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I have been waiting for a year to write this part of The Dove, as circumstances have hindered us from producing The Dove during year 2000. When I realized there would be a delay in publishing another issue, the Lord laid upon my heart to upgrade my monthly newsletter from being just a little news giver from our ministry for the people listening to and supporting our radio ministry, to a power packed six to eight page production. Writing such a newsletter once a month takes a lot of time, particularly with regard to research and documentation. People appreciate it, they tell their family and friends about it and the circulation grows. If you are interested in knowing what I have covered during the year 2000, you may turn to our website, and with a click of your mouse, you can choose which issues you want to read or print. If you do not have access to the Internet, write to us and ask for a subject listing.

The operation of our ministry can be likened to a chair with four legs. First we have Resurrection Life of Jesus Church, where I am the pastor, located in Sacramento, California. The second leg is The Dove ministry which was started in 1979. For the last ten years we have printed more copies of The Dove than names on our mailing list, because, after the first mailing, those who like our magazine call and talk to family and friends, then request extra copies. Furthermore, as time goes on and new people are introduced to our ministry, they request back issues.

Since we have produced some outstanding issues of The Dove, with the size and quality upgraded from our "Collector’s Edition" in 1997 and on, there is almost never a week that we do not ship out back issues. As I look back now I can see that the articles, "Showdown in Jerusalem" and "The Road to Armageddon" have become classic writings with powerful documentation and photos of the key players in the World Government. As young people (those born since 1970 and on) find our ministry, they are fascinated by the material since they have almost no background in history. When they learn that the information can be verified through their own research, they get more excited and want to learn as much as possible. Once they realize the gravity of the times in which we live and how short is that time, it brings them into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, which is our goal to begin with. They want to read the Bible and know it, they want to increase their prayer life, and most of all they want to witness and evangelize and bring unsaved people to Christ.

There are a number of nations into which The Dove flies: into Asia, Europe and into areas previously controlled by the Communists. But, if there is one area of the world that is responding to The Dove more than others, it is Africa. People in Africa have little money and cannot donate to the ministry. Our policy since 1979 is that The Dove is sent out free of charge and all we ask for is a love offering to cover our expenses. Since our brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa cannot send a love offering to cover our cost, we send them free and believe that God will use His people in the United States and Canada to help us out, and since 1979 this is the way it has been done.

In order to protect our readers we will not give out the names of the nations. But it is thrilling to receive letters from young pastors and evangelists, born after 1970, and on fire for the Lord, telling us that they read a copy of The Dove, which was sent to a friend of theirs, and they want to have a copy for themselves. They state that they want to know the truth so they can prepare their people for the times of trouble that the Bible tells us is going to happen. Many of these pastors and evangelist translate the articles in The Dove, and then make copies which they hand out to their people. Thus we are having a mission organization that is totally run by God himself, and even if I have never been able to travel to Africa and preach, I am there through the printed word.

The third leg of our ministry is the radio ministry. I have been preaching on the radio since 1975, over various radio stations. Each program is 15 minutes in length and is aired Monday through Friday in different states in the United States. We do not have any music on the program, instead I sit down and talk the Bible to my listening friends using sermons that I preach in my home church, divided into segments. There have been many salvations over the years, with healings, restored marriages and all kinds of miracles. My friends who listen to me send their gifts which pay the stations for the air time. Without listener support there would be no radio ministry. From time to time, when there is a national crisis or current event that will affect Christians, I move from my sermons and talk about the pertinent issue.

The fourth leg of the ministry consists of two parts. The first is our website, which has now been operating for about four years. Our Internet ministry was originally set up by my good friend and brother in Christ, Walter Gross, from Bay City, Michigan. Originally he started out with us as a reader of The Dove, then about five years ago, he and his ministry friend, Norma Tomkinson, invited my wife and me to come to their home town so I could speak at a Bible conference. We became close friends, after which a group from Michigan came to California to receive prayer and they were deeply touched and set free. Walter, who was skilled on the computer, set up a website and began to lay out sermons and articles. When Walter passed away about two years ago and went to be with the Lord, the website management was taken over by Lois Amacher who has built the site into a powerful testimony for Christ. By linking with other ministries similar to ours, including some in other nations, the traffic has been increasing week by week. How many thousands of people read and download our material we will never know on this side of eternity. Many write to us and ask for material and order our catalog. A main feature on our site is the "Prayer Page." Our vision is that its usage will increase and that it can be a clearing house for people around the world to send us their prayer requests so that brothers and sisters can pray for them and with them. We also encourage people to write and tell us about the answered prayers.

The second part of the fourth leg is our publishing ministry and mail order department. A number of people living in the United States and in other nations want to be part of the church here in Sacramento. We have a "subscription" ministry, in which people may subscribe to an audio tape of my Sunday sermon. Some also want a cassette of the music service with testimonies from people in the church. Each Monday copies are produced and mailed out. Also available are the Wednesday night Bible Studies. Since we want to have the messages get out, we have set the price very low, asking for a donation of only $5.00 per audio cassette. Then we have radio listeners who request cassette copies of the broadcasts. A small number of people who are out of range for the radio programs, subscribe to the radio programs, and each time we send out a cassette to the radio stations, copies are also sent to our subscribers which they can play at home or in their cars.

I have also written Bible study books and other small books which we print. If you are interested in what we produce, ask for a free catalog.

The main theme of the Spring, 2001 issue of The Dove is, "HOW GOD DEFEATED THE DEVIL IN THE 20TH CENTURY." Sometime in April, 2000, the Lord woke me up one morning and spoke to me about what he wanted me to write in the next issue of The Dove magazine. In my spirit and mind I saw a sweeping panorama of the tremendous battles which had been fought in the spirit world and then spilled over into our world. The Devil almost managed to bring the antichrist system into power, but God overturned it and it did not happen. Once I began this project, I realized that it was not just a long article, but a book. We are publishing the first part in this issue of The Dove. The direction God gave me was to first show the acts of the Devil, the planning and the wars and the suffering of mankind, then despite two devastating World Wars and a number of small ones, Satan still failed. This is what I am doing in this installment. Once I have covered the evil events, we are then going to see all of the glorious work which God did in the last century. This is going to be a gift to the children being born now who will one day wonder what happened before they were born.

Following this main article, you will find a number of shorter articles, each bringing up new and old tricks of the Devil and his crowd. Each author has been given sharp insight from the Lord to point out the dangers that we are facing.

For a number of years I have felt in my spirit that FRITZ SPRINGMEIER is not what he claims to be, but rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But I had no proof or documentation. But last year I was contacted by some people, who had knowledge of Fritz and information and documentation started to flow in. It is with sadness that we have to expose another impostor in the Christian world. He is joining the ranks of people like Rebecca Brown, Carl Sanders, Johnny Todd, Alberto Rivera and others who we have exposed over the years. Todd is in prison, Rivera is dead, but Brown and Sanders are still out there looking for pastors and flocks to fleece. If this comes as news to you, ask for back issues of The Dove where you can read about it.

There are hundreds of prisoners in American prisons in many states who read The Dove. We are glad to be able to minister to men and women behind bars. It is, therefore, very fitting that we bring you a testimony from a dear friend of this ministry, Bill Roberts, who has spent many years in Ohio prisons. I hope that his message will be an inspiration to many incarcerated Americans and also to people outside of prison. The short testimony of Mrs. Christou will touch your heart. She and her husband have been members of our church here in Sacramento for the last ten years.

I believe that if you read this issue of The Dove from cover to cover, the Holy Spirit will do a deep work in your heart. You will weep over the millions of people who lost not only their lives in the 20th century, but died without Christ and are now crying in hell. When I wrote it, there were times my soul cried in anguish over the children who never had a chance to live, but were stomped to death by a Communist or a Nazi boot. Either way, death is cruel whoever occupies the boot. Then you will realize the tremendous gift from God who saved you and me from hell and gave us the chance to be born again. Everyday I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of salvation. Millions will never hear the Gospel and millions never heard the Gospel. Who am I that the Lord saw fit to reach out and save a wretch like me? The old Gospel hymn "Amazing Grace" is becoming more dear to me every day I live on this earth.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
John 3:14-21


In closing, I want to share with you the suffering that some of our brothers and sisters in Christ are going through right now. This will also be a prayer request.

Those of you who have read The Dove for some time, may remember that we have published some articles by Pastor Ovid Need, from Linden Baptist Church in Linden, Indiana. For a number of years he has been publishing an  excellent paper called "The Biblical Examiner." I have just found out that Pastor Need has suffered a series of hard blows. He lost his father to cancer (he was 85 years old) in August, 1999 and in November that year Pastor Need had a series of heart attacks and ended up in the hospital. The next year his wife, Carol, took sick and eventually died and went to be with the Lord. The youngest of his children is a fifteen year old girl, Christina, who he now has to raise by himself. Pastor Need has been having problems on and off with the arteries to his heart, and he is facing a tough time. The church he pastors is a small church with limited finances. It would have been bad enough to lose a father, then a beloved wife of many years, without his not being well and still having to care for a young daughter. When I read the personal note from Pastor Need in his last paper, I wanted to cry. Then the thoughts came to me, "What am I complaining about?" I don’t have any problems compared to Pastor Need and many others. So often, we look at our own situations and think they are so bad, until we hear of someone really having a bad time.

Please pray for Pastor Need, his daughter and the church he pastors. And if the Lord so leads you, why not drop him a card and encourage him.

His address is:

Pastor Ovid Need
P.O. Box 6
Linden, Indiana 47955.

Let us minister to those in sorrow while we ourselves are still on the earth. The day will come when our lives here will be over, and then there is no time for ministry.


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