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More Questions for Mormons

  • Why did J. Smith wait so long to publish what was given to him by “God?”

  • Funny how these gold plates just came out of nowhere, just when Smith happened to need them?

  • Are some Mormons made up these supposed “lost tribes of Israel?”

  • Couldn’t Joseph Smith have come up with a biblical name for his church?

  • How is it that a book that was supposed to have been written almost 1400 years before it was published, had all the questions and topics they had been talking about in New York for the last 10 years?

  • Why were the “plates” returned to heaven, and why did only a few get to see them? Could it be that they just didn’t exist in the first place?

  • With over 3200 grammatical changes made, of which 100 changed the meaning in the text; how is it that you can claim truth? God explicitly says in His word, that His words never change nor are we to change them. Wouldn’t this apply to your Book of Mormon, hasn’t it been discredited?

  • John the Baptist visited Joseph Smith? Isn't it funny how Peter, James and John also happened to show up a few weeks later? Nowhere in the Bible does it mention any prophecy where these 4 men are supposed to show themselves.

  • Why did Smith fail to mention the high priests, high counselors, and presidents when he had his revelation? Did he forget to add them? Who added them and by what right, and are they a prophet too?

  • Did Smith not realize that when he referred to Elijah and Elias that they were the same person? Even a rudimentary knowledge of the Old Testament would give him that.

  • What exactly were the parts of the Bible that had been taken away by the corrupt church? (Do you realize that when they found the Dead Sea scrolls in 1947, that they were written in the Massoretic text? The King James Bible was right on target because that is what it is based on. Now that you know that, how do you look back and not condemn what Smith did to the Bible by taking away and adding to it!)

  • Why did it take Smith nearly 47 years to restore the corrupted parts of the bible? Shouldn’t that have been his first priority, or did he not think of it till then?

  • What was a mummy doing with a traveling showman, and how did it happen to be carrying a piece of papyrus written by Abraham? How is it that that the papyrus had not deteriorated at all? How did Smith read it, did he just unroll the thing and start reading?

  • The year 1820 when Smith received his “vision” plus 56 years makes the time 1876 when Christ would come back. Or did the countdown begin when he published his works? So was Christ to come back in 1932? At any rate, Christ should have come back by now, according to his predictions. How can a prophet be right one time but be off for another, aren’t prophets judged according to their accuracy when they say, “Thus saith the Lord.” This alone should discredit Smith entirely! A prophet needs an accuracy rate of 100%.

  • According to Smith’s “revelation,” destruction was coming; so what happened to that prediction? Smith said that Independence was the place to be, but got kicked out. Then he said that Far West was the place to go. Then the place was a city named Nauvoo, only to get killed in that city. If he was in communication with God as he claimed, why was he kicked out of three cities? Did God make a mistake, or was it that Smith was acting on his own and not even hearing from God?

  • I hadn’t realized that the Garden of Eden was in the middle of Missouri? How did he come up with that conclusion?

  • It was Brigham Young who led them into the Salt Lake Valley, who was he? Was this the 4th place that God told them to go, or was it just out of desperation of not being able to find something? You’ll notice in the Bible, that God mentions the land of Canaan as the land of milk and honey. God sticks with this decision never wavering, eventually the children of Israel make it there; and that God didn't take them anywhere else. The track record for Joseph Smith and company is not good, as they have made constant changes. I propose, if it were God’s will, there would have been no changes.

  • What about all the splits inside the Mormon church? One faction does not recognize the plurality of gods or polygamy. Another chooses to ignore official material put forth by Smith, changing the theology and making Smith a “fallen prophet.”

  • Polygamy, I find it funny how it was a man who came up with the idea and not a woman? If Smith had been born a female, would he have agreed to polygamy? Would it not more accurate to say that Joseph Smith had a strong libido and thought that he might as well take it as far as he could!

  • Where does Smith arrive at the conclusions that the Son is the Father, but later change it to Father and Son being 2 separate beings? I thought that a revelation had come to him, so why change the Godhead? God is not like that, He says something and it stands, God never changes His mind!

  • Achieving Godhood? Not a term found in Bible.

  • Just how does one go about creating “spirit children?” Are they in the flesh, do you get to see them?

  • If Smith knew that Elohim meant plural, how did he misunderstand the quote in Genesis 1:26 when God talks about making man in “our” image. That meant that Jesus existed then! Jesus created Adam, walked with him in the garden, so how did Adam procreate with Mary? Did Smith forget that Adam had died long before that?

  • When did God the Father ever adopt a physical body? How did Smith arrive at that conclusion, what scripture was used to back it up?

  • How did Jesus become a “spirit child?” It is blasphemous to say that Jesus was the product of anything else but the Holy Spirit.

  • No one knows where heaven exists! How did Smith come up with the name Kolob? If God wanted us to know what planet He lived on, you would think that He would have mentioned it in somewhere in the Bible?

  • Did Smith believe in reincarnation too? I thought that it was only your mom and dad that decided what race and hence what color you were to be?

  • Why would God go against the word He has given us and tell us that we can be saved by works? Salvation comes by grace through faith and is not anything we do! (Ephesians 2:8-9) So where did Smith get this idea that salvation comes by striving to reach the highest degree of glory, to godhood itself?

  • Did God tell Smith that he must go through baptism and other temple ceremonies on behalf of his dead relative’s spirits, so that they would be released from prison and onward to exaltation? How did Smith ever come up with that?

  • According to Smith, Godhood was dependent on a man’s ability to produce innumerable children throughout eternity. Having multiple wives made this job easier, and I don’t think that there was one Mormon man complaining about all the sex he was having with his wives. Is it any wonder why Mormonism was so popular?

Smith has done what he himself said he was going to fix, the corruption of the Bible! He has contaminated the Bible by adding and subtracting scripture as he has seen fit. He has committed blasphemy by claiming to speak for God, when it was proven time and again that there was no divine guidance behind him. He has made a mockery of the Bible by saying that Adam was God, that Jesus and the Father are one, that Jesus and the Father possess flesh and bone bodies, that Jesus was a spirit child made by Adam and Mary not the Holy Spirit. Joseph Smith will stand and be judged for all those he has led astray by his false teachings! Beware that you do not accept blindly what is taught you, but that you question everything according to the bible to see that it stands!

Let me tell you a story... There was a man who wanted a bear skin rug for his home.  So he picked up his umbrella and went into the woods and when he saw a bear, pointed the umbrella at it and yelled, "bang!" The bear fell down dead and the man got his bear skin rug. If I told you a story like that, you would have a hard time believing me, and yet this is precisely what Joseph Smith, the author of Mormonism wants you and I to believe.

The god of Mormonism is indeed a very busy man; according to Joseph Smith, this Mormon god is having endless sex with his wives on the planet Kolob and the spirit babies produced are sent to earth. The number of babies born on earth is expected to increase to approximately 94,348,800 for the year 2004. According to these statistics, the god of Mormonism is having sex with three women every second in order to keep up with the number of babies being born here on earth!

Amount of babies being produced by the god of Mormonism!
94,348,800 / 52 Weeks = 1,814,400 every Week
1,814,400 / 7 Days = 259,200 every Day
259,200 / 24 Hours = 10,800 every Hour
10,800 / 60 Minutes = 180 every Minute
180 / 60 Seconds = 3 every Second
There are 3 babies born every second on earth.

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