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Struggle to Peace
Cindy & Richard Benson

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This book is no longer in print. Secrets Mormons Don't Want You To Know is a new release by Richard & Cindy Benson which replaces Struggle to Peace.

Can a person know for sure that he is going to heaven when he dies?

I am sure that if you could really know for sure, you would want to know. Wouldn’t you?

You would want your little children, who trust you and look up to you, to know. Or your mother or grandmother, who are getting older.

Here is the story of a sixth generation Mormon...who chronicles her struggle with the question, "Can I Know For Sure?" You will sense her happiness in her early life of religion. You will sense her pain as she struggles to obtain peace with God. We present this story so you can see the real difference between religion and real peace with God.

A heart rending story where truth prevails against the deception of Mormonism.

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