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June 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Much has happened since I wrote to you a month ago. The month of May was a "cliffhanger" for our ministry. For some reason, very little money came in the mail from the people normally supporting the radio ministry. I did run some very special radio programs on the "Millennium Bug," and the response from the listeners was great. It is a long time since we had such a great response. But as we sent out the written report to the people requesting it over the telephone, very few responded back to us and helped us with the cost of just mailing it out, which came to several hundred dollars.

It was not until the very last week of May that God moved upon his people and the funds started to come in, which made it possible for us to pay the radio stations for air time used. Our radio bill per month is roughly $2,700.00. The last payment was sent off June first.

Please pray with us that the month of June will not be a "cliffhanger."

During the month of May the World Government was very busy making new plans for the rest of the people living on this planet. On May 14-18, The Bilderbergers had their annual meeting held in the luxury resort Tumberry, Scotland, which is located some 55 miles from the city of Glasgow. As always, security was very tight, and despite the fact that this is supposed to be a very "private" meeting of "private" people, the British government furnished full security using British taxpayer's money.

Attention this year was focused on globalization, which is the process of accelerating economic, technological, cultural and political integration of all nations into one global political giant, which translates to a World Government. Samuel (Sandy) Berger, White House National Security Adviser, and a regular at the Bilderberger meetings, who is also an American Jew, spoke to the Brooking Institute a few days prior to the meetings in Scotland, wherein he emphasized the need for a speedy globalization, and for the need to eliminate all opposition to this process.

Berger also criticized the American Congress for holding up $18 billion of American taxpayers money which the World Government wants Congress to hand over to the International Monetary Fund so that poor nations can be given this cash in order for them to repay the international bankers for loans that are unpaid. Nations like Russia, Indonesia, Thailand etc. that went into debt recklessly and now cannot pay back these bankers. Berger didn't say a word about paying back the American taxpayer. World Government people do not understand such thinking. Banks are to be paid back but American taxpayers are to be fleeced forever.

It is interesting to note that immediately following the Bilderberger meetings, a summit was held in Birmingham, England, where the so called G-7 nations met. As you may recall from the news, Bill Clinton was at the meeting in Birmingham and received new marching orders which had been decreed at the Bilderbergers.

Another very interesting tidbit from the Bilderberger meetings is that the Republican Governor of New Jersey, Christine Todd Whitman, had received a personal invitation to attend the Bilderberger meetings in Scotland. The last time an American governor was invited was in 1991, when governor Bill Clinton received a personal invitation to attend that year's Bilderberger meeting. Is it possible that the World Government is going to make the Republicans nominate their first female presidential candidate for the next election in the United States?

There are very strong indications that if Bill Clinton can hang onto the presidency, that he or whoever is President in the fall of 1999, will declare a National Emergency, put us under Martial Law, suspend the Constitution and operate as a dictator. If you did not ask for the special report that we used for our radio programs last month, I urge you to contact us and ask for a copy. When I made the radio programs, I did not know the following fact.

FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency), the agency that takes over every time there is a disaster in the United States is in the process of implementing some plans which they do not want the American people to know in advance. It is FEMA which has been operating the so called Black Helicopters for a number of years, including advance training with the American armed forces in attacking U.S. cities in mock battles and then setting up military rule. From a source that is working inside on a secret project, I have learned the following:

Due to the Millennium Bug, the Federal Government and all State and Local governments have known for some time that when year 2000 arrives, it will cause the total shut down of all sewer plants in the United States, including fresh water treatment plants. It will take only 3 days for the sewer systems in the cities to become full, back up and spew out raw sewage onto the streets. Just a few days of this, and a number of very contagious diseases will spread among the population, causing panic to break out.

Every major city in the United States is now working in secret on plans of how to cope with this problem. Underground tunnels have been or are being constructed right now in all major cities where local government teams under the dictatorship of FEMA will begin to operate at the end of 1999. These facilities will have food, water, shelter, electricity and will be totally self contained, including their own water supplies and sewage systems. These underground complexes will be guarded by special troops with orders to shoot to kill if anyone tries to enter them. It Is from these underground bunkers that the people will be controlled during this turbulent time.

People will be herded to special camps, already being set up, and according to sources inside the military, closed Army , Air Force and Navy bases will be used to detain people. Since prisons and jails cannot hold all the people that they foresee to riot, special concentrations camps will be or have already been constructed on closed military bases.

A number of special computer consultant firms have been contracted by the Federal Government to try to solve as many of the sewage plant problems as possible. It has been projected that only the largest cities will be given a chance to comply. Smaller cities will be abandoned.

When computer consultant companies are hiring people for this crash program to the tune of $5,000 a month while in training and then paying them fabulous salaries once they are trained, we should know that the nation is going to have some serious problems.

If we are going to be accurate as far as the birth of Christ is concerned, understand this, our calendar is off between 7-9 years and we are already in year 2005 or 2007. Any encyclopedia will inform you of this. Just look up the word, "Calendar."

The reason for our woes is that the programmers did not use four digits, when all the computer programs were written back in the sixties and on. Instead, they used only the last two digits. All computers are date sensitive, so will cease to function once we pass the last year for which they have been programmed (or 99).

Thirdly, it does not mean that Jesus is coming back just before all computers crash. It means that our society, which we are used to, will come to an end and since the political leaders who are in charge do not want to give up their positions, they will use Martial Law to keep control.

America can be likened to the ship Titanic, which left England only once and then sank. During the days it steamed on, before the collision with the iceberg, the people on board, were eating, drinking, dancing and corrupting themselves with their sins. Once disaster struck, the music and the dancing stopped and the party was over. Warnings were given to the captain of the Titanic, that icebergs were on the loose, but he ignored the warnings and paid the price -- the ship was destroyed.

We have been given warnings that our ship is about to go down and if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we should stop, pray and begin to fast and seek the Lord. How can we best use the 14 months we have left to serve Christ, to wake people up and seek God for a solution, instead of continuing the party? May God help us all to have a reality check, and mightily cry out to God, instead of always complaining and SEEKING more pleasures for the flesh.

Thank you for standing with us. My prayer is that together we shall be able to do a last effort of blowing the trumpet before the ship begins to sink. May God help us all.

Here are the radio programs we ran in May. There are four programs per cassette.

KCBC 1312-1315, THE COMING MELTDOWN, May 1-6, 1998, The Millennium Bug, Part I
KCBC 1316-1319, THE COMING MELTDOWN, May 7-12,1998, Part 2
KCBC 1320-1323, THE GRUDGE DEMON, May 13-18,1998, Part 1
KCBC 1324-1327, THE GRUDGE DEMON, May 19-22,1998, Part 2
KCBC 1 328-1331, THE GRUDGE DEMON, May 25-28,1998, Part 3

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