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Jüri Lina Disclaimer


Dear reader,

European American Evangelistic Crusades is a fundamental Christian organization and many people have asked why we sell “Architects of Deception” when Jüri Lina is obviously not a Christian and certainly does not espouse a similar viewpoint of Christianity.

While Jüri is not an atheist, the best description of his religious preference would be Esotericism, as some of his friends like David Icke are deeply in the occult and he is intrigued by metaphysics, UFOs and to my knowledge holds the view that space travelers seeded the human race a long time ago.

He has a deep hatred for organized Christian denominations and the Roman Catholic Church, considering them evil because he believes all war and bloodshed stems from the Christian religion and Judaism.

Jüri is strongly opposed to Judaism and considers the Old Testament to be a barbaric history of bloodthirsty Jews, who under the guise of religion, wiped out nations in the land of Canaan, and make war today against people in the Middle East.

Jüri has strong feelings about right and wrong but does not accept “sin” as the Bible defines it. He does not believe that Jesus is the Son of God or in a supreme God for that matter. The preaching of the cross and repentance from sin is like a fairytale to him.

I have known Jüri since 1990 and have shared the Gospel message with him. He listens politely but will not accept any teaching from the Bible. He was persecuted terribly by the Soviet communists in his homeland of Estonia and has made it his mission to fight this evil. At the same time he is a caring man who took care of his mother and served as her caretaker for many years until she passed away.

His research is impeccable except when it comes to the Christian faith, where bias has driven him to rely upon the written works of men and women hostile to Christianity. This is evident on page 19 where he attacks different truths presented in the Bible:

“More and more myths have begun to erode recently. They do not stand up to close scrutiny."

"The children of Israel were never slaves in Egypt. Neither did they roam through the desert of Sinai for forty years nor conquer the land of Canaan by force. This was revealed by Zeev Herzog, professor of archaeology at the University of Tel Aviv."

"The biblical epoch has never occurred. After 70 years of excavations, the archaeologists have reached a frightening conclusion: it is simply not true," Herzog wrote in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.

"Most Israeli archaeologists agree on the fact that the biblical Exodus from Egypt does not correspond to historical facts. Experts have also accepted that Joshua did not conquer the town of Jericho in a single battle and that the town walls did not fall at the blast of trumpets. The archaeologist Adam Zertel at the University of Haifa also knows that the wandering in the desert is a myth."

"According to Herzog, David and Solomon never ruled over a mighty empire, it was just a little tribal kingdom without any power. Jerusalem, which was captured by King David, was just a feudal estate.”

This hostility to God and the Bible does not take away from Jüri’s love for truth and exposing the horrible bloody history of communism during the Soviet era, including shedding light on the Illuminati and Freemasonry. I believe that Jüri is the only one that was able to travel quickly to Moscow when the Soviet Union broke up in 1991 and photocopy documents in the archives of the KGB and the Communist Party before the new régime clamped down and closed up the records from public access. Since Jüri can speak, read and write fluently in Russian, he did not need an interpreter to scan documents and retrieve state secrets of the Soviet Union. He is also fluent in German and French and has traveled widely in Germany and France to visit libraries, museums and government buildings, seeking documentation on the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

Jüri has been able to fill the gaps in areas of my own research, and when I compare his information to other sources, it is obvious that he has been able to unmask the evil done in the name of communism and freemasonry. To all of us who do not speak Russian, German and French, his work is invaluable, particularly to the generations born after 1970 who are poorly educated in the European and American history of the last two centuries.


John S. Torell

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