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The Curse of the Lord - Howard Pittman

The Curse of the Lord
Howard Pittman

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Price: $30.00

Why are so many Christians always sick? Why are our hospitals overflowing with Christians? It seems that we can't train enough doctors to handle the overflowing workload! Have you ever wondered why so many Christians never seem to receive a "divine healing" even when many people pray for them?

This little book will reveal some startling answers to these and other questions that you might have on the subject. Howard challenges every reader to compare the teaching of this book with God's Word. If this book doesn't pass the test, then throw the whole thing out, but if you find it to be true and it lines up with the Bible, then The Curse of the Lord would be well worth your time as you consider the truths taught in it.

This book deals with the inherited sickness in the family line and reveals the prophecy of the same in the Bible. Listed are the causes and the cure!

About the Author

Howard Pittman - Author of Demons: An Eyewitness Account; Placebo; The Covert War; The Day Star; The Mystery Demon; Son of Perdition; The Curse of the Lord; The Secret Agent; Phoebe's StoryHoward Pittman has a clear message for the church: Wake up! Learning from his near-death experience of facing an angry God for how he had been living his Christian life, which had been excellent by human standards, Pittman warns believers of the danger of falling into the same trap. God's special task for him is in unveiling the tactics of Satan and his demonic forces.

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