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John S. Torell, end of isis, 2020 elections, boeing problems


March 31, 2019


ISIS as we know is finished and so are the majority of the men and women who sought to build a caliphate. At its peak, ISIS had taken a large portion of Iraq and Syria and its ranks were swelled by 40 thousand men from some 12 countries, who had left their countries and traveled via Turkey to join the Islamic revolutionaries. In addition there were thousands of young women who also secretly travelled through Turkey to become wives to these militants.

A large number of these fighters were killed in battles and airstrikes and thousands of them being held captive by Kurdish forces. Most of the ISIS women became pregnant by their husbands. Hundreds of women and more than 2,500 children associated with foreign fighters are living in camps for displaced people in Syrian Defense Force controlled areas. It is also reported that about 1,000 foreign fighters are being held in detention in Iraq.

Some nations like Great Britain and Germany have stripped the men who left to fight for ISIS of their citizenship and they have no place to go since no nation will accept a person without a passport. There is also an impasse for the children who were born during the seven year caliphate as most nations reject them and will not issue citizenship even if their parent(s) came from the respective nation.

The sad thing is that most of the surviving ISIS fighters and their women are still defiant and vow to return and fight another day. Many mothers of the children are determined to raise their children to become radical Muslims, embrace Jihad, and kill infidels. They will raise a brood of vipers that will certainly sacrifice themselves in future mass shootings and suicide bombings.

One thing is for certain, the ISIS fighters are time bombs as they trickle back to their respective nations. They are still hardcore radicalized people who will reach out to others and establish local terror groups which will plant bombs, burn down buildings, set forest fires, kill people at random, etc. There is very little talk about this problem in the United States and the media does not want this type of news overshadow the circus they are orchestrating in preparation for the 2020 election.


The year was 1848 when a number of Illuminati uprisings took place in Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, Germany and Sweden. The goal of the Illuminati leadership was to foment uprisings that would culminate in national revolutions and that these six countries would initiate a bloody revolution that would sweep Europe and topple every monarchy.

See The Kabbalah – Book 6: The Illuminati Writers and the Revolutions for a detailed description of these uprisings.

Thousands of young men and women were enlisted and sacrificed their own ambitions to further the cause of revolution. They had been brainwashed by the Illuminati writers to abandon the Christian faith and embrace anarchy.

When the different governments violently suppressed the uprisings and killed many of the revolutionaries, these young people scattered all over Europe and joined all kinds of secret groups. They gave birth to another generation which was responsible for the violent overthrow of Russia and the creation of the Soviet Union. The fledging Nazi party was another bitter fruit of the Illuminati as Adolf Hitler and his young contemporaries took control over Germany and Austria, and together with Benito Mussolini and the Fascists of Italy, plunged the world into a second world war.

If you polled the people today coming out from a Christian church in the United States as to what they knew about the 1848 revolutions in Europe, you would be hard pressed to find just one person with that knowledge. Satan does not have many programs as he runs the same thing over and over again throughout the different centuries. He is able to do this because the Christian leadership has not understood each generation must be taught history or they will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.


There is a fierce spiritual battle going on behind the scenes in the United States. The world government organized the 2016 elections and Hillary Clinton had been chosen be the next president. To ensure her win, there were 16 republican candidates who would bloody each other during the primaries and spread out the conservative voters.

Donald Trump proved to be a master of shredding his opponents. Former governor Mitt Romney declared that Donald Trump was a liar, con man, crook, and that no one should vote for him. President George H.W. Bush also publicly declared he would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump

Operatives behind the scenes kicked into full gear once Trump won the Republican nomination. WikiLeaks under the leadership of Julian Assange was able to obtain thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton’s unsecure private server that she used when serving as Secretary of State. This hurt her public reputation since it was obvious that anyone else doing such a thing would certainly have gone to jail. This was a criminal offense but FBI director James Comey arranged it so that no charges were brought against her.


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) together with staffers from the Clinton campaign put together money, that was paid to the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, for a private intelligence report he had written concerning Trumps involvement with the Russians. Despite the fact that both Comey and people at the State Department raised concern that the report was not verified, it was used to start an investigation into the collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. 

A number of high ranking FBI employees like Peter Stzok, Lisa Page and acting FBI director Andrew McCabe all hated Trump and wanted to remove him from the presidency. The Steele dossier was not verified and it was given to Senator John McCain and he officially turned it over to James Comey on December 9, 2016. The FBI Director knew it was phony, but the dossier now had some kind of “official recognition” and it became the centerpiece of a special investigation by Robert Mueller as to whether there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Robert Mueller handed in his report two and a half years later vindicating President Trump and proving that he had been telling the truth about there being no collusion. Mueller is a friend of the democrats and he failed to write there had also been no obstruction, which has given democratic lawmakers a chance to use the lack of wording to build a case of obstruction against President Trump.

There is certainly a battle shaping up for the 2020 election and it is important to understand that it’s not about Trump, but the principles he stands for and his desire to uphold the Constitution.


Presidents have previously used the FBI, CIA and the IRS to destroy political opponents. Nixon tried to undermine the Democrats in 1972 by hiring former intelligence agents to plant listening devices at the DNC national headquarters and the Democrats rallied around Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial 1998.

Bill Clinton ordered the murders of 34 people who had witnessed his crimes and could have been a damning witness in a trial. These unlawful orders were spoken in front state troopers in Arkansas when he was governor and in the presence of secret service agents when he was president.

Bill Clinton had personal bodyguards when he was governor of Arkansas and 12 of these men were brutally killed. Is it a coincidence that they all worked for Bill Clinton and all were murdered?

When Barack Obama declared war on the Tea Party and other conservative tax exempt organizations and used the IRS to damage the organization. Lois Lerner had been appointed director of tax exempt organizations in 2006 by President George W. Bush. All churches and other Christian organizations fall into this category. She was the attack dog used by Obama, and when the truth came to light in 2013, Lerner was called to testify before congress about what she had done to non-profit organizations. She claimed to be innocent and then invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself.

The IRS placed Lerner on paid administrative leave since the scandal was getting bigger and bigger and continued to collect a salary of $177,000. Lerner realized that things were not going to get better and she retired later that year in disgrace. It is estimated that her retirement pension is $102,600 per month along with free health care. The world government certainly takes care of the people who toe the line and do not talk. Those who talk are sent to an early grave.

Testifying in June 2015, IRS Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus said that 424 back-up tapes, most likely to have contained the missing Lerner emails were erased in March of 2014, a month after the IRS realized it was missing some of Lerner’s emails, because of a hard drive crash.

An investigation under the Trump administration was carried out after complaints by the Tea Party and the Justice Department settled two lawsuits in 2017 with conservative groups that claimed the IRS had unfairly scrutinized them during applications for tax-exempt status.

The government agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement to resolve one lawsuit brought on behalf of 428 groups, and the IRS acknowledged its wrongdoing in the second lawsuit but there was no settlement with the 41 groups that were part of this lawsuit.

The settlements were the conclusion of two legal battles that plunged the IRS into a firestorm and prompted accusations that the agency was being used as a political weapon by the Obama administration.


There is no doubt that a high ranking member of the Democratic Party ordered the murder of Seth Rich, a young staffer who had worked at the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C. Someone working at the DNC offices tapped into the personal Gmail account of John Podesta, former White House chief of staff for President Bill Clinton and a former counselor to Barack Obama. During the 2016 campaign, he was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Twenty-thousand emails from Podesta’s account found their way to WikiLeaks, seriously damaging Hillary’s presidential campaign. An internal DNC security team sought to find who had leaked the emails and all evidence pointed to Seth Rich. Shortly thereafter he was murdered when walking down a street in Washington D.C. at 4:20 AM. The D.C. police stated that it was a botched robbery even though nothing was taken as he still had his wallet, watch and cell phone. Why would a robber shoot Seth twice in the back and not take anything? This is similar to the murder of Olaf Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister who was murdered in 1986 when he walked home with his wife after seeing a movie. He was also shot in the back and the murderer was never found.

I believe that someone at the DNC ordered the murder and that it was carried out by a Mafia family since the two have been close allies since the days of President Franklin Roosevelt. This was never a robbery, but an execution. The sad thing is that the Rich family does not believe it was anything but a botched murder and they went so far as to sue Fox News Channel for libel.

In studying history, I have learned the CIA, FBI and other American intelligence services are secretly working on these articles published by Wikipedia and changing them to fit their version of the truth. When you read the hit piece done on the murder of Seth Rich, it makes me angry that they are able to control Google, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.


With the House of Representatives firmly in their control, the Democratic Party now has the power to investigate whatever they want to. They chair all the committees and have a majority on each committee and they are like a runaway freight train that cannot be stopped.

They are not happy with the report presented by Robert Mueller and are now demanding access to have the full report, including the associated files and testimonies of all witnesses. What does this amount to? It is evident they are going to conduct a second investigation, hoping to come up with something damaging to President Trump.

The Democrats are following in the footsteps of President Franklin Roosevelt, when he used the IRS to destroy his opponents. They are even demanding that President Trump’s tax returns be turned over them, including his business dealings before he became president. The next year and a half will be used by the democrats to scrutinize everything pertaining to Trump; certainly they will sensationalize any possible wrongdoing with the help of the mainstream media. In the end, it will be proven to be more fake news, but the negative damage will have been done since the average young American is not well educated or informed. Women are often targeted by the Democrats and there are special efforts to reach evangelical women and have them change their stance.


I do not know if the World Government knows something that Christians know nothing about or maybe they have been blinded by God. If people thought that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was far to the left, she is a conservative compared to the morons traveling the nation, seeking to outdo each other. Climate control is their centerpiece, and if some far-left liberal gets elected, they will seek to do away with the combustion engine and all airplanes. Oil and coal will no longer be used to generate electricity and the United States will revert to the way it was in the middle of the 19th century. They also want open borders and amnesty for all illegal aliens. These candidate are in love with globalization and socialism.

The sad thing is that thousands of young people believe this garbage and that is the reason Bernie Sanders is doing so well as a socialist/communist even though he is a multi-millionaire and lives a good life

The Democrats obviously believe that Trump will be nominated again by the Republican Party, but they hope to smear him with the help of the mainstream media, social platforms, Hollywood stars and other celebrities, so that one of their candidates can win in 2020.

According to some statistics, only 20% of the Christians in America voted in the midterm elections. President Trump crisscrossed the nation and warned about the dangers of not voting but slumbering Christians took a vacation and so it was no surprise that the Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives and now we are paying the price.

It is going to take prayer, fasting and legwork to rally the Christian and conservative Americans out of their apathy and make sure that they vote for President Trump and the Republican candidates in 2020. If not, Bernie Sanders might be the next and last president of the United States before all nations are folded into a World Federation predicted in the Bible.


Boeing and Airbus are the only two major factories building commercial airliners in the world. Boeing is the largest builder in the U.S. and employs around 140,000 people across the United States with offices and smaller service plants in 65 countries. In conjunction with the people working at Boeing, there are thousands of small companies spread out all over the U.S., which supply Boeing with parts for their airplanes. This adds another hundred thousand of people who earn a living making parts for Boeing.

Airbus on the other hand is a conglomerate in which 73.6% of its stock is traded publicly. The remaining 26.4% is owned by a French holding company (11.1%), a Germany state owned bank (11.1%) and a Spanish holding company (4.2%).

The airline industry operating the planes made by Boeing is paying into an American company and thus it is boosting the U.S. economy. Boeing is organized into three business units:

  1. Commercial Airplanes

  2. Defense, Space & Security

  3. Boeing Global Services

Supporting these units is Boeing Capital Corporation, a global provider of financing solutions. The United States government does not own any manufacturing plants. Any military equipment for the different defense branches is dependent upon private companies to furnish airplanes, ships, tanks, trucks, etc.

Russia and China are trading partners with the United States but at the same time they are not our friends. Neither of them has a private industry that produces their military hardware. Everything is manufactured by state owned and operated factories. This begs the question: “Who would be interested in the demise of Boeing?” Russia and China are two possible entities with an active interest in taking down Boeing along with the people opposing President Trump.


Christians do not have a criminal mind, but the rest of the world does. The CIA was ordered to destroy the nuclear capacity of Iran a number of years ago. It worked with the Mossad and other Western Intelligence services to infiltrate companies associated with building centrifuges and other equipment for the Iranian nuclear development. Agents placed in these factories made sure that the equipment would be defective, particularly the computer software to run it. As a result, thousands of centrifuges destroyed themselves, once they were put into operation in Iran as the software made them speed up and crash.

In addition, the CIA/Mossad developed a malicious computer worm called Stuxnet in 2005 that Mossad agents were able to place in the Iranian state computer system. It caused substantial damage to Iran’s nuclear program and they were not able to identify the malware until 2010.

All nations operate intelligence services with cyber divisions that create malware with the intent that it is to be placed in the computer systems of other nations. They also perform cyber espionage where they try to infiltrate military and civilian computer networks to steal information.


It was an article in the Air Force Times from April 2, 2019 that caught my attention. Here is what the article stated:

“The Air Force has once again halted deliveries of the KC-46 Pegasus tanker from Boeing after more foreign object debris, or FOD, was found in some closed compartments of the aircraft.

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson confirmed in a House Armed Services Committee hearing on the budget Tuesday morning that deliveries had been stopped for a second time. Wilson told Rep. Joe Courtney, D-Conn., that the Air Force is putting corrective actions in place, including requiring all closed compartments be inspected, “to make sure that the production line is being run the way that it needs to be run.”

Courtney expressed concern that problems with the KC-46 appear to be getting in the way of the Air Force’s “optimistic projections” about delivery of the aircraft.

Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in an email that the decision to stop accepting the KC-46s was made on March 23. But inspectors are still finding debris and other quality problems with the Pegasus, as recently as this week, she said.

“The Air Force again halted acceptance of new KC-46 tanker aircraft as we continue to work with Boeing to ensure that every aircraft delivered meets the highest quality and safety standards,” Stefanek said. “This week our inspectors identified additional foreign object debris and areas where Boeing did not meet quality standards.”

Stefanek said the problems are not related to the aircraft’s design or engineering specifications. Boeing has so far delivered seven KC-46s to the Air Force.

“Air Force leadership is meeting with Boeing to approve additional corrective action plans before aircraft acceptance can resume,” Stefanek said.

The Air Force on March 1 confirmed that it had suspended deliveries the first time because tools and other debris had been left in the planes, which could be a safety hazard. By that point, six tankers had already been accepted by McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas and Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma.”


I have an engineering background, and having worked in a factory, I know that quality is the biggest concern for a manufacturing company. Finding tools and other debris in an aircraft that has just been manufactured would certainly be suspicious as each worker is assigned tools that must be accounted for. The Air Force is replacing its aging tanker fleet and now suspicion has been cast over the quality of the new airplanes. This is a downgrade of Boeing as a trusted and reliable manufacturer.


The first problem to manifest itself was the crash of an Indonesian Boeing 737 Max 8 airliner in Indonesia on October 29, 2018, killing all 189 aboard. Due to its powerful engines, the aircraft was designed with an anti-stall system known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). If for some reason the aircraft was pitched upward due to the engine power, the MCAS system would automatically engage and cause the aircraft to pitch down and then resume a normal flight pattern.

The second crash of an Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max 8 airliner occurred on March 10, 2019 shortly after takeoff, killing all 157 aboard. The pilot on the Indonesian Boeing 737 fought for some time as the MCAS system kept putting the plane into a dive. He eventually lost control and the airplane dove into the ocean. It was thought that the pilot did not know how to turn off the MCAS computer system.

Boeing instituted a new procedure to turn off the MCAS system and allow the pilot to fly manually. The pilot on the Ethiopian airliner was trained on the new procedure, but the same problem occurred when the MCAS system forced the airliner in a dive. The pilot turned it off but it made no difference. He turned it on again, and after trying to resist the nosedive of the plane, the Boeing 737 buried itself in the ground.

Both of these airplanes were mechanically sound and I believe that someone installed malware into the MCAS system so that it would activate and force the plane into a sharp nosedive and a deadly crash. If this is true, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will never admit this and neither will Boeing. It is obvious that Boeing is working to rectify this software issue since the release date has been pushed back several times.


All the Boeing 737 Max 8’s have been grounded worldwide, which means a huge financial loss for the airlines operating these planes. This has led to constant flight cancellations, due to airliners not having sufficient planes to keep up with demand. Some airlines have even canceled orders for 737 Max 8. Boeing’s reputation has taken a huge hit and it might turn into the termination of the 737 Max 8 program, which would lead to massive layoffs. This will certainly have an impact on the 2020 election, as President Trump has been talking about the greatness of the United States economy.



From the Desk of John S. Torell





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