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The Strecker Memorandum DVD


The Strecker Memorandum DVD
Dr. Robert B. Strecker

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Price: $25.00

This is the most controversial video you'll ever see. Dr. Robert Strecker refutes, with documented evidence, virtually everything the so-called experts and Government reports have told you about AIDS. He asserts in no uncertain terms that:

  • AIDS is a man-made disease,

  • AIDS is not a homosexual disease,

  • AIDS is not a venereal disease,

  • AIDS can be carried by mosquitos,

  • and there can never be a vaccine.

Although decades have passed and untold billions have been spent in research, cancer is still with us, the second major cause of death in America. The most dreaded fear that all oncologists (cancer doctors), virologists and immunologists live with is that someday cancer in one form or another will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another.

AIDS has now made that fear a reality, and if you think you're safe because you're not gay or promiscuous, or because you're not sexually active, then you had better watch this video very carefully until you fully understand what Dr. Strecker is telling you as he takes you step by step and shows you how this dreaded disease was actually man-made. Condoms can't prevent it and there won't ever be a vaccine.

Dr. Strecker shows how AIDS was predicted, requested, created, deployed and works very well!

Dr. Robert B. Strecker practices internal medicine and gastroenterology, he is a trained pathologist and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Strecker and his brother, Ted, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance organization (HMO) for the Security Pacific Bank of California. They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring the treatment of AIDS patients. In as much as this information was not readily available in 1983, both brothers began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this relatively new disease. The information they uncovered was so startling and hard to believe that it would dramatically alter both their lives and lead them on a five-year quest culminating with the creation of The Strecker Memorandum video. This is a very strange story, one that affects you and every other human being on earth. It is a story that must be taken seriously by the governments of every nation in the world because the AIDS virus is extremely lethal.

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