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European-American Evangelistic Crusades, Inc.

August 1998 Newsletter

John S. Torell

Dear Friends,

For the last year I have been studying, thinking about and praying an what is going to happen at Year 2000 concerning the computer problems facing us on this earth. We had one seminar and I spoke on the subject one, Wednesday night in the church where I am the pastor, but this week it has become clear to me that I have to address the entire congregation of the Resurrection Life of Jesus Church.

After reading a number of reports, discussing the subject with people working inside the computer industry and also receiving information from sources within government circles, it is now clear to me that the world is facing a crisis unlike anything since World War II. The crisis that we are facing is going to be two-faced, it will affect our financial institutions and our daily living conditions. In my message (RLJ-626 Transcript) I am going to look at these situations and investigate how it will affect our Christian lives and our daily living. What can we do to prepare for it? Is it possible to prepare?

The problem is caused by, man, but I believe that God is using it as a judgment on the world to bring people from prosperity to utter poverty. The infrastructure in the United States is now totally computerized, and if part of it breaks down, it cannot be replaced with a manual system. Thus if the electric grid breaks down, there will be no back up system. It will stay down until all computers and imbedded chips are repaired or replaced. An outage like this could last for a few days, weeks, or months, depending on how severe the problem is.

If there is an electric outage, it will affect our every day life immediately. The first thing that we will notice is that there will be no running water in our houses. Our refrigerators and freezers will only stay cold for so long, then the food in them will spoil. When you dash out to the car and drive to the supermarket, it will be closed, since they also have no electricity. If you try to drive to a service station to get some gasoline so that you can drive to another city, you will find that the service station cannot pump any gasoline; they are also out of electricity. As you return home, you will have to survive on whatever food and water you have been able to store. If you try to go to work, you will find that your workplace is closed too.

Electricity. You will not be able to use the bathroom; there will be no water with which to flush the toilet. Suddenly, you have been moved back in time some 120 years, when there was no electricity or running water in this country. And you do not have horses, cows and chickens, since you have been depending upon food being brought into the city every day.

When you listen to my message on this tape, I will tell you what the Lord has shown me concerning this coming crisis. One thing is clear; we are today in the same position that the American people were in 1939. They knew that a World War had broken out, and that eventually America would be brought into it. The war could not be avoided, the only thing a person could do at that time was to brace for it and prepare what could be prepared.

May God help us all to seek Him in this hour of crisis.

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