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July 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

It is becoming very clear that there is a large battle raging in the spirit world, which is spilling over into the physical world. Reports are coming in to me faster than what I can process them and some days the overload is so great that I cannot help but think. Where is it all going to end?

In order to help you to understand what things are happening behind the scenes; let us recap the following:

  1. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have always existed and they are one. The Hebrew word given in Genesis chapter one for God is "ELOHIM," which means Gods. This triune God created the entire universe with all its content, including angels, humans and all other living things. Man was crested in the image of God, triune (soul, spirit and physical body), but not divine.
  2. Before Adam and Eve were created, God had created all the angels with their civilization. Lucifer, the highest-ranking angel chose to rebel against the Lord, and thus sin was born in the heart of Lucifer, He enticed one third of the angels, who chose Lucifer and, his lies over the love of God. A tremendous war broke out in the universe that did not leave any solar system untouched, but God used the archangel Michael to crush the rebellion and bring Lucifer to trial with his angels.
  3. From what the Bible teaches us we can deduce that Lucifer appealed his sentence to the Lake of Fire and eternal damnation and torment. He questioned the love of God and the righteousness of God who could sentence his creatures to such a horrible fate. In order to refute Lucifer (now renamed Satan, which means accuser). God postponed the execution of the sentence and set out to show all his creatures that Lucifer was in the wrong and deserved the sentence of the Lake of Fire. Adam and Eve were created and placed on the planet, Earth. Where they were to be tempted by Satan.

    Satan was able to seduce Eve first and then Adam, so round one went to Lucifer. Genesis 3:1-13

    But God set the stage for round two, by judging the serpent, Adam and Eve and then promising a redemption plan for the fallen human couple and their offspring. Genesis 3:14-24

  4. Satan corrupted the children of Adam and Eve by mixing the offspring with demons. God responded with the flood and executed all the offspring of Adam and Eve, except Noah and his family (8 people). Round two went to God.
  5. Once Noah and his sons began to replenish the earth with people, they were polluted by the Devil, and sin began to run deep in the hearts of the people. Satan then tried to use the people to build a World Empire with Babylon as its capitol. God moved and confounded their language and scattered them over sit the earth. Satan was stopped. Round 3 went to God.
  6. Satan began to corrupt the different nations and rallied them to war against each other trying to build a World Federation. God counteracted and called out Abram to build a nation, through which the Messiah of the World could come. For the next 3000 years the battle raged back and forth until Jesus died on Calvary and rose from the dead on the third day. At the resurrection of Jesus, Satan was dealt his final blow, he was openly dethroned — the prince of this World head was put under the feett of Jesus. (Colossians 2:10-15) Round 4 went to God.
  7. For the last 2000 years Satan has been waging a guerilla war against the Church of Jesus Christ (Revelation 12:13-17). Satan has been granted permission from God to be able in the end times to build a World Empire for a short season (Revelation 13:1-18), which then God will crush (Revelation 19:11-21). For some reason Satan believes against hope, that if he can muster enough people on his side, he can force God to change his plans. The Bible states that God will not change His plans (Revelation 20:1-15) Round 5 will be the final round and it will be God who finally, once and for all, shall, with force, place the Devil, his fallen angels and all unsaved people where they belong, in the Lake of Fire
  8. Currently you and I as human beings, saved by the blood of Jesus, are used by God to complete Round 5. Lucifer is currently building momentum to bring his World Federation into place, led by the Antichrist and the False Prophet Since God used the seed of Abraham to bring in the Messiah, the Devil has captured a large majority of the Jewish people living on the earth today, so that they established the State of Israel, including control over Jerusalem. The next move is to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem to give the Antichrist a throne to sit on.

But the Devil is having a problem. The Jewish people are fighting among them selves, and it is this civil war that is raging at this time in history (see my newsletter for July 1998). The American Jewish rabbis, the World Jewish Congress under the leadership of Edgar Bronfman, and the American Jewish general leadership in banking, business and entertainment are pitched against the current leadership in Israel, led by prime minister Netanyahu. Bronfman and his group control the White House and president Clinton; Netanyahu and his group control the Senate, the Congress and a number of American preachers.

As you can see on a daily basis, the American media is bashing Kenneth Starr, who is the main fighter for Netanyahu. And the preachers who are on Netanyahu’s side are feeling the heat from Clinton, who is a deadly foe to tangle with. To bring home a point with you, I am including a letter from television Evangelist and Pastor John Hagee, in which he is outlining what has happened to him. Pastor Hagee is either spiritually blind or he has purposefully chosen sides in the great Jewish war. The tragedy is that John Hagee does not understand that both Jewish groups are pawns in the hands of Satan and are both working on the same project — to bring their false messiah into power.

A Ministry Letter from John Hagee Ministries

Dear Partner,

The freedom of every God-fearing American is under attack as never before. Your freedom.. and mine. When we are bold enough to decry the corruption at the heart of our nation - condoms in public school - scandal in the federal administration in Washington - or the violence of our school yards - you and I are labeled ‘dangerous, religious fanatics’.

But in today’s godless America, the attacks have gone far beyond name-calling. Now we are facing nothing short of persecution.

Let me share with you what has happened to John Hagee Ministries, to our staff, to me personally... and to you, as a Partner in our mission of spreading the Gospel in these critical end times.

It is a shocking story of religious censorship and harassment from an unexpected part of our government.. the Post Office, And I want you to know the facts.

FACT. In January of last year, I released my best-selling book Day of Deception, which exposed the powers of darkness at work in the White House (including witchcraft)

FACT: Shortly after, the U.S. Postal Service began an investigation of our mailing to friends like you. Their particular target was our magazine.

Perhaps the timing was coincidental. But what has transpired over the last 18 months leads us to believe that it was not.

I am convinced that we have been put on someone's ‘enemy list' as part of the ‘right wing religious fanatic conspiracy’ which is now being blamed for all the scandals in the present

Our magazine mailings were literally confiscated and reviewed by these postal authorities. They determined that our mailings suddenly did not meet their requirements for the Non-Profit postal rates, which are accorded, to all religious and nonprofit organizations

Why? Because our ministry offerings to friends like you included such things as the Book of Acts on videotape, tours to the Holy and our Gospel cruise.

The Post Office said these did not fit our mission as a Christian organization whose purpose is to spread the Gospel. This is insanity!

They were in effect censoring our mail - telling us we could and could not print in our religious magazine.

But the insanity continued. Despite hour upon hour of trying to "render unto Caesar’ and meet every regulation, despite letters and inquiries which went unanswered, the Post Office seized $36,000 from our printer’s account.

This is like taking Tom’s money, because Paul does business with him. And you don’t like Paul. More insanity!

Yes, I do believe a conspiracy against this Ministry has been behind the scenes. And as you may know, we are pursuing a lawsuit. Clearly we will prevail. But right now, the 18-month attack has taken its toil. We have lost untold donations. We have lost time and the energy of our most vital staff including myself. And yes, we have lost money.

At a time when the need to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been more urgent with Biblical prophecy unfolding day by day, time grows short before the Final Harvest.

Anyone opposing the forces of the Antichrist will experience the wrath of the Devil as outlined in Revelation, Chapter 12. What American would have thought that the United States Post Office would be used as a weapon to destroy a Christian ministry which is opposing a decadent and sinful President of the United States? My only comment is, PREPARE FOR A WILD RIDE BEFORE IT IS ALL OVER! The good news is, Satan is going to lose this round, but we have a whole lot of [spiritual] fighting left before we are going to see Jesus.

Once again, to all of you who stood by us this month in prayer and financial support thank you very much and may God help us all, as we are part of Round 5.

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