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European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc.

March 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Many people must be asking, what is happening behind the scenes with regard to the scandal involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Here is what I have been able to find out.

We are seeing a battle within the Jewish community which they call "Zipper Gate." Since the election of Netanyahu as the Israeli prime minister, a war has broken out in the Jewish world community. The Jewish rabbis in Israel, who control Judaism or who can be converted to Judaism, have been working to pass laws in Israel which would invalidate American Jews as being Jewish unless they convert and adhere to the strict laws of the fundamental rabbis in Israel. This has the American Jewish community in an uproar. American Jewish leaders like Edgar Bronfman and others have cut off funds going to Israel and are threatening to put a total squeeze on funds from the United States. President Clinton sided with the American Jews and when Netanyahu came to the United States for a visit in 1997, Clinton snubbed the prime minister and would not see him despite that both men were in Los Angeles at the same time.

It was then that the Jews supporting Netanhahu moved into action, having knowledge of the sexual relationship between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, who is an American Jew. So also is her attorney, William Ginsburg. The Lawyers for Paula Jones were tipped off that Lewinsky had a relationship with Clinton, and they seized on this opportunity and called for a deposition from Lewinsky. Then Kenneth Starr's office was tipped off, and Mr. Starr used his subpoena power to get involved. Since the American media is controlled by the Jewish community, suddenly all the TV networks and the press are playing it to the hilt. The crisis has been born and is growing.

You must remember that more than 60 percent of the staff in the Clinton White House are Jewish and they became furious when they realized what was happening. All the stops were pulled out as it became an outright war between the two Jewish factions. As the battle is being fought in the media, there are secret meetings taking place behind the scenes to resolve this conflict. "Everyone in the know" is aware that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were involved sexually and that Bill had promised her, after his presidency was over, he and Hillary would split up and Monica would take Hillary's place.

Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore are controlled by powerful Jewish groups, and the discussion now is under way as to which group is going to win. Both groups are American Jews who are in a deadly battle with the Jewish rabbis in Israel. Both Bill and Al know that they are but pawns in a chess game and are at the mercy of their Jewish handlers.

Most likely the American Jews are going to work out a deal with the Israeli rabbis. The rabbis control the religious establishment, but the American Jews control the finances. Neither group can function without the other. I am predicting that some kind of compromise is going to be worked out. Once this deal is done, it is a question of damage control when it comes to Clinton, and if there is too much political damage done to save Clinton's presidency, he will be dumped, just like President Nixon was years ago.

Some of you might now ask this question, where does Pastor John find this information? This information is not to be found in regular American publications, but if you receive Jewish magazines and publications like I do, you will find it there. The debate in the Jewish press is large. They are laying out all the details and are not trying to hide it from their own people.

Anyone who doubts what I just wrote, contact me and I will photocopy the material and send it to you so that you may read it yourself. Remember this, I will not release any information unless I have it documented and know without a shadow of doubt that it is correct.

The power play that you are seeing now is a prelude to the coming power play when the Antichrist is put into power. May God help us all as we move closer to the period of time which the Bible calls the "Great Tribulation."

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Any scripture references are taken from the King James Bible.
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