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January 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here it is, another new year which is called 1998. If we are going to be truthful to the birth of Jesus Christ, it is really between year 2005 to 2007. The reason behind this is that the calendars have been changed a number of times, and when changes were made, a mathematical error of 7 to 9 years occurred. It is also important to understand that, at the time of the birth of Jesus, the Roman Empire had its own calendar and that this calendar was not officially changed until around 325 after the birth of Jesus, when the State of Rome and Christianity were merged, Christianity became a state religion and the emperor Constantine also became the first pope.

After Constantine became the first emperor/pope, he commissioned his court mathematicians to find out the time of the birth of Jesus, and once they had found that out, set that year to 0. and began a new counting from that year. In order to do that they had to search out the Roman records, which were more than 300 years old, and correlate them with the Jewish records, which were also more than 300 years old. But there has never been a record kept of the month or the day that Jesus was born, so the Roman mathematicians made "A RELIGIOUS DECISION" and declared that Jesus was born on December 25, which was the day the birthday of Tammuz had been celebrated since around 5000 years before Christ.

This information that I just now shared with you is available in any encyclopedia under the heading "Calendar." Remember this, the Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Muslims etc, all have their different calendars, each with a different beginning point. Thus the earth is not on a uniform calendar.

On January 14th we are going to have Pastor Henry W. Wright minister in our church. My wife and I first met Pastor Henry last year at a meeting in Mill Valley, CA., at the invitation of some friends. This pastor has discovered the same truth that I have been preaching for many years, and that is that every disease has a cause. If we find out the cause, we can pray for a healing of the root problem, instead of treating the symptoms as medical doctors and also most pastors do. Pastor Henry has been called by God to only deal with this area of the ministry and has therefore been able to accumulate a tremendous amount of knowledge, which is of great help to people. He has specialized in finding the root problem to every disease that is plaguing people today.

If you have a chronic disease that will not go away, or if you have one of the allergy caused sicknesses, this is a meeting you should not miss. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. I know this is a Wednesday and that most of you have to work during the day, but if you have been battling disease for many years or if you know someone who has, it will be worth it to you to take time off from work and drive to Sacramento. Pastor Henry has also been used by God to heal people from cancer and a number of sicknesses.

Pastor Henry has become very well known in our country and he is in great demand. It is a great privilege for our ministry to have him come and minister. There is no cost for the meeting but we will take a free will offering for Pastor Henry. When I talked to him, he is open to possibly stay on for a day or more if Owe are people coming that need private consultations with him. My strong recommendation to you is this, if you or someone you know has a strong emotional disturbance, this is the meeting for them, since God has given pastor Henry insight in how to deal with this problem.

If you are living so far away that you cannot possibly come to the meeting, the teaching will be recorded on audio and they can be purchased from our ministry.

On Saturday January 24th, we are holding a very important seminar at our church here in Sacramento. We are now two Years away from the now millennium, and it is going to create a nightmare for all people using computers. Here is what happened: At the time when to computer was developed in the early 1940's, the programmers wrote down only the last two digits of the year. For example, the computer would know 1940 as 40, the first two digits were not entered into the program itself to save space, which at that time was very limited. These researchers, most of them now dead, did not think through what would happen when a new century would come along and the first two digits would change.

So when January 1, 2000 arrives, the computers at the Social Security office will terminate all the people now receiving social security because the computer is going to believe that it is 1900 instead of 2000 and thus people now receiving social security according to the computer will not yet have been born. Chaos is going to hit all banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, the IRS and the list goes on and on. It is going to shut down the computer system used by the Defense Department; it is going to hamper the Post Office, UPS, Air Traffic Controllers etc. The computer industry has dragged its feet on this problem since the cost of fixing it is astronomical.

We have a young man In our ministry by the name of Michael Blair who is a Bible teacher with us, but he has also been working on computers for the last 20 years and teaching some of the most advanced computer classes offered in California. Michael has been a computer programmer, he has been building computer networks for different businesses, and he is also a very sought after professional computer teacher. Together Michael and I are going to teach the Christian community what is going to happened in the year 2000, where this fits into the prophetic Writings of the Bible, what the consequences will be for people and businesses, and most of all, how you can protect yourself against this coming disaster.

Again there will be no charge for the meeting but a free will offering will be taken to cover our expenses. To our friends living far from us, why not set aside this weekend and come to Sacramento Saturday, attend the seminar, stay in one of the four motels close to us and attend our Sunday morning service the next day.

In closing, I want to announce the great news, I have now been able to finish my writing for the next issue of The Dove and this article is now being edited and prepared. If everything falls into place, we hare hoping to start printing the Dove around January 26.

My prayer is that God shall greatly bless you and prosper your spiritual growth this now year and that together we shall be able to win many souls for Christ.

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