and I know it will come to an end in about 14 months. Take a hard look at your savings and investments. Ask God to give you wisdom about what to do with your assets. My advise to you is this, do not go any further into debt, but try to pay off as much as possible. Lean on Jesus, He will be the only one who can take us through this horrible time that is just around the corner.

After reading this letter, do not get depressed! Instead, begin to rejoice in the Lord! Events like this show us that we are closer than ever to the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My prayer for you is that God will bless you abundantly and that we shall be able to use these 14 months to pump out the Gospel to the max.

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